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Full text of "Ulster County, N.Y. probate records in the office of the surrogate, and in the county clerk's office at Kingston, N.Y. : a careful abstract and translation of the Dutch and english wills, letters of administration after intestates, and inventories from l665, with genealogical and historical notes"

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Cornell University 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 

American Record Series A.:— Wills. 




of 500 copies printed. 


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In the Office of the Surrogate, and in the 
County Clerk's Office at Kingston, N. Y. 









Member oE the American Historical Association; The National Geographic Society; 

The American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society; New York Historical 

Society; New York Genealogical and Biographical Society; National Arts Club ; 

Royal Societies Club ; Catholic Record Society ; Societe Suisse d'Heraldique ; 

Heroid Verein, Berlin; K. K. Heraldische Gesellscha£t, Vienna; 

R. Accademia Araldica Italiana, Bari ; British Numismatic 

Society ; Yorkshire, &c.. Parish Register Societies, etc. 

With Introduction by Judge A. T. Clearwater, LL.D. 


Exhaustive Indexes of Persons and Localities, 
Fac- Similes of Wills, etc. 

New York 



State of New York, > 

r ss. 
ulster county, ) 

Surrogate's Office. 

I, Arthur C. Connelly, Clerk of the Surrogate's Court of Ulster 
County, New York, do hereby certify that the following abstracts from 
the records of Wills in this office are correct and true and have been 
compared with the said original records. 

Witness my hand and seal of said Court, at the City of Kingston, 
N. Y., this 15th day of November, 1905. 

Arthur C. Connelly, 
y'^\'Jf-R-^//>X Clerk of the Surrogate's Court of 

(L. S.) /i^ "fx Ulster Co., N. Y. 

State of New York, ) 

> ss 
ulster county, ) 

Ulster County Clerk's Office, 
Kingston, N. Y. 
I, John D. Fratsher, Clerk of Ulster County, New York, do hereby 
certify that the following abstracts from the records of Wills recorded in 
the Books of Deeds in said office are correct and true and have been 
compared with said original records. 

Witness my hand and seal of said office at the City of Kingston, 
N. Y., this loth day of August, 1905. 

John D. Fratsher, 
(L. S.) Ulster County Qerk. 


"By Alphonso Trumpbour Clearwater, LL.D. 

The History of Ulster County may be said to consist of four periods. 
The first began with the establishment of a Dutch trading post at 
Ponckhockie, the junction of the Hudson and the E4)ndout, in 1614. The 
second with the settlement at Kingston of ChristofHe Daavis, Mattys 
Hendrix and Johan DeHulter, Dutchmen, and Thomas Chambers, an 
Englishman, in 1652. The third with the treaty of Paris in 1763. The 
fourth with the inauguration at Kingston of George Clinton, the first 
Governor of the State under the Constitution, on the 30th day of July, 
1777. During each of these periods the County played an important part, 
and so influential were the people of Ulster in swinging the colony into 
line with the patriot cause that in October, 1777, the British under Sir 
John Vaughan wantonly burned Kingston in retaliation. Down to 1683 
the only civil divisions of the Province of New York were Manors, Towns 
or Cities and Patents. On the first of November of that year, Dongan 
being Governor, the following Act was passed by the Governor, Council 
and Representatives : 

"An Act to divide the Province and Dependencyes into 
Shires and Countyes, passed November ist, 1683. Having 
taken into consideration the necessity of divideing the Prov- 
ince into respective Countyes for the better governing and 
settling Courts in the same. 

Bee it enacted by the Governor and Councell and Repre- 
sentatives, and by the authority of the same, the said Province bee 
divided into twelve Countyes as follows ****** 

The Countye of Ulster to contain the Townes of Kings- 
ton, Hurley and Marble Towne, Ffox Hall and the New Paltz and 
all the villages, neighborhoods and christian habitacions on the west 
side of the Hudsons River from the Murderer's Creek near the High- 
lands to the Sawyer's Creek." 

Of these Kingston, Hurley and Marbletown were towns, Fox Hall 
was a manor and New Paltz was held by patent. Since the granting of 
this charter, the County of Sullivan, and parts of the Counties of Greene, 
Delaware and Orange have been taken from the territory it described. 
Situate upon the west bank of the Hudson, practically midway between 
New Amsterdam and Fort Orange (New York and Albany), and in 
many respects the rival of those places, having for its whole eastern front 
the great natural highway of the Hudson, and traversed by three large 
streams, the Esopus, the Rondout and the Wallkill, along which passed 
the constantly traveled Indian trails connecting the North (The Hudson) 
with the South (The Delaware) river, Ulster early became and always 
has remained prominent, if not pre-eminent, in historical interest. Its 
early settlers principally came from Holland. Many of them were the 
younger sons of well-to-do Dutch families who, inspired by that spirit 
of adventure common to the youth of all times and all lands, sought a 
broader sphere of action in the new world than was afforded by the old. 
To Ulster came also the Huguenots who, exiled from France because of 
their religious faith, found among the Dutch of Esopus an hospitable 
welcome and the right to a free and open Bible. Thus it is that for more 
than two and a half centuries the men who have been most prominent 
and potent in the affairs of the County have, as a rule, borne Dutch or 
Huguenot names. To the Dutch more than to any other people America 
owes its civil and religious liberty, and its wise and tolerant system of 
laws, the Pilgrims first learning of the strength and advantage of a repub- 
lican form of government during their sojourn in Holland. To the Dutch 
also the world is indebted for the system of recording deeds, mortgages 
and wills, and from the earliest settlement to the present the records of 
Ulster have been scrupulously and accurately kept, running back in un- 
broken succession for over two hundred and fifty years. The early records 
are written in Dutch and, aside from those of marriages and baptism, con- 
sist of six classes : — 

1. The record of the transfers of lands by deed. 

2. The record of the mortgaging of lands for debt. 

3. The record of wills, and the succession of estates. 

4. The record of the acknowledgement of debt, as distinct from 

that creating a lien on lands. 
• 5. The record of judicial transactions. 

6. The record of agreements with the Indians. 

The original records are contained in a number of well worn and 
much thumbed volumes, originally bound, some in vellum, some in sheep- 
skin, and have had rather a remarkable history. They remained in the 
office of the County Clerk at Kingston from the time they were written 
until about fifty years ago, when suddenly they disappeared. Many efforts 
were made to find them. The Grand Jury instituted an investigation, the 
Board of Supervisors offered a liberal reward for their return, but nothing 
could be learned of their whereabouts or by whom they had been taken. 
One day during the summer of 1895 a large box was delivered to the 
County Clerk by an Express Company. It contained the long lost records, 
carefully covered with a waterproof wrapper and closely packed with 
cotton wool. They had been shipped from an obscure village on the 
southern shore of Long Island by a person whose name and address were 
not given. It is not known who took them, in whose possession they 
were during their absence, or who returned them. Various explanations 
have been suggested. Among others that they had been sent to Brooklyn 
for translation by a Dutch scholar who died before he began the work; 
that after his death his family sent them to the old City Hall of that City ; 
that when the new City Hall was erected they were returned to Kingston. 
This, however, does not account for all the known facts. After they 
were returned they were carefully examined by my father, Isaac Clear- 
water, who spoke and read Dutch as readily as he did English. He recog- 
nized their great importance and advised their translation into English. 
When the Board of Supervisors of the County met the following Novem- 
ber, I called its attention to the character of the material they contained, 
and suggested that they be translated at the expense of the County. The 
Board at once by unanimous resolution requested me to act as com- 
missioner for the purpose, and a translation was made of the early Dutch 
records not recorded in the Deed Books, which translation is now con- 
tained in three large folio volumes of over six hundred pages each, and 
with the original records preserved in the office of the County Clerk. 
Among the most interesting of the old records are those containing the 
proceedings and adjudications of the Dutch Court of Schout and Shep- 
pens from 1658 to 1684. That Court was the predecessor of the Court 
of Common Pleas, of the Court of Sessions and of the existing County 
Court, and for strict impartiality, jealousy of the rights of the individual, 
the equitable administration of justice, soundness of judgment and com- 
pression and lucidity, of statement its proceedings and decisions rarely 
have been surpassed, while its records portray the life of the early settler 

in a picturesque and interesting manner. A partial index of them recently 
has been printed by the County of Albany as part of its own early records 
which that County is now putting in print, this index being included 
because the intimate relations which existed between the people of the 
settlements of Fort Orange, Beverwyck and Rensselaerwyck and those 
of Esopus, Wiltwyck and Kingston during the seventeenth and eighteenth 
centuries resulted in many transactions the record of which was indiffer- 
ently kept at one place or the other. 

Dr. Anjou, omitting only the ornate legal formulas which form part 
of the deeds, mortgages and wills of the period, presents all that which 
is of interest alike to the student and the general reader, particularly noting 
any entry of unusual character. The seals attached to the documents, of 
which rubbings have been made and engraved in many cases, are private 
seals. Official seals were not early used. Most well-to-do Dutchmen used 
seals engraved according to their fancy, a few used their family arms, but 
this was the exception. A novice always experiences difficulty in tracing 
the ancestry of Dutch families, in examining the documents signed by 
Dutchmen and in following the proceedings of Dutch Courts in America, 
arising from the fact that, while the French and English invariably used 
their surnames, the Dutch, as a rule, were indifferent about this and 
usually are designated by others, and designate themselves, by their Chris- 
tian names alone, even in important legal documents. This answered 
every purpose in a primitive and small community where everyone was 
known, but now leads to much confusion. For instance, 

Lambert Huyberts is Lambert Huyberts Brink. 

Tjrick Claessen — Tjrick Claessen De Witt. 

Jan Wilhemsen — Jan Wilhemsen Hooghteyling (Houghtaling). 

Jan Mattys — ^Jan Mattys Jansen. 

Teunis Jacobse, or Jacobsen — Tunis Jacobsen Klaarwater (Clearwater) 

Peter Cornelius — Peter Cornelius Low. 

Albertse Heymans — ^Albertse Heymans Roosa. 

Hendrick Jochemsin — Hendrick Jochemsin Schoonmaker. 

Aaert Jacobsen — Aaert Jacobsen Van Wagonen. 

The first statutory provision for the probate of wills and the granting 
of letters of administration was enacted by the Governor, Council and 
Representatives convened in general assembly on the nth day of Novem- 
ber, 16^2. The preamble recited that the rights of orphans and the estates 
of such as died intestate throughout the Province were often concealed, 


wasted, embezzled and destroyed to the utter ruin of many orphans and 
to the prejudice of the next of kin for want of having good and sufficient 
persons in each county to enquire after the same, and the Act provided 
that on or before the 25th day of March, 1693, there should be elected 
and appointed in each town throughout the counties within the Province 
two able and sufficient freeholders who should, upon the death of any 
person in their respective towns, repair to the place of habitation where 
the deceased resided within forty-eight hours after the interment and make 
enquiry if the deceased made any will, or had any real or personal estate 
not devised by him at the time of his death, and if upon enquiry it was 
found that he had made no will, but had died intestate, then it should be 
lawful for such freeholders to make strict and diligent search and enquiry 
into all the real and personal estate that the intestate died possessed of, 
and inventory the same and bring or cause to be brought unto such person 
or persons in the county where the intestate died who should be appointed 
by the Governor to supervise the intestate's estates, and file with him upon 
their oath an inventory of the estate, whereupon the supervisor of estates 
should issue his warrant to two good and sufficient freeholders within 
the town where the intestate died for the appraisement of the goods and 
chattels left by the intestate, and upon the return of the same he should 
cause the goods and chattels to be secured or sold, the proceeds to remain 
in his hands or to be placed into good and sufficient hands who should be 
able to produce the same again when the next of kin should appear in right 
to claim the same. It further provided that if the intestate at the time 
of his death left a wife and children behind him, then, in such case, the 
wife only should have the right of administration, but if he left only 
orphans and had no relations or kindred who would administer upon his 
estate, then the supervisor of each county should have the administration 
and care of the estate, and the same should be secured for the use, 
benefit and behoof of the orphans, and should be secured and improved 
until the orphans married or came to the age of twenty-one years. It firr- 
ther provided that the supervisor of estates should take effectual care of the 
education and instruction of the orphans in the Holy Protestant Religion, 
and that they should be honestly maintained according to the capacity of 
the estate. It was further enacted that the several Judges of the respective 
Courts in remote counties in open Court, and on extraordinary occasions 
or, if necessary, out of Court, assisted with two Justices of the Peace, might 
grant probate of any will or letters of administration to any person where 
the estate exceeded the value of fifty pounds. 

Testamentary dispositions of property were made before a judicial 
ofHcer during the lifetime of the testator, and consequently probate after 
the testator's death was unnecessary. The method was primitive, but 
effective. The testator appeared in Court and stated to the Judges, who 
were the Schout and Sheppens, the disposition he wished to make of his 
property. This was entered upon the minutes, and, unless revoked, when 
he died the property was disposed of according to his recorded wishes. 
Beginning in 1685, wills were recorded in the book of deeds indiscrimi- 
nately with grants of land and mortgages, and this practice continued 
down to 1778, nearly a year after the adoption of the first constitution. 
Hundreds of wills, however, were recorded in New York and Albany, 
and apparently it was the custom to have them recorded in either or both 
offices until 1786, when testamentary dispositions were proved before the 
Court of Common Pleas and an entry of the record was made in a book 
kept for that purpose, "agreeable to an Act of the Legislature of the 
State of New York, passed on the Fourth day of April, 1786." A Sur- 
rogate's Court was established in 1787, and the first will proven in that 
court bears date January 5th, 1787, and was recorded on the loth day 
of May of that year. The first Surrogate was Joseph Gasherie, 
whose seal, now the seal of the Surrogate's Court, was an oblong oval 
after the pattern of the seals of the old Ecclesiastical Courts, and con- 
tained the figure of a woman, holding a child by the hand, standing near 
a monument the finial ornament of which was a mortuary urn. A device 
evidently intended to furnish in realistic suggestion what it lacked in 
artistic conception. 

I can hardly speak too highly of the care taken by Dr. Anjou in 
preparing this work. Every precaution seems to have been taken against 
error. Not only is the work authentic, but official, and a properly certified 
copy of any of the records it contains can at any time be obtained from 
the official in whose custody the original record is kept at an insignificant 
cost without the long, laborious and expensive search which the effort 
to find records of this character usually involves, and when thus procured 
and certified it will be admissible in evidence in any Court of justice in 
any civilized country of the world, while the work itself can be cited as 
authoritative and decisive upon genealogical questions by all applicants 
for membership in the great patriotic and historic societies of this country. 
Thus it is and will be invaluable not only to the historians, antiquarians 
and genealogists of the day and of all time, but to every person de- 
scended from those ancestors who gave to Ulster a unique distinction 
among the counties of America. 



The first two volumes of Ulster County Probate Records, now 
presented, consist of careful, verbatim abstracts of wills, letters of admin- 
istration after intestates, bonds of administrators, renunciations, and 
inventories from 1663 to 1766, 1792 and 1827, respectively, on file or 
deposited in the offices of the County Clerk of Ulster County, at Kingston, 
the Surrogate of Ulster County, at Kingston, the Surrogate of New York, 
the Library of the Long Island Historical Society, or in hands of private 
individuals, who courteously have permitted a transcript to be taken for 

A large proportion of these records were written in the Dutch lan- 
guage, and a few wills were in French. Of all these a careful copy has 
been made, comparison made with the original records, and a literal 
English translation given. In the translation of the Dutch records, the 
compiler has had the assistance of several Dutch scholars. 

The official translation of the Dutch records at Kingston includes 
only a small part of the wills and deeds, written in the Dutch language, 
and not one of those recorded in the Deed- or Will-Books. 

Ulster wills, filed in the office of the Surrogate at New York, have 
ben rendered in a new translation, as the abstracts thereof, which were 
issued by the New York Historical Society, are neither correct nor com- 
plete, or in any way reliable. 

About 250 wills relating to Ulster, and not included in these volumes, 
are filed in Albany ; a careful abstract, Dutch and English, will be printed 
in the third volume of Ulster County Probate Records, which will also 
contain wills probated in New York from 1766, and in Kingston from 


In the compilation of the list of Dutch and Frisian baptismal names, 
the compiler has had the assistance of several Dutch scholars, and it is 
believed this list is the most complete so far issued. 

The genealogical and historical data can, in the main, be accepted 
as reliable, as the compiler has depended principally upon public documents, 
i. e., parish registers, land-papers, and similar records. The words 
"married after" indicate that banns were issued on that date, the marriage 
probably taking place soon after. It is curious to note, however, that the 
Secretary's papers frequently contain statements from which it would 
appear as if the marriage was performed previous to the publication of 

Variations of surnames have been properly noted, and carefully in- 
dicated, both in the text and in the indexes ; married daughters have been 

indexed both under the paternal surname and the names of their husbands. 
Children have, as a rule, been indexed under all the surnames which the 
Dutch system of nomenclature permitted them to adopt, unless known 
by a certain name, under which they then will be found. 

The separate index of instruments, with name of testators, or intes- 
tate, character of document, date of issue and date of probate, all arranged 
alphabetically, will be found useful. Surnames relating to the same 
family, although the spelling may vary, have been placed under one 
heading and proper cross-references made to this heading. 

The compiler is indebted to Messrs. Gerritt H. Van Wagenen, Thomas 
G. Evans, B. Fernow, Wm. Gordon Ver Planck, Eugene F. McPike, 
H. O. Collins, Frank J. Conkling, and Geo. A. Morrison, Jr., for genea- 
logical data; to Messrs. Arthur C. Connelly and John D. Fratsher for 
assistance in comparing these abstracts with the original records, and 
to many others for help and encouragement. 

The Inventories, it is hoped, will throw much new light upon the 
home life, the habits and possessions of the early inhabitants of Ulster 
County. As a rule, few books were found in the colony, and these 
consisted mainly of the great Bible, generally Dutch, psalm-books, and 
sermons. In only one inventory do we find a Virgil, Young's Night 
Thoughts, and other books of similar character. "A Pair of Humspun 
Breeches" gives us an idea of the industrial life among the early inhabi- 
tants. Spinning wheels, evidently, were found in every family. The 
necessity for protection against the Indians, and the hunt, made "guns" of 
all descriptions necessary. Every family of any importance had slaves, 
male and female, and it is curious to note that one testator, called to New 
York to fight against the "oppressors (the English) who wish to place 
them under slavery," should continue his tirade with the statement that 
his "slaves are not to be free." 

Rent was paid in "marketable winter or summer wheat." "Green 
rugs" frequently occurs in the inventories. Pewter, or "puter," was the 
most common metal used, but silver spoons and forks were not uncommon. 
Knee breeches and knee-buckles, waistcoats, and shoe buckles for the men, 
petticoats, short gowns, check aprons, white linen stockings, and black 
hoods for the women, were the garments most frequently mentioned. 
After the Revolution, we find mention of guns, swords, "baginets," con- 
duce boxes, and powder horns. 

The old English system of giving to the eldest son some small per- 
sonal property, as "his right for being my first born," prevailed until late. 
The testators, as a rule, were deeply religious, and their testaments invari- 
ably contain a long religious preamble, in which the testator gives his 
soul to his "Redeemer and Saviour," trusting that, notwithstanding his 
sins, he will arise on the day of judgment. Outfits for the unmarried 
daughters were frequently provided for, and a careful perusal of these 
documents will convince the reader of the generous sense of justice to all 
related to the testator, which prevails. In only a few cases, some member 
of the family has been cut off with the proverbial shilling. 

From a letter, written by Lord Cornbury to Secretary Hodges, we 
find that 

"The trade of the Province, in 1705, consists chiefly of flower 
and bisketts, which is sent to the Islands in the West Indies, in return 
they bring Rum, Sugar, Molasses, and sometimes pieces of Eight, and • 
Cocoa, and Logwood ; to Europe Our people send Skins of all sort, 
Whale Oyle and Bone." 

(Extract from Lord Cornbury's letter to Seer. Hodges, Lon- 
don Documents, XVI.) 

Governor Moore, in an official letter to the Lords of Trade, written 
in 1767, stated that "every family makes a coarse cloth called lindsey- 
woolsey, the warp being of linen and the woof of wool. Every family is 
furnished with a loom, and the itinerant weavers who travel about the 
country, put a finishing-hand to the work." 

Looms were frequently mentioned in the wills and inventories, as well 
as izer, or wafer-irons, which were favorite wedding presents, and often 
decorated with the coat-of-arms of the groom, together with his initials 
and those of his bride, and the date of their marriage. 

The compiler would be indebted for any genealogical or historical 
data, relating to families mentioned in Ulster County Probate Records, 
which have not been brought out in the text, particularly baptisms, mar- 
riages and deaths. Wills in the hands of private parties, if placed at the 
disposal of the compiler, will be copied, properly translated, if necessary, 
and printed in the third volume of these records. 

GusTAVE Anjou. 
New York, 1906. 




Dutch Relics in the Senate House, Kingston Title Page 

Testamentary Dispositions : 

Christian Du Jou, Dutch, dated 1676, and* 

CoRNELis Wynkoop, Dutch, dated 1676 31 

-CoRNELis Barentse Slecht, Dutch, and 


Will of WiLLEM Traphagen, English, dated 1685 46 

Original Wills, Not Recorded : 

Matthys Persen, Dutch, dated 1748 136 

Jacobus Depuy, English, dated 1778 150 

Catherine Freer, English, dated 1781 159 

Abraham Burhans, English, dated 1763 181 

Cornelis Nukerk, Dutch, dated 1787 183 

William Legg, English, dated 1780 184 

Johannis Snyder, English, dated 1771 186 

Inventory of Johannis Snyder's Estate, Dutch, dated 1771. . . 188 



- Aaghie, Agatha, 
Aagje, Agatha, 
.Aagt^ Agatha, 
•Aaltje, Alice, 
-Aart, Arthur, 
•Adda, Alice, 
'Adelheyd, Adelaide, 
•Adriance^ Adrienne, 
*Adriaantje. Adrian, 
-Aefje, Eva, 
^eltje, Alice, 
•Aert, Arthur, 
«Aetje, Eve, 
■Agnietje, Agnes, 
^gt, Agatha, 
"Alberick. Alberic, 
•Aldert, Albert, 
^letta, Alice, 
'Alewijn, Alwin, 
•Alyd, Adelaide, 
.Alta, Alida, 
"Annatje, Anne, 
Andreas, Andrew, 
Andries, Andrew, 
*Anghe, Agnes, 
•Angeniete, Agnes, 
•Annechet, Anne, 
,Anneken, Anne, 
-Annetje, Anne, 
<Antie, Anne, 
^Antje, Anne, 
•Arendt, Arnold, 
-Ariaan, Adrian, 
■Arie, Adrian, 
-Arriaantje, Adrian, 
Augustijn, Austen, 

Badeloch, Beatrice, 

Bait, Balthazar, 
■Baltje, Balthazar, 
•Baltus, Balthazar, 
barber, Barbara, 
-Barend, Bernard, 
•Barent, Barent, 
"Bart, Bartholomew, 
•Earfel, Bartholomew, 

Bartelmus, Bartholomew, 
-Bartje, Barbara, 
'Bastian, Sebastian, 
"Batje. Bathilde, 
•Beeltje, Neeltje, Cornelia, 

Beletje, Arabella, 

Bell, Isabella, 

Bella, Isabella, 
-Bernd, Bernard, 

Bert, Gilbert, 

Bertus, Albertus, 

Beth, Elizabeth, 

Betje, Elizabeth, 

Blaas, Blasius, 

Boudje, Baldwin, 

Boldwijn, Baldwin, 

Bonifaas, Boniface, 

Boudewyn, Baldwin, 

Bram, Abraham, 
Bregje, Bridget, 


Carel, Charles, 
Case, Cornelius, 
Casper, Jasper, 
Catrijn, Catharine, 
Ceerles, Charles, 
Celia, Cecilia, 
Cheerelz, Charles, 
Cheiltje, Cornelia, 
Chime, James, 
Christoffel, Christopher, 
Christynrie, Christina, 
Claasje, Clasine, 
Claes, Nicholas, 
Coen, Conrad, 
Coenraad, Conrad, 
Coenraadt, Conrad, 
Cornells, Cornelius, 
Crispijn, Crispin, 

Daaf, David, 
Daam, Adam, 
Daatje, Alice, 
Denys, Dionysius, 
Derrick, Theodoric, 
Desin, Gerardina, 
Diederick, Theodoric, 
Dientje, Bernardina, 
Diewertje, Debora, 
Dina, Bernardina, 
Dirk, Theodoric, 
Dirkje, Theodoric, 
Dolf, Adolphus, 
Door, Dorothy, 
Doortje, Dorothy, 
Doostie, Theodosia. 
Dort, Dorothy, 
Dortchen, Dora, 
Dorus, Theodore, 
Dries, Andrew, 


Eefje, Eve, 
Eelet, Helena, 
Eike, Agnes, 
Els, Aletta, 
Elsje, Aletta, 
Emmetje, Emily, 
En, Anne, 
Engel, Angelica, 
Engelina, Angelica, 
Engeltje, Angelica, 
Enrik, Henry, 
Epje, Egbert, 
Ethilrede, Awdry, 
Evert, Everard,- 
Eyntje, Annie, 
Eytie, Ida. 

Femmetje, Frances, Fanny, 
Fick; Sophia, 
Fletje, Sophia, 

Floortje, Florentina, 

Florentiintje, Florentina, 

Floris, Florian, 

Francijntje, Frances, Fanny, 

Francina, Fanny, 

Frans, Francis, 

Fransje, Frances, Fanny, 

Freek, Frederick, 

Frem, Ephraim, 

Frerk, Frederii*, 

Friko, Frederick, 

Frits, Frederic, 

Fytje, Sophia, 

^Garret, Gerard, 
'Geerje, Gertrude, 

Geert, Gerard, 

Geertie, Gertrude, 

Geertje, Gertrude, 

Geertrui, Gertrude, 

Geertruida, Gertrude, 

Geertruyd, Gertrude, 

Geesje, Gerarda, 

Geleyn, Giles, 

Gellis, Giles, 

Gepje, Rachel, 

Gerrit, Gerard. 

Gerritjcj Geraldina, 

Giel, Michael, 

Gijs, Gilbert, 

Gijsbertus, Gilbert, 

Godfried, Godfrey, 

Goris, George, 

Goverd, Godfrey, Timothy, 

Griet, Margaret, Madge, Peg, 

Grietje, Meg, Peggy, 

Guide, Guy, 

Gysbert, Gilbert, 

Gyslbert, Gilbert, 

Hannes, John, Jackie, 
Hans, John, Jack, 
Hansje, loan, Johanna, 
Harck, Hercules, 
Harmen, Herman, 
Hein, Henry, 
Heintje, Henry, 
Hendrica, Henrietta, 
Hendrikje, Henriette, 
Hentje, Henriette, 
Heyltje, Helena, 
Hieronimus, Jerome, 
Hilligond. Hilda, 
Hilletje, Hilda, 
Hiskia, Hezekiah, 
Huigen, Hugo, 
Huybert, Hubert, 

Ifje, Eve, 
Ikee, Agnes, 

Jaantje, Jane, 
aap, Jacob, 


Jaapie, Jacob, 
Jacob, James, 
Jacoba, Jacobina, 
Tacobje, Jacob, 
Jacobus, James, 
Jacomyntje, Jemima, 
Jaepje, Jacob, 
Jan, John, 
Janneken, Jane, 
Jannetje, Jane, 
Janotje, "Jane, 
Jansje, Jane, 
Jantina, Jane, 
Jantje, Johnny, 
Japic, Jacob, 
Jeremias, Jeremiah, 
Jeronimus, Jerome, 
Jetje, Henriette, 
Joannes, John, 
Joaptie, Jacob, 
Jobie, Jacob, 
Jocnem, Joachim, 
Johannes, John, 
Joost, Justin, Joseph,* 
Joris, George, 
Josyntje, Josifle, 
Juliaantje, Juliana, 
Jurgen, George, 
Junan, George, 
Turn, George, 
Jurrian, George, 
Jury, George, 

Justin, Justin, 
ustje, Jenny, 


Kaat, Catharine, 
Kaatje, Kate, Kitty, 
Karel, Charles, 
Kareltje, Charles, 
Katrijn, Catharine, 
Katryntje, Kate, Kathleen, 
Kee, Cornelia, 
Kees, Cornelius, 
Keesje, Cornelius, 
Keetje, Cornelia, 
Kersten, Christian, 
Kesia, Kathleen, 
Klaar, Clare, 
Klaartje, Clare, 
Klaas,^ Nicholas, 
Klaasje, Nicholas, Nick, 
Krelis, Cornelius, 
Ko, James, Jemmy, Jem, 
Koba^ Jacobus, 
Koos] e, Jacobina, 
Koris, Cfornelius, 
Korsten, Christian, 
Krelius, Cornelius, 
Kris, Christian, 
Krischan. Christian, 
Krisje, Christina, 
Kristel, Christina, 
Kristijntje, Christina, 
Kruschen, Christian, 
Kyrn, Quirine, 

Lambrecht, ]^ambert, 
Laurens, Lawrence, 
Leen, Leonard, 
Leendert, Leonard, 

Leentje, Magdalena, 
Lena, Magdalena, 
Lenoor, Eleanor, 
Letje, Adeline, 
Lezart, Elise, 
Lieve, Leo, 
Lijsbert, Lisbet, 
Lijsje, Lise, 
Lodewijk, Lewis, 
Lotje, Charlotte, 
Loures, Lewis, 
Louw, Lawrence, 
Lucia, Lucy, 
Ludovicus, Louis, 
Lukas, Luke, 
Luytje, Luke, 
Lys, Lisbet, 
Lysbet, Lisbet, 
Lysje, Lise, 


Maaicke, Marjr, 
Maarten, Martin. 
Maartje, Martina, 
Maas, Bartholomew, 
Machiel, Michael, 
Machteld, Mathilda, 
Magdaleentje, Magdalen, 
Magtelt, Mathilda, 
Manus, Herman, 
Margit, Margaret, 
Margriet, Margaret, 
Margrietje. Margaret, 
Marij, Maria, Mary, 
Maritje, Mary, 
Mariken, Mary, 
Marregante, Magdalena, 
Marritius, Morice, 
Martijn, Martin, 
Martijntje, Martina, 
Mattheus, Matthew, 
Matthys Matthew, 
Maybe, Maria, Mary, 
Mayken, Maria, Mary, 
Mayacca, Mary, 
Meewes, Bartholomew, 
Menassus, Myndert, 
Metie, Matilda, 
Metjen, Martha, 
Michiel, Michael, 
Micheltjen, Michael, 
Mie, Mary, 
Mietje, Mary, 

Mijntje, Wilhelmina, Mimmi, 
Morice, Maurice 

(but in one instance, Maria), 

Na, Nanny, 
Naatje, Anne, 
Neeltje, Cornelia, 
Niesje, Dionyse, 
Nol, Arnold, 

Obadja, Obadiah, 
Olivier, Oliver, 
Oeycke, Agnes, 
Oetje, Agnes, 
Orselina, Ursula, 
Outie, Agnes, 

Paultje, Pauline, 

Paylyntie, Pauline, 
Phlip, Philip, 
Piet, Peter, 
Pieter, Peter, 
Pietj'e, Petronella, 
Pouw, Paul, 
Powles, Paul, 


Randolph, Randal, 
Reimond, Raymond, 
Reindert, Reynold. 
Reinier, Reynold, 
Reinoud, Reynold, 
Resyiitje, Rosina, 
Rijkaard, Richard, 
Rijkerd, Richard, 
Rip, Rupert, 
Ritsert, Richard, 
Robbert, Robert, 
Roedolf, Rudolphus, 
Roeland, Rowland, 
Roelof, Rolph, Ralph, 
Rogier, Roger, 
Rolfe, Ralph, 
Rombout, Rumbold, 
Roosje, Roseta, 
Rozemond, Rosamund, 
Ruben, Reuben, 
Rut, Roger, 
Rutgert, Roger, 
Rutsjert, Richard, 
Rykaard, Richard, 

Saal, Solomon, 
Saam, Samuel, 
Saar, Sarah, 
Saartje, Sally, 
Sander, Alexander, 
Sanna, Susannah, 
Sanneke, Susanna, 
Santje, Susanna, 
Sannertje, Susanna, 
Sasze, Sara, 
Sefia, Sophia, 
Seletje, Cecilia, 
Selie, Cecilia, 
Servaas, Gervas, 
Seytie, Cynthia, 
Shaan, Christian, 
Sierrity, Charity, 
Sijmen, Simeon, 
Simson^ Samson, 
Sitske, Cynthia, 
Smiaa, Hezekiah, 
Staats, Eustace, 
Stans, Constance, 
Steven, Stephen, 
Stijntie, Christina, 
Stoffel, Christopher, 
Styntje, Christina, 


Taatje, Sara, 
Tanna, Anna, 
Tanneken, Anne, 
Teeuw, Matthew, 
Teeuwis, Matthew, 
Teunis, Anthony, 
Teuntje, Antonia, 
Thys, Matthias, 

* See Joseph German's will. 


Tiebout. Theobald, 
Tientje, Albertina, 
Tietje, Albertina, 
Tijmen, Timothy, 
Tijs, Matthias, 
Tiletje, Albertina, 
Tit, Tietje, Albertina, 
Tjaatje, Charity, 
Tjerck, Theodorick, 
Tobias, Toby. 
Toff, Christopher, 
Toffels, Christopher, 
Tomatius, Timothy, 
Tonjes, Anthony, 
Tonnes, Anthony, 
Tool, Anthony, 
Toon, Anthony, 
Toontje, Antoinette, 
Tressje, Theresa. Tracy, 

Trijn, Catherine, 
Trui, Gertrude, 
Truitje, Gertrude, 
Tryntje, Catharine, 
Tsassen, Christian, 
Tziasso, Christian, 
Tymen, Timothy, 

Urseltie, Ursula, 
Ury, George, 

Valentijn, Valentine, 
Veltje, Valentine, 

Willem, William, 
Willemintje, Wilhelmina, 

Willempje, Willy, 
Willemtje, Wilhelmina, 
Willemyn, Wilhelmina, 
Wim, William, Willy, 
Wimpje. Wilhelmina, Mimmi, 
Wout, Walter, 
Wouter, Walter, 
Wyntje, Wilhelmina, Mimmi, 

Ydtje, Ida, 
Yke, Agnes, 
Yzaak, Isaac, 

Zanneke, Susan, 
Zjarritjen, Charity, 



Adm administration, 

b born, 

bt baptized, 

d died, 

dau .daughter, 

d. inf died in infancy, 

d. y died young, 

E east, 

int intestate, 

j. d y.oung woman, 

j. m young man, 

Jr Junior, 

K -Kingston, 

™ married, 

(m. — name of wife, or husband, within a paren- 
thesis, indicates a probable, but not absolutely 
proved marriage), 

m. I married, first, 

m. 2 married, secondly, 

N north, 

N. Y New York, 

N. Y. Sur New York Surrogate, 

P page, 

prob probably, 

q. V quo vide (which see), 

s son, 

S South, 

Sr Senior, 

supra before, 

w wife, 

W West, 

Abstracts of Wills on File in the County Clerk's 
Office, City of Kingston, N. Y. 

(The Dutch records of Ulster County from 1663 to 1684 consist of 
six volumes of court proceedings, and five volumes of secretary's papers, 
containing deeds, mortgages, wills, etc., all kept in a square wooden box, 
under lock and key. A translation of these records was made in 1896, 
which was subsequently bound in three large foUo-volumes. Unfortu- 
nately, there is no index to these volumes, which makes them practically 
inaccessible to the general searcher. In the Report of the Public Archives 
Commission of the American Historical Association, 1900, II., p. "jy, atten- 
tion was called to a few errors, "as a rule unimportant" and "easily cor- 
rected" in case the translations should be printed." While the official 
translation has been utilized, a careful comparison with the original 
records has been made, and great care has been observed in securing the 
proper meaning intended by the testators). 


Translations of Dutch Records, Liber I., p. 91. 

Sept. 18, 1663. — The Court resolved : Whereas persons were killed during 
the troubles on June 7th last, which persons had no relatives, there- 
fore the Court will administer their property: 


LOOMAN, HENDRICK JANSEN, brewer's assistant. 

WILLEMSEN, DIRRICK, inhabitant. 

The Court appoints as administrators : Albert Gyshertsen and Tjerck 
Claesen De Witt, commissaries. 

"Inventory of the estate of Hendr. Looman: A horse, being a gelding, 
a brewing kettle, i sword and belt, i trunk without key, with 
contents: i letter case with book of accounts, i old gray suit, 

1 old gray-colored pair of pants, i new gray suit, 2 pair of black 
woollen stockings, i new black hat, i hat box, i pipe of lead, 
4 small pieces of Haarlem cloth, i cloth brush, i square cravat, 

2 ties, 3 handkerchiefs, i package of about i pound lead, 
I wagon frame with iron tires." 

Page 93. — Cornelius Barentsen Slecht, refusing to give an account to the 
local court of the estate of Willem Jansen Seba, was arrested by order 

22 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

of said court, and confined at the house of the Schout, Roelof Swart- 
wout, until willing to render an account. Dated Oct. 9, 1663. 

Page 272. — On March 3, 1665, Jacob Burhans was appointed curator for 
the estates of Hendrick Jansen Looman and Willem Jansen Seba. 


Page 120. — October 30, 1663. — Aeltje Claes requested that the estate of 
deceased Claesje Teunissen be administered. The Court appoints 
Matthew Capita to make an inventory. On repairing to the house of 
the deceased, Roeloff Swartwout and Matthew Capita were told by 
Aeltje Qaes and "the eldest daughter of the deceased," that "the 
domine had arranged everything" and that they "ought to go to the 
domine." » 

Page 127. — Tjerck Claessen De Witt, on Nov. 26, 1663, deposits with the 
court an inventory, taken on Nov. 14, 1663, of the estate of his 
brother-in-law, Jan Albertse Van Steenwyck, requesting that a curator 
be appointed and a guardian over the minor children. This was first 
referred to the Domine, Hermanns Blam, and the court afterwards 
appointed Tjerck Claessen De Witt, and Evert Pels curators, and 
Hendrick Jochemsen, T. C. De Witt, and E. P., guardians. 


Page 184. — July 10, 1664. — Sweerus Teunissen, successor of Jan Barent- 
sen Wemp, deceased, requests his money from Aert Pietersen Tack, 
who has left this place, because he is the principal creditor of said 
Aert Pietersen Tack, and further requests that the estate of Aert 
Pietersen Tack be sold to satisfy a mortgage. 

Page 227. — ^Dec. 18, 1664. — Aeltje Wygert, widow of Albert Gysbertsen, 
deceased, appeared before Gysbert Van Imbrack, Jan Willemsen 
Hoochteylingh, Scheepens, about a heifer which her husband had 
bought from the estate of Aert Pietersen Tack. 

Page 237. — Jan. 27, 1665. — Petition of the guardians of the minor children 

of Mattys Jansen, deceased. 
Page 254. — Roeloff Swartwout appears as guardian of said children. 
Page 354. — Roeloff Swartout and Cornelius Barentsen Slecht appear as 

guardians of above children. 

Page 300. — Sept. 7, 1665. — Jacob Kip, brother-in-law of Mr. Gysbert Van 
Imbrack (surgeon of Wildwyck, widower of Rachel Monjeur de la 
Montagne (who died Oct., 1664), who also died Aug. 19/29, last, 
leaving three minor children, a daughter named Lysbet, now about 6 
years old, two small sons, the eldest named Johannes, about 4 years 
old, and Gysbert, about i year old), deceased, brought to the court 
"the'last wishes of said deceased, signed by said deceased, and also an 
authorization from Johannes La Montagne, Sr., father-in-law of said 
deceased, that they administer to the estate, the deceased having left 

Secretary's Papers. 23 

three minor children." The court appointed Jacob Kip and Johannes 
la Montagne guardians of the children. 

Inventory taken September ist, 1665, of the effects of Mr. Gysbert 
Van Imbroch in the presence of the Hon. Heer Willem Beeckman, Schout, 
Jan Willemsen Hoochteylingh and Jan Joosten, deacons at Wildwyck, 
having been requested to do so by the aforesaid Gysbert Van Imbroch 
during his life. 

Two beds. Two head-pillows, Four cushions, One child's bed. Two new green blankets, 
belonging to William Montagniej Three green worn out blankets. Three white blankets, Two 
curtains with a top piece (valletje) on the bed-stead. One bed-stead (ledecant) half surrounded 
by curtains. 


Two pieces of black cloth, together 4 ells. One ''ninocent*' of black cloth. One pair of 
trousers, made of black cloth. One man's suit of clothes, made of gray cloth. One leather coat, 
with silver and gold bands, A black turkish coarse grained (grof greyne) man's suit of clothes. 
An old suit of clothes made of black cloth, (man's), A |)air of half worn black silk man's stock- 
ings, An orange colored sarsenet sanative girdle (orangie armosyne gesondheyt), A cloak made 
of black cloth, A cloak made of grey cloth. Five silver spoons. One silver head dress, found in a 
green box. One silver thimble. Two pieces of silver and gold ribbon. One piece of blue silk ribbon. 
One child's chain (kinderkettinje) of braided black and white seewan, in a small white box 
inside the little green box. Two diamond rings. Two womens knives made of silver in a tube 
(kooher), A silver ^platter (may also mean scale) (schaele), Four (4) pieces of narrow silk 
ribbon, bordered with lace, A small piece of narrow silver and gold band wound around a 
small piece of wood, belonging to W. Montagnie. A colored coarse grained skirt with green 
lining, A colored reversible skirt with green lining (weereshynde vrouwerock), A red scarlet 
(roode scharlaken) skirt, A black coffee waist or jacket, A colored coarse grained waist with 
nonpareil binding (or jacket), A black coarse grained tabard, made of silk, with the bottom piece 
(methetonderote), stuff for an apron black sarsenet (kind of cloth). Two black sarsenet capes or 
hoods, A colored sarsey waist, (probably jersey), A colored sarsey apron, a beaver muff. An old 
beaver muff, A woman s testament (bible) with silver clasps, A velvet cape or hood, A wig with 
a wreath, A woman's fan, A white woolen swaddling cloth, (cap-luyer). Two white woolen dipers. 
One black colored, stomacher. One old "bornlyf" (probably "bovenlyf) meaning waist). Two 
cosmetics, one black, one pair white leather woman's gloves, Another woman's fan. Five white hoods. 


Two round handkerchiefs, bordered with lace, A round handkerchief of cambric bordered 
with lace, A white round handkerchief of velvet (vloers) A square handkerchief, Three gowns 
(nederstucken) with bands. Five gowns (nederstucken) without bands, Two night neck kerchiefs. 


Two white child's hoods with little ilaps,^ Five child's over-hoods (boven mutsjes) Two child's 
kerseys. Five breast-shirts (Borst hemdjes) Eight white child's hoods. Seven child's ruffles. Two 
child's bibs, One white swaddle (swachteltje). Two old sanatory giidles. Two pairs of woman's 
ruffles. Four child's beast-coats. One pair of child's stockings. 

One pair of gray woolen stockings, Two pair of Frieze stockings. Four sheets. Nine bands. 
Three ruiHes, Two man's linen caps, Six pillow cases. Three woman's shirts. Two white woman's 
aprons, Three more pillow cases. Seven man's shirts. One sheet. Three cravats. Four man's 
handkerchiefs. Seventeen small napkins. Two large napkins. One table cloth. Two shaving towels. 
Another old man's shirt. Another small napkin. Another cravat. Three old white linnen capes 
(capers) or hoods, five more man's handkerchiefs, One colored towel, (bont hand doeckje). Two 
colored (bont) pillow cases, A box made of silk and ribbons for female utensils (vrouwen 
gereetschap). Another small napkin. An old velvet lamp covering (lamper) perhaps lamfer mean- 
ing crape or mourning hat-band. 11 54 ells of white linnen, 34 ells of ossenbrugs linen, A small 
psalm book with silver clasps, A little bag containing in seewan one hundred twenty five gldrs 
nine stivers Some papers in a little white bag with the directions to have them examined Seven 
books being debtors accounts and memorials besides some papers covered with writing, A yellow 
medicine chest Vith some contents, in which medicine chest are deposited in the lower second 
portion the separation, division, settlement and valuation of the estate and income belonging to the 
orphans of Rachel DiFereest, dec'd. Further account and declaration of the receipts and expendi- 
tures before the orphan chamber of the City of Leydenhad and made in regard to the effects and 
revenues belonging to the children left by Rachel DeForeest and her husband Jan Many DelaMon- 
tazne, A white medicine chest with some contents, a plate with eight razors and five pairs of 
scissors. Three firelocks. One gun-barrel. Two swords. One game-bag. One shot bag with a powder 
horn and lielt. One comb-holder with five combs. 


Three small bags with fine shot, A small bag with bullets and flints ,Three small bags with 

One box with senna leaves and other herbs, A skin-iron (velyrer), A box with wafers, A 
barber's saw, A desk with a few papers. Two tick tack tables. An old leather doublet with a pair 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

of red drawers, A pair of old serge pants, A old vest of red cloth, Three hats, A pair of woman's 
shoes. Two pairs of children's shoes. Two pair of man's shoes. One pair of skates. One little Bag 
with pepper. One little basket with white starch, Eight large tankards. Two window panes in 
two detached frames. Four small staves of lead. Thirty six small tankards, A saddle and bridle 
and a pair a straps and a pair of old man's shoes, A cellar with a bottle wherein there is a 
little oil. 

deposited in a trunk. 

A keg with papers and letters, Nine pair of stockings, One pair of gloves, One blue truss, 
One perpetual almanac. One gray fur cap, (written carpuysin in the original evidently _ meaning 
karpoets), one beaver. One otter. Five old pictures, Six tin dishes. One tin bowl. Twelve tin plates, 
A wine glass with pewter foot, A tin mustard pot, A small tin saucer, A mustard saucer, A 
tin salt-cellar, A mortar with the stamper, A small tin beaker with a small liquor glass, A pot-hook, 
A copper frying pan, A grid-iron, A tong. An iron chandelier with two branches (or candlestick), 
A ladle. Two iron candle-snuffers, A hatchet, A skimmer, A copper candle-stick, A tin plate,^ olive 
oil can, a large carving knife, a carrying strap (draeghband) or shoulder belt, A glass or window 
washer, A small hammer, A pair of ice spurs, A whet stone, A riding-spur, A pad lock without 
key. Two gimlets, A copper compass, A pot. Two small boxes with some black lace. Another carry- 
ing strap, or shoulder belt, A piece of cotton. Another small hammer. Some red paint in a piece of 
cloth. In a leather bag some blue starch. Two child's hoods or roller, A child's coat as made by the 
savages (wilde Kinderrockje) , Two "carpoese" as used by the savages (karpoets — fur cap), A small 
basket with some sundry articles and patch work or remnants, A bag containing eleven sacks, a 
copper kettle, a can filled with oil, A pall, A half aem (20 gallons) of anisette, belonging to 
IV. La Montagnie, 'A small keg with French wine it being sour, A barber's grind stone with its 
frame, A pulley (block) with a rope, A keg with butter, A butt-end or stick of a musket (kolve), 
A cane, A East India bedspread, A little keg about half filled with soap, 


S5^ sch. wheat, 130 sch, of oats, One sch. of rye, 

SEPT. ^. 

A bear skin. Two hairy deerskins used for chair cushions. One prepared deerskin, Three 
white earthen-ware cups, A white earthen-ware basin for shaving, or shaving dish, A copper basin 
used for shaving, or shaving dishes, A clyster syringe. Three pair of copper scales with^ the bal- 
ances, A flat lead ink stand, (platte loode met kooker), a pocket pistol, A beer faucet, A tin pump, 
A leather suspender, A broken glass lantern, Six grey hats. Two ink stands of lead, Three pounds 
of copper house-weights (huisgervicht), One pound of lead weights. Five pairs of cargo shoes, 
Another faucet, 


History of Emanuel Van Meteren 

Titus Livvus, in Dutch 

Medicine book of Christopher Wirtsungh. 

Medicine book of Ambrostus Paree. 

Medicine book of Johannes De Viga 

Book on the mixing of wine 

A Versaly & Valuerda Anatomy. 

Frederick Henry of Nassau, his life and works. 

f Johan Sarcharson, General exhibit (vertoningc) of Holy Writ 
Bacchus Wonderworks (Wonderwercken) 
Bernhard Van Zutphen Practice. 
Sebastian Frank^s World's mirror. 
Receuil of Amsterdam. 
Quarto ^ A German (work on) medicine and products of art (Kunststucke) . 
A written medicine book. 
Another written medicine book, 
A (jerman manual of the Catholic Faith. 
Another written medicine book. 
Redress of the nobility of Holland by Johan Geul. 
Two books on the perfection and perspicuity of the Word of God by Albert 

A French catechism. 
Bee-hive of Aldegonde. 
Arithmetic by Jan Belot Dieppois. 

Chronicles of the lives and works of the Kings of England. 
Medical remarks by Nicolaes Tulp. 
(German medical manual by Q. Apollmaren. 
d'Argenis by J. Barcklaj. 

Confession of faith by P. Paulus Van Venetien. 
Treatise on the faith by Henry Hexman. 
Examination of Surgery by Mr. Cornelis Herls. 
A written medicine and student book. 
German song book. 
Book on surgery without a title. 
Arithmetic by Sybrand Hansen Cardmael. 



Secretary's Papers. 



16 mo. 

in Quarto 

in Octavo. 

These were "question books" to teach 
- children religion and in some quarters 
are even yet used in Holland. 

Characteristics of the children of God, Jan TafRn, 

The Golden harp. 

Royal road to heaven. 

Two tracts by Petrus Molinej, 
j Meditations on the 51st Psalm. 
I Twelve "Devotions'*^ by Philip Kegel in German. 

18 Stories of David. 
3 Last Wills. 
7 Hours of death. 
17 Beautiful (heerlycke) (or exquisite) proofs of man's Misery (ellende) 
3 General Epistles. 
100 Catechisms. 
23 Stories of Joseph 
102 A. B. C. books 
27 Arts of Letters. 

19 large "Succinct Ideas" 

20 small "Succinct Ideas" 
9 "steps" (trappen) of youth. 
13 proofs of human misery. 
S Books of the Gospel and the Epistles. 
48 "Succinct Ideas by Jacobus Borstius. 
I "Short way" by Megapolensis. 

8 small A. B. C. books on parchment, Three small gardenflSr's manuals, Two writing books 
which are clean and without writing. Two paintings for chimney coverings wrapped in gray paper, 
15 unframed pictures. One picture book, 38 small metal mirrors, 37 wooden combs in 2 small 
boxes. One barber's case with instruments, One penknife. One bottle of tragacanth vinegar. One 
bottle with ijerfumery or fumigating matter (fumative goet). Five molds for casting bullets, A 
little glass with juniper oil, A small glass with yellow medicine, A tankard. Three pressed woman's 
bonnets. Some nails and iron work, A bar of Spanish soap. Some candle grease, A large powder- 
horn with powder. Some pints. Three medical syringes. One clothes bush. Two old table books 
(tafelbockjes), 17 figuring pens, A box with sundry articles, consisting of needle, thimbles, bullets, 
and other small things, A small keg with some hops. Some papers in a drawer in the stove room. 


Eleven shirts, A small waist, a yellow and a white breast coat or guernsey shirt, apron, a 
pair of pants, two small round handkerchiefs, a serge bodice, three more sanative girdles, a yellow 

apron a white apron, serge bodice, two pair , two small ruffles, small stockings, a hood for a 

girl, two collars, five bibs, three bands, four handkerchiefs, two pair of front ruifles (voormouwtje), 
five pocket handkerchiefs, A small red night gcwn. 

A mirror in the stove room, A till, A copper shaving basin, A watch. Three wood bins, A 
schepel (Dutch measure equal in those days to 2/5 bushel), a scoop, a clothes line, some wood in a 
barrel, A church pew, A pipecan (pypkan) without screw, A flour sieve, A bar of iron used for 
the purpose of suspending pots and kettles above the fire, in the hearth fastened in the chimney 
(hang yser), Some whale oil in an open keg, as well as a tin half pint and a tin pint. Two iron 
pots full of whale oil, A faience can with some grape seed oil in it, A calabas with bear grease, 
A empty pot, an ancker of whale oil Or other oil (an ancker — 1/6 of a hogshead) Two axes. Two 
wash tubs one large and one small one, An oil can. Two milk tubs, One small empty iron pot. Two 
can cleaners. Two boxes of bunkers as made by the savages (wilde backen), A stone oil can, A tin 
half mud (measure), A tin funnel, A stone faience can, without handle, A tin saucer and two 
earthenware saucers. Two water-pails. An iron mortar with the stamper, A cooking pan, A large 
kettle, A high iron pot, An iron frying pan, A chain pot hanger, Two hearth irons, Two_ white 
iron lamps, another small copper kettle, A pair of tongs. An ash scoop, An old mole, A gridiron, 
A meat barrel, A round table, A bird cage, A water cask, A spade, A pepper drawer (peperlae), A 
salt barrel. Four earthenware saucers. An earthenware platter. An earthenware salt cellar. Two 
benches. Seven chairs, A barber's chair, A square table, 


Five small napkins, A blue shaving towel. Two white shaving towels. Two pillow cases. Two 
pocket handkerchiefs. Two pair of "povretten," Five bands (a kind of tie). Another man's handker- 
chief, A man's hood, A cravat. Two sheets. Three table cloths. Three napkins. 

Two boars, one year old (twee jarige bergen). Three hogs, or sows. Two milch cows, An 
fijid buck, A young buck, A cow. Some pigeons. Some chickens, A fringed border and one made of 
colored ribbon around the mantle piece, A shovel or adre (schop ofte dissel). Three milk tubs 
sawed of ankers (a measure in the care of Albert Jansen Van Steenwyck), A yoke, A tin beaker, 
holding^ a half pint. Four tin spoons. 

All of which aforenamed articles have been found and are stored in the deceased Mr. 
Gysbert Van Imbroch's own house, standing and situated in the village of Wildwyck with a garden 
annexed to it, surrounded with good palisades. 

And taken at Wildwyck by us, the undersigned this 2d. day of September N. S. of the 
year 1665. 

(Signed) Will Beeckmak, 

In pres'ence of me Jan Willemsem Hoochteylikch. 

(Signed) Mattheus Capito, Jan Joosten. 


26 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records, 

conditions and terms 

Whereupon the effects of the deceased Mr. Gysbert Van Imbroch, Surgeon, will be publicly 
sold to the highest bidder, by the appointed guardians of the minor children. 

jst. The purchaser of any of the effects shall pay cash for said effects, or at least within 
six weeks. 

2nd. The payment shall be made in good current sewan or in grain, at the following prices: 
The sch. of wheat at six gldrs. 
The sch. of rye at four gldrs. and a half. 
The sch. of buckwheat at three gldrs. 
The sch. of oats at two gldrs. 
The sch, of barley at four gldrs. 
The sch. of white peas at four gldrs. 
The sch. of gray peas at five gldrs. 

And said grain to be delivered at the house where the deceased Mr. Gysbert died. 
3rd. If any body pays within 24 hours (said purchaser) shall be entitled to a five percent, 
reduction, if not, shall be obliged to pay the full purchase money. 

4th, The purchaser shall be obliged to furnish two sufficient sureties to the satisfaction 
of the sellers, and in case the purchaser cannot produce the same, similar effects shall be again 
put up for sale, and the expense for the same shall be borne by the first purchaser, and in case 
they should bring a higher price he shall not profit by the same. 

Sth. The stiver money shall fall and come to the charge of the purchaser in accordance 
with the local custom. 

Thus done at Wildwyck this September 9th, N. S. of the year 1665. 


A milch cow. for which was offered by Jacob Kip 150 gldrs. 

These remain fixed, and are (by the auctioneer) increased with 50 gldrs. and 

Hendrick Cornelissen Lynaraeyer became purchaser for 180 gldrs. 

Two milch goats and a young buck about 1 year old bought by) Albert Govertsen, 

securities, Jan WUlemsen and Walran, for 64 gldrs. 

Thomas Chambers, a gelded buck for 4 22 gldrs, 

Hendr. Cornelissen Lyndr, A Haymow with privilege of choice 56 " 

Rut Jacobsen another hay mow 50 " 

Willem Beeckman^ Three winter hogs being two males and one female 21 " 

Jan Jansen V, Oosterhout^ Some chickens, as many as shall be found 9 " 

Willem Beeckman, Some pigeons under condition that they shall remain in the cot 

until the guardians shall find that they become a nuisance (dat de voogh- 

den bevinden haer hinderlyckte syn) 15 " 

Willem Montagnie. A flint lock with the game bag and mold for balls 68 " 

Albert Jansen, A nint lock with the mould for casting mall 55 " 

Evert Pels, a flint lock 37 " 

Hend, Albertsen, A pocket pistol 15 " 

Albert Jansen, A sword with a belt 12 " 

Albert Jansen, A sword with a belt 17 " 

Cornelis Slecht, A small bag with powder, 45 " 

Aert Martsen Doom, A small bag with powder 17 " 

Antoni Delva, Four small bags with small shot, ball and some flints 30 " 

Henderick Albertsen, A piece of white linen, 11 J4 ells at 8; 11 g6 " 

Aert Martensen, Ossenbrugs-Hnen 24 ells at 4; 6 103 gldrs. 4 st. 

Long Jacob, A copper kettle 24 '* 

Jan Joosten, A large copper kettle 40 " 

Albert Govertsen, A small mended copper kettle 6 " 

Capita, A small iron pot 18 " 10 st. 

Albert Govertsen, A small flat iron pot 13 " 

Tjerck Claesen, A suspending iron with a copper frying pan 30 " 

Joris Hael, An iron frying pan 7 " 

Tjerck Claesen, A pair of tone's with a shovel 8 " 

Roelof Swartw., A gridiron with a pair of tongs 18 " 10 st. 

Jan Jansen V. Amersfort, A schimmer or ladle, hatchet and iron spoon 9 " 

Jan WUlemsen, A candle stick, two irons and some cotton 8 " 5 st. 

Tjerck Claesen, Two beer faucets, two gimlets, a wine pump, a tin oil can 20 " 

Walran DuMont, Two hearth irons, one chain pot hook 41 " 

J. Jansen, V, Amersfort, A wooden bunker with a lot of nails 12 " 

Aert Martensen, A wood bunker with a lot of nails. 16 " 10 st. 

Jan Joosten, A bunker, as used by the savages, with a lot of nails 28 " 10 st. 

Albert Jansen, A flint lock 36 " 

Jan Brabander, Two forest axes and adze a spade 19 " 

Lambert Huyberts, a black hat 31 *' 

Lambert Huyberts, A gray "carpoes" or fur cap 16 " 10 st. 

Jan WUlemsen, An old gray hat 5 " 

Arent Jansen, A gray hat 27 * 

Jan 'Buyr, A leq|her coat with a pair of serge pants 21 " 

Lambert Huyberts, An old pair of red drawers, small old red coat, and an old 

black small coat 18 " 

Mrs. Bloems, A small Bag with pepper, and a small box with thimbles, needles 

and other (things) i3 

Secretary's Papers. 27 

10 6t. 
5 9t. 

^**rioen Westphoel, A wooden bunker with a small gridiron ii gldrs. 

Jan Wulemsen, Four small earthenware saucers, earthenware table plates and an 

earthenware salt cellar 6 " 

Albert Jansen, Three pair of old man's stockings 20 " 

Jan Wtllemsen^ Three pair of old man's stockings 15 " 

Tjerck Ciaesen, Three pair of old man*s stockings 10 " 

Evert Pels, Three pair of Iceland stockingc, old 10 " 

Lambert Huyberts.A pair of filled (gevulde) stockings 16 *' S «t 

Henrick Palingh, Two fur caps, one small coat, both as worn by the savages and 

one piece of cloth 25 " 

Daniel Botterwout, surety Thomas Chambers, A saddle, a bridle, a pair of old 

boots, a skin iron, a spur and a suspender 50 " 

Long, Jacob, A new gray hat 29 ** 

Old Michiel Verbrugge, A new gray hat 30 " 

Prefer Hillebrants, A new gray Hat 23 " 

Jacob Burhans, A new gray hat 28 " 

Aert Martensen, A little new gray hat 25 " 

W, Hoorenbeeck, A new gray hat 32 " 

Pieter Hillebrants, A mirror with a bird cage 12 " 

Capita, An ancker of whale oil 70 " 

Henry Palingh, An empty half aem, with a faucet, and in a keg some old whale 

oil and axle grease 8 " 

Aert Martensen, An iron pot filled with whale oil 15 " 10 st. 

Jan Joosten, An iron pot half filled with whale oil and an empty iron pot 10 " 

Jan Willemsen, A can with rape seed oil, and a small calabas with Bear-grease. ... 15 " 
Antoni Delva, A couple of cannons (een paer canons) two powder horns, a shot 

bag with a belt 15 " 

Lambert Huyberts, Two water pails, a yoke and a flour sieve 23 " 

Willem Beeckman, Two clothes lines in a firkin 6 " 

Capita, A keg containing some , 10 " 

Arent Teunissen, Two small tubs made from an ancker, a milk can and a firkin, a 

buttermilk keg and a milk pan 21 " 

Arent Teunissen, Two empty barrels 6 " Jo st. 

Jan Brabander, A wash tub,- a chopping board an empty keg 6 " 

Jan Cornelissen Smits^ An old chest S " 

/. J. V. Amersfort, A meat barrel 8 

Arent Teunissen, Four empty kegs i 

Lambert Huyberts, An ancker and a tun 3 

Lambert Huyberts, A bier barrel at Cornelis Slecht's and another one at Swart- 

wout's containing 3 anckers 6 

Roelof Swartwout, a keg filled with hops 3 

Lambert Huyberts, A firkin and a flower keg 4 

Lambert Huyberts, An emptj; keg, a salt barrel and a pepper box 6 

Tjerck Ciaesen, a keg with vinegar 14 

Jan Willemsen, A cellar with a bottle of oil 8 " 

Capita, A tube and a cane cudgel 6 " 

Roelof Hendericks, A window cleaner, a brush, two pot-cleaners 3 " 

Evert Pels, a bottle of vinegar and a can with oil, not known what kind of oil 11 " 

Jan Cornelissen Smits, A prepared deer skin and two hammers 8 " 

Albert Jansen, A perpetual almanac, an East Indian bed-spread, a fringed border 

for the mantel-piece, and seven small maps i6 " 

Aert Martensen, Three deer skins for chair cushions i " JO st, 

Roelof Swartw., A pair of new shoes 12 " 

Aert Martensen. Four small tankards and a pint tankard 3 " 

Ridsert Cage, Four small tankards and a pint tankard 4 '* 5 st. 

Aert Martensen, A pair of woman's shoes 11 " 10 st. 

Ridsert Cage, 8 small tankards and a pint tankard 5 " 5 st. 

Albert Jansen, a copper scale with the balance 3 lb. of house-weights, and i lb. of 

lead-weight 24 " 

Henderick Jochems, Two pairs of old shoes. 18 *' 

Evert Pels, Eight small tankards and a pint tankard 4 " 10 st. 

Willem Beeckman, Four small tankards and a pint tankard 2 " 

Michiel Verbrugge, A pair of new shoes 10 " 

Evert Pels, Four small staves of lead 9 " 

Willem Beeckman, An old broken waffle-iron 2 " 

Roelof Swartwout, A tick tack board with the pieces 8 " 

Capito, A tick tack board with the pieces i 18 " 

Ja,p Cornelissen Smits, A pair of new shoes 12 " 

Lambert Huyberts, A ijair of new shoes 12 " 5 st. 

Jan Willemsen, Two pairs of old shoes 7 " 10 st. 

Albert Jansen, A small box with wafers, a small bag with red paint and a pair of 

ice spurs 4 '* 

Evert Pels, A lantern with a broken pane and a mob 4 " 

Jan Joosten, 15 tankards and a pint tankard and 3 moulds for balls 4 " 10 st. 

Albert Jansen, Two paper chimney plates (papieren schoorsteen borden) ro st. 

Walran Dumont, Two small boxes with 33 wooden combs 3 " 













28 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Walran Dumont, 17 mirrors made by the savages (wilde spiegisltjes) 6 gldrs. 10 St. 

Heyman Alierts Roos, 18 mirrors made by the savages ■■ 8 ^^ 

Henderick Palingh, 4^ Succinct ideas by Borstius 10 ^^ 

Henderick Palingh, 34 School books in 4" 20 ^^ 

Henderick Palingh, zg School books in 4" 13 ^^ 10 at. 

Jac^b Barents Cool, 3 pressed women's hoods i ^^ 15 st. 

Hend. Palingh, 24 School books in 4" 12 ^^ 

The same 31 School books in 4" 13 ^^ 

Hend. Palingh, 33 School books in 8" 2 ^^ 

The. same An old French catechism i ^^ 

The same 12 school books in 8" ; 3 

J. Jansen V. Amersfort, 19 writing pens (cyffer pennen) some pictures, three old ^^ 

ink stands, a pair of old gloves 2 ^^ 5 st. 

Hend. Palingh, A package of A. B. C. hooks S ^^ 10 st. 

Henryck Palingh, 25 school books in 8" 6 ^^ 10 st. 

The same 22 school books in 8" 6 ^^ 

The same 24 school books in 8" 5 ^^ 10 st. 

The same 13 school books in 8" 5 \^ 

The same 24 school books in 8" ■ — 5 ^^ 5 st. 

The same 26 school books in 8" 5 

The same 21 school books in 8", and 3 gardeners books 9 " 

Hend. Cornelissen Lyndr, Two tracts by Petrus Moling 3 "^ 

Albert Jansen, Life and Works of Prince Henderick 16 

Jan the Smith, The gaining of land (landwinninghe) and the wonders of moun- 
tain-mining ,. 7 

Jan Joosten, Beehive by Aldegonde, and the chronicles of the Kings of England. . 10 " 5 st. 

Roelof Swartw., Bernhard Van Zutphen, practice and the Recueil of Amsterdam.. . 15 " 

Capita, World's mirror by Sebastian Frank, and d'Argenio by J. Barcklaj 7 " 

Henderick Aertsen, Treatise on the faith by Henry HexmoM, Perfection of the 

Word of God by Albert Huttenis, and Meditation on the sist Psalm 8 " 

Pieter Hillebrants, Redress of the Holland Nobilitjr 

Johan Sarseharson General exposition of Holy Writ, another book by the same. . . 3 " 
Henderick Aertsgn, Perfection of Holy Writ by Albert Huttenis, Characteristics 

of the children of God, Royal road to heaven. Golden hary 13 " 5 st. 

Capita, German Song book, 12 Meditations, Manual of the Catholic faith, an old 

memorial, a lot of "piet" 3 " 5 st. 

Albert Jansen, A watch 70 " , 

Ckristoffel Davids, Two chairs , 4 " 5 st. 

Fat Henderick Hend., Two chairs S " 

Albert Govertsen, Three chairs 8 " 10 st. 

The same Six printed pictures belonging to DuMont 5 " 

Tjerck Claesen, A round table 10 " 

Albert Jansen, A church pew 3 " 

ChristoWel Davids, Two benches and a small square table 9 " 15 st. 

The same Six printed pictures of Walran Dumon 4 " 

Hender. Albertsen, Six printed pictures belonging to Du Mont 5 " 

* Mr. Versteeg's translation, slightly modernized, has been used for the abstract of this 
instrument. — Child's childrens. 

Page 440. — Apr. i6, 1667. — Aert Martensen Doom, and his wife, Geer- 
truyd Andriessen, request that the Hon. Willem Beekman, Schout, 
and Roelof Swartwout, commissary, be appointed guardians over 
Geertruyd's son by a former marriage, viz., Jan Jacobs Slyckkoten, 
So ordered. ^ 

Page 441. — May 14, 1667. — Guert Hendricksen, uncle and blood-guardian 
(i. e., natural guardian) over the minor children of Jan Hendricksen, 
his deceased brother, living at Albany, requests that a guardian may 
be appointed for said children. Jan Willemsen Hoochteylingh, elder, 
and Hendrick Aertsen, deacon, appointed by the court. 

Translatiofis Dutch Records, vol. II. 

Page 53. — Roeloff Swartwout and Jan Willemsen, guardians of the chil- 
dren of Albert Gysbertsen, deceased, and the mother of said children, 

Secretary's Papers. 29 

request permission to render an account of the estate to the children, 
they having attained majority, except Jan, who is "one year short 
thereof." Permission granted. 

Page 94. — Marriage contract, and testamentary disposition by 


"In the name of the Lord, Amen. Be it known by these, that on 
March 20, 1665, N. S., appeared before Matfheus Capita, Secretary of 
Wildwyck, Pieter Hillebrants, young man, accompanied by his mother, 
Femmetje Alberts, and Aeltje Wygerts, widow of Albert Gysbertsen, 
accompanied by Roeloff Hendericks, her son-in-law, who in this manner 
have stipulated these marriage conditions. 1. The marriage to be con- 
cluded in accordance with the canons of the reformed religion. 2. All the 
property, belonging to either party, to be used in (fcmmon, in accordance 
with the custom of Holland, with the exception that the bride sets apart 
for each of her children 50 gilders heavy money, viz. for Aeltje and Jan, 
children of Lubbert Jansen, and for Lysbet and Gysbert, children of Albert 
Gysbertsen. — Roeloff Swartwout and Jan Willemse Hoochteylingh to be 
appointed guardians over said children, who are to be instructed in read- 
ing, writing, and, if possible, learn a trade. — In case of death of either 
party, the property to be divided." Signed Pieter Hillebrants, Aeltien 
Hybersen, Femmetje Alberts (her mark), Roeloff Hendricks, Wilh. 
Beeckman, Jan Willemsen Hoochteylingh, and RoelofiE Swartwout. 

SECRETARY'S PAPERS, Liber A., p. 20 (Translations of Dutch 
Records, II., 102). 


Testamentary disposition, dated Sept. 2, 1665, and written in 
"Before me, Mattheus Capita, Secretary of the village of Wildwyck," 
"appeared personally (in proprie persoon) the worthy Joost Adriaensen 
Vermeulen of Pynacker." — After a long religious preamble, the testator 
disposes of "six schepels of wheat" "to the poor at Wildwyck" "syn 
huysvrouw (his wife) Femmetje Hendericks and "his little daughter 
Marietje by his said wife" "shall take possession of the estate gained and 
acquired here by him" and of "all such estate as he has in the old country 
(Vadreland) or might inherit." — ^As executors in Wildwyck "the worthy 
persons Albert Jansen Van Steenwyck and Roeloff Hendericksen, both his 
brothers-in-law," they to "send any balance" to his "lawful wife and child 
in the old country." — As executrix of property in the old country, the 
testator appoints his wife Femmetje Hendericks." 

Jan Jansen Van Oosterhoud Joost Adryaens". 

Jan Broersens 

30 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Joost Adriansen of Fynaker in Holland, came from Leerdatn, Apr. i6, 1663, in the 'Spotted 
Cow' m. 1. March 20, 1663-4, Femmetje Hendricks of Meppelen, Prov, Drenth, Holland, res. Wilt- 
wyck, m. 2., "of Opynen, near Tiel, Gelderland, Holland, widower of Femmetje Hendricks", Oct. 
28, 1668, Elisabeth Willemsen Krom, of Pynacker, in South Holland, near Delft, m. 3., "molenear 
(miller), Wedower van Lysbeth Croeing", July 9, 1681, Marritje Heys, widow of Philip Lieuw, of 
New York, and d. of David Jochemsen and Christina Cappoens (who in her will refers to her *aau. 
Marya Hays, m. to Peter Praa" "at her death without lawful issue" "the property not to go to the 
children of Joost Adriansen, deceased'). On Oct. 17, 1683, the will of J'oost Adrians, deceased, 
was proved at Fort James before Thomas Dongan, Lieut. General, Governor and Vice-Admirall, and 
Jan JoQSten being therein appointed as tutor or overseer, was coniirmed as such. (N. Y. Sur, 
Office, Wills, Liber 1-2, p. 279). "Joost Adrians, of Bushwick, L. I., in his will, dated July 27, 
1683, recorded, but not proved, in Albany (Clerk of the Court of Appeal's Office, Liber A, p. 2), 
mentions "wife Mary Hay sole heiress.'* — Joost Adrian's widow, m. 3., March 15, 1684, Capt, Pieter 
Praa, b. in Leyden, 1655. 

Joost Adriansen and Lysbet Willems Crom had issue: 
i. Jannetie, bt. Apr. 5, 1672; ii. Willem, bt. Oct. 13, 1678; iii. Hendrick, bt. Apr. 24, i68j, all in 

New York. 

Joost Adriaanze, molenner, and Maritje Heys had issue; 
iv. Stxra, bt. June 18, 1682, in Kingston. 

Roeloff Hendricksen, j. m. of Almedo in Overyssel, m., Nov. 30, 1664, Aeltje Lubbers, of 
Elburgh, Gelderland, res. Wiltwyck. 

Joost Adriansen df Co., on Apr. 30, 1658,. petitioned for permission to build a saw mill ,and 
grist mill at Turtle falls on the South River, and the petition was granted on May 6th (Dutch 
MSS., Albany, Council Minutes, VIIL, p. 872). 

Joost Adriansen had on May 8, 1677, a grant from the Court of Kingston for 6 acres of 
land over the Mill Kill (N. Y. Land Papers I., p. 113), and on Sept. 27, 1677, there is a convey- 
ance from Jan Borhans to Joost Adryansen of a house and lot in Kingston (Ibid., p. 126). 

Jan Jansen van Oosterhout in Brabant, widower of Annetje Hendricks (one of the wit- 
nesses), m., Febr. 18, 1663, Annetjen Jelles of Bommel, Gelderland, res. Wiltwyck. 

John' Joosten, administrator to the estate of Joost Adrians, late of Boswick upon Long 
Island, deceased, on Apr. 23, 1685, agreed to arbitration regarding some land in Hurley, called the 
fVasmaker^s Land, sold to Derrick Schepmoes by Joost Adrians in his lifetime. (See Ulster 
Deeds, under John Joosten). 

See also Jan Joosten Van Meeteren). 

Liber A., page 92. T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 104. 
GERRETSEN, ALBERT, from Embderland. 

Testamentary disposition, dated Sept. 3, 1665, and written in 

"To the poor of Wildwyck 8 schepels of wheat." — "Lawful wife, 
Willemtje Jacobs, shall rightfully "hold" the whole estate "for the love, 
chastity, faithfulness and affection manifested towards him during their 
married life, and for other reasons." Signed by the testator, and wit- 
nessed by Jan Willemsen Hoochteylingk and Jan Joosten Van Meteren, 
both Commissaries in the village of Wildwyck. 

(Willemtje Jacobs, widow of Albert Gerretsen, m. 2, May 11, 1668, Jan Cornelissen, of 
Gottenburgh, Sweden, and m. 3, Dec. 24, 1679, Jan Broerse Decker, widower of Heyltje Jacobs, 
res. Marbletown. 

Liber A., page 114. T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 122. 

Testamentary disposition, dated Sept. 7/17, 1665, and written 
in Dutch. 

, "Before me, Mattheus Capita" "appeared the worthy Mattheus Blan- 
chan, bom in the village of Noeuville o come in the parish de la paroise 
Ricame de la conte de 5"; Paul in the province of Artois." — Long religious 
preamble. — "Magdalen Joire" "lawful wife, shall possess the whole estate" 

Secretary's Papers, Liber B. 3* 

"here in America, as long as she remains a widow" also "all the land in 
Artois" "where the testator was born" and in "Armentiers and other 
places" she to keep the "three children, Magddena, Elizabeth and Mat- 
theu" "minors" "until they reach their majority or marry." "When they 
marry, she to act towards them as she treated the two other married 
daughters, Catarinen and Marien." — ^After remarriage, wife to have only 
one half of the property, for the purpose of bringing up the three 
minors. — "Wife being present, consents to these conditions." Signed 
by the testator, and witnessed by Wallerand Du Mont and Pier Nuee. 

(Matthys Blanshan, from Artois, farmer, and his wife, Maddelen Jorisse, and their son-in- 
law, Anthony Crispel, with his wife, Maria Blanshan, and three younger children of Mattheus 
Blanchan, sailed for the new world in the 'Gilded Otter'. April 27, 1660, arriving at Wiltwyck 
before Dec. 7, 1660. 

On Oct 8, 1666, Jan Jansen van Oosterhout conveyed to M. B. a house and lot in W. 
(English MSS., xxii., p. 11).— -On June 18, 1667, there is a deed of confirmation from Gov. NicoUs 
to M. B..for a house and lot of ground at W., at Esopus. (N. Y. Land Papers, I., p. 21). — On Oct. 
16, 1666, Roeloff Swartwout and Jurien Westphael make a declaration respecting the arrival of 
M. B. and family and his application for a place to settle. (Ibid., p«i2. — On June 7, 1673, there 
is a deed of confirmation from Gov. Lovelace to M. B. for 63 acres land in Hurley. (N. Y. Land 
Papers, I., p. 51). — On May 20, 1686, there is a description of a survey of a lot of land, of about 
63 acres, part of Hurley great piece, on the north side of Esopus Kill, laid out for M. B. by 
PhiUp Welles, surveyor (N. Y. Land Papers, II., p. 186). — On Oct 11, 1686, M. B. had a Patent 
for 62^ acres 36 rods land in Hurley. (Engl. MSS., xxxiii, p. 60). — On June 17, 1697, Mathias 
Blansan petitioned for a patent for 100 acres of land, south of the Cale Bergh, in Marbletown. (N. 
Y. Land Papers, II., p. 249). Magdalena B., m.. Sept 28, 1667, Jan Matthysen Jansen, of Fort 
Orange, when she is described as "of England." (q. v.) 
Elizabeth B., m. Oct. 27, 1668, Piefer Cornelisen Low (g. v.). 
Cattery Blancsan, d. of M. B., m. at Manheim, Germany, (Jct 10, 1655, Louis Du Bois, b. Oct 27, 

1627 at Wicres, France (q. v.). 
Matys Blanjan, Jr., of Manheim, m. March 30, 167^, Margrietje Claas Van Schoonhoven (Margriet 
Claasen') of Nieu Albanien iAlbany). 

See also his later will, dated Apr. 30, 1688). 

Liber B., page 260. T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 243. 

Testamentary disposition, dated Aug. 10, 1676, and written in 

"To his children, three of whom, viz. Anna, Pieter, and Elizabeth, 
are married, and two of whom, viz., Maria and Margrieta, are unmarried" 
"the unmarried to receive as much as the married children received, i. e. 
100 RixdoUars" also "50 RixdoUars" worth of clothing for Mary", "Mar- 
gerita, being the youngest", "to receive during her minority 70 Rixdol- 
lars."* — "For Pieter's wedding-suit (Bruilofts Kleeding) 15 RixdoUars." 
— Residue to be divided among the children. 

Witnessed by 
LouYS Du Bois Christian Du Jou (his mark). 

Hugo Freer (his mark) Testus: Wm. La Montagne, S. 

(Christian Deyo, from near Calais, came in the 'Gilded Otter*, Apr. 27, 1660, from Manheim, 
Germany, — See his later will, under Christian Deijau, of New Paltes, dated Febr. i, 1687-8. 
L Anna, b. 1644, m. Jean Hasbrouck (q. v.) ; ii. Pierre (Peter) , m. Agatha Nickel (both in honor 
living in Curr Pfaltz, Mutterstadt, circuit of Newstadt, in the Palatinate), as appears from 
a certificate by Jacob Amoyot, Pastor there, dated Jan. zi, 1675) ; iii. Maria, b. 1653, m. 
"of Moerstadt, Rhenish Bavaria, Palatinate," at Manheim, 1676, Abraham Hasbrouck, of 
Calais, France; iv. Elisabeth, m. Simon Le Fevre; v. Margaret, m. March 6, 1681, Abraham 

(*) Rijksdaalder (Rixdollar), a Dutch coin, worth about $1. 

3* Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Du Bois, s. of Louis (and Catharine Blanchan). — In his later will (q. v.), he mentions "my 
soones soon'N Christian Deijo. He was son of Peter D., and m., Febr. i, 170Z, Marytje De 
Graaf (<J» Cont).) 

Liber B., page 261. T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 244. 

Testamentary disposition, dated Aug. 11, 1676,. and written in 
"Lawful wife and seven children" "the survivors to possess the whole 
estate." "In ca^ husband or wife should remarry, then he or she" is "to 
divide one half with the children as their patrimonial share." — Note: 
"What has not been perfectly expressed above is that one child shall not 
receive more at the division than the rest of them." — Signed by the testa- 
tor and witnessed by Wessel Ten Broeck and Dirck Jansen Schep- 


(Cornelius Wynkoop was in Albany as early as 1655; came to Kingston prior to 1671. His 
wife was Maria Janse Langendyck (q. v. under Maria Wynkoof)). They had issue: — i. Johannes 
(Major), m., June 7, 1687, Judith Blodgood, and 2., 1696, Cornelia, d. of Dirck Wessel Ten. Broeck 
(see Cornelius Wynkoop s will) ; ii. Maria, m. Moses, s. of Nicholas Depuy; iii. Evert, b. in New 
Albany, m. Aug. 26, 1688, Gertrude, d. of Jacobus Elmendorf and Gnetj'e Aertse van Wagenen, 
and 2., Antje, d. of Roeloff Kierstede and Eiche Roosa; iv. Gerrit, m. Hillitje, d. of Gerrit Fokker 
and Jacomyntje Slecht; v. Nicholas, bt. K. Oct is, 1668; vi. Catherine, bt. June 18, 1671; vii. 
Benjamin, bt. Apr. 18, 1675, m. Oct. 20, 1697, Femmetje, d. of Abr. Vanderheul and Tryntje 
Hendrick Kip). 

Liber B., p. 262. T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 244. 
BARENTSEN, TRYNTIE, wife of Cornelius Barentsen./ 

Testamentary disposition, dated Aug. 17 (year not men- 
tioned), and written in Dutch. 

"Cornells Barentsen, her husband, co-testator" and herself "desire 
that the whole estate" "shall be inherited by the survivor" and at their 
deaths by "the children: Jacomeyntie, Hendrick, Annette, Mattys, and 
Petronella. "If any of the testators should re-marry, one half of the 
property is to be divided immediately among the children. — "A linen- 
chest made by Jan Jansen, which Petronella has, is above her portion (Een 
Kasse gamaakt door Jan Jansen" "voor linen kasse date Petronella voor 
uyt heeft boven haar portie"). 

Wessel Ten Broeck Signed Cornelis Barentse Slecht 

Jan Heyndericksz. j^'^^'^'"" by me Tryntye Tysen .Bosch 

(Cornelisi^araitsen Slecht, widower of Tryntie Bos, of Woerden, Holland, m. 2., after 
^ Sept. 26, i684,rE/jJe Janse, of Breestede, Danmark, d. of Jan Jansen Breestede, and widow of 
i_\)^Ajirian Petersen-Van AlcmaerfiiaeafC^C^AHendrick Jochemsen Schoonmaker (see Jochem Schoon- 
maker's will, dated Dec. 9, 1729), -C cyj ' • " ^ 

On July 23, 1664-7, Cornelius itafentsen ' Slecht had a deed of confirmation from Goy. 
Nicholls of 40-50 acres of land at Esopus (N. Y. Land Papers, I., p. 23) — Cornelis Barentseji 
(Borensen) "convicted upon oath and affirmance for taking of arms in a riotous and illegal man- 
ner upon the i6th of Febr., 166S, to awe, terify and supress his Majesty's English Garrison estab- 
lished at Esopus" "deserves to be put to death" but the Governor sentences him "to be banished 
for three years, giving him liberty to sell his estate at the Esopus." 

Petronella m., Aug. 16; J679, Jochem Hendrick Schoonmaker, oldest s. of the above 
Hendrick Jochemsen Schoonmaker (see Jochem Schoonmaker*s will). — ^Jacomyntie m. 1., Apr. 29, 
1663, Jan Barentsen Kunst (when she is called Jakemyntje Cornelis) and had a. Jannetje, bt. Febr. 
24, 1664, b. Barent, bt. Jan. 30, 1667; m. 2., after Oct. 27, 1668, Gerrit Focken, of Rttsen, East 
Friesland, and had c. Hillitje, who m. Gerrit, s. of Cornelius Wynkoop and Maria Janse Langedyk 

Baptism and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch 
Church at Kingston (Hoes 1891) show that at time 
of marriage (p. 507, No. 70) of Cornelis Barentz 
Slegt, widower of Tryntie Bos. and Elsie Jans, she 
was widow of Hendric Jochemz (Hendrick Jochemsen 
Schooniraker no doubt) and not the widow of Adrien 
Peterson (Van Alcmaer) as stated at bottom of p. 
33. It would seem that the footnote to p. 114, 
Vol. 2 is cor^aect and that Elsie Jans m, (l) 
Adriaen Petersen (Van Alcmaer), (^^ Jpchem Hendrick- 
sen Schoonmaker, and (3) (as his tli J ro wi f e ) Cor- 
nells Barentsen Slecht or Slegt. See also Baptismal 
records in above which show that children of Hendrick 
Jochemsen and El3,1e or Elsjen Jans were baptised as 
follows (in addition perhaps to others) -: 

Hendrick and Volkert 17 May 1665 (Jan Jansen Van Breestee 
Engeltjen 18 Mar 1663 was a witness) 

Hilletie 30 Oct 1669 
Therefore, if she rc. Cornelis Barentsen Slecht after 36 Sen 
1584 she could not have m. Hendrick Jochemsen (Schoonmaker) 
as his 3rd wife and had the above children by him in 
the 1660' 8. D. S. P- 

Secretary's Papers, Liber B. 

(q. V.) ; m. 3., 1677, Jan Eltynge (Eltinj Roelofsen, q. v. (*), d. Jacomyntje, m. Henry 
Pawling; e. tryntje, m. Solomon Du Sots. — ^Annetic m. Cornelu Hoogeboom (q. v.). — 
Mattys Cornells Sleght m. Marya Ma^deleen Crupel (Crispel), and had issue: a. Maria 
Maddelen, bt. Aug. 28, 1681; b. Tryntie, bt. Jan. 27, 1684, m, March 5, 1703, Matthys Mattysen, 
Jr.; c. Antoni, bt. May 25, 1690, ni. Nov. .1, 171S, Neeltje Boogaard;d. Jan, bt. Nov. i, 1694, m. 
Aug.-6^ 1716. Elinabeik Smedes; e. Cornelis, bt. Oct. 10, 169?! f. Petrus, bt. Sept. 21, 1701; g. 
Hendricus, bt. Dec. 22, 1706, m. Jan. 3> 1736, Zara Kierstede). 

Liber B., page 263. T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 245. 

HOOGEBOOM, CORNELIS, and wife, Annetie Cornelisen Sleght. 

Testamentary disposition, dated Aug. 17 (year not men- 
tioned, but probably 1676), written in Dutch. 
"The whole estate shall be inhenlBd~by the survivor." "If they both 
should die without having re-married, the estate to be inherited by the 
nearest relatives (bloet verwant) on both sides." — "The eldest son 
(named Peter, in the margin), of the brother of Cornelis Hoogeboom 
shall receive Cornelis Hoogeboom's cloak (Mantell)." — Jacomentie's** 
daughter, sister of Annetie Cornelis, named Janrtktie Jansen Kunst" "a 
sum of 100 guilders light money, to be paid by the survivor. Signed by 
both testators, as above, and witnessed by Wessel Ten Broeck and Jan 

(A gulden is a Dutch silver coin, worth about 41 cents. 

Cornelis Pieterse Hoogeboom. tile and brickmaker, was in Monhatans 1656, at New Amsiel 
on the Delaware, 1657, when he had a son in the same trade at Beverwyck ; was in 1660 at'Bever- 
wyck, attempted brickmaking at Manhat'ans, with Jan Andries D'e Graef, 1661; engaged in 1664 
to make tiles at Beverwyck for Gerrit Van Slichtenhorst from Jan. to Nov. for 60 beavers, half in 

Cornelius Hoogeboom's brother. Bartholomews, a skipper en the Hudson in 1680. between 
New York and Albany. who"died Febr. is, 1702^ had with wife, Catryn, a son, Peter, 
. -^ — Annetie" Cornensen Slight was dau. of Cornelis Barentsen Slecht (see Tryntie Barentsen"). 

Cornelius Hoogeboom on Apr. i, J672, received a grant from the Trustees of Kingston for 
a lot of ground for a brick-yard. (N. Y. Land Papers, L, p. 45). 

Liber B., page 265. T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 246. 
TYSEN, JAN, and his wife, Madelena Blansjan. 

Testamentary disposition, dated Sept. 25, 1676, and written in 
"The estate "after re-marriage of either party" to be divided, one half 
to go to the children, begotten by them." "If they should die simultan- 
eously,, the children are to inherit the entire estate." Survivor to retain 
possession of the estate until the majority of the children. "Our son, 
Matthys is entitled to a piece of land, which was given to him by Father 
Thoomas Chambers." "If either party should re-marry, and have children, 
one fourth of the estate is to be divided, but the real estate shall belong to 
the children of the first marriage." 

JoosT Adryaens Jan Mattysen 

DiRCK Schepmoes Matelen Blanchn. 

iMttttys Janse van Keulen had on Aug. i8, T646, a grant of 50 morgens land at Harlem by 

Irtrector Kief I, became a trader, removed to Fort Orange, and thence to Esopus, where he died 

Vprior to Febr. 15, 1663, on which day the' deacons loaned' 1000 guldens from his estate. M. J. 
married Margaret Hendricks, who m. 2., Thomas Chambers, Lord of the Manor of Foxhall (q. v.). 

■C MP. J. and Margaret, his wife, had issue: 

* See Elting Roelofsen for Jacomyntie's children, and their marriages. 
** Jacomyntje Focken, dau. of ■GvmvliT Barmls t Sl ecf i t. 

34 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

i. Jan Mattysen (Tysen), above, born at Fort Orange, who m. after Sept. aSth, 1667, Madelena 
Blanchan, of England (see Matthys Blanchan), and had issue: 

a). Marreganta (.Magdalena) bt. Oct. 15, i668, m. Richard Broadhead: b. Mattys J onsen, bt. 
June 18, 1671, ra. i June 7, 169s, Anna Elmendorf, m. 2., June 13, 1703; Rachel 
Popinga, m. 3., Annetjen Hasten (see bis will under Mattys Jansen, dated August 21, 
1727); c. Hendrick, bt. April 6, 1671), m. Nov. 28, 1724, Anneken Schoonmaker; d. 
Davit, bt. Apr. 24, 1681; e. Margnet, bt. Jan. 14, 1684, m. March s, 1704, Barent 
Burhans; f. Sara, bt. Oct. 8, 1686, m. 1705, Elias Van Bunschoten; g. Catheryn, bt. 
Sept. 30, 1688, m. John Crook, Jr.; h. Maria, bt Apr. 20, 1692, m. Oct. 23, 1729, 
Thomas Betty, s. of John Beaty and Susanna Ashfordby (q. v.); i. Thomas Jansen, m. 
Nov. 22, 1702, Mayken Bogaard (q. v. under Hendericns Jansen; j. Jan, who went 
to England and died there. 

All surnamed JANSEN. 
ii. Mattys Mattysen (s. of Mattys Janse van Keulen), a Captain in 1685, and later on serving 
against the French on the northern frontier, m. Tjatje, dau. of Tjerck Claesse De Witt (q. 
v.), and had issue: 

a. Sara, b. Hurley, bt. Apr. 16, 1678, m. Jan. 17, 1697, Matthew Du Bois; b. Lea, 
bt. Hurley, May 11, 1679; c Mattys, bt Apr. 24, 1681, m. March 5, 1704, Trynlje 
Sleght (see Hendrickus Van Keuren) ; d. Tterck, bt Dec. 24, 1682, m. Febr. i, 1702, 
Marytje Ten Eyck of Hurley (see Tyrck Van Keuren, of Kingston); e. Thomas, bt. 
Nov. I, 1684, d. y.; f. Barbara, bt Oct 11, 1685, m. 2. Nov. s, 1727. Peter Tappen; 
g. Klaes, bt Dec. 4, 1687; h. Thomas, bt Oct 13, 1689, m. Apr. 11, 1730, Mary 
Paling; i. Hasuel, bt. Jan. 28, 1692, m. Mary, dau. of Abr. Riker; j. Cornelis, bt- 
June 3, 1694, m. Dec 29, 1718, Kesia Hoogteeling, d. of Willem Jansse H. and Ari- 
aentie Samuels (see Jan Willemse Hooghtyling) ; k. Benjamin, bt. Oct. 18, 1696; 1. 
Nicholas; m. Gerardus; 

All surnamed VAN KEUREN. 
iii. Catrina Mattysen, m. Oct 3. 1660, Jan Jansen, carpenter from Amersforrt, Utrecht. 
iv. Anneke Mattysen, m. after March 25, 1668, Sergt. Jan. Hendricks iBuur') of Fort Orange. 

See Jan Tysen's later will under Jan Mattysen, of Kingston, dated Oct 7, 1719. — On Febr. 
18, 1673, Jan Mattysen received a grant from the Court at Kingston of a lot of ground. (N. Y. 
Land Papers, 1., p. 49). — In 16S6, there is a survey of 600 acres lands on Hudsons River, north 
of Callicoone Hooke, Kingston limits, laid out for John Tyson and Company, by Philip Welles, 
surveyor. (Ibid., II., p. 167. See also xlviii, pps. 73 — 74.) 

Liber B., page 266. T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 246. 

DU BOOYS, LOWIES, and his wife Chatharina Blansjan. 

Testamentary disposition, dated Oct. 13, 1676, and written in 

"After their deaths, the whole estate shall go to their children" 
"the minors first to be educated until they can earn a living. If either 
should re-marry, he or she shall pay one half to the children, begotten 
by them, and in case of death, one fourth of the remaining half shall be 
divided among the children. — If the survivor remains unmarried, he 
or she shall not be compelled to pay out anything more to the children 
than it may please the survivor, either as a marridge portion, or in some 
other way. At death of both parties, the children shall inherit the entire 
estate. In case of re-marriage of either party, without lawful issue, the 
children shall have one half of the estate. 

Wessel Ten Broeck Louys Du Bois 

Catelen Blancan. 

(Louis Du Bois, b. Oct 27, 1627, at IVicres, France, m. at Manheim, Germany, Oct. 10, 
165s, Katryn, dau. of Matthys Blanshan (q. v.), and emigrated, April 27, 1660, in the Gilded Ot- 
ter^-s-^is brother-in-law, Pierre Billou, came from Arfou in the 'St. John the Baptist,' Aug. 6, 
i66ir — The widow m., 2., Jean Cottin (q. v.). — Louis Du Bois and (jatheryn, his wife, had issue: 
i. Abraham, b. Manheim, Dec. 26, 1657, m. K. March 6, 1681, Margriet, d. of Christian Deyo 

(q. V.) ; ii. Isaac, b. Manheim, 1659, m. K., June, 1683, Maria Hasbrouck, b. Moudestad, 

Paltz;. iii. Jacob, bt. Oct. 9, 1661, m. March 8, 1689, Lysbeth Vamoye; iv. Sarah, bt Sept. 

14, 1664, m. Dec. 12, 1682, Joost Jansa, of Marbletown; v. David, bt. March 13, 1667, m. 

March 8, 1689, Cornelia Varnoye: vi. Solomon, b. Hurley, 1670, m. 1692, Tryntje Gerriisen; 

vii. Rebecca, bt June 18, 1671, d. y.; viii. Ragel, bt Apr. 1675, d. y.; ix. Louis, b. 1677, 

Secretary's Papers, Liber B. 35 

m. Jan. 19, 1701, Rachel Hasbrouck (see Jonathan Du Bois) ; x, Matthew, b. Jan. 3, 1679, 

at Hurley, m. Jan. 17, 1697, Sara Matthysen, d. of Mattys M. 

See Du Bois Re-union, Philadelphia, 1876; N. Y, Gen. Reg^ i8g6, pps. X90 — . 

See also his later will, dated March 27, 1694, and codicil, dated Febr. 22, 1695/6. — Letters 
of administration were granted to Katharine Du Bois, July 13, 1697. (N. Y. Sur. Oi)ice, Liber 
5 — 6, p. 172). — See also his will, dated March 30, 1686, and a complete copy thereof printed in 
"History of New Paltz," by Ralph Lefevre, p. 283. 

On May 26, 1677, the Esopus Indians conveyed to Louis Du Bois and associates a tract of 
land over the Rondout Killr beginning at the high hill called Moggonck, thence southeast to 
Juffrons Hook in the Long Reach on the Great River {Magaat Ramis), thence north to the Island 
called Rappoos, on the Kroonme Elbow, at the commencement of the Long Reach, thence west to 
the High hill to a place Waracahaes and Tawaeretagne, along the High hill southwest to Moggonck, 
with free access to the Rondout Kill (New Paltz); (N. Y. Land Papers, L, p. 114). — On Oct.- 22]^ 
1677, there is a petition from L. Du B. and others for a Patent at the Esopus (Ibid., p. 132), 
and on Dec. 28, 1678, an Indian deed for land at Esopus, embracing "ye land on both sides of ye 
creelte, and ye -land called in ye Indian tongue Pawachta to Pakasek, Wakaseeck, Wakankonach 
(Ibid., p. 132). 

Liber B., page 274. T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 250. 
CORNELISSEN, PETER, and Elisabeth Blansjan. 

Testamentary disposition, dated Nov. i, 1676, and written in 

"The survivor shall possess the entire estate ; at re-marriage, one half 
thereof shall go to the children. If both parties should die without hav- 
ing re-married, the children are to inherit the property, the minors first 
being brought up. If either party should survive, and not marry, such 
survivor shall have the use of the estate until death. Signed in the 
presence of Matys Barentsen and Hendrick Rycke by 

Heynderyck Rycke Peter Cornelisen (his mark) 

Mattys Cornelis Slecht Elisiebeth Blansan. 

(Pieter Cornelisse, for whose I'ati?) will see Pieter Cornelisse Low, came from Holstein, 
Febr. 1659, in "Faith," and m., r668, Elisabeth, d. of Mattys Blanc'han (q. v.), and had issue: 
i. Comelins, b. 1670, of Esopus, m. in Mew York, July 5, 169s, Margaret Borsum, dau. of Tymen 
Van Borsum, of N. Y., cordwamer, who in his will, dated July 22, 1702, proved Jan. 4, 1702 — 03, 
mentions wife Gritie (,Fockens) and "my daughter, Margareta, wife of Cornelius Low, shall have 
the other half" "of the estate" "remainder to the widower of my daughter, whether it be Cornelius 
Low or any other husband."' (N. Y. Sur. Office, Liber 7, p. 76). — -See also Col. N. Y., by Geo. 
IV. Schuyler, IL, p. 435, History of Kingston, p. 483, Steven's Chamber of Commerce; ii. Made- 
line, m. Benjamin Smedes (g. v.); iii. Anfje, m. July 20, 1701, Philip Viele, b. Albany; tiv. 
Marytje, m. lyos,' Aert Van IVagenen^VT Matthys; vi. Peter; vii. Abrabamr, bt. July 15, 1683; 
viii. Jacob, bt. June 24; 1688; ix. JoEannis. ' • 
All surnamed LOW. 

On Dec. 20, 1719, a draft of warrant of survey was issued for 3292 acres of land for Cor- 
nelius Low et al, in Ulster County, on the west side of Hudson's river, about 12 or 14 miles back- 
wards, in ye woods, being part of the resumed lands lately belonging to Capt. John Evans 
(N. Y. Land Papers, vji. p. 98 — ). — Survey. laid out by Allane Jaratt, surveyor general INew 
Windsor, Orange Co),. (Ibid., p. 110). 

Liber C, page lo. T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 327. 

Deposition, dated Aug. 26, 1671, and written in Dutch. 
"Before me, W. Monfagne, Secretary for the Hon. Court, this day 
appeared Willem Trophaegen, Doctor and medical officer (Medisini Ampt- 
man) (*) of the manor (huijis) of Hemelycke in the Diocese (sticht) of 
Minnen under the Count Van der Lip, born in the city (stat) of Lem- 
michor.—rHendrick Trophaegen is brother of deponent's father. His 

* Or physician and bailiff. 

36 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

son, Anthony Trophaegen, is preacher for the Calvinists at Almina. The 
sister of deponent's father (is named) Anna Trophaegen, her husband is 
Johannes Willemsen Cooperslaeger. Deponent's mother, Eeledt Delandal. 
Her sister had a daughter, Stoeten (*) and Mayor (Burgemeester) with- 
in Lentigo. Her brother is Johanes Delandel, prebendary within Herfort 
and her other sister had a husband by the name of Johanes Niehosen, 
councillor within Heerfort. The guardians of the said Willem Trop- 
haegen Willem Schellinck — Jan Willems: Harmen Sproedt — Johannes 
Nichousen, this Willem Jansen being at Lemigo in the year 1647, when 
he issued a power of attorney to Johannes Nichoesen and Anthony Trap- 
haegen, preacher. 

"I married Jannetie Claesen Groenvis of Meppelt, with whom I had 
a daughter whom I named Eelet Trophaegen. After my wife's death, I 
married Aeltie Dirrecks Meermans, and had with her a son, named 
Johannes Trophaegen. At her death, I married Joosje Willemsen Noor- 
tryck of Amsterdam, with whom I had a daughter, Rebecca and a son, 
Willem and Hendrick Trophagen. 

"Whereas the aforesaid Willem Trophagen is considering the ap- 
proach of death, he has deemed it proper to make known his family- 
connections (de gelegenheit van syn geslaecht), that the children, when 
of age, may inquire at Minnen Corpus Christy fief (leengoederen), pay- 
ing annually 100 Rixdollars (**) and other fiefs called Maria Vergina in 
the church of Lemigo, paying annually 80 Rixdollars; another fief at 
Billeveldt, called Anna Salutes, paying annually 60 Rixdollars. I pray, 
that the Lord will protect these children, when I shall have left them, in 
their good rights, and that they may be educated from said income. 
Signed by the deponent, and witnessed by Albert Jansen. 

(See William Trophagen's will, dated Febr. 16, 1685.) 

Liber D., page 20. T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 353. 

HOOQHTEYLINQH, JAN WILLEMSEN, and his wife, Barbara 

Testamentary disposition', dated Nov. 8, 1671. 
"Barbara Jans, being weak and sick in bed" "the survivor shall re- 
main in full possession of the entire estate. If either party should hap- 
pen to marry, their only son, Willem Jansen, having no other children, 
shall then have half of the real estate and the personal property." 
CoRNELis Barents Slecht (Commissary) Jan Willemsen 
CoRNELis Wynkoop (Ex-Commissary) Barbary Jans (her mark). 

(Jan Willemse Hqoghtyling died previous to 1702. He and his wife, Barbara Jans, had 
a son, William Jansse Hooghtaelmeh, who married Ariaentie Samuels {doghter), and had 
issue: i. Samuel, bt. June 8, 1679; ii.Thili^pus, bt. Sept. 4, 1681; Dina (Desitt), bt. Oct. 14, 1683: 
Hiskia, bt. Jan. 31, 1686; v. Kesja (.Tresm), i. oi Willem Hoogstyler & Ariaentie Samuels, bt. 
Sept. 4, 1689, m New York, m., Dec 29, 1718, Cornells Matthysen Van Keuren (q. v.), all men- 

(*) Evidentl;^ something is missing in the original. Opposite Stoeten appears in the margin: 
' havmg yet two sisters, Elsebus Trophagen and Catharina Trophagen." 
(••) See note, page 31. 

Secretary's Papers, Liber E. 37 

tioned in Jan Willemse Hoghtyline's later wil^ which see. PhilippUB m. before 1704, Jannetje 
Rosa. Another son of Willeni Tansse, named J[an Willemse, Jr., d. y. 

On May 8, 167^, Jan IViUiamsen Hooghtig received from the Court at Kingston a grant of 
about 8 acres of land (N. Y. Land Papers, I., p. iii). He was schepen, deacon, and commis- 
sioner 'to treat with the English). 

Liber E., page 87. T. D. R., p. 418. 
PARYS, EVERDT, of Hurly. 

Will dated March 26, 1678, and written in Datch. 
"Wishing to dispose during his life of his estate, makes known by 
these present his debts and possessions : 

Mr. Notticham owes 10 schepel of wheat on the first instalment in 

May, and 60 schepel on the last instalment, as per contract. 
Mr. Quynel owes 40 gilders in wheat. 
Gurret Ldmbertsen owes 10 or 12 gilders. 
-Am indebted to Mr. Hall, according to his books of account. 
-To Jacob Lusena for the purchase of a mare, 30 schepel of vi^eat 

and some wine. 
Hyman Alkssen I4j4 schepel of wheat. 
-To Mr. Roelof (*) 4 schepel of wheat. — Plow at Swachetfhal's, 

where there is still coming to Prys one half. 
Warnaer Hoornbeerg 3 schepel of wheat. 
Nicolaes De Majer 11 schepel of wheat, 
Maycken, the wife of Jan Joosten, 1 schepel of wheat. 
Joost Adriaensen, linen for a shirt and some witte. 
^m indebted to Gorge Davits to the amount of 40 gilders. 
^Benjamin Provoost 6 schepel of wheat. 
Jan the smith 3 schepel of wheat. 
Lowies Du Booys 2 schepel of wheat. 
Benjamin Provoost 6 schepel of wheat. 
Peter Hillebrants owes me 2 schepef of corn. 
Jan Bigs owes me 2 schepel of wheat. 
*■ I owe Jacob Ruts 2 schepel of oats (haver). 
"If anything should be overlooked, Marie Hals, eldest daughter of 
Mr. Hall, is appointed legatee of everything." 

„,. . Evert Parys (his mark) . 

William Asfordbie 

John Biggs Testus: W. La Montagne, Secretary. 

N. Anthony 

Liber E., page 98. T. R. D., Liber 2, page 425. 

Will dated June 2, 1678, at Kingston, and written in Dutch. 
"Wife shall possess the entire estate." "If she should happen to 
marry" one half thereof is to go to the children. At her death, the entire 

(*) Roelof Kiersfede, in the official translation, but not in the original record. There is 
nothing to indicate that Roelolf Kierstede is referred to, as Roeloff Swartuiout also was styled 

38 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

estate to go to the children. Also everything in Holland with the testa- 
tor's father, Coenraedts Elmendorf, living at Rynborch in the Rynstraet 
in the Gilded Cable (vergulde Cabeltouw), viz. 4i;o gilders, belonging to 
the testator, and his two brothers and two sisters, children of a former 
marriage of Conraedt Elmendorp, deceased, and Janneken, their mother, 
before the distribution to the other children. To wife also everything 
else he may inherit. — Gommert Poulussen authorized to receive the 
money in Holland, and to pay it to testator's wife, in whatever money it 
may consist of. Signed by the testator and witnessed by Dirck Schep- 
moes and Joost Adryaens. 

(See his later will, dated Aug. 27, 1685. under Jacobus Van Elmendorp^ 

Jacobus Van Elmendorp m., after Febr. 28, 1668, Grietje Aertsen, daughter of Aert Jacob- 
sen van Wagonen, from Utrecht (see Gerrit Aarlse), and has issue: i. Coenraet, bt. March 12, 
1669, who m. "iong man van Kingston", at Albany, June 28, 1693, Ariantje Gerritse Van den 
Bergh, widow of Cornelius Martinsen Van Buren, and m. 2., Nov. 25, 1704. at Kingston, Blandina, 
daughter of Roeloff Kierstede and Eycke Albertse Roosa; ii.i Geertje, bt. June 18, 1671, m., Aug. 
26, t68S, Evert, s. of Cornelis Wynkoop and Maria Janse Langendyk ; iii. Anna, m. June 7, 1695, 
Matthyse, s. of Jan Matthysen Jansen and Magdalena Blanshan; iv. Jacobus, bt. Nov. 24, 1678, 
m., after Oct, 9, 1706, Antje, dau. of Cornelis Cool and Jannetje Lambertsen, and had a dau., 
Margaret, who m., Dec. 22, 1732, Thomas, s. of Abraham Caasbeck Chambers. 

Jacobus Elmendorp (Van Elmendorp), the testator, was son of Coenraedt Elmendorf of 
Rynborch, Holland. 

See also the will of Gertie Elmendorf). 

Liber E. (turned upside down, but running page i8o. T. D. R., 2, p. 468. 


Deposition, dated May 16, 1679. 

"On this i6th day of May, anno 1679, Maria, widow of the deceased 
Cornelis Wynkoop, at present sick in bed, very weak, and considering 
the certainty of death. In conformity with the Christian nature of love, 
she has therefore appointed Wessel Ten Broeck and Mr. Willem De 
Majer guardians or overseers over her children, during their minority, 
they to conform with the provisions of the will made by her late husband, 
unless otherwise provided for in this instrument. Eldest son, Johannes, 
shall have, in advance, a piece of silver from Piet Heyn's (*) fleet. — ^To 
her eldest daughter a painted ward-robe, a red skirt, a silver bell with the 
chain, two silver spoons, all the silver money, a gold ring, some furniture, 
a tick, and a bed with its belonging. A cow, previously given to her by 
her father, is at present at Walraven's. — To her youngest daughter, 
Catharina, a chest (cofter), all the clothing, except the red skirt (or 
petticoat, "Rock") given to Marry He, a gold ring, a tick bed with its 
belongings. — To the sons their father's clothing. — To the youngest son, 
Benjamin, two silver spoons, and the cow, at present at Teunes Eellesen's. 
— Recommending said guardians to guide her children in the fear of tiie 
Lord, and to take care of her estate ; desiring that this instrument shall 
be carried out after her death, legally and inviolably. In the presence of 
two (members) of the Court at Kingston. 

<*) Admiral Piet Pietersen Heyn. 

Secretary's Papers, Liber E. 39 

Note. All the silver money was Marrite's — ^as well as some furni- 

Maria Van lange dyck, widow of Cornelis 
Wynkoop, deceased (her mark). 
(Witnesses did not sign the instrument.) 

Liber E., running page 177. T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 470. 

ROELOFSEN, ELTING. J/? ^/ ^/Tff/G^ ---.^ 

Testamentary disposition, dated Sept. 30, 1679, and written in 
"Being now ready to depart for Holland, and considering the perils 
of the sea, the injuries from heaven, the' certainty of death." — ^Wife 
Jacomyntie Sleght shall remain in the full possession of lands, and all 
other property, she to pay to the children by ber marriage with Gerrit 
Foocken, deceased, 200 schepels of wheat. Jan Elton binds himself to do 
the same, should he be the survivor. The lands at Horly to remain 
mortgaged, as security for the said 200 schepels of wheat. Both parties 
agree to these conditions. 

Jan Eltynge 
JoosT Adryaens Jacomyntie Slecht 

Benjamin Provoost Cornelis Barents Slecht and 


(Written in English.) 
"The Executors of the Abovementioned Instrument have ' desired 
before Thomas Chambers & Capt. Henry Beekman, Esqrs., and Jus- 
tices of the County Court or Court of Sessions, that the same might be 
Renewed. The Justices Refer the same to the Court of Oyer And 
Determiner. Kingston, 3d of March, 1685. 

John Ward. 

(Jan Eltinee, son of Roeloff Eltinge and Aaltjen Ettinge, was born at Swichtalaer, a de- 
pendency of Beyla, in the Prov. , of' Drenthe, on July agth 1632 old style, and hath received 
Christian Baptism at the hands of otlr Rev/ Mr. and Father in Lord, Dr. Johannis Beeltsnyder, 
and was named Jan Eltinge, bom of honest and virtuous parents, who have always sustained a 
good reputation among us and whose kindred is still numerous. Dated at Bayle, Jan. 20, j68o, 
and signed by Guiljemus Hofstede, Cede Beylensis et Classis Meppelanae, pt Deputatus. 
Maria Eltinge, his sister, was born Febr. 28, 1630, 
Bartelt Eltinge, his brother, was born Dec. 18, 1631, as all appears from a certificate, which Jan 

Eltinge brought with him from Beyle. 

He resided first at Flatbush, L. I., where he was paid 2S guilders for carpenter's work 
on the church; bought on Nov. z^, 1663. of Derrick Jansen, cooper, a farm and building plot in 
Flatbush, on the east side of the road (Flatbush Records, B., p. 150). Declared in 1679, under 
oath, that he was son of Roeloff Elton and Aeltie, his mother (Steven Coerten, Willemtje 
Roelofs, yan Strycker, armorer, Jan Seebringk, Goert Stevensen of Flatlands, all natives of Dren- 
ten, made declarations, on Oct. 10, 1679, as to the identity of Jan Elten, a native of same place, 
but now of Kingston. (English MSS., Albany, xxviii, pps. 135:36). 

Jan Eltinge m., 1677, Jacomyntie, dau. of Cornelis Barenisen Slecht and widow of Jan 
Barentsen Kunst and of Gerrit Eocken (see Tryntie Barentsen)^ and had issue: i. Geertje, 
m. July 6, 1699, Thomas Hall, of Marbletown; ii. Aeltje, m. Oct. 20, 1695, Aert Gerretse Van 
Wagenen (see Gerrit Aartse); iii. Roeloff, b. Hurly, "bt. Oct. 27, 1678, m. June 13, 1703, Sarah, 
dau. of Abram D» Bois and Margaret Deyo (see his will, as well as Dubois Reunion, p. 97) ; iv. 
Cornelis, bt. Febr. 29, 1681, '5. of Jan Ente", m. Sept. 3, 1704, Rebecca, dau. of Joost Janse Van 
Meeteren and Sara Du Bois (see Jan Joosten); v. Jvjlliam, bt. Jan. 10, 1685, m. Jannetje, dau. of 
Hillebrand Le Sueur and Elsje Jurian Tappen (see his will, under William Eltinge, dated Dec. 7, 

40 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

On Sept. 15, 1719, Peter Hoganboam, Ruleif Eltine, Cornelius Elting, Thomas Noson and 
Jacobus Brown petitioned for a survey of the Gre^ Vly in Kingston, inherited by them from 
Cornelius Hoganboom, deceased, and Janita, his wife, and Severyn Tenhout, late of Co. Ulster. 
(Ensl. MSS. Ixi, p. 183). 

"Jan Eltinge, late 6f Hurley, hy his last will devised to his five children, RoeloS, Cornelius, 
Willem, Geertje (now widow of tiiomas Hall of Rareian Co. Somerset, N. J.) and Altje Elting 
(mother of Gerrit Von Wagenen at Kingston) , half of his Estate, and the other half to his wij ' 
9 -Childisn: Jannetje (now widow of CameliHs Neuikerk^ of Hurley*)^, HiUUje (wife of_ 


Solomon , __- „ .^ . ^ ,., 

part of lot No. 5 in Dutchess Co., over against the Rgndout Creek, also 1/18 parf in a meadow 
called Jaeomyntje's Ay, dated Aug. 2, 1729. ' (See Ulster Deeds). 

Court Records 
or "Esopus Records," as they previously were called, contain a mixture 
o£ Court Records and Secretar)^s papers. Volume V. is evideatidy com- 
posed of stray leaves from other bcxtks, collated and bound togetlier. On 
page I is a "Lijste van all de Boeeke van het Prottocol Soo als fcet is 
bevonden hij ons^odergeschreeve Persoone geauthoriseot bij de Jijsttoes" 
(List of all the bodks of the protocol, as the same have been found by us, 
die undersigned, authorized by the justices). No signatures were at- 
tadied, but, at a Isder date, the following, written in &igli^, was added 
in a different handwriting : 

Present : 

Coll. Jacob Rxjtsen Kingstowne this 19th of Febr. 1700/1 

Major Jacob Aertsen at a meeting of Justices. 

Mr. Jan Mattvse 

Mr. Abram Haesbroeck 

Mr. Arion Gerritse 

Mr. RoELiF Swartwout 

Mr. John Heermans 

Esquires, Justices of the peace. 

Liber V., page 149. T. D. R., Liber 2, page 561. 

Testamaitary disposition, dated Aug. i, 1680, and written in 

"Sick in bed," "considering the certainty of death" "wishing to dis- 
pose of what Go(i will permit him to leave." "As soon as it pleases God 
to take his soul, his body shall receive Christian burial." — Gerrit Comelis- 
sen shall possess everything left by him, viz. from Ian loosttn's 32 sdi^els 
of wheat, from Rpelof Swartwoudt's 13 sch^els and 2 gilders. From 
Wyntie Roosae's, not knowing how much. — From this to be deducted: 
For the poor 4 schepels of wheat. In Midwout was due 170 guilders, of 
these, he has received some linen from Corndis Barntsen Van der Wyck, 
also stockings, shoes, two knives, ten pounds of tobacco. Has yet a run- 
ning account with Jacob Kip; thinks there is still something coming to 
him, but gives to said Kip, out of gratitude, because Kip had him nursed 

(*) See Cornelis Gerritse, 

Court Records. 4.1 

when he was sick, one half of what may be due him. Owes 6 guilders to 
Tyntie Kip. Wishing all his friends happiness and blessings, and desires 
that the provisions of this instrument be complied with after his death. 
Signed, as above, by the testator, and witnessed by Jan Jaosten and 
Johtmnes De Hoeges, — (Red sealing-wax, evidently from a ring, or a 
seal ; no devices can be clearly distinguished, but in the upper left comer 
appears to be ^le impression of a. ']'). 

Gicob Joostea {rain ^onetnw) on July i8, 1657, proposed to sell, by auction, his liouse and 
lot in Beverviyck,. (Albany Co. Records). — Adriaentie Cornelise Van Vefyen, wife, and attorney, 
for Jacob Joostsn <van Covelens), conveyed, on Oct. 13, 1671, her house and lot in Albany to 
Jan Connell (Ibid.). — Jacob Joosten took the oath of allegiance to the English in New York, (£64. 
—-Jacob Joosten was town-clerls of the five Dutch towns from 1670 — 1673, and Schoolmaster of 

Jacob Joosten of Raogh, on the Moesel, Germany, Presenter of the Church and Schoolmas- 
ter ia WUtwyci, in., Sept. 19, 1663, at Albany, Arramtjen Vendluter, of Welpe, Gelderland, 
widow of Marches Leenaersen, res. at Fort Orange, and on (blank day) of August, 1663, Jacob 
Joosten and Ariaentje Von Wolfen had a daughter, Meeltje, bt. in Kingston. 

On July 12, i66x, Jacob Joosten was appointed a messenger for the ^urt of Wiltwyck and 
the church, with an annual salary of 200 guilders in sewan. He occupied lot No. 7 in Wilt- 

Liber V., page 221. T. D. R., Liber 2, page 590. 
JOOSTEN, JAN, van Meeterrai. 

Testamentary disposition, dated Dec. 16, 1681, and written in 

"Wife Maycken shall retain full possession (of the estate). She con- 
sents that the survivor shall possess everything, lands, houses, personal 
property, money, gold, silver, coined or uncoined. After their decease^ 
the property to be inherited by thar children, Joost to have one half of the 
entire estate first. Joost and Gysbert to have the land at Marbletown, 
Joost one half, and tfien the other half to be divided between them. Geer- 
tie Crom to have the land at Wassemaker's land. Children of Lysbeth, 
deceased, to have their portion, in money, from the other children. 

Benjamin Provoost Jan Jckdsten 

Leveryen Ten Hout Maycken Hendrix (her mark) 

(Jan Joosten came from Tiederwett with wife and five children, aged is, 12, 9, 6, 2^4, 

pt. 2, 1662, in the ship 'Fox.' J. T. had, March 30, 1671, from Gov. Lovelace, a deed for a 

lot in Marblelown (N. Y. Land Papers, I., p. 37), and on Oct. 11, 1671, a confirmation of 30 acres 

lot of ground in M, (Ibid., p. 42). (See also Joost Adriaensen Vermeulen), — Jan Joosten van 
Meeteren and Mayke Hendrix, his wife, had issue; i, Joost Janzen, van Meeteren, Gelderland, m., 
Dec. 13, 1682, Sara Dubois, of Kingston, res. New Paltz (see Louis Du Bats'), and had: a. Jan, 
bt. Jan. 14, s68^, b. Rebecca, m. Sept. 3, 1704, Cornelis Eltinge (see Elting Roelofsen') ; ii. Gys- 
bert (m. Cathartna, and had Hester Jans, who m. Lourents Barentse, and had, Helena, bt. N. Y., 
Dec. 5, 1712); iii. L^beth. — Jan Jooste, Jooste Jansen and (^rtje Krom frequently appear as 
witnesses to flie baptisms of children of Gysbert Crom and Geertie Van Vliet, dau. of Birch 
Aryeusse Van Vliet an^ -IfgcUeli, his wife, and to the baptisms of diildren of Jan Hamel and 
Ceertrud Crom). '";- u. - - _ „ - 

Liber VL, part A., p^e 28. T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 616. 

TEN BROECK, WESSEL, and Maria Ten Eyck, his wife. 

Testamentary disposition, dated March 7, 1681, and written in 
Survivors to inherit everything. If the children should marry, the 
survivor is entitled to present claim for dowry, in whatever sum he or 

42 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

she sees fit, depending upon the children's deportment, but the survivor 
cannot be forced to do so. If the survivor should marry, one half of the 
property is to go immediately to the children. Real estate, lands, houses, 
gardens cannot be alienated except to the family, i. e. the children and 
their descendants down to the third generation (in de darde gelidt). — 
The eldest son, Wessel Ten Broeck, Junior, shall have first interest in the 
house and lot, provided he pays proper value therefor. — ^All the children 
to receive equal shares, sons as well as daughters, but not until the 
youngest child (de jongster) is full grown, he to be maintained until 
then. If the estate should be sufficient, and the children could be well 
educated, the full grown children are to receive every year their share of 
any residue of the estate. Signed, as above, and witnessed by Jan Joosten, 
Justice, and Tierck Claesen (De Witt). 

(See his later will under Wessel Ten Broeck, Senior, of Foxhall. . . , 

Wessel Ten Broeck was bom about 1636 in Mufister, Westphalia, and emigrated in 'Faith, 
Dec. i6s9, m., in New York, Dec 16, 1670, Maria, dan. 01 Coenradt Ten Eyck and Maria Bode. 
She died Nov. 15, i6c)4, and Wessel Ten Broeck, who had removed to Kingston about i67^> n>- 2., 
Sept. 26, 1695, Laurentia Kellenaer, widow of Dominie Van Gaasbeck and of Thomas Chambers 
(q. V.) — Issue: i. Wessel, b. March z8, bt. Apr. 30, 1672, m. June 6, 1694, Jacomyntje, b. Leyden, 
Holland, Nov. 26, 1673, dau. of Laurentius Van Gaasbeck and Laurentia Kellenaer. She d. Jan. 29, 
1741, and he died Febr. 7, 1744 (see his will, dated Apr. 27, 1743); ii. Maria, b. 1674, m. Nov. 
14, 1693. Charles, s. of (.apt. Ufmiel Brodhead. She d. July 9, 1717. iii. Elsie, b. 1676, m. Dec. 
22, 1695, Cornells Jansen Decker. She d. June o, 1725. iv. Certrude, bt Dec 8, 1678, d. unm. 
Aug. I3,_ 1716; v. Sarah, bt. Dec. 14, 1679, m. Nov. 22, 1702, Cornells Vernooy. She d. Jan. 2, 
1716. vi. Coenraat, bt. Apr. 2, 1682, d. inf.; vii. Conrad, bt. Nov. 29, 1683, d. Febr. 18, 1703; 
viii. John, bt. July 19, 1685, d. inf.; ix. John, bt. Nov. 28, 1686, m. Dec. 9, 1715, Rachel, dau. of 
Hyman Roosa and Anna Margaret Roosevelt. He d. March 5, 177s. x. Jacob, bt March 25, 1688, 
m. Jan. 17, 1712, Elisabeth^ dau. oi Johannis Wynkoop and Judith Bloodgood. He d. Apr. 1746. 

See Matthys Ten Eyck's will for data relating to Coenraedt Ten Eyck and his diildren. — 
See Thomas Chambers for data relating to Laurentia Kellenaer and her former hus- 
bands. — See Hyman Roosa's will for his other children. — See Cornelius Wynkoop for his son, 
Johannes, and his two wives. — Capt. Daniel Broadhead came from England in the expedition sent 
out by the Duke of York, 1664, under command of Col. Nicholls. He coaimanded the English 
garrison at Kingston. — ^Wessel Ten Broeck had, Sept. 21, 1676, a grant from the Court of Kingston, 
of a certain marsh containing 14 acres (N. Y. Land Papers, I., p. 86). On Nov. 13, 1676, a survey 
was made of about one acre land at Esopus (Ibid., p. 96). On Apr. 13, 167S, he had another grant 
for a lot of wild land (Ibid., p. 151). On Apr. 4, 1682, an additional grant for 8 acres land in 
addition to 12 acres conveyed to him by Wm. Ashfordby, over the mill dam, between the path of 
the great valley and the small valley (Ibid. II., p. 4). 

Liber VI., page 65. T. D. R., Liber 3, p. i. 


Testamentary disposition, dated Nov. i, 1682, and written in 

Survivor to remain in full possession of the entire estate, money, 
goods, houses, lands and personal property, unless the survivor should 
happen to marry, in which case he or she is to act according to conscience, 
appointing two guardians besides the survivor, to secure the interest of 
the children. The entire property to be divided among the children, when 
of age or at marriage. 

W. D. Meyer Dirck Jansen Schepmoes 

Hendrick Van de Water Marya Willems 

(Jan Janszen Schepmoes m. in New York, Sarah Pieters, who, after his death m. 2., Sept. 
7, i6s6, William Couch (KoecK) from England. Letters of administration were granted, Jan. 29, 

Court Records. 43 

1690-1 after Jan Jansen Schepmoes, of New York, to Abraham, Dirck. Anna, widow of Henry 
C-oyler, Sarah, wife of Johanes De Wandeloer. Aeltie, wife of Johanes Van Giesen, Sarah, wife of 
Dtrck Jansen, and Joaptie, wife of Gerrit Hortenburg. (N. Y. Sur. Office, Wills, Liber 3-4, 
Pj 'S^. Jan Jansen Schepmoes and Sarah Pieters had issue: i. Annette, bt. Febr. 16, 1642, m. 
Henp Coyjer; 11. Abraham, bt Nov. 25, 1643 (witn. Theunis Jansaen, sailmaker, and EUje Hen- 
Ortcks) ;ni. Aeltie, bt. Sept. 3, 1645 iSimon Joosien and Marritje Lievens, witn.), m. i. Jan 
Everts Ketelkos, and 2., in N. Y., June 24, 1687, Johannes Van Giesen, of Bergen: iv. Jobje, bt. 
Jan. 6, 1647. m. Gerrtf Hortenburg; v. Dirci, bt. Sept. 2, 164S (of whom presently; vi. fVesel, bt. 
iS"" J; '°S°' "'• Ji»'3'»'>«. bt- June 23, 1652; viii. Sara, bt. Apr. 12, 1654, m. Johanes De 

V. Dirck Jansen Schepmoes m, Maria IVillems (doghter), and had issue : 

i. Jan (.Johannes), bt. N. Y., Apr. 7, 1672, m, Febr. 18, 1697, Neeltje Gerritsen, b. 
HHrley, widow of Pieter Crupel; ii. Ragel, bt. March 31, 1678 in Kingston, m. 
May 19, 1700, Bernardus Stmrtwout, of Hurley; iii. Lea, bt. Sept. 4, j68i; iv. 
Willem, bt. Hurley, June 9, 1684, m. i. Geertruy Davis, m. 2. June 24, 1711, 
Catryntien Tappen (see his will): v. Rebecca, bt. Nov. 6, 1687. 
Dirck Jansen Schepmoes and Margariet Tappen had issue : 

vi. Anna, bt. Sept. 3, 1704, m. July 8, 1725, Johannes Janss; vii. Ariaantje, 
bt. Nov. 17, J706; vui. Dtrck Willemse, "klyn son." 

Liber VI., page 66. T. D. R., Liber 3, p. i. 

Testamentary disposition, dated Nov. 19, 1682, and written in 

Wife Machtel Adriaensen shall remain in full possession of the entire 
estate, houses and money, unless either should marry, when the survivor 
is to pay one half of the property to the children, when of age or at mar- 
riage. The children to receive a Christian education from the income of 
the estate. — If remaining "unmarried" (ongetrouwt), the children are not 
to lay claim to anything before the death of both their parents. — Tools, a 
gun, as well as man's apparel to go in advance to the little son (soontien). 
Jacop Rutgersen Barendt Van Borsums 

JosHEM Enthelbert Machtel Van Vlyet 

van namen 

(In the margin, opposite the last provision: "but they shall all be 
appraised and their value deducted from his share in the estate." This 
was evidently written afterwards, as it appears in a darker ink, and is 
witnessed by C. Hoogenboom). 

(Barendt Van Borsum was son of Egbert Van Borsum, y. m. van Bmbden, who m. Dec. ii, 
1639, Annetje Hendricks, y. d. van Aynsterdam, and brother of Tyman Van Borsum, of N. Y. cord- 
wainer, who in his will, dated July 22, 1702 mentions "my two brothers and sisters, Janetie, wife 
of Peter Adolph, Annette, wife of Andrew Brestede, children of my brother, Hendrick van B,, 
children of my brother Barent Van Borsum," etc. — See also Pieter Cornelisen Low. Barent Van 
Borsum and Machteld Adriansen Van Vlied had issue: i. Annetje, bt. May 31, 1676; ii. Egbaert, 
bt. in Kingston, Sept 15, 1678; iii. Nettie, bt. Apr. 9, 1683 (witn. Gysbert Crom, Jan Joosten, 
Hermanus Van Borsum, and Ceeritie Van Vlied) ; iv. Aefje, m. i. Oct 10, 1703, Andries de 
Wandelaar, s, of Johannes de W., m. 2., Oct. 8, 1707, Louis Anthony van Niewenkuyzen.) 

Liber VI., page 86. T. D. R., Liber 3, p. 14. 

Testamentary disposition, dated Febr. 16, 1682/3, and written in 

Survivor to possess everything until death or remarriage, (wife's 
name being Aeltie Lansinck), when one half of the estate, whether houses, 

44 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

land, gold, silver, coined or uncoined is to go to the children ; the minors 
to be brought up in an honest and Christian manner. Children to divide 
equally at death of both parents, if survivor had remained unmarried. 
In the latter case, he or she to be entitled to keep possession of the entire 
estate, unless inclined to share with the children. After the death of both 
the minors, Hillegont and Gerrit, Ragel and Gouda are to receive, in 
advance, and above their share, fifty beavers or the value thereof. 

Wm. Fisher G: V: Slichtenhorst 

Wessel Ten Broeck Aeltye Lansynck 

Quod attestis : Wm. de la Montagne, Seer. 

(In the margin: It was forgotten in the above will that the minors 
are to be brought up from (the proceeds of) the estate. On attaining 
their majority, they are to divide in accordance with the provisions in the 
will. Dated Febr. 22, 1682/3. 

Wm. Montagne, testis Gerrit Van Slichtenhorst 

Hinderick Kip Aeltie Lansinck 

(Aellie Lansinck was dau. of Gerrit Lansick, who came from liassell, near Swoll in Over- 
ysell, and died previous to Oct. ^, 1679. having also had sons Gerrit, Hendrick, Johannes, and 
daughters, Gysbertje, w. of Hendrtck Rosebootn, and HilUtie, widow of Storm Van der Zee. 

Gerrit Van Slichtenhorst was son of Brandt Arentse Van Sclichtenhortt, of Niewkerk in 
Gelderland, who was appointed a director of the Rensselaerwyck Colony in 1646, but returned to 
Nie«4cerk, where he died abjut 1668. Gerrit Van Schleghtenhorst was one of the magistrates of 
Schenectady in X672, and died in Kingston, Jan. 9, 1684). 

Liber VI., page 95. T. D. R., Liber 3, p. 21. 

VERNOOY, CORNELIS, and his wife, Annetie Cornclis. 

Testamentary disposition, dated Febr. 23, 1682/3, and written in 

Survivor to possess everything until death or remarriage; in the 
latter case, one half of the estate to go to the children. — If the survivor 
should remain unmarried, nothing shall be paid out to the children, except 
at the pleasure of the survivor. Children to inherit everything at deadi 
of both their parents, the minors to be educated out of the estate. The 
mother gives to her eldest daughter (de moeder raaecht aen haer outste 
dochter) Selie all her apparel. 

Abraham Lamesenk (Lambertse?) Cornelis Verncoy (his mark) 

Annetie Cornelis (her mark) 

[Cornells Cornetissen Vernooy with wife, Annatje Cornelis (dau. of Cornelis Barentsen Van 
de Cuyl and Lysbet Arents), and children, came in the 'Faith/ Jan. 1664. — ^They had issue: i. 
Lysbeth, m. March 8, 1689, Jacob Du Bois; ii. Geertruy, m. Jan. 11, 1702, Pieter Louw; iii. 
Rachel, m. after Febr. 8, 1707, Abram Bevie, of Hurley, res. Rochester, when "J4 of a piece of 8 
for the poor" was given: iv. Seletie (.Selie), bt. March 22, 1663, m. after June 17, 1682, Abrafiam 
la Matre of Midwoud (Flaibush, L. I.); v. Cornelia, bt. Apr. 3, 1667, m., March 8, 1689, David, 
s. of Louis Du Bois and Cathryn Blanshan; vi. Cornelis, bt. Jan. s> 1679, to., Nov. 22, 1702, 
Sarah, dau. of Wessel Ten Broeck and Maria Ten Eyck (q. v.); vii. Johannis, bt Apr. 24, 1681, 
m., Nov. 26, 1724, lanneken Louw; viii. Jacob, bt. Febr. 10, 1684, m. after Apr. 28, 1728, Annaa- 
tien Du Bois; iv. (child not named), bt. Jan. 2, 1687; x. Greetje, m. before March 15, 1695, 
Jacob, s. of Tierck Claessen De Witt and Barbara Andriesen; xi. Marritje, m. July 9, 1696, Lode- 
wyck, s. at Warnaar Hoornbeck and Eva De Hooges. (It is probable that the children were not 
born in this order, and that Greetje and Marritje were born soon after arrival). 

Court Records. 45 

Liber VI., part B., (the book turned upside down) running page 227. 
T. D. R., Liber 3, p. 190. 


Testamentary disposition, dated April 9, 1684, and written in 

"Not feeling very well (niedt wel te passe)." — Wife, Femmetie 
Alberts, to have everything at his death, whether house, lots, etc After 
her death all to go to the children of Eghbert Myndersen, to be divided 
equally, except the little closet or chest (kasje), which is to go to the eldest 

Marten Hoffmann Egbert Meyndersen (his mark) 

Testis : Wm. de la Montagne, Secretary. 

(Egbert Meyndertszen and Jacobje Qaepje) Jans had issue: i. Mayken, bt. in N. Y., Apr. 
27, 1661 (,Annetje Jans, witn); ii. Jannetie, bt. Jan. ii, 1664, m., March 7, 1682, Andries, s. of 
Tjfrck Claessen De Witt (q. v.), and d. Nov. 23, 1733; iii. Meyndert, bt. July 3, 1667). 

Liber VI., running page 226. T. D. R., Liber 3, p. 191. 
JANS, GRITIE, widow of Jan Lembertsen. 

Testamentary disposition, dated June 27, 1684, and written in 

"Her daughter (haer dochter) Annetie Adriaensen shall have, in 
advance, the bed, pillow and two small cushions (kleyne kussens), and 
Geesje is to receive the two large cushions (groote kussens), also the silver 
top-iron (ovryser). Residue to be divided between them. 

Grietie Jansen (her mark) 
(No witnesses). 

<Jan Lambertszen and Gritie Jansen had: i. Geesje, bt, N. Y., June 4, 1653 (witn. Pieterje 
Jans, et al). 

End of "Testamentanr Dispositions" in the Volumes called "Dutch Records." 

The Dutch wills whicb follow, are on file in the County Clerk's Office, have not been trans- 
lated before, and are not included in the "Translations of Dutch Records," vols, i-iii, from which 
the above dispositions have been transcribed. 

Abstracts of WiUs on File in the County Clerk's Office, 
City of Kingston, N. Y. 


Page 29.— TROPHAGEN, WILLIAM, of Kingston. 

Will dated Febr. i6, 1685. 
"My soule to Almighty God." "To my three sons namely Johannes 
Trophagen, William Trophagen and Henry Trophagen, all my Land 
which I att present enjoy withall houses barns" also "three horses with a 
plow and a wagon and other implements with the proviso that my said 
three sons shall work upon the land" "and Likewise to maintain me And 
my wife Joosie so long as both or Either of us shall live." — "My eldest 
son Johannes Trophagen 50 gilders and my Eldest Daughter Helena wife 
of Jan Boerhanse 50 gilders being Allotted to them before I married my 
Last wife Joosie." "The rest of my Estate whether in horses cows hogs 
either young or old or household stuff shall be equally divided amongst 
my three sons And my two daughters (to witt) Helena who is married 
unto Jan Boerhans of Kingston And Rebecca who is married unto Peter 
Peterson of Hurley." — Wife appointed executor, and after her death "my 
three aforesaid sons joyntly Executors. Signed by the testator, and wit- 
nessed by Warren Du Mont and Willem Jacobs. 

CWilliam Jansen Trophagen (or Traphagel, as his name also was written), van Lemgo — see 
his declaration — m. i. Justje (Jannetie) Claes Groenvis (Willems), of Boswyck, in the Dutch Ref. 
Church, Brooklyn; m. z., June i, 1658, in New Amsterdam, Aeltje Dirck from Steenwyck in 
Overyssel, (or Aeltie Dirrecks Meermans, as she is named in his declaration); m. 3., Jan. 15, 1661, 
Joosje Willems Norrtryck of Amsterdam, widow of Jan Verkmderen. On May 7, W. T. moved 
with his family into the first house erected near the Pond in Bushwick. On May 12, 1664, he was 
sentenced as punishment for abusing the magistrates of the town *to be tied to a stake, with a 
paper on his breast inscribed "Lampoon Carrier" (Dutch MSS., Albany, X., p. 216). — On Apr. 15, 
1676, W. T. received a grant of zo acres land by the Court of Kingston (N. Y. Land Papers, I., 
p. 74). — On Oct. 2 1676, there was granted to W. T. from Gov. Andros, a piece of land at 
Esopus, north east from Capt. Thomas Chamber's farm, of about 10 acres, also a piece of land of 
10 acres north and south along the Great Creek or Kill to the Water Kolch (Ibid., p. go-i). 

Eelet (Helena) T., 'eldest daughter,' m. 1675, Jan Burhans of Kingston; Johannes T., 
bt. in N. Y., April 9, i6$p, m. i. Aagjen Winne, and had A. Alida, bt. Oct. 10, 1708, b. William, 
(see his will; Johannes T, m. z., Jan. 25, 1718, Eva Zout, widow of Hans Juriaan Louks, b. Hoog- 
dwytsland (Germany), and had: c. Aaltjen, bt. Apr. 8, J711, d. Jannetjen, bt. Sept. 27, 1713; (See 
Johannis T.'s will). — Rebecca T., bt. in Bushwick, June 19, 1662, m. Peter Peterson of Hurley; 
William T. m. i. Tryntje Peele, and 2., Apr. 30,1699, Gepje Ptef, »widow of Hendrick Ariaense', 
and had: a. Johannes, bt. May z6, 1700, b. Willem, ot. Febr. 21, 1703, c. Geesie, bt. Apr, 15, 1705 
d. Aarent, bt. June 20, 1707; — Hendrick T. m. Sara Kierstede, and had: a. Willem, bt. Sept ii' 
1698; b. Eycke, bt. July 14, 1700; c. Roeloff, bt. Aug. 9, 1702, d. Joannes, bt. Apr. 9, 1704, e' 
Lucas, bt. March 17, 1706, f. Catryn, bt. June zo, 1708, g. Jonathan, bt. Nov. 10, 1710. 

Page 39.— DU BOIS, Lois of the New Paltz. 

Will dated March 30, 1686. 
"Estate (after payment of debts) to be Equally divided amongst my 
children : but my two Eldest sonns desiring to haue Each of them a part 
of the Land of the New Paltz and more than the other children by Reason 




Book of Deeds^ Liber I. 47 

their names are uppon pattent, but if they will be content to deale Equally 
with my other children whether in land houses or Any other sort of Goods 
whatsoever belonging to my said Estate As well the land of the Paltz that 
I have bought former And after my death And their mothers decease shall 
be dealt Equally Amongst them." — "My two Eldest sonnes will Each of 
them have part of the land lying in the New Paltz — on condition that they 
shall pay for the said land with interest unto the other of my children and 
shall not inherit any of the other land housing or Another sort of Goods 
belonging to my said Estate but them that have home-lotts And have built 
thereon shall keep the same upon condition that the other of my children 
shall have so much land in stead thereof in such convenient places As may 
be found most Expedient for them." "My wife their mother shall have 
the ordering of the Estate as long as she remains a widdow." "If she 
marry the Estate to be divided amongst the children aforesaid except my 
two eldest sons." Signed by the testator, and witnessed by 

Arent TuNisEN (Recorded May 5, 1686.) 

(See his former and later wills). 

Page 51.— ADREIJANSE, PETTER, of Kingston. 

Will dated Febr. 30, 1686. SK 

"To my brother Hendrick Hendricks of Kingston yeoman, All my 
hoole Estate of Lands Chatils & Goods. 

JtoANNES Wynkoop p^^^E^ Adreijanse (his mark) 

HuMPHR. Davenport 

Page 52.— HENDRICKS, HENDRICK, of Kingston, yeoman. 

Will dated Dec. 30, 1686. ^,n^ 
"To my brother Fetter Adreijanse of Kingston All my hooll Estate, 
Lands, Chattiels, and Goods." Signed by the testator. Same witnesses 
as above. j^ ^.^ j>^ 

(See Hendrick Aryansee). 7) / 

Page 65.— DEIJOU, CHRISTIAN, of New Paltes. 

Will dated Febr. i, 1687/8. ^K 
"To my soon Fetter Deyou 50 Ricksdallers yt my soon was In Debted 
to me ; and then to deal Equally with ye Rest of my Childerin of all my 
Estate." — "To my soones soon Whos name Is Christian Deijo 40 pieces of 
Eight and A small Gunn." — ^"To my five chilldren All ye Rest of my 
Estate of Lands housings Chattills and mouable Goods." — "My Corps 
may be buried att ye New Poalls." -^^ 
Nicolas Depew Christian Deyou (his mark) 

To oZr °"''°'''' J""« 30, Humphrey Davenport and Wallrouen 
Humphrey Davenport ^emont appeared before Henry Beekman. 

(See his former will). ! U& 

48 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 


"If Matthis Blanchan happens to dy first his wife shall continue in 
possession of all ye Goods so long as she lives and if Magdalen Joore hap- 
pens to Deceas first her husband Matthis Blanchan shall continue in pos- 
session of ye Goods and Estates as long as he lives and if Either of them 
marry hee or Shee shall deliver to ye children ye Equall half part of ye 
whole Estat butt if both Matthis Blanchan and his wife happen to dy then 
their son Matthis Blanchan shall have ye farme lying in Hurley with house 
barns and appurtenances with four horses and four cows, and whatt Re- 
mains in Esopus and America their children shall Equally divide Among 
them yt is to say Chatharine Maria Magdalena Elizabeth Matthes." Dated 
Aug. 22, 1671, and recorded Apr, 30, 1688. 

(Capt.) Thomas Chambers 
Cornelius Barentse, Clarke 
Jno Williamse 

(See his former will). 

Magistrates of ye Court. 

Attestor, W. De la Montagne 

Page 93.— FFRANCKFORD, ABRAHAM, of Kingston, March'tt. 

Will dated September 28, 1689. 

"Ffirst being penitent & Sorroy from ye bottom of my hart for my 
Sins past most Humbly desiering forgivenness for ye Same." — "I will 
that my well beloved wife Sara Ffranckford Shall have all my whole 
Estate of Lands, houses & house hold Goods and all whattso Ever may 
bee Due & owing unto me" "my said wife only paying Unto My Eldest 
Sone Jack fifty & one pes of Eight when by him demanded; and to my 
younger sone Pearle fifty pes of Eight Uppon demand and no More and 
ye Rest of my said Estate, my wife Sara Shall keepe & Injoy for Ever." 
Signed by the testator. 

Johanes Hardenbrock </^ 

Jockein Brannarne 


Will dated March 12, 1688/9, a"d written in the Dutch language. 

"In de name des Heere, Amen (In the name of God, Amen) 
"Kranck" (sick) "Ei dogh myn voile verstaent Hebbende" (but of perfect 
mind). "As executors of my whole estate I appoint tiie Deacons of the 
Reformed Church." "My whole estate to the poor of said church 
(de Arme Behoorende Aen Onse Kerrick). 
Signed by the testator. 

Jan Duke (his mark) J, (Apr. 21, 1690, appeared before Jacob Artse, 
N. Anthony '^ Justice of the Peace, proving the will). 

Book of Deeds, Liber I. 49 

Page 99.— CLAESSH (N), HENDERICK, Carpender. 

Will dated November 12th, 1688. «^ 

"I Acknollig before ye After mentioned witnesses that Cornelia 
Swartwout my Espoued and truly belouwed Brid is and Schal bee And 
Remain the Only herriss of my whole Estaet" "And iy Schold please God 
to giueue Childeren to her and that she after my Death Shold Com to re- 
marry than Schall ye hallif of y Estaet Remaen inviolable to ye Qiildren 
that hauf been proceated and Agriment Alder bout ouer "Children Schall 
Equilly inherit as well sons as Doghters only ye Eldest son Schall haufe 
an Engelish Schilling "And furdher to hinder And Scham All manner of 
troubbell that might Arrise by ye same So Schall be Give unto the Recerdit 
Basterd Child named Claes whoes modder is called Debora an English 
Schilling". "And to hold this my matrimony, Condisyon and Last will 
and testament, as by this written, I dissanull and revoke all manner of 
wills and testaments" and "Swere before ye Leving And Almeighty God" 
"that I Schall neuer fforsack nor Lefe Cornelia Swartwout" "my betroued 
bryd untill ye End of my death." 

Signed by the testator, and witnessed by Thomas Gorton (Justice of 
ye Pease), Mattis Clarkson, and Jan Ward. 

CHendrick Ctaessen Schoonhoven m. Cornelia Swartwout, dau. of Roeloif S. and Eva 
Alberts, and bt. March 13, 1667. They had issue: — i. Jfje, bt. Apr. 28, 1689; ii. Cornells, bt. Oct. 

4, 1691; iii. Nicolaes, bt. June 3, 1694; iv. Fransyntje, bt. Nov. 15, 1696; T. Henricus, bt. Aug. 5, 
1699; vi. Margriet, bt. Jan. 22, 1702; vii. Cathorma, bt. Oct. 12, 1707.) 

Page 112.— LOMMENDIEU, PETER, of Kingstown, Marchant. 

Will dated Febr. lo, 1691/2. 

"Sick and weake in body". 

"My dear Mother Martha Lommendieu all what goods Merchandise 
whatsoever that I have in Company and without Company, and that I doe 
will that all what goods yt is Left in ye hands of Steven Valloo pr. Inven- 
tory Shall be seen. Shall be Sent Downe to New Yorke and there delivered 
in ye hands of Mr. Steven de Lance merchant in New Yorke for to keep 
till Mr. August Yea (Jay) doth return, or on ordre from my said mother 
for the Delivery, also I do will yt Steven Valo Shall Receive from all and 
Every Person in the County of Ulster all what debts that is now Stending 
out, and what that shal be Received — ^he shall send unto the said Steven 
Delance, at Yorke for my mothers and my Parteners account August Yea." 
Signed by the testator. i\ 

ToHN David (Probated March 30,. 1692, John Davy, Stephen 

^ Valo & Humphry Devenport appeared before 

5. Valleou Henry Beekman & Philip Schuyler, Esqrs., Justices 
H. Davenport of the Peace). 

(Letters of administration were granted to Stephen De Lancy and Stephen Valleou (N. Y. 
Surr. Office, Liber 3-4, p. 331). — Benjamin L'Hommedieu came from New Rochelle, France, had 
letters of denization, March 10, 1686-7, settled on Shelter Island, res. at Southold, L. I., 1690, 
a merchant, m. Patience, dau. of Capt. Nath. Silvester, and had: Benjamin, Jr., Hosea, Silvester, 
who m. Elisabeth Booth, Peter, Patience, and Susan, who m. Jonathan Tuthill.) 

so Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 129,— WITTAKER, EDWARD, of Kingstown. 

Will dated Sept. 3, 1694. 
"Sick and weak in body." (Long religious preamble). "To my 
Dear wife Hanna Wittaker, the Right third part of all ray Real & per- 
sonall Estate of what nature or kind Soever during her Naturall Life, Ex- 
cept a gray horse and a Colt hereunder bequeathed unto my Sonns, and 
after her decease yt ye same then in being shall bee to ye ondy proper use 
benifitt & behoffe of my two sonns hereunder named," "to be Equally 
Devided between them. Except £ 20 yt shall bee for ye proper use of my 
Wives Daughters Children. — ^3dly, I give and bequeath unto my Sonn 
James Wittaker" "a. gray Horse and ye Right third part of all my Reall 
and personall Estate of what nature or kind soever Except a gray Colt 
hereunder bequeathed unto my Sonn Edward Wittaker." 4thly. "To 
my son Edward Wittaker" "a gray Colt and the Right third part of all 
my Reall and personall Estate," "Except a gray Horse before Excepted." 
— Son James Wittaker and "my friend & Nabour William Legg" execu- 
tors. Signed by the testator. ^ 

(All witnesses appeared before Capt. 

Wessel ten Broeck & Lt. Jacob 
BouDEWYN d' Witt (his mark) Aertse, Justices of ye Peace, Jan. 16, 
Abram B. Rutan 1694/5. Prob. Jan. 21, 1694/5. 

W. D. Meyer Thos. Carton, Judge of ye Court of 

Common Pleas. 

W. D. Meyer, Qark). 

(Edward Whittaker was a soldier in the Duke of York's Regiment, and had with his wife. 
Hannah: i. Edward, who m. June i8. 1700 Hitlitie Burhans (see his will), ii. James, bt. Apr. 24, 
1674, m. Dec. 6, 1696, Elisabeth TUsoorl, b. Schenectady.') 

Page 167.— DU BOIS, LOWIES, of Kingstown. 

Will dated March 27, 1694, and written in the Dutch langfuage. 

"In deen Naeme Des Heeren, Amen." Sa^f^d. 

"Voor Eerst bevele ick myn Ziel aen de almagtige godt myn schepper, 
En Jesus Christus myn Verlosser, En aende hylige geest myn hyligraj^er. 
En myn Lichaem tot de aerde van waer het selve gecomen is, om op Eem 
Christelyke manier begraven to werden" (I bequeath first my soul to the 
Almighty God my shepherd and to Jesus Christus my saviour and to the 
holy ghost my redeemer, and my body to the earth from which it came, 
to be buried in a Christian manner). 

"Soo geve ick aen myn huysvrouw Catryna de boys (to my wife 
Cathrina, all myn staat van Landen, huysen, goederer, Schulden, gelt, gout, 
silver gemiint of ongemunt (all my property in land, houses, goods, debts, 
money) "om gediirende haer leven to mogen gebriiycken En na myn" 
"huysvrouws" "alsdan in Weesen sal syn" met desen Verstande noghtans 
dat Indier myn huysvrouw wederom quam te hertrouwen, alsdan gehou- 
den is om de helft vande geheele staat uyt te keeren aen myn Erfgenamen 
hier na beschreven ; Ten Derden Soo geve ick aen myn outsten Soon (if 

Book of Deeds, Liber I. 51 

the widow should marry, then to his eldest son) Abraham du boys ses pont 
in gelt voor het Recht van Eerst geboorte (£6 as his right being the first 

"Soo geeve ick aen myn soon Abraham du boys of Erfgenamen de 
geregste agste part van myn gehelen staet alsdan in Weesen (the eight 
part of my whole estate). 

"Aen myn soon Jacob De geregste aghste part van my geheele staat" 
(to my son Jacob an eight part of the estate). 

"Aen myn soon David" an eight part of the estate. 

"Aen myn soon Salomon" an eight part of the estate. 

"Aen myn soon Lowies" an eight part of the estate. 

"Aen myn soon Matthew" an eighth part of the estate. 

"Aen de naergelaten Kinderen Van Wijlen," (children of deceased), 
Isaacq du boys," an eight part of the estate" met des Conditie dat Ingeval- 
len de voors. Kinderen in haere onmondighyt mogle Comen te overslyden 
dat alsdann voors. part sal onder myn andere Erfgename hier ingeschreven 
Egaelyck gedeelt werden." (If any of the children should die before they 
become of age, then their shares to be divided among the other heirs men- 

"Aen de Kinderen van myn dogter Sara — getrout hebbende (to chil- 
dren of my daughter Sara, wife of J cost Janse, nii in Wesen an eight part 
of the estate." 

Wife appointed executrix. Signed by the testator. 

Jan Ward ^^3 June, 1696. A true copy examined 

W. D.^'meyer W. D. Meyer, Clark). 

Page 169.— DU BOIS, LOWIES, of Kingstown. 

Will dated Febr. 22, 1695/6, and written in the Dutch language. 

"Kennelick sy Een Jeder by Desen dat ick" "En Laast Will & Tes- 
tem't hebbe gemacht Den 27 Dagh van maert 1694" by Dese approbeere 
En bevestige. En begerende data Deselve in alle Deelen sal opsevolgt 
Werde, Except met Dese Sondering als hier onder myn begeerte uytge- 
driickt Enbeschreven is te Weten" (Be it known that I on March 27, 1694 
made a will, which is hereby approved and to be followed in all parts, 
except as here provided) — 

"Myn soon Jacob du boys sal hebben in Regt & Waren Eydendom d' 
geregte helft van myn bouwery gelegen opt horly stiick, tiisschen t' Landt 
van hymart & Jan Rosa En t' Lant van Lammert huyberse, om voor hem 
Daar te Disponeren na Welgevallen met dese Conditie dat myn soon Jacob 
du boys sal gehouden syn te betalen voor voors. Landt d' quantytyt van 
Een Duysent En fyf hondert schepel tarw, oock soo sal de voors. Jacob 
du boys d'andere helft van voors. Landt in huer gebruycken tot dat myn 
Jongste soon Matthew du boys tot mondigen dagen sal gekomen syn, En 

52 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

voor het' gebuyck Der selve te betalen vyftigh schepels tarw pr annum" 
(to my son Jacob half of my farm at Hurly adjoining land of Hyman and 
Jan Rosa and land of Lammert Huyberse" "on condition that he pays 1500 
shepels wheat ; Jacob to use the other half until my youngest son Matthew 
Du Bois becomes of age, for which he is to pay 50 shepels wheat yearly). 

"Soo Verclaer ick, dat ick van Desen Dagh hebbe getransporteert aan 
myn Jongste soon Matthew Du booys Een buys En Erf in Kingstowne 
Een perceeltie wy Landt En de geregte helft van myn Landt gelegen op 
het Horly stiick volgens Teneur van voors. traspoort mits dat my voors. 
soon Matthew du boys sal moeten uytkeeren En betalen de quantityt van 
viiftien hondert schepels tarwe nietlegenstaar de dat voors. transport ver- 
melt dat de betalinge der selve geschiet is." ( I have this day conveyed to 
my youngest son, Matthew Du Bois, house and land in Kingston, a parcel 
of meadow land, and one half of my land at Hurley, for which he is to 
pay 1500 schepels of wheat). 

"Soo is myn will En Begeerte t'landt Door myn soon David Du boys 
van Jan Wood gecogt, Dat de betalinge sal uyt myn staat moeten geschie- 
den als ick sijl aan myn voors. soon David du boys belooft hebbe." (Pay- 
ments for the land which my son David bought from Jan Wood to come 
out of my estate, as I had promised my son David). 

"Myn soon Salomon Du boys En Lowies du boys sullen mogen in 
waren & Regten Eydendom to hebben voor haar & haar order of Erfge- 
name myn landt gelegen onttrent d' Paltz volgens grontbrief van Coll. 
Thomas Dongan gedatert Den 2 dag van Junij 1688: en daar voor te 
betalen De quantityt van aghthondert schepels tarw." (My sons Salomon 
and Louis Du Bois are to have my land in the Paltz, conveyed to me by 
deed from Coll. Thomas Dongan, dated June 2, 1688, for which they are 
to pay 800 shepels of wheat). 

"Myn Dogter Sara Huysvrouw van Joost Janse sal mogen in waren 
& Regter Eygen dom te gebben voor haar En haar order of Erfgename 
Een stiick Landt gelegen onder de Jurridictie van Horly naest de grondt 
van Corneles Cool En Daer voor te betalen de quantityt van seven hondert 
schepel tarw te Vertaan dat Bos Lant gelegen omtrent voors. Landt, 
medec geinludert is voor voors. soomme." (My daughter Sara wife of 
Joost Janse to have a piece of land in Hurley adjoining the land of Cor- 
neles Cool, for which she is to pay 700 shepels of wheat. This includes the 
woodland adjoining. Signed by the testator. 

W. D. Meyer (Major Jacob Rutse and Mattys Slegt of 

Jacob Rutsen Kingstown appeared before Capt. Dirck 

Jan Burhans Schepmoes and Mr. Johannis Wynkoof, Jus- 

Matthys Slegt tices of the peace, March 26, 169(5. 

W. D. Meyer, Clark. 
Henr. Beeckman, Judge of ye Court ot 
Common Pleas. 
A true copy Examined 23 June 1606.) 

Book of Deeds, Liber I. 53 

Page 208.— POULSE, QOMMEN, of Kingstown. 

Will dated April 6, 1699, and written in Dutch. 
Religious preamble. ^ ^ 

"So Stel ick tot Erfgename van myn geheele Staat Gretie Elmendorf 
Wedewe Van Wiljen Jacobiis Van Elmendorp Om over t selve te Dis- 
poneere na haar Eygen goetduncken En believen, Sonder dat voors. 
Grietie Elmendorp gehouden Sal Syn Reecg: te geven wegens voors. 
Staat Aan Jemant." 

(I appoint Gretie Elmendorf, widow of Jagobus van Elmendorp, deceased, heir to my entire 
estate, with right to dispose thereof, and without being obliged to give an account to any one). 

Gritie Elmendorp appointed executor. 

GoMMEN PouLSE (his mark). 
W. D. Meyer (Witnesses, all of Kingstown, appeared 

Gerrit Aertse before Jan Tysell & Jan Heemans, Justices 

Teunis Oosterhout of the peace, June 19, 1699. 

Jacob Rutsen, Judge of the Court of 
Common Pleas. 
A true copy examined. John Martin.) 

Page 212.— CORNELISE, MARTE & Mayke Cornelise, of Claverak, 
County Albany. 

Will dated Aug. 13, 1685, and written in Dutch. 

"Voor my (before me) Robt. Livingston, Seer, van Albany Colony 
' Renselaerwyck en Schinectady" appeared "Marte Cornelisse huyeman 
woonende Aent (husbandman living at) Claverak in County van Albany 
& Mayke Cornelise." — Long religious preamble. "Tot haer Eenige & 
Uyterste Erfgename de Langst levende van her beyden (the survivor to 
be sole heir), en dat in alle de goederen Roerende & onrorende, Lande- 
reyen buys Skuyre Bestialien Actien Credyte, gelt, gout. Silver, juwelen, 
Cledeeren, Linnen, woollen, huysraat & anders niets gesonders noch ge- 
reseweert die d' Eerste oft livige van haer beyde (of all goods, real 
estate and movable, lands, houses, barn, cattle, negotiable paper, money, 
gold, silver, jewels, clothing, linen, wool, household goods, and every- 
thing else). 

"En wanneer d. Langstlevende Sail Comente overlyden (and when 
the survivor dies) Soo is het Express Begeerte van d Testaurs dat d Staat 
die Alsdan bevonde Sal worden (it is the testators' wishes that the estate 
shall then) Egaeel Sal gedeelt worden (be divided equally) onder haer 
Seven Kinderen (among their seven children), met namen (by name) 
Fannerie huysvrowe (wife) van Hendrick Cornelis Bogard, out 28 
Jaeren (28 years old), Cornelis out 26 Jaeren, Teuntie huysvrouw van 
Livinus Winne out 21 Jaeren, Geertruy out 18 Jaeren, Mary tie out 16 
Jaeren, Cornelis out 10 Jaeren & Jacob Martense out 8 Jaeren den Een 
met meerden als den ander (the one not more than the other) Exempt 

54 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

dat haer Soon Cornells t' Beste Peert voor uyt Sail Trecken (except that 
son C. shall have the best horse first) & dan Egael deelen met d' andere 
kindere (and then to divide equally with the other children), Sullende 
vorders d' Langstlevende gehouden syn d kindern die mynderjaerigh zyn 
opte voeden ind vreese des heeren (the survivor to be bound to bring up 
the minors in praise of the Lord), en eeingh Konst off hantwerk laere 
leeren (and to teach them a profession or a trade) waennede zyte Syner 
tydt met Godt & met Eere aende Cost kunne geracken (so that they may 
be able to make a living in God and honor) & wanner zy ten mondigen 
daege off howelyken Staet Sail off Sullen gekome zyn (and when they 
become of age, or marry) So Sail d Langstlevende in Constientie Sail 
bevinden to behooren Sonder meer (the survivor shall be bound to give 
such child or children a proper marriage outfit, as good as the estate 
will permit and the conscience of the survivor dictates). 

"En soo d Langstlevende mockte comen te behovelycken (if the sur- 
vivor should happen to marry) his or her part is to be divided among the 
seven children. 

"Maj. Abraham Staas en Jan Verbeeck" ord hem off haer te Assis- 
tere" (to assist him or her (i. e. the survivor) in the proper discharge of 
this "laeste will & Testament." 

Abraham Staat ^arte Cornelise (his mark). 

^ Mayke Cornelise husvrouwe van 

Jan Verbeek j^^^te Cornelise (her mark). 

Hendrick Bogard of Marbletown appeared before Jan Mattyse & Jan 
Heermans, Justices of the peace, both witnesses being dead, and the will 
was probated June 19, 1699. — ^Jacob Rutsen, Judge of the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas. 

(Henderik Cornelisen Bogaart, m. Jannetje (Fannerie) Martensen, dau. of Cornells Marten- 
sen and Marritje Martensen, and had a daughter, Sara, bt. Nov.'6, 1692, and other children. — Cor- 
nelis Mortem, j.m. of Albany, res. at Claverack^ m. after Febr. 23, 1685, Cornelia Van Vreden- 
burgh, of New York, res. Kingston, and had: 1. Isack, bt. Jan. i, i6g6, ii. Jacobus, bt. Nov, 6, 
i6g8. — In the will, recorded at Albany, and dated 1676-7 "maerten Cornelissen, of Claverack" is 
said to be "born in the city of Yesselsteyn, and wife Mayeke Cornells, born at Barrevelt." (Albany 
Co. Rec, Notarial Papers, I., p. 606). — Livinns Winne was son of Peter W., Commissary or Mag- 
istrate of Bethlehem, Albans Co., born at Ghent, who made his will, July 6, 1684, proved Febr. 
22, 169S-6 (Ibid., Wills, I., p. 44.) 

Page 215.— DE WITT, JAN CLAETZ, of Amsterdam In Hollandt. 

I , Will dated March 31, 1699, and written in Dutch. 

"Myn Neef Evart Bogardus en Myn Nicht Tialie Bogardus Sal 
hebben en genieten Alles wat Ick hier in America heb" (my nephew, 
E. B., and my niece, T. B., shall have all that I have here in America) 
on condition that they "Sal geven en Leveren Aen Nicholas Hofman 
myn neef Vyfen twentigh Stuck van Achten (give and deliver to N. H., 
my nephew, 25 pieces of eight (an old Dutch coin)." — "De kinderen 
van myn Suster Tialie Heerekeus Sal hebben Myn gehuU Staet die Ick 
In' Hollandt heb, Roerende en onroerende (the children of my sister, 

Book of Deeds, Liber I. - 55 

T. H., shall have all my real estate and personal property in Holland). 
Signed by the testator, and witnessed by 

Stephen Gacherie 

Mellyse Vlecht. 
Jacob Aertse, Justice of the peace, Stephen Gacherie & Mallyse 
Vlecht appeared before Arie Gerritse & Roeloff Swartwout, Justice of the 
peace, June 26, 1699, proving the will. 

(Jan Claessen De Witt was a brother of Tjerck Claasen De Witt (q.T.), and died un- 


Will dated Aug. 27, 1685, and written in Dutch. '^ """^ 

"Syn vrowe Sail de geheele staedt besitten soo lange als Sy Owher- 
troudt leeft." "Als Sy kompt tehertrowten dat sy de geredite heeft 
vande Staet Sail uyt keeren aende kinderen" "Coenraedt, Gertie, Anna, 
Jacobus, Jenneke, Tekla." "Dat soo myn vrow kompt te hertrowen En 
dat naer haer doot de kinderen genoemt, haer Moeders Portie." (His 
wife shall have the whole estate for life, if unmarried. If she should 
marry, only one half of the property, the other half to go to the children 
(named), and after her death, all to go to the children. 

"Myn zoon Coenraedt myn landt genaempt Wassenmakers landt 
met de Appendentie vandiewvoor daysent Scheepell Tarve, En of syn 
Erfnisse soo hoogh niet landt door gebraeck van myn vrow mochte 
worden verkocht all wat het meeder gelt als duysent Scheepell Tuverage 
daerop Sail hy moeter betalen." (My son Coenraedt shall have my land 
called Wassemaker's land, with the 4,000 schepels of wheat, and if his 
inheritance should not be large enough, my wife may dispose of sufficient 
for the purpose, except that all what is over 1,000 schepel of wheat shall 
belong to her). 

"AUe kinderen sollen Egaell sonder onderscheyt delen" (all the chil- 
dren shall divide equally). "De Erftenisse van myn Patrimoniale goe- 
deren int Vater landt Sail mede Egael worde gedeelt doch de Jongste 
dochter genaempt Tekela Sail voor uyt hebbende hondert gulten hoUandts 
(my paternal inheritance in the old country shall be equ^ly divided, but 
my youngest daughter, called Tekela, shall have, in advance, 100 hol- 
landish gulden). 

"Soon Coenraedt Sonder Erfgenamen quam te Sterven heeft Jacobus 
Syn broeder Tselverecht in alles als Coenraedt in die Testament vermeelt 
(if C. should die without issue, his brother J. shall have the same interest 
in this will as C). Signed by Jacobus Van Elmendorp (1. s.), and Grie- 
tien Elmendorp (1. s.). and witnessed by 
Jan Hendrix 


John Hendrix of Kingston appeared on Nov. 30, 1699, before John 
Ward and John Herrmans, Justices of the peace, proving the will. — All 

S6 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

witnesses not being present, I have moved to the Widdow & Relict of 
said Jacobus Elmendorp & his heirs, viz. Coenraedt Elmendorp, Mattyse 
Wynkoop, husband of Gaertie Elmendorp, Jacobus Elmendorp & Jenneke 
Elmendorp, whom answered they approved of it. 

Jacob Rutsen, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. 

(See Jacobus Elmendorp.) 

Folio 252.— DE WITT, TJERCK CLAESE, of Kingston. 

,y Will dated March 4, 1687, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble, similar to previous wills.) "Myn huys- 
vrouw Barbara d' Widt sail blyven in posessie van myn geheele staet 
om geduerende haer Leeven." (My wife, B. de W., shall continue in 
possession of my whole estate, as long as she lives). 

*'Aen myn oudste Soon Andres de Widt" "de gerechte twaelfde 
part van myn geheele Staet, en dat myn voorsch. soon na het overlyden 
van myn voors. huysvrouw, sail hebben en genieten voor hem" "de 
gerechte helft van all t' Lant, huysing, etc. myn soebehoorende Mils 
gehouden naelselve by onpartydige parsonen op Eedt gepryseert is, uyt te 
Keeren en betalen aen myn andere Erfgenaemen als haer volgens dien 
Sullen Compiteeren ook so heb ick 't landt van Cocksinck betaelt en 
Naederlant Een grandt van de goveneur en Raeden van deese proven- 
tie voor Een groot bedeelte, geobtineert alsmede een stuck Landt om- 
trendt de Klyne Soopis in Compagnie met Wm. de Meyer gecoght Welcke 
Lande van Korcksinck en Klyne Esoopeis ick hebbe gegeven aen myn 
voors. Soon en Confermeere tselve sonder dat hy geBouden Sail syn 
Jetwes voor 'tselve aen myn andere Erfgenaeme te betalen." (To my 
oldest son, A. de W., 1/12 of my estate, and after the decease of my wife 
one half of all the land, houses, my mill, etc., to be appraised by impartial 
witnesses, he to pay to my other heirs whatever they may appraise it to. 
I have paid for my land at C, and also obtained a grant from the Gover- 
nor and Council of this Province, as well as purchased a piece of land 
near the Little Esopus in company with Wm. de Mayer, which land I 
have given to my said son, and which conveyance I hereby confirm; he 
not to be obliged to pay anything further for said land to my other heirs). 

"Aen myn Jongste soon Tjerck de Widt" "de gerechte twaelfde part 
van myn geheele Staet en dat myn voors. Soon na het overlyden van myn 
voors. huysvrouw sail hebben en genieten" "de geregte helft van all 't 
lant huysing Etc." (To my youngest son, T. de W., 1/12 of my entire 
estate, and after my wife's decease one half of all the land, houses, etc.). 

"Myn Soon Jan de Widt" "de geregte twaelfde part van myn geheele 
State op maniere als boven ook dat myn voors. Soon uyt de penningen 
myn Competeerende weegens Koop van Landt Sail genieten vyf hondert 
Competeerende weegens Koop van Landt Sail genieten vyf hondert 
Schepels tarwe." (My son J. de W. 1/12 of my whole estate, as above, 
and out of the money due me for sale of land, 500 schepels of wheat). 

Book of Deeds, Liber I. 57 

"My son Luycias D Witt" "de gerechte twaelfde Part van myn ge- 
heele Staet" "ook so hebbe ick Een Sloep getimmert de voorlede Jaer de 
helft van voors. Sloep is en Sail Syn ten behoeven" (My son, L. de Witt, 
1/12 of my estate, and half interest in a sloop which I built last year). 

"Aen myn Soon Dieck d Witt" "de gerechte twaelfde part van myn 
geheele Staet." "Aen myn dogter Tjatje huysvrouw van Mattys Matty- 
son" "de gerechte twaelfde part van myn geheele Staet." "Aen myn 
dogter Jannetie huysvrouw van Cornelis Swetts de gerechte twaelfde part" 
(to son D., daughter T., wife of M. M., and daughter J., wife of C. S., 
1/12 part of the entire estate each) met dese Conditie dat Indien myn 
voors. Dogter quam te overlijden Sonder Kindere" "voors. portie' Sail 
Syn Ten behoeve van myn Erfgenamen om Egaelyck" "gedeelt Te 
Werden (on condition that if my daughter should die, leaving no children, 
her portion shall be equally divided among my other heirs). 

"Aen myn dogter Geertruy^' "de gerechte twaelfde part van myn 
geheele Staet," "ock soo heift myn voors. dogter een Negerinn" "in 
possessie myn toe behoerende Welch ick begeere Sail Syn ten behoeren 
van myn voors. dogter" (to my daughter G. 1/12 part of my whole estate, 
and the negress which she now has in her possession). 

"Aen myn dogter Ragel" "de gerechte twaelfde part van myn geheele 
Staet" "mits dat gekort sal werden uyt myn voors. dogters portie tot 
benifitie van myn Erfgenamen Een hondert pondts die myn voors. dogters 
man Cornelis Bogardus Schuldigh Aen myn is voor Een Aghule van Een 
bercken tyn Aen him vercoght (to my daughter R. 1/12 of my whole 
estate, less £100, which my said daughter's husband, C. B., owes me for 
1/8 interest in a brigantine, which I sold him) dogh begeerende dat t' Kint 
van voors. Bogardus met naeme Barbara Sail genieten nye voors. hon- 
dert pondt vyftigh Stuck van aghten" (the child of said B., called Barbara, 
to have 50 pieces of eight out of said iioo). 

"Aen myn dogter Maritie" "de gerechte twaelfde part van myn 
geheele Staet." "Aen myn dogter Aegie" "de gerechte twaelfde part van 
myn geheele Staet." (To daughters M. and A. 1/12 part each). < 

"Indien Eeniege van myn voors. Erfge. in haere onmondighyt qua- 
men to overlyden dat als dan desselfs portie onder myn Erfgenaemen 
Eegaelyk sail gedeelt werden." (If anyone of my heirs should die 
during their minority, such portion shall be equally divided among my 
other heirs). 

"Huysvrouw Barbara de Witt" appointed executrix. Signed by the 
testator, and witnessed by 

Jacob Rutsen Abraham Lamater W. D. Meyer. 

Abr. Lamater & Wm. de Meyer of Kingston, appeared, March 6, 
1700/1 before Jacob Rutsen, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, prov- 
ing the will. (A true copy examined with the original by Ruth Bleeker, 

(Tjerck Claesse De Witt, from Grootholdt, in Zunderland, m. in New Amsterdam, Apr. 34, . 
1656, Barha/ra Andriessen, from Amsterdam^ A sister of T. C. De W., Emmerentie De Witt, m. ■ 

58 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

at New Amsterdam, in 1662, Martinus Hoffman. His brother, Jan Claets De Witt, made his will 
March 31, 1699 (q.v.). — He had in 1661 a brother-in-law, Jan Alberse in Beverwyck, and another, 
Pieter Jonse, in Oosterbemis, in East Friesland, Holland. — Had in 1661 land there, which he had 
inherited from his father, from which he was receiving rents. — His widow, Barbara De Witt, died 
Jalv 6, 1714, and the property was appraised, in accordance with the provisions in the will. (See 
Ulster Co. Deeds). — T. C. de W. died in Kingston, Febr. 17,1700. — On June 25, 1657, Tjerck 
Claessen (De Witt) appeared before Johannes La Montague, Deputy at Fort Orange, declaring 
that he had conveyed to Carsten Claessen and Jan Barensen (Wemys) 180 guilders to be paid in 
merchantable beavers, growing out of a sale of a stallion, at public sale, of which Jan Roelonse 
remained the last bidder (Albany Co. Rec). — On Sept 10, 1660, Madame Johanna De iMldf and 
her husband, Hon. Jeronimus Ebbinck granted to T. C. (De Witt), inhabitant of the Colony of 
Rensselarswyck two pieces of land in Esopus, the north field comprising 35 morgens 153 rods, 
the other adjoining the west side 35 morgens no rods, in exchange for which T. C. has given 
his house 20 feet long and with a passage 30 feet broad, and lot 10 rods and 29 feet long, m 
Beverwyck, adjoining on the east side the street, on the west the garden of Henderick Anderies- 
sen and Lambert Van Neeck, and on the south by the house of Hendrick de Backer (Ibid.). — 
Tjerck C. de W. and Heymanse Roos are to be punished if they continue to oppose authority. — 
Letter from Dir. Stuyvesant, July 30, 1663 (Dutch MSS., Corr., xv, p. 48). — On June 25, 1672, 
T. C. de W. had a deed from (?ov. Lovelace, for a parcel of bush land, together with a house, 
lot, orchard, and calves' pasture, lying near Kingston, in Esopus (N. Y. Land Papers, Albany, 
L, p. 46). — On Oct. 8, 1677, he had a deed from Gov. Andros for a piece of woodland of about 
50 acres, at Esopus, to ye west of the towne (Ibid., p. 128). — On May 14, 1694, he petitioned for 
an order for survey of 280 acres of land purchased of the Indians at Coxmke (English MSS., 
xxxix, p. 160). — On the Patent of T. C. de W., near the confluence of the Mombackus and 
Rondout Kills, stood, for a long time, a sycamore tree, in which had been cut a man's face, 
carved to commemorate a battle fought near the spot, Mombakkus (silent head from 'mom', 
silent, and 'bak or bakkus*, head), which was named thereafter. — ^Tjerck C. de Witt's will is also 
recorded in N. Y. Sur. OiHce, Liber 7, p. 601, under Dirck Claas De Witt (wife Barbara). 

They had issue: i. Andries, m.~ March 7, 16S2, Jannetje Egbertsen (bt. N. Y. Jan. 11, 
1664, d. Nov. 23, 1733, d. of Egbert Meindertse & Jaepe Jans). Captain Andries was accidentally 
killed, July 22, 1710;^!. Taatje, b. Albany ah. 1659, carried off by the Indians at the burning of 
Kingston, 1663, but rescued, m., 1677, Motthys Mattysen Van Keuren, s. of Matthys Jansen & 
Marg. Hendrickse; iiL Jannetje, bt. Febr. 12, 1662, m. Cornelis Swits (q.v.); iv. Klaes, bt. Febr. 
17, 1664; V. Jan, bt. Febr. 14, 1666, m. Wyntje Kierstede, d. of Roeloff K. & Ikee (Anghe) 
Roosa, d. of Albert Heymanse R. (q.v.); vi. Geertruy, bt. OdijiS, 1668, m. March 24, 1688, Hen- 
drick Hendricksen Schoonmaker (see Hendrick Jochem S.) ;'%^ Jacob, m. before March i, 1696, 
Grietje Vemooy, d. of Cornelius V. & Annatje Cornelis (q.v.) ; viii. Rachel, m. Cornelis Bogardus, 
(s. of Cornelis B. and Helena Teller) ; ix. Lucas, m. Dec. 22, 1695, Annatje Delva (d. of Anthony 
D. & Jannetje Hillebrants (q.v.) ; x. Peek, m. i., Jan. 2, 1698, Marytje Janse Vanderberg, of 
Albany, and 2., Dec 21, 1723, Maria Tetinis, widow of Jacob De Mott; xi. Tjerck; xii. Marritje, 
m. 1., Nov. 3, 1700, Hendrick Hendricksen Kortright, s. of Hendrick Jansen (K.), and Cdthartna 
Hansen Webber, and 2., Sept. 6, 1702, Jan Macklin; xii. Aagje, bt. Jaitf 14, 1684, m. Aug. 23, 
1712, Jan-Pavilmg (bt Oct. 2, 1681, s. of Henry Pawling & Neeltje Roosa, d. of Albert Hey- 
manse R.), rem. to Phila.) 

Folio 262.— ARYANCE, HENDRICK, brewer. 

Will dated Sept. ii, 1690. 

(Long religious preamble.) •^'^ 

"I will that my well beloved wife Gheppy Shall have ye Just half of 
my whole Estate of Landt Chatties house and household goods" "and ye 
other half of my Estate of Landt Chatties house & house hold g(X)ds I 
will ut my oly Son Arrie Hendricks Shall have & injoy" "further I will 
yt my well beloved wife Shall injoy yt whole Estate as long as yt 
She Continues a widdow but when she shall Come to marry againe then 
ye half of ye Estate yt belongs to my my Son Arie shall be delivered to 
him or his assignes before marriage day of my wife." 

Hendrick Aryance (his mark). 
Arent Tuenissen (Arent Tuenissen & Cornelis Masten 

Cornelis Hasten appeared, June 16, 1701, before Jacob 

TT T>. Kutsen. — A true copy examined Rth 

Humphrey Davenport Bleecker, Clark). ' 

(.Hemic Adriaam, j.m. from Gelderland, res. Kingston, m., Jan. 19, 1685, Gepie Arents 
Pter, b. Kingston. Henderic Arie & Gepje Aerts had issue i. Arie, bt Nov. 11, 1688. Aarian Hen- 


Book of Deeds, Liber I. 59 

drickz, m., before March 8, 1724, Cairina Van den Bogaard, and had with other children a 
daughter, Gcpjen (Rachel). 

See Hendrick Hendricks.) 

Folio 273.— CORNELISON, QERRITT, of Hurley. 

Will dated Febr. 3, 1686. ■ 

"To my eldest son Cornelis" "all my tools yt belong to his whole 
rights Trade & to my dear & Well beloved Wife I doe give & bequeath 
all my Lands goods, Chatties, houseings barnes orchards household goods 
& all Such my goods & tools & Nessersarys that belong to my ff arme now 
in my possession" "after her death to my ouldest son Cornelis & my 
second son Arie & my third ^on Jan & my daughter Ntttie" to each an 
"Equall ffifth part of all vfxy goods & Chattells" "to be equally devided 
among these my said ffive Children" "if any one or more Shall dye before 
my wife the said part shall be Equally devided amongst ye other brothers 
or sisters if nott married." 

Gerritt Cornelison (his mark). 

(Cornelis Cole of Hurly appeared before Coll. 

Henry Pauling Henrius Beeckman, Judge, Capt. Dirck Schep- 

CoRNELiS-Q^ moes and Capt. Wessel Ten Broeck, Justices of 

^^X^ the Court of Common Pleas, March 4, 1695/6). 

(Gerrit Corneliszen m. Chieitje Cornelis (^Slegt), came in Apr. 1659 in 'Moseman* with wife 
and a sucking child, had issue-; i> CorneMs m. Jannetie Kunst, see bis will under Cornelis Gcr- 
ritse; ii. Arie (.Gerretsep) b. in MidztoUd (,Flatbush, L. I.), m. after Oct. 17, 168S, Lysbert Lam- 
bertse^ h. ^Kingstoft^dj'oi Lambert Hnyberfse Qj.v.) (witn. Cornelis Kool & Neeltje Gerritsen), 
and had a. Hen'drik'^e^ht, Oct. 17, t686; b. Gerr§tt bt. Ma>r 30, 1697 ([witn. Cornelis Garritsen, & 
CerriAie GerritsetCy; in. JanJ bt. N. Y., Sept, 8, 1666 (witn. Theunis Cornelis, and Fytie); iv. 
Neeltje (Neeltje) ; v. "Gerratje, bt. March 12, 1669," <B. Jacob Du Bois. — On Apr. 5, j686, there 
is a survey of a tract of land of 85 acres, on the north side of Bsopus Kill, Hwley, called 'Old 
Bouery* laid out for Garret Cornelies, by PhiHp Welles, surveyor (N. Y. Land Papers, II., 
p. 160). 

Folio 273.— QERRITSE, CORNELIS, of Hurly. 

Will dated Febr. 7, 1695, and written in Dutc:h. 

(Long religious preamble.) •^i'C 

"Myn waerdi huysvrouw Jannieti Kunst sail hebben en besitten myn 
geheele Staat van huysen Landen goederen schulden paerden & beesten 
of 't Reght van Erfenisse door myn vaeder Zeligr Gerrit Cornelisse aen 
myti Volgens Testement gegeven gedurende haer Leven (my worthy wife, 
J. K. shall have my entire estate of houses, lands, goods, debts, horses 
and cattle, which were given me by my father, G. C, deceased, by his 
testament, during her life) Except indien myn voors. huysvrouw moght 
Coomen weederom te hertrouwen data alsdan gehouden is de gerechte 
helft van myn voors. Staat uyt te Keeren aen myn Kinderen Wettelyk 
myn voors. huysvrouw getrouweert met naeme Gerrit Jan Arie Barent 
Gilie en Jacomyntie om Egaelyk onder myn Ses Kinderen gedeelt 
to werden (except in case my said wife should happen to marry, when 
one-half of the estate shall go to the children, begotten by my said wife, 
by name G. J. A. B. G. and J., to be divided equally between them) 

6o Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

alleenlyk dat myn oudste Soon Gerrit sail voornye genieten drie pondt 
(my eldest son, G., to have, in advance, £3). En alvoren myn voors. 
huysvrouw in den houwelyken Staat bevestight wert sail gehouden syn 
Staat" "en gehouden syn dat na haer overlyde di gerechte helft van 
voors. ses Kinderen om Egaalyk (if my wife should marry, half of the 
estate shall be secured for my six children after her death) . "Doch indien 
van myn voors. Kinderen in haer onmondighyt moghte Coomen te over- 
lyden Dat so daeniege overleeden Kindres portie sail door de Levende 
Egaalyk gedeelt werden (if any of the children should die during their 
minority, their shares shall be divided equally among the other surviving 

"Sail myn voors. huysvrouw gehouden syn om myn voors. Kinderen 
te Alimenteeren En optevoeden En te Laeten Leeren En Schryven En een 
bequam Kunst of hantwerck te Laeten Leeren (my wife shall be bound 
to bring up my said children, to have them taught reading and writing, 
and to permit them to acquire a profession or a trade). 

"So stell ick tot voogden ofte monbaeren over myn onmondrege Kin- 
deren Coll Henricus Beekman En Major Jacob Rutsen. (As guar- 
dians over my children who are under age, H. B. and J. R.) Wife ap- 
pointed executrix. — Cornelis Gerritse (his mark). Witnessed by Roeliff 
Swartwout, Rich. Brodhead, and W. D. Meyer. 

Richard Broadhead and William d'Meyer appeared before the Court 
March 4, 1695/6, proving the will. 

(Cornells Gerritse CNewkerk'), s. of Gerrit Cornelissen {supra), m. Jannetie Kunst, d. of 
Jan Barentsen Kunst and Jacomyntje Sleght, d. Cornelius Barentsen Sleght, and had issue: i. Ger- 
rit, bt July 28, 1684; ii. Jan, bt. Nov. 29, 1685; iii. Adrian, bt. Febr. 27, 1787; iv. Barent, bt. Oct. 
13, 1689: V. GilleSt'ht. Nov. s, 1691; vi. Jacomyntje, bt. June 8, 16^4; vii. Cornelis, bt. Aug. 30, 
1696; (Gerard Cornelis. Jacomyntje Sleght, Jan Elten, Chieltie Cornelis, Ary Cerrits, Hillitje 
Jans, and Gerrit Cornelis, were witnesses to the baptisms of these children). — For Gerritz, sec 
Gerrit Newkerk. For Jan, see Johannis Newkirk.) 

Folio 274.— HUYBERTSE, LAMBERT, of Hurly. 

Will dated Febr. 12, 1695/6, and written in Dutch. 

Long religious preamble. U..e^Ajk(^ 

"Aen myn Jongste soon Pieter Lammertse twee paerde als meede dat 
syn buys door hem bewoont uyt myn Staat sail werden voltoyt als van Sol- 
der vloer deuren en vensters Etc. (To my youngest son, P. L., two horses ; 
the house, in which he lives, shall be finished (completed) out of my estate 
with solid floors, doors and windows, etc.) "So gave ick aen myn voors. 
soon" "de geregte vyfde part van myn geheele Staat (to said son 1/5 of my 

"Aen myn Soons Huybert Lammerse En Cornelis Lammerse en myn 
schoon soons Cornelis Cool en Arien Gerrets en Jeder de gerechte vyfde 
part van myn geheele Staat" "met deese Conditie dat voors. Arie Gerritse 
sail hebben en genieten de gerechte vufde part van myn Lant naest aent 
'lant geleege hem toe behoorende" "alle de andere Roerende Staat Egaelyk 
onder haer te deelen" (to my sons H. L., and C. L., and my sons-in-law 
C. C. and A. G. 1/5 each of my estate, on condition that Arie Gerritse shall 

Book of Deex>s, Liber I. 6i 

have the 1/5 part next to his own land; all the personal property to be 
divided equally). 

"Tot Executors" "Huybert Lammertse Cornelis Lammerse Pieter 
Lammerse Cornelis Cool En Arie Gerritse (as executors, persons named). 

"Myn schoon soon Cornelis Cool sail mogen hebben Aen een Stuck 
twee porties vant Landt door myn bewoont t'weeten het Eene nu aen hem 
gemaecht ent 'ander door hem van myn Soon Lammert Huyberse gecoft" 
(My son in law, C. C, shall have one piece, two portions of land, where 
I live, one part now given to him, and the other part purchased of my son, 
L. H.). 

Lammert Huybertse (his mark) ; witnessed by Wessel ten Broeck, 
Jacobis Lameter, and Parre Noose (Pierre Noue). 

(Lambert Huybertse, of IVageningen, in Gelderland, sailed for this country, Dec. i6sp, with 
wife and two children; a third was bom on the passage. His wife was Hendrickje Cornells. He 
afterwards assumed the surname BRINK. They had issue : i. Huybert "tambertsen, of Wage- 
ningen, m. March 16, 1679, Hendrick/e Swartwout, from Albany, res. Hurley, and had; a. Lam- 
bert, bt. JFan., Febr. or March 4, 1680, b. Roelof, bt. Apr. 27, 1684, c. Thomas, bt. Dec. 6, 1685, 
d. Hendrick. e. £110, bt. May 25, 1690, f. Henricus, bt. Nov. 18, 1694, S. Henricus, bt. Jan. 
10. 1697, h. Johannes, bt. May 28, 1699; ii. Jannetie Lamberts, m. Cornelise Teunisse Cool 
(q.v.); iii. Cornelis Lambert*^ bom at sea," (see Cornelis Lambertse); iv. Lysbeth Lambertsen, 
bt. Febr. 14, 1666, m. jirye Gerrytsen (see Cornelius Newkirk); v. Hendrik Lambertsen, bt. Dec. 
5, 1663, m. Geesje Jansen, and had: a. Rachel, bt. Nov. 6, 1692; vi. Pieter Lambertsen, bt. June 
34, 1670, m. Geertruy Teunisen (.Mafthewssen), and had: a. Henderik, bt. Apr, 23, 1693, 

b. Matthew, bt. June 9, 1695, c. Cornelis, bt. July 25, 1697, d. Lambert, bt. Nov. 26, 1699, e. Lam- 
bert, bt. Jan. IS, 1702, f. Antje, bt. Apr. 2, J704, g. Lysbeth, bt. Aug. 11, 1706, h. Gerrit, bt. 
Sept. zS, 1709; 1. Johannes, bt. May xx, X7X2; j. Helena, bt. Nov. 7, 17x4; vii. Gerrit lambertsen, 
m. Antje Hooghlandt, and had: a. Breechje, bt. June 10, 1694, b. Teunis, bt. Febr. 7, X697, 

c. Claertje, bt. July 14, 1700, d. Dirrick, bt. Dec. 25, 1703.) 

Page 283.— HOOGHTYLINQ, JAN WILLEMSE, of Kingstown. 

Will dated Aug. ii, 1702, and written in Dutch. 

Long religious preamble. Sl^ 

"Myn neger met name Kieser Sal vrij syn, van syn Slavereij, en moge 
gaan wadr het hem goet of geJiade dien(5rt Sender dat myn Erfgenamen 
hem Sullen Comen ofte mogen & hinderen (My negro, K., shall be free 
from slavery, and may go wherever the Lord, in-his grace, permits, without 
being prevented by anyone of my heirs). 

"So stel ick tot Erfgenamen over myn geheele Staat Soo wel Roerende 
als onroerende Sonder Exceptie met name Willem Janse Hooghteyling 
Soon van Wij'len Jan Willemse Hooghtyling Junior, Samuel Hooghtyling, 
Philip Hooghtyling, Hiskia Hooghtyling, Desia en Kesia, altsamen kin- 
deren van Wijlen Willem Janse Hooghtyling, Eenigste kint van myn, om 
Egalyck onder haar alien gedeelt te werden. En In cas Eenige van mjm 
voors. Erfgenamen mogte overleden syn alvoren dis myn laaste Will of 
testement in syn kragt is, als mede die geene die in haar onmondighyt 
Comen te overlyden dat alsdan des overlyden portie Sal syn ten behoove 
van myn andere Erfgenamen." (As heirs of my entire estate, real as 
well as personal, without exception, I appoint W. J. H., son of deceased 
Jan W. H., Jr., S. H., P. H., H. H., D. and K., all children of deceased 
W. J. H., my only child, to be equally divided between them, and if any 
of these heirs should die before the probation of this my last will and 
testament, or a minor, the survivors are to divide his share). 

62 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"Myn Executeurs" "sullen gehouden syn cm uyt te keren en betalen 
uyt myn Staat aan Sara Rosenkranz voor haar getrouwe dienst in my 
Sieckte, de Somme van Een hondert Schepels tarw of vyftight Stuck van 
Agte" (my executors shall be bound to pay to Sara Rosenkranz, for her 
faithful service during my sickness, the sum of lOO schepels of wheat or 
50 pieces of eight). 

"Soo ist dat Garrit Van Vliet in het voorjaar syn huer tyt op myn 
Landt geepircert is. En ick hem belooft heb dat alvoren hy van myn Landt 
Sal moet en Ver-Strecken, nogh twe Jaren daar toe Sullen, geaddert Wer- 
den, t' welck ick begeer dat na gekomen Sal Werde, Mits dat voors. Ger- 
rit van Vliet de huer van voors. Landt gehouden is aan m)Ti Erfgenamen 
te betalen." (As Gerrit Van Vliet has paid the rent for my land last 
spring, I have promised him that he may have two years more before he 
gives up said land, provided he pays the rent for the land to my heirs). 

Jan Willemse Hooghtyling (his mark) 

(Bay Croswelt and Jacob Swaan ap- 
Jacob Swaan peared, March 4, 1702/3 before Coll. 

Ray Croeswelt Henricus Beekman, and Mr. Wm. 

T, c> / IN ^^ZSi Esq., Judges, and Capt. Difck 

Teunis Elisse (syn merck) Schlpmoe^, Major Johannis Wynkoop, 

W. D. Meyer, County Clark. Mr. John Cock, Capt. Charles Broad- 
head, Esq., Justices). 
(See his former will). 

Page 286.— DE WITT, BOUDEWYN, of Kingston, Chirurgyn. 

Will dated June 24, 1703, and written in Dutch. 
(Long religious preamble). yl< 

"Aan myn huysvrouw Maria d' Witt myn gantsche Staat van huyse, 
Lande, goedere, Schulde, gelt gout, Zilver, gemiint, ofte ongemiint. En 
Wat verder aan d' Staat is Dependerende, met volkome maght aan myn 
voors. huysvrouw, om over voors. Staat te Disponeere na haar Welgeval- 
len." (To my wife, M. de W., my entire estate of houses, lands, goods, 
debts, money, gold, silver, coined or uncoined, and whatever belongs to 
said estate, with full power to dispose thereof at her pleasure). 

Wife appointed executrix. Signed by the testator. 


Teunis Elisse (his mark) (Witnesses appeared, July 15, 1703, be- 
MosES d' Graaf fore the Court). 

W. D. Meyer 

(Boudewyn De Witt m. Marie De Witt, and had i. Petronella, m. Hendrick Ten Eyck. — On 
Oct. II, 1699, B. de W.petitioned to be released from a fine CEngl. MSS., xliii, p. 62). B. de W 
was Sheriff of Ulster Co., May 26, 1702 (Ibid., xlv, p. 127). March 18, 1703, Barnes Cosens 
esc.hcator-general, petitioned for his pay, he having seized the estate of B. de W., and others 
(Ibid., xlvii, p. 69). 

Book of Deeds, Liber I. 63 

Page 290.— HENDRICKE, DIRCK, " van de Manner of Foxhall." 

Will dated Jan. 8 ,1699/1700, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble). j.(^ 

"Aan myn huysvrouwe Grietie Hendrix alle myn geheele Staat van 
huyse, Lande, paarden, beesten, Negers, Schulden, etc." "Dogh met 
desen Verstande dat myn Neger Jongen met namen Samson die in 
myn buys geboren is, na bet Overlyden van myn voors. buysvrouw Sal vry 
van Slaverny syn, Sender dat Jemant Eenige pretentie sal komen maken, 
Dogh met dese Conditie dat Indien de voors. Samson op Eenige van de 
Leefsyt van myn voors. huysvrow quam qualyck te Comporteren En onge- 
hoorsamenhyt aan haar betoonde, vat sy myn voors. huysvrouw Sal ver- 
mogen over hem te disponeren En vercopen voor de tyt van syn Leven 
sonder Eenige Contraduitie of verhindering van Jemant, of oock Sonder 
Reden Wegens syn ongehoorsam hyt of quaat Comportem 't Dieswegen 
aan Jemant to geven." 

(To my wife, Gritie Hendrix, my entire estate of houses, lands, 
horses, cattle, negroes, debts, etc., on the understanding that my negro- 
boy Samson, bom in my house, shall be free from slavery after tlie death 
of my wife, without any objection from anyone, but on tiie condition that 
if he, during my wife's life has not shown her obedience, my wife may dis- 
pose of him and sell him, without objection from anyone, or else to give 
him away). 

Wife appointed executrix. 

DiRCK Hendrix (his mark) 

WiiXEM Traphagen (Witnesses appeared before the Court, Sept. 

John Legg - \ 

W. D. Meyer 9, 1703;- 

(Dirck Hendricksen m. Grietie Pielerse (see her will under Gritie Hendrix), and had son: 
Hetidrick, bt. March 8. 1665). 


Will dated Febr. 3, 1701/2, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble). t ' 

"Geen oudste soon of Jonger soon preverentie of dobbele portie van 
myn goedt of goederen Sal genieten of moegen begeeren, maar myn huys- 
vrouw Wyntie Bogardus of de moeder van alle myn kinderen Sal over 
mjm Nagelaten Staat & 'sy huysen ende Erven ende Jacht meubelen dat 
is Roerende ende onroerende goederen Landt ende grondt" "disponeeren" 
"ende dat so Lange als sy de naam van Bogardus draagt maar soo sy 
komt te hertrouwen soo sal sy soo veel hebben als de Wett haar geeft 
(neither the oldest son nor the youngest son shall have or claim a single 
or double portion of my estate, but my wife, W. B., the mother of all 
my children, shall dispose of (or possess) my estate, houses, grounds, 
ship, furniture, real and personal property, as long as she bears the name 

64 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

of Bogardus, but if she should happen to marry, she shall have what the 
law gives her). After her death "het landt dat van Thomas Janse of 
Jacob Salamonse gecogt is in de wy benoorden de Bever Kill aan Anthony 
Bogardus ende Ephraim Bogardus ende Petrus Bogardus myn drie 
Soonen by haar moeder Wyntie Bogardus geprocureert sal Eewighlyck & 
Erwelyck Eygen syn (the land which was bought from T. J. or J. S. on the 
meadow north of Beaver Kill shall go to A. B., E. B., and P. B., my three 
sons, begotten by their mother, W. B.) "Maer het Landt dat Van Vole- 
kert En Jan Thomasse haar Erfgename gekogt is Sal Ephraim Bogardus 
end Petrus Bogardus veernoont, Ick segge het Landt dat besuyde de 
Bever Kill lyt mot haar byde" "mits Conditie datse het selve Landt mit 
aan Vreemde sullen verkopen, maar soo het quam dat sy naae Een ander 
landt metter woon buyten het governm't quam te verstrecken soo sullen 
sy gesamentlyck aan haar breeders ende susters verkopen maar niet aan 
vreemde (but the land which was bought of Volekert and J. T.'s heirs, 
shall go to E. B. and P. B., that is the land which is south of Bever Kill, 
on condition that the land shall not be sold to strangers, but to their 
brothers and sisters). "Soo sal Anthony Bogardus en Ephraim Bogardus 
en Petrus Bogardus wel op myn begeeren staan om niet overtreden beveele 
verder dat dese twe Ephraim Bogardus en Petrus Bogardus sullen vorder 
uyt de gantscht Staat groot gebracht werden tot dat sy tot har en Mondi- 
gen daagen Komen (A. B. and E. B. and P. B. shall comply with my be- 
quests (or wishes), that E. B. and P. B. shall be well brought up until 
they reach their majority) "sonder dat Jemant van myn kind of kinderen 
hier in sullen tegen Seggen met plyten of Regten (none of my children 
shall go to law against the rest, or overreach each other) "maar sullen alle 
myn negen kinderen Eenveel hebben (but all my nine children shall divide 
equally) except het boven genoemde landt (except the above mentioned 
land), van Jacob Salamonse ende van Volekert & Jan Tomasse Sullen An- 
tony Bogardus ende Ephraim Bogardus ende Petrus Bogardus Elck in 
haar part het haare geniete gelyck boven genoent is datse het selve Landt 
voor uyt sullen hebben (of J. S. and V. and J. T., which A. B. and E. B. 
and P. B. shall divide equally, as above mentioned, and to have said land 
in advance) ende dan met de andere kinderen in de Rest Egaal sullen dylen 
(and then divide the rest with the other children) begeere dat het selve tot 
syn Effect sal koomen alwaart Schoon Soo dat Eenige Solemnityten naar 
Regten ofter Style Vereyscht hier imme niet volkommen weesen geobser- 
veert versoerkende het uyterste benifitie te moogen genieten (and wishes 
that these requests shall be fulfilled, even if legal forms or precepts have 
not been strictly observed). 

Signed by the testator, but not witnessed. On Sept. 20, 1703 before 
Henricus Beekman, Esq., Judge of ye Court of Common Pleas, Mr. Evert 
Wynkoop, Esq., Major Johannis Wynkoop, Justices of the Peace, appeared 
John Gasherie, Cornelis Bogardus, Lysbet Heermans, wife of Jan Heer- 
mans, Madleen Slegt, wife of Mattys Slegt, and Maria Hooghtyling, 
widow, proving the will. 

Book of Deeds, Liber I. 65 

(This will appears on record in N. Y. Sur. Office, Liber 8, p. 29. The widow, Wyntje 
Bogardus, dyine without taking out letters of administration, they were granted. May 8, 1714, to 
his son. Evert Bogardus. 

Dom. Everardus Bogardus, b. Woerden, near Utrecht, 1607, ordained by the,Ctassis of 
Amsterdam, June 14, 1632, arrived with Governor Van Tmller, in April, 1633, accompanied by 
Adam Roelandsen, a schoolmaster, and became the second minister at New Amsterdam in 1633, 
resigning in 1647, on July 22, sailing for Holland Aug. 16th on "The Princess," but was drowned 
on Sept. 27, 1647. He was a widower, when he arrived, and married in 1638, 2., Anneke Jans, 
widow of Roetoff Jans, of Rensselaerwyck. Her first husband had received a valuable grant of 
land near Red Hook, and from Van Twiller a ^ant of 62 acres of Manhattan Island, which after- 
wards passed to his widow, and upon her marriage with Bogardus became known as the dominis's 
bouwerie. On Nov. 15, 1705, the farm, then called the King's farm, was given by patent to 
Trinity Church. Anneke Tans had with her first husband four children: Sarah m. John Kiersted, 
and afterwards Cornelius Van Borsmn; Catherine, m. John Van Brough; Fytie, m. Peter Hartgers, 
and Jan, m. Annetje Peters, 

Evert Bogardus and Anneke Jans had issue : i. Willern, m. Aug. 29, 165^, Wyntje Sybrends, 
and 2., a dau. of Nicasius de Sille; ii. Comelis, b. 1640, m. Rachel de Witt; iii. Jonas, b. 1643, d. 
unm. ; iv. Peter, 

Mr. George H. Lewis, of Poughkepsie, N. Y. has Dom. Everardus Bogardus, bible, dated 
IS43. — For further accounts about E. B., see Minutes of the Classis of Amsterdam, vols, iv, 22, 
23; Minutes of the Synod of North Holland, Doc. Hist. N. Y., iii, p. 367; Amsterdam Corre* 
spondence, 1632-1650; Col. Hist. N. Y., i. pps. 206, 291), 345, 417, ii, p. 144; Church Intelligencer, 
July 20, 1833; Poughkepsie Press; etc. 

Pieter Bogardus, bt. Apr. 2, 1645 in N. Y., settled in Albany, was a magistrate there 1673 
(Albany Co. Rec, Nov. 2, 1673), removed to Kingston, m. Wyntje CorneUs Bosh, dau. of 
Comelis Teunise B, and Maritie Thomas Mingael, and had issue : i. Evert (see Evert Bogardus) ; 
ii. Shibboleth; iii. Hannah, h. Jan. 22, 1679, m. Pieter Bronck; iv. Maria (m. Johannes Van 
Vechten of Schagticoke) ; v. Anthony; vi. Rachel, bt. Febr. 13, 1684; vii. Ephraim, bt. Aug. 14, 
1687, went to North Carolina; viii. Comelis, who made his will, May 2, 17^11, in which he says 
"about to go with his brother Ephraim to North Carolina, leaves everything to brother-in-law, 
Johannes van Vechten of Renselaerwyck Manor (Clerk of Court of Appeal's Office, Albany, wills, 
B. p. 8); ix. Petrus, bt Apr. 30, 1691. (For desc, see Pearson's "First Settlers of Albany, p. 21). 

Peter Bogardus and Jonas Bogardus, on July 17, 1667, for themselves, and as attorneys for 
Pieter Hartgers, Mr, Johannes Van Brugh, Sara Roeloffse, widow of the late Mr. Hans Kierstede, 
chinirgeon, Jan Roeloffse, William Bogardus, and on the part of the widow of the late Cornelius 
Bogardus, all children and heirs of their mother, Annetie Bogardus (Anneke Jans), grant to Dirck 
Wesselse (Ten Broeck), Annetie Bogardus* house and lot in Albany, occupied by said Dirck 
Wesselse (Albany Co. Rec). 

Page 296.— DE WITT, LUYCAS, 

Will dated Febr. 15, 1702/3, and written in Dutch. j^j^ 

"Myn oudste sooon Jan sal vooruyt genieten voor syn voorreght als 
Gudste Soon als hy tot syn Mondige Jaren is uyt de geheele Staat de somme 
van vyf pont aan gelt." 

"Myn vrouw Antie sal hebben d' geregte helft van alles wat overigh 
sal blyven te Weten van buys, Erf, Roerende en onroerende goederen En 
oock van t' geene my gemaakt is van myn vader, t'welck syn Testament 
sal uyt wysen." 

"Myn kinderen te Weten myn Soon Jan, En myn doghter f annetje. 
En t'geen myn vrouw Antie nu swanger van is, sullen de andere helft 
hebben te Weten van huys, Erf, Roerende en onroende goederen en oock 
van t' geen my gemaakt is van myn vader t'welck syn testement sal uytwy- 
sen te Wetten Elek syn part de eene niet meer als de andere." 

'Indien myn vrouw Antie Comt weder te hertrouwen Sal gehouden 
syn" "twe voogden te Stellen over de onmondige kindei-en" and to 
"leveren" to them "de geregte halve staat te Weten de kinders haar part." 

"Indien myn vrouw Weduwe of Ongetrout blyft so sail sy in t'volle 
besitt van de Geheele Staat blyven." 

(My eldest son Jan shall have, in advance, as his birth right, being my 
eldest son, when he reaches majority, out of the whole estate the sum of 

66 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

£5. — My wife, Antie, shall have the just half of the residue in house, land, 
real and personal property, as well as all that is coming to me from my 
father, as his testament will show. — My children, i. e., my son Jan and my 
daughter Jannetje, and my wife, Antie, who is at present with child, shall 
have the other half (as before). — If my wife should remarry, she is to 
appoint guardians over the minors, and to deliver to them one half part of 
the estate. If she remains unmarried, she is to possess everything.) 

Signed by the testator. 
Teunis Elissen (his mark) (Cornelius Bogardus, Teunis Tappen, 

Teunis Tappen & Jan Heermans Junior, appeared be- 

Jan Heermans Juer fore the Court, March 9/10, 1703/4, 

C. Bogardus proving the will). 

(Luycas De Witt, son of Tjerck Claessen De Witt (q; v.), m. Dec. Z2, 169s, Annatf'e Delva. 
d. of Anthony D. and Jannetie Hillebrants, and had issue: i. Jannetje, bt. March 7, 1697, m. 
July 19, ijiy, Cornelis Langendyk (bt. N. Y., July 10, 1689, s. of Pieter Janse L. and Geertie 
Comelis); ii. Barbara, bt, Nov. 12, 1699, m. March 25, 1715, Johannes Van Lenven, who nu, 2,, 
May 22, 1725, HiUigond Roosa; iii. Jan', bt. Dec. 8, 1700, m. after Sept. 26, i^si. Ariantje Oster- 
houdt (bt; March 9, 1712, d. of Gysberf O. and Mantje Bogardus, res. Katskilf); it. Luycas, bt. 
Sept 16, 1703. m. Jan. 17, 1729, Catherine Roosa (bt. Febr. 16, 1709, b. Hurley, d. of Evert R. 
and Tietje Van Etten). — ^Antje, the widow of Luycas De Witt* m: 2., March 3Xj 1706, Gerrit Van 
Bunschoten, and m. 3., Oct. 26, 1721, Hendriek Rasekrans, widower of Antje Vredenberg. — ^Luycas 
De Witt was a commander and joint owner with his father of a sloop called St. Barbara.) 

Page 319.— TEN BROECK, WESSEL, Senior, of Foxhall, 

Will dated Febr. 14, 1695/6, and written in Dutch. 

Long religious preamble. A,«-^c6> 

"Myn will En begeerte, dat het houwelyck voorwaarde met myn huys- 
vrouw Laurentja Kellenaar gemaakt volkomentlyck sal opgevolkt 

"Aan myn ouste Soon IVessel ten Broeck" "vier morgen Landt uyt 
myn Bouw Landt" "de geregte vierde part van myn gantsche Bouwery En 
dat het myn Bouwery in vier parcelen by morgen getal sal werden gelyt" 
"myn voors. soon" "sal" "betalen aan myn Andere drie soons wat de voors. 
gedeelte meerder in Waardy by onpartydige besworen Sal gewardeert 
Werden, als Wanneer myn soons : sullen tot Mondigen dage gekomen syn, 
vprders Soo geeve ick aan myn voors. soon Wessel ten Broeck" "de 
geregte agste part van myn huysing En gront in Kingstowne, En de 
regte agste part van al myn Roerende Staat. Myn voors. soon sal vrij- 
staan te mogen na sigh in Eijgendom te nemen Een Neger de keur van 
myn Negers, En daar voor te alloweren in de Erfenisse van de Roerende 
Staat de Somme van Ses en Dartigh pondt." 

"Insgelyck ordonnere ick dat Niemant van myn Erfgenamen sullen 
mogen verhinderen of soeeken te verhinderen t' Dammen tot preservatje 
van Water en de gront noodight tot het Dammen te Laten gebruy- 
ken En de Loop van het Water tot het gebruyck voor myn voors. soons 
Molen." "Myn voors. soon of syn ordre of Erfgenamen sullen gehouden 
syn te betalen de quantityt van Een Duysent Schepels tarw aan myn vier 
Dogters" "met namen Maria, Elsie, Geertruy, en Sara, jeder de geregte 
vierde part van voors. somme in den tyt van vier Jaren." 

Book of Deeds, Liber I. 67 

"Aan myn soon Coenraat ten Broeck" "de geregte vierde part van my 
gantsche Bouivery, Except wat hier voren, voor uyt gemaakt is aan myn 
Soon Wessel ten Broeck," "ende de aghste part van myn huysing en grondt 
in Kingstowne En de Aghste part van myn gantsche Roerende Staat 
En gehouden te betalen de quantityt van Een Duysen Schepels tarw aan 
myn vier dogters." 

"Aan myn soon Johannis ten Broeck' "de geregte part van myn 
gentsche Bouivery, Except wat hier vooren voor uyt gemaakt is aan myn 
soon Wessel ten Broeck" also "de aghste part van myn huysing En grondt 
in Kingstown, En de aghste part van myn gantsche Roerende Staat, En 
betalen' de quantityt van Een Duysent Schepels tarw, aan myn vier 
Dogters" (as before). 

"Aan myn soon Jacob ten Broeck" "de geregte vierte part van myn 
gantsche Bouivery, Except wat hier vooren, voor uyt gemaakt is Aan myn 
Soon Wessel ten Broeck" also "de Aghste part van myn huysing En 
grondt In Kingstowne" (on condition as before). 

"Aan myn vier Dogters met namen Maria huysvrouw van Charles 
Brodheadj Elsie huysvrouw van Cornelis Decker, Geertruy En Sara ten 
Broeck" "om Egalyck onder haar gedeelt Werden" "Een hondert & twe 
Ackers Landt" "gelegen ontrent t' Landt van Gerrit Aartse volgens gront- 
brief myn toe behoorende als mede de geregte helft van myn huysing En 
gront in het Dorp Kingstowne, En de geregte helft van myn gantsche 
Roerende Staat als mede de quantityt van vier Duysent Schepels tarw 
te Ontfangen van myn soons in sodanige terme als voren geordonn'rt 

"Geen myn voors. soons Sullen vermogen haar portie in myn Boui- 
very to verkopen. Except t' selve door haar broeder of breeders gecogt 
Wert, Eh dat myn drie Jongste soons portie van voors. Bouiwery niet 
Ten Enemaal sal gedeelt werden voor dat de Jongste soon tot Mondigen 
daagen sal gekomen syn." 

"Myn soon Wessel ten Broeck sal gehouden syn myn onmodige soons 
te alimenteren En optevoeden en te Laten Leeren lesen & schruyven. En 
Elck int besonder bequame kunst of handtwerck te Laten leeren 
waar best haar genegnthyt toe sal strecken En bequamhyt hebben." 

"Indien" "dat Eenige van myn onmondige soons" mogte Comen te 
overlyden" t' portie van de overleden sal Egaalyck onder myn andere soons 
gedeelt werden, mits gehouden uyttekeeren en te betalen aan myn voors. 
Dogters de Somme dewelcke de overleden verobligeert waren." 

"Myn ongetroude Dogters met namen Geertruy en Sara sullen hebben 
uyt myn Staat alswanner deselve mogten Comen in den houelycken Staat 
te treden sodanige uytsetting van bedding kleeding Etc. als myn andere 
getroude dogters genoten hebben." 

(My will and desire is that the marriage contract with my wife 
Laurentja Kellenaar shall be fulfilled. — To my eldest son, Wessel Ten 
Broeck, four morgen land of my farm land, the just fourth part of my 
whole farm, my farm to be divided in four parcels of morgens, my son 

68 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

to pay to my three other sons the value of the said land, as appraised by 
uninterested witnesses. When my sons reach the age of majority, my son 
Wessel is to have % of my house and ground in Kingston, and J^ of all 
my personal estate, and my said son shall be permitted to take the choice 
of one of my negroes, and to allow therefore a sum of £36 in personal 
property. — I order that none of my heirs shall prevent or try to prevent 
the running of the water needed for my sons' grounds and mills. My said 
son to pay to my four daughters (named), 1000 schepels of wheat, each 
one quarter, payable in four years. — To my son Coenraat Ten Broeck the 
just fourth part of my whole farm, except what has been devised to my 
son Wessel. Also one eight part of my house and ground in Kingston, 
and one eight part of my whole personal estate, and to pay the quantity of 
1000 schepels of wheat to my four daughters (as above). — Similar bequest 
to son Johannis. — Similar bequest to son Jacob. — To my four daughters, 
Maria, wife of Charles Broadhead, Elsie, wife of Cornells Decker, Geer- 
truy and Sara, 102 acres of land, to be equally divided between them, 
situated near the land of Gerrit Aartse, according to deed, and one half of 
my whole personal estate, as well as 4000 schepels of wheat to be received 
from my sons, on terms already stated. — My sons are not to sell their por- 
tions of my farm, except between themselves, and my three youngest sons' 
shares shall not be disposed of until the youngest one has reached the age of 
majority. — My son Wessel shall be bound to educate, maintain and teach 
my younger sons to read and write, and to let them acquire some pro- 
fession or trade, which will be best for them. — If any of the minors should 
die, his portion to be divided among the other sons, they to pay to the 
daughters such sums as the deceased may be indebted to them. — My un- 
married daughters, Geertruy and Sara are to have, when they marry, 
an outfit of beds and what thereto belongs, as well as clothing, similar 
to what my other married daughters received.) 

Son Wessel ten Broeck appointed executor, with "schoonsoons Charles 
Brodhead, En Comelis Decker." 

Signed by the testator. 
Jan Lathaer (his mark) (On Jan. 6, 1704/5 appeared before the 
Abram Tietsoo Court Wm. De Meyer and Liftenant Jan 

W. D. Meyer Lathair, proving the will.) 

( See his will, supra) . 
Page 326.— KETTLE, JEREMY, Senior, of Marbletown. 

Will dated Jan. 20, 1703/4. 

"Unto my deare and welbeloved wife Elizabeth Kettle my house & 
home lott where I now live during ye time of her naturall life and after 
her decease to my three youngest Children Richard Susan, and Elizabeth" 
also to wife "the Just fifth part of all my Estate and also all my household 

"Unto my Eldest Soon Jeremy Kettle the Just fifth part of all my 

Book of Deeds, Liber I. 69 

Estate Except of my house & home lott and house hold goods with this 
Condition that he pays out of his part of said Estate unto William Annis 
the summe or quantity of thirty schepples of good Winter Wheat." 

"Unto my sonn Richard ye Just fifth part of all my Estate Except of my 
house & home lott Whereof I give him the third part upon this condition 
that out of his part of said Estate he pays unto William Annis the summe 
or quantity of thirty scipples of good Winter Wheat." 

"Unto my Eldest daughter Susan ye Just fifth part of all my Estate 
(except as above and on condition as above). 

"Unto my Joungest daughter Elizabeth (same share on condition as 

"Unto William Annis ye Just & full Summe of one hundred and 
twenty Schepples of Wheat to be payd unto him by my Children (as pro- 

In case of death, the survivors to divide the share. "My trusty & 
Welbeloved friends & Neighbours Mr. John Cook and Capt. Charles Brad- 
head" appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

John Cook 

Charles Brodhead (On Sept. 7, 1704 appeared before the Court 

John Noble Mr. William Nottingham and Capt. Richard 

Richard Brodhead Brodhead, proving the will.). 

Wm. Nottingham 

(Jeremy Kettel m. i,, Catharina Guderis, and had: i. Jeremy, bt. prob. Apr. 24, 1675, m. 
2., Elisabeth Claessen, and had: ii. Rutsjert (.Richard)^ bt. July 4, 1697, iii. Susanna, bt. July 14, 
1700, iv. Elisabeth, bt. Oct. 25, 1702.) 

Page 360.— LOURENS, JAN, of Kingstown. j-^ 

Will dated March 21, 1702/3, an written in Dutch. 

"Myn huysvrouw Jannecke Lourens sal hebben & genieten de vrugte 
& profyte van myn geheele Staat gedurende haar Leven mits dat myn 
voors. huysvrouw gehouden is myn twe kinderen met name Lourens & 
Blandina te alimenteren En op te voeden En van behoorlycke nootdruft te 

"Aan myn twe kinderen Lourens En Blandina myn gantsche Staat 
om na bet overlyden van myn huysvrow te possideren om Egalyck onder 
haar gedeelt te Werden, alleenlyck dat myn soon Lourens voor 6f saal 
trecken En genieten Dartien Schellinge, als mede dart myn voors. kinderen 
sullen gehouden syn of die geene die haar Erfdeel mogte Comen te vercrij- 
gen om uyt te keeren & betalen aan myn voors. huysvrouw voorkinderen 
met namen Johannis vyftigh Schellinge aan Mettje vyf pondt, En aan 
Johanna vyftigh Schellinge." 

(My wife, Jannecke Lourens shall have & enjoy the income and 
profits of my entire estate during her life, on condition that she maintains 
and educates my two children (named). — To said children (named 
above), my entire estate, to be possessed by wife until her decease. 

70 . Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Laurens to have, in advance, 30 shillings. My said children shall be 
bound, when they obtain their inheritance, to pay to my wife's children 
by her former marriage, Johannis and Johanna, 50 schillings each and to 
Mettje £5. 

Wife appointed guardian over the minors. 

In case of death, the survivors to divide the share. 

"Tot voogdesse over myn onmondige kinderen myn huysvrow." 
Wife appointed executrix. 

Jan Lourens (his mark) 

Tho. Noxon (Sept. 6, 1705, Thomas Noxon & Wm. D' Meyer 

W^D Meyer appeared before the Court and proved the will). 

(Jan Ltturemsm m. Jannetije Schouten, and had: i. Laurens, bt Dec. 23. 16961 "• Blan- 
dina. bt. Aug. 20, 1699.) 

Page 368.— HERMANS, JAN, Junior, of Kingstown. 

Will dated July i8, 1705, and written in Dutch. ^ K^ 

"Myn huysvrouw Antie Heermans Sal in het besit blyven van myn 
gantsche Staat" "gedurende den tijt van haar Weduwschap" (my wife to 
remain in possession of my entire estate during her widowhood). She 
to sell what is neecessary to maintain herself and the children during her 
widowhood, but "het Wijlandt myn toebehorende sal overkogt blyven" 
(the pasture land shall remain unsold) until the children reach the age 
of majority, when they are to divide it. Should the widow marry 
again, she is to have the profits of the estate until the children become of 
age, to maintain and educate them, they then to have one half of the 

"Indien myn vrouws Breeder Eveft van Wageninge quam t' Schoe- 
makers Ambugt op te Setten (As my wife's brother (named), has gone 
into the shoemaker's trade) dat by alsdann vry heeft om Een sesde van de 
gront to gebruycken voor hem in Eijgendom, door myn gecogt van de 
trustees van Kingstowne, gelegen by t' Molen Killetje tot Een Loijerij als 
mede t' Sesde gebruyck van de Steen tot malen van syn Runn (he is to 
have free one sixth of the ground to till, which I bought from the trustees 
of Kingston, situated at the Mill Kill, at a tannery, as well as a sixth part 
in the use of the stone to grind his tan). 

"Aan myn kindered met namen Jacob, Engeltie en Jan (to my 
children, named), "alle Sodannige portie van myn Staat als hier vooren 
geschreven is in her vierde Artyckel Wegens myn huysvrouw" (all such 
portions of my estate as have been described in the fourth article (first 
paragraph) ; survivors to divide share of deceased children. 

"Tot voogden over myn onmondige kinderen (as guardians over 
my children, who are under age) myn Vader (my father) Jan Heermans, 
myn Schoonvader (my father in law) Jacob Aartse, myn broeder (my 

Book of Deeds^ Liber I. 71 

brother), Aart van Wageninge." Wife appointed executrix. Signed by 
the testator. 

JoH°N RoIlILd ^^" ^^^ witnesses appeared. Jan. 2, 1705/6, be- 

D'Meyer, Clarke ^°^^ *^,« ^°^^' Paving the will). 

dau, of Jacob Aartse 

_ . , ., . J. Sept 22, 1788, m. 

Ehnendorf and Aeriantje Gerritse (Van den Berg): ii. Jacob, 

(Son of Jan Heermam, Sr. (fl. v.). Jan Hermans, Jr. m. Annatje, 
(Fon Wagenen) (q. v.), and had issue: i. Bngelt/e, bt. Sept. ii, 1608, d. Sept 22, 1788, m. 
I>ec. 16, .1720, Cornelis, s. of Conrad Ehnendorf and Aeriantje Gerritse (Fan den Berg): ii. Jacob, 
bt. Febr. 2, 1701, m. i., Apr. 28, 1725, Mantje, bt March 15, 1725, dau. of Jan Crisfel and 
Geertte Roosa, m. 2., July 24, 1730, a dau. of Direk Van Vliet and Annatje Adrianse: lii. Jan, 
bt. Aug. 8, 1703, m. Apr. 24, 1731, Jacomyntje bt. March 23, 1701, dau, of Adam Swart and 
ilfe«;« Van Slyck.) 

Page 425.— CRESPEL, ANTOIN, of Kingston. 

Will dated Nov. 6, 1707, and written in Dutch. 
(Lxjng religious preamble.) /> 

"Sod bekenne ick dat ick getransporteert hebbe aan de kindere van 
Wijlert Pieter Crespel myn Outste soon te weeten Antojn Johannis en 
■ Aryaentie Crespel al dat Seeker parceel lants gelegen op Horly of in des- 
selfs Limieten beginninde van een gemerkte boom ontrent de waage weg 
tot een Seker fontyn genoemt de groote fontyn die in de groote kill 
uytwatert als mede ses ackers bos Landt aan de andere Syde van het padt 
en 00k de derde part van myn lant en de geregtigh't gelegen in de 
Limieten va het pettent van het dorp van de Niewe Paltz als 00k een lott 
in de vly van Horly leggende tusschen lott van de Erfgenamen van Jan 
ElHng en het lott van Pidter Pieterson alles volgens de transport dragende 
dato den Seven en twintigste dag van december Een duysent Seven hon- 
dert en vyf. 

"Als dat myn Soon Jan Crespel van myn gecogt heeft myn land op 
Horley (Except wat hier boven bekent is) voor de somme ofte quantity t 
van een duysent Schepels tarw, welke Somme ten deele betaalt is, als mede 
't geen hem Competerende was Van Walrand die Mont wegens syn Erve- 
nisse van Mattys Blanchan heeft die voors. Jan Crespel Insgelyck geor- 
donn'rt om door myn te ontfangen in part van betaling ook heeft de 
voors. Jan Crespel Een neger van myn gehadt met naame Ffredrik" 
"myn voors. Soon Jan Crespel sal hebbe ende genieten" "alles wat myn 
is Competerende van het gecogte landt en de neeger." 

"Aan myn dogter Maria Magdeleen huysvrouw van Mattys Slegt" 
"een negerintie met naame Margriet als mede dat ick aan haar getrans- 
porteert hebbe de derde part (volgens verslag by myn gemaakt) van 
myn landt gelegen in de Limieten van 't pattent ven het dorp van de 
Niewe Paltz als meede soo geeve ick aan myn voors. dogter" "voor Re- 
compens van verschyde Jaaren kostgelt en de groote dienste aan myn 
gedaan (gelyck sy nu noch aan myn dagelyck dort) all het gelt truyn is 
toe komende volgens hiboteek van Moyse Le Cont, En el het gelt myn 
toe komende van Stephanus Gacherie volgens hypoteek." 

"Soo bekenne ick getransporteert te hebbe aan myn dogter JanneHe 

72 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Recoiojs. 

huysvrouw van Nicolas Hofman al het buys en Erf door myn van /an 
Gacherie gecogt waar een hiboteek op is waar op nog drie en twintig 
pondt" "aan myn voor. Dogter Jannetie" "de geregte d6rde part van 
myn geheale Staat Except wat bove vermarkt is." 

"Aan myn dogter Elizabeth huysvrouw van Elias Uin getranspor- 
teert te hebbe de derde part (volgens overslag by myn gemakt) van myn 
Landt en geregtighyt gelegen in de Limiten van t' pattent van de Niewe 
Paltz" "aan myn voors. dogter Elizabeth" "de derde part van myn geheele 
Staat Except wat bove vergaven is." 

"Myn Schoonsoon Huybert Suylandt van myn gecogt heeft myn 
bogaert en gront gelegen in het dorp van Horly volgens transport aan 
hem gepasseert voor het welke hy noyt meeder als een hondert Schepels 
tarw betaalt heeft als mede hebbe verschyde Somme aan hem verschoten 
en voor hem betaalt als ook hebbe aan hem betaalt 't geen Syn Vrouw 
Sara myn dogter was Competerende wegens haar Ervenisse van Mattys 
Blanchan," "myn voors. dogter Sal hebben en de genieten" "all 't geene 
myn is Competerende wegens bogaert en gront ende mede myn verschote 
gelt verder" "aan dogter Sara" "der derde part van myn geheele Staat 
Except wat bove vermaakt is." 

"Schoonsoons Mattys Slegt ende Nicholas Hofman" appointed exec- 

Signed by the testator. 
JoHANNiES Westbroeck (William Nottingham, Mr. Jacobus 
Jacobus Elmendorp Elmendorp, and Mr. Pieter Gimair 

Paire Guimard appeared, Jan. lo, 1707/8 before the 

Wm. Nottingham Court, proving the will). 

(I declare that I have conveyed to the children of Pieter Crespel, 
deceased, my eldest son, named Antojn, Johannis and Aryaentie Crespel, 
all that parcel of land, situated in Hurly, beginning at a tree near the 
wagon-road to a certain spring called the Great Spring, which flows into 
the Great Kill, as well as six acres of wood land (or turf land) on the 
other side of the road, as also a third part of my land in the patent of 
the village of New Paltz, also a lot on the way to Hurly, near the lot of 
the heirs of Jan Elting and the lot of Pieter Pieterson, all according to 
deeds, dated Dec. 20, 1705.; — As my son Jan Crespel has bought of me 
my land at Hurly (except what has been mentioned above) for 1000 
schepels of wheat, of which ten parts have been paid, as also there was 
due him from Walrand die Mont, as heir of Mattys Blanchan, the said 
Jan Crespel has arranged for me to receive in payment a negro by the 
name Ffredrik, now my said son Jan Crespel shall have and enjoy all 
that is due me for that land and the negro. 

To my daughter Maria M., wife of Mattys Slegt, a negro woman, 
Margriet, and as I have conveyed to her the third part of my land in 
New Paltz, I now give to her, for several years board, and in recognition 
of her great services to me, all the money which is due me from a mort- 
gage of Moyse Le Cont and Stephanus Gacherie. 

Book of Deeds, Liber I. 73 

I declare that I have conveyed to my daughter Jannetie, wife of 
Nicolas Hofman, all that house and ground, purchased of Jan Gacherie, 
whereon there is yet a mortgage of £23. Also a third part of the entire 

To daughter Elizabeth, wife of Elias Uin, a third part of my land 
in New Paltz, and the third part of my entire estate. — My son in law, 
Huybert Suylandt has purchased of me my orchard (boomgard) and 
ground in Hurly, for which he has not paid more than lOO schepels 
wheat, and as I have advanced him and have paid to his wife, Sara, my 
daughter, what was due her as heir of Mattys Blanchan, therefore said 
daughter shall have and enjoy all that is due me for this orchard and 
ground, and money advanced. To my daughter Sara one third part of 
my whole estate, except what has been devised above). 

(Anthony Krypel (.Crispel, Crespel) came with his wife, Marie, daughter of Matthys Blan- 
chan (q. V.) from Artois, France, in the "Gilded Otter," April 2j, 1660, and had by Tier: i. Mary 
Magdalena, bt. Febr. 12, i66z, m. Mattys Sleght, s. of Cornells Barentsen Slecht and Tryntje 
Tysen Bos (q. v.); ii. Pieter.iit. Dec. 21, 1664, m. Neeltje Gerritse Newkirk, dau. of Gerrit Cor- 
nelissen N. and HeAdrikje Pdulus (the widow m. 2., Febr. 18, 1697, Johannes Schepmoes, bt. 
Apr. 7, 1672, s. of Dirck Janse S. and Maria WUlems); iii. Lysbef, bt. Oct. 3, 1666, d. y. ; iv. 
Lyslfet, bt. Oct. is, 1668, m. Elias Ean; v. Sarfi^ bt. June 18, '1671, m. Huybert Suylandt; vi. 
John, bt. July 21, 1674, m.. May 25, 1701, Geertje Janse Roosa. 

Anthony Crispel m., 2., Petronella Demon, and had issue: vii. Jannetje, bt. June 4, 1682, 
d. y.; viii. Jean, bt. Oct. 12, 1684, d. y.; ix. Jannetie, bt. Febr. 7^ 1686, m., Dec 3, 1704, Nicholas 
Half man, s. of Martinits H. and Emmerentje D* Witt (sec Nicholas Hoof man). 

Page 429.— LOW, PIETER CORNELISSE, of Kingstown, Yeoman. 

Will dated Dec. 20, i6go. rK 

"My deare beloved wife Elizabeth shall possess and Injoy all my 
Estate of lands Chatties, and Implements of household goods and tene- 
nlents" "during her widdo ship" "but if my said wife shall Come to 
Remarry again yt shee shall deliver to my Children ye Right halfe 
of all my Estate" "and yt she shall have ye other halfe" "and yt 
the other halfe of my Estate to be Rented out or uppon use untill 
ye Youngest of my Children be Come to their age and then what is 
Left of that halfe to bee Equally Devided among them all and noot before, 
also I will yt my wife Shall w'th :in one Yere after my death deliver or 
Cause to be delivered to my Eldest Sonn Cornelis Pieterse Low one 

PiETER CoENELissE Low (the mark 
William Haynes of, sett by his own hand) 

John Peterse (his mark) (Humphrey Davenport appeared, 
Humphrey Davenport March 4, 1707/8, before the 

Court, proving the will). 

(See his former will, supra.') 


DEN, Elizabeth, l^^ Aju^XA^ 

Will dated July 21, 1677, and written in Dutch. 

"Naar de middagh ontrent 7 uren voor my Lodevicus Cobes Secrets : 
van Schanegtede ende voor de naargenoemde getuygen gecompareert 

74 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

ende Verschenen zyn, den Eersamen Theunis Cornelisse Swart, ende 
Elizabeth vander Linden Echte beyden my Secretario wel bekent" know- 
ing the shortness of the human life, etc., the longest liver to have 
"actien en Crediten, gelt, gout, zilver, gemunt en ongemiuit, Juweelen, 
Kleederen, linnen, woolen, huysraat en de anders" and if the longest 
liver were to marry "de helft eene Schifinge en de Deelinge gemaakt Sal 
worden voor haare Elf kinderen te Samen geproucureert ende in 't leven 
zynde Insgelyke Soo sy byde testateuren mogten komen te overlyden sen- 
der in eenander heuwelyk te treden, is haar begeeren dat de minder 
jaarige kinderen uyt de Effecten Sullen groot gemaakt worden." 

(Near noon about 7 o'clock ( i) before me, Lodevicus Cobes, Sec- 
retary of Schenectady and for the undersigned witnesses, appeared the 
worthy Theunis Cornelisse Swart and Elizabeth van der Linden, his 
wife, — the longest liver to have bonds, book-debts, money, gold, silver, 
coined and uncoined, jewels, clothing, linnen, woolen, household-goods. 
"If the survivor should marry, one half to go to their" children, begotten 
by them, and if so should happen that both the testators should die 
without having married again, the minors shall be brought up from the 
proceeds of the estate.) 

Theunis Cornelisse (het mark) 
Leysebeth Van der Lenden 

SwEER Thonissen (het merk) 

domine aukes 

My Present 

Lodevicus Cobes Secrets: 

(T. C. S. and Elisabeth Lendt (.Van de Linde) had issue; i. Cornelis, b. 1652; iL Esais, 
b. 1653; iii. Teunis; iv. Frederic; v. Adam; vi. Marytje (m. Claas Lourense Van de Voleen); »ii. 
Jacomyntje (m. i., Pieler Viele, m. 2.,Bennony Arenise Van Hoeck and 3> ComeUs Vynhout), 
For their descendants, see: Pearson's First Settlers of Schenectady, pps, 180-184, and Pearson's 
First Settlers of Albany, p. J07. — T. C. S. on June 16, 1664 had a patent of "the double bouwery 
No. 10," in Schenectady Patent (Schen. Patents, 309). — Elizabeth, his widow, then wife of Jacii 
Meese Vrooman, of Albany, on Febr. 20, 168^-6, conveyed to her son, Jesias Swart 8 acres on 
the south end of this farm (Schen. Deeds, iii, p. 310). — ^Jacob Meese Vrooman, carpenter, and 
surveyor of Beverwyck, in his will, July 20, 1691, proved Sept. 22, 1691, mentions no children, 
the wife to occupy '%iy house by the bridge formerly Dom. Schaets." — ^Elizabeth, the widow, m. 3., 
Oct. 14, 1691, Wouter Uythoif, of Albany, and on Apr. 26, 1692, he and his wife, Elizabeth, for 
S40 beavers conveyed the whole farm to Claas Lourense Van Purmerend (van der Volgen) (Schen. 
Deeds, iv.. p. 34). 

Page 442.— ROOSA, HYMAN, of Hurly. 

^ Will dated Aug. 23, 1708, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble.) ^-f. \jjl^ 

"Myn drie Soonen met namen Allert Nicolas en de Gysbert Sail heb- 
ben" "gelyk" "myn geheele vaste en onroende staat" "op Conditie dat sy 
daar voor betalen" "aan myn vier dogters met naamen Jannetie huys- 
vrouw van Philip Hooghtyling Wyntie huysvrouw van Willem Crom, 
Ragel ende Lea de Somme van Een hondert vyftigh pondt." (My three 
sons, A. N. and G., to have my whole real and personal estate, on condi- 
tion that they pay to my four daughters, J., wife of P. H., W., wife of 
W. C, R. and L., the sum of £150). 

Book of Deeds^ Liber I. 75 

"Aan myn vier voors. dogters de bovege melde Somma van Een 
bonder en vyftigh pondt" "in twe Jaaren na myn overlyden" (to my four 
daughters said sum of £150, to be paid within four years after my de- 

• "Myn twe Jongste dogters Ragel en Lea Sal drie Jaaren na myn 
overlyden" "of myn staat Wei gekleet en de gereet Werden na behooren" 
(my youngest daughters, R. and L., shall be well clothed for three years 
after my decease). 

"Aan myn Oudste Soon Allert voor uyt van myn Losse en Roerende 
Staat Een paart of een koe de keur van myn stat (my oldest son, A., shall 
have the choice of a horse or a cow in advance out of my estate). 

Sons Allert Rosa, Nicolaes Rosa and Gysbert Rosa appointed exec- 
utors. Signed by the testator. 

(Mr. William Nottingham and Jacobus 
Jan Roosa Van Etten, on Sept. 9, 1708, appeared 

Mattys Louw before the Court: Mr. William Legg, 

Jacobus Van Netten Esq., Judge, Capt. Dirck Schepmoes, 

Wm. Nottingham I^""- J°i" ^°S^ ^"<^ <^*P*- P^"'«s Brod- 

head, Esq., Justices, provmg the will,) 

(.Albert Heymans, farmer, came from Herwynen, Gelierland, April 15, 1660 in the "Spotted 
Cow, with his wife, Wyntje Ariens (.IVeilke de Jonge), and 8 children, aged resp, 17, 15, 14, 9, 
8, 7, 4i and z years, settled in Esopus, and assumed the name of ROOSA. — Albert Hymans Roosa 
received on Aug.. 19, J664, a patent of land in Wyldwyck. He died Febr. 27, 1679. Of his chil- 
dren: Heyman was b. 1643, Arien, b. 1645, Jan, b. 1651. m. HiUegondt Wiltems, like, m. Roelof 
Kierstede, Mary, tk. Laurens Jansen," Neeltie, to. after Nov. 3, 1676, Henry Pawling, Jannetie, m. 
in Hurley, Nov. 16, 1679, Matthys Ten Eyck of N. Y., G%ert, bt. June 15, 1663. "Hie filius obijt 
ante baptismum" (this son died after baptism). (Albert Heymans, Arent Albertsen, his son, 
et al, were "convicted upon oath and affirmance for taking of arms in a riotous and illegal manner 
upon the i6th of Febr., 1666, to awe, terrify and supress his Majesty's English (jarrison estab- 
lished at Esopus." They "deserved to be put to death" but the (jovemor, "ipclining to mercy" 
sentences Albert Hymans to be bannished out of this Government, during life, and he is to have 
48 hours to transport bis estate, and that a fine of 100 bushels of wheat or value thereof be 
levied on his estate in the Esopus for charges of Court, and Arent Albertsen, his son, is sen- 
tenced to be banished for one whole jrear and a day, and he is to have 40 days to remain in the 
Esopus for the disposal of his and his father's affairs." One half of the time was remitted by 
the Governor, upon petition of A. H., and "he may remain in any part of the ' Government except 
Esopus, New York and Albany, and his son may remain till his corn is husked, threshed and 
disposed of." 

Heyman Alderse Roosa m. Ann Margriet Rosevelt, and had issue: i. Aldert, bt. March 2, 
1679, b. in Hurley,^™. June 21, 1696, Petronella Van Etten; ii. Claes (Nieholaes), bt Apr. 27, 
1684, m. Dec. 18, 1720, Zara Rutse; iii. Gysbert, bt. Oct. 17, 1686; iv. Neeltie, bt. Oct. 13, 1689; 
V. Rachel, bt. Apr. 19, 1696, m„ Dec. g, ijis, Totanmes Ten Broeck (q. v.); Jannetie, m. Nov. 
30, 1702, Philip Hobgteeling: Wyntje, m. Nov. 12, J699, Willem Crom, of Mdrbletown; Lea; 
(Jannetje and Wyntje were bom, prob., before Sachel and Lea). (See also' Doc. Hist N. Y., 
ill, p. 36, iv., p. 39; Doc. rel. to Col. Hist, of N. Y., xiii. Hist, of Kingston, p. 22, 28-29; N. Y. 
Gen. Reg., 1000 pps. 163-; Hist of the State of N. Y., by Broadhead, p. 690; Reg. of New 
Netherland, by OXallaghan, p. 71, 158). 

Page 452.— HENDRIX, GRITIE, "weduwe van Wijlen" (widow of 
deceased) Dirck Hendrikse, of Foxhall. ^i^ 

Will dated Sept. 26, 1708, and written in Dutch. 
"Myn neger man met naame Pieter Sal vry syn van Slaverny Sonder 

i*Laurens Jansen Low, b. in Holland, 1651, brother of Cornelis Jansen Kortright, A. in 
1727. They were sons of Jan Bastiaesen. who came over in 1663 with his two sons. C. j. Kort- 
right m., 1665, Metje, dau. of Bastiaen Elyessen (Metje Cornelis). 

76 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

dat Jemant mynent Wegen of op Eenige andere manier de voors. neger 
tot een Slaaf Sal mogen gebruyken of aanvenden, Insgelyck Soo geeve ik 
aan myn voors. neger de geregte Derde van myn buys en gront in Kings- 
town, alsmede een vaars van drie Jaren out, twaalf en een vierde Stuk 
van Agten voor syn Wek te goet bij Abram Chambers, twe en veertigh 
guldens te goet bij Matty s Slegt voor Speck, alle myn Bijlen & Wiggen, 
al myn Slaap geet, te Weter, Bed, peulen, kussen, & Deekens, als 
mede de geregte derde van all myne overige Roerende Staat, Except wat 
hiernader particulier uytgedrukt is (my negro by the name P. shall be 
free from slavery, and nobody shall use him for my sake or for any other 
reason ; I also give him one third of my house and land in K., a bullock 
three years old, I2j4 pieces of eight, for his work due him from A. C, 42 
guldens from M. S. for pork, all my hatches and wedges, all my 'sleeping 
goods', that is, bed, pillows, cushions and coverlets, as well as a third 
of all my personal estate, except what I have disposed of here below). 

"Aan de Doacony van de duyste gereformeerde Kerk van Kings- 
town" "in der tyt de geregte Derde van myn buys & gront in Kingstowne 
als mede all t' geene my Deugdelyk is Competerende van Jam van Vliet 
(to the deaconry of the Dutch Reformed Church of K. one third of my 
house and land in K., as well as all what is virtually due me from J. 
van v.). 

"Aan Mr. William Legg" "Een hondert ackers op Landt myn tobe- 
hoerende gelegen in de Corporatie Kingstowne volgens transport van de 
trustees van voors : Corporatie (to Mr. W. L. 100 acres of land in the 
Corporation of K., conveyed to me by the Trustees thereof). 

"Aan Bastyaen de Witt van Kingstowne" "de geregte Derde van myn 
buys en gront in Kingstowne als mede een geregte derde van myn Roe- 
rende Staat" (to B. de W. of K. one third of my bouse and land in K., as 
well as one third of my personal estate). 

"Aan Willem Traphagen" "all 't geene my Deugdelyk is Compete- 
rende van Huybert Aarts volgens bont aan my gepasseert, als mede een 
geregte derde van myn Roerende Staat" "mits dat de voors : Willem 
Traphagen gehouden is de onkoste van myn begraven te betalen" (to 
W. T. all what is virtually due me from H. A., according to a bond, as 
well as one third of my personal estate" "provided said W. T. pays for the 
costs of my burial). 

"Aan Geertie Maston dogter van Cornelis Maston Een koe genaemt 
Blaar" (to G. M., daughter of C. M., a cow called B.). 

Mr. William Legg and William Traphagen appointed executors. 

Gritie Hendrix (her mark) 

Witnessed by Abraham Lamaitre, Cornelis Maston, and D. Meyer, 
who all appeared before the Court, Jan. 17, 1708/9, proving the will. 

Book of Deeds, Liber I. "jy 

The following wills of Hugh Frere in the possession of Mr. Ralph 
Lefevre, of New Palis, are not on record in Kingston, Albany or New 

I. FRERE, HUGUE, of The Paltz, laborer. 

Will dated Sept. 4, 1697/8, and written in French. 

Nostre aide soit au nom de Dieu qui a fait le ciel et la terre. Amen. 

Par devant Abraham Hasbroucq, Justicier de paix au palle Comtes 
de Ulster et Louis Beviere et Jean Cottin demeurant au dit Palle comparu 
Hugue Frere, labourer, demeurant aussi au palle de sa pure et franche 
volonte estant tres saint d'esprit et d'entendement, sachant quel'heure de 
la mort est incogneue a tons les hommes desirant qu'apres son trepas tous 
ses enfants vivent en bonne union et concorde nous a declare sa volonte 
pour son testament pour a qui regarde tous ses biens, meuble et immeuble, 
premierement a dit que hugue Frere son fils aisnes aura dix pieces de huit 
pour son droit d'aisnes aussi a dit que trois de ses plus jeune enfans 
Jacob, Jean et Sara apres son trespas ils jouiront de toutes les terres et 
sa maison et tous ses parterre en fin de tous les immeujusques a ce que la 
dite fille Sara soit parvenue a I'age de seize ans sans payer aucune louage 
a leur autres frere et soeurs et apres que la dite fille Sara aura seize ans 
ils pourront partager tous ensemble tous les meuble et immeuble egalement 
apres quil auront payer toutes les dettes la reserve que sa fille Sara aura 
un lit de plume et un traver et deux couver et une vache et elle aura cecy 
hors de part et par dessus les autres et son fils Jacob aura en cheval a 
choisir dans son escurie. II aura le dit cheval hors de part et par desu les 
autres, et son fils Jean prendra aussy un cheval a choisir et ils aura aussy 
le dit cheval hors de part et par dessus les autres pareillement a leur 
autres freres et soeurs que ont pris cy devant chacun un cheval et Marie 
Frere une vache. 

La dit hugue Frere, testateur, establie et suplie son fils huge Frere 
de maintenir le bon droit et interest de ses freres et soeurs j usque a ce 
quils seront en age, les dit enfans Jacob, Jean et Sara jouiront aussi bien 
des meubles que des immeubles jusque specific cy dessus. 

Le dit testateur recommande tous ses enfans a la sainte protection 
du bon Dieu et qu'il le benis de ses benedictions, temporel et spirituel. 

Fait au palle le quatrieme jour de Januie mil six cens nonnante sept. 

Jean Cottin, temoin; 

Abraham Hasbrouck, temoin; Marq X Hugue Frere. 

LouYS Bayvyr, temoin. 

May our help be in the name of God who made the heaven and the 
earth. Amen. 

Before Abraham Hasbrouck justice of the peace at the Paltz, county 
of Ulster, and Louis Bevier and Jean Cottin living at the Paltz appeared 
Hugo Frere, laborer, living also at the Paltz, of his (own) pure and 

78 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

free will, being of sound mind, and understanding that the hour of death 
is unknown to all men, desiring that after his death all his children may 
live in good unity and concord has declared to us his desire for his testa- 
ment in regard to his properties, moveable and immovable. 

First, to wit, that Hugo Frere his eldest son shall have ten pieces 
of eight as his birthright; also to wit that three of the younger children, 
Jacob, John and Sara after his death shall have all the lands and his 
house and all the garden plat, in a word all the real property, until 
said daughter Sara attains the age of i6 years, without paying any 
rent whatever to their other brothers and sisters, and after the said daugh- 
ter Sara is sixteen years old they may divide equally among them- 
selves all the household stock and the real property, after they have paid 
all the debts ; with the reservation that the daughter Sara shall have one 
feather bed, one bolster, and two covers (blankets) and one cow, and 
she shall have these over and above the others; and the son Jacob shall 
choose from his stable a horse and he shall have the said horse, over and 
above the others ; and his son Jean shall also choose a horse which shall 
be over and above the others, similarly to their other brothers and sisters 
who have taken each a horse, and Marie Frere a cow. 

The aforesaid Hugo Frere, testator, appoints and entreats his son 
Hugo Frere to maintain the good rights and interests of his brothers 
and sisters until they are of age. The said children Jacob, Jean and Sarah 
shall have the household things and the real property until the time speci- 
fied above. 

The testator commends all his children to the divine protection of 
the good God and asks the blessing of his benificence, temporal and 

Made at the Paltz the fourth day of January, one thousand six hun- 
dred ninety-seven. (1697/8.) 

(Hughe Freer, a deacon of the church at New Paltz, Jan. 22, 1683-Dec. 8, 1693, ">• i, 
Maria Haye, m. 2, Janneke Wibau. "The wife of H. F. died in the Lord." Issue : i. Hugue, b. 
1668, m. June 7, 1690, Maria Anna Le Roy; ii. Abraham, b. 1670, m. Apr. 28, 1694, Aeche tvillem 
Titsoort; iii. Isaac, bt. 1672, d. Aug. 9, 1690; by 2d wife: iv. Jacob, bt. June 9, 1679, m., 170S, 
Antje Van Weyen; v. Joseph; vi. Jean, h%. Apr. 16, 1682 at Marmur, m. ab. 1704, Rebecca Van 
Wagenen, d. of Jacob Aartsen (a. v.), and Sarah Pels; vii. Mary, bt. 1686 at Hurley, m. Louis 
Velle of Schenectady; (See N. ¥, (jen. Reg., 1902, p. 31 et seq. for an account). 

II. FRERE, HUGH, New Paltz. 

Will dated Febr. 12, 1706/7 (only pps. 1-2 remains, the rest 
are missing). 

(Long religious preamble.) 

"Myn huysvrouw Marie Anne sail blyven in voile possessie van myn 
geheele stadt" "gedurende haer weduwschap" (my wife to remain in 
full possession of my whole estate during her widowhood) "en Indien sy 
sal koomen te hertrouwen sail sy gehoude syn om twee derde van myn 
voors. staet aan myn eerfgenamen" "uyt te keeren ende opte Leevere" 
(and if she should happen to marry, she shall be bound to deliver one 
tfiird of said estate to my heirs) "Ende na haer overlyden sail de andere 

Book of Deeds, Liber I. 79 

derde van myn voors. staet ock an myn Erfgenemen koomen" (and after 
her death said third part to go to the heirs). . 

"Aen myn outste soon Huge voor uyt de somma van £5 voor sy 
Reght van Eerste geboorene" (to my eldest son, H., £5 for his right c 

"Tot Erfgenamen myn kinders By namen Huge, Isaap, Simon, Marit 
Sara, Hester, Cattrma, Blandina, Johannes, znA Benjamin. (As heir 
children named). "Ende voort de kinders die Ick en myn voors. huyi 
vrouw uyt ons staende hywelyck moghte coome te procurere om my 
geheele voors. staet Egaalyck" (and the children which I and my said 
wife may have shall divide equally with my other children). 

(See his later will.) 


Page 39.— LEQQ, WILLIAM, of Kingstown. 

Will dated June 5, 1710. v j ^-f u>^ 

/ "Unto my dear wife Susana Legg my whole Estate dureing her 
Widdowhood but if she hapen to Contract Mariage that then Shee Shall 
but in joy one third of the same & the other two thirds to be to the only 
proper use benefit & behoofe of my Children hereafter Exprest dureing 
her natural Life and then to Returne to my Children as followeth." 

"Unto my Well beloved Son William Legg" "the Sixth part of all 
my Stock & moveables Except three Milk Cows bequeathed hereafter 
with all my land that I dwell upon by name Jacob's Hook and the Hand 
with the orchard house and barne" "after his mothers decease provided 
that it shall be vallued by three men upon Oath & in Convenient time after 
his mothers decease and that the one halfe of the mony that it shall be 
vallued at the said William shall be bound to pay to my other Children 
under Expressed in three yeare" (to each a third). 

"Unto my well beloved Son John Legg" "the Just sixth part of my 
Stock & moveables Except three milk Cows hereafter bequeathed With 
the Just fifth part of my Reale Estate Excepting the which I have above 
bequeathed to my son Wm. Legg." 

"Unto my Loveing Son in Law Jacobis De Boy" "the sixth part of 
all my Stock and Moveables Except three Milk Cows" "& the Just fifth 
part of all my Reale Estate Except the Land and premises bequeathed to 
my son William." 

"Unto my Loveing Son in Law Jolm Davenporf "the Just Sixth 
part of all my Stock and Moveables & one Milk Cow of the three above 
Excepted. And Likewise the Just fifth part of my Reale Estate Except 
what is above bequeathed to my Son William." 

"Unto my Loveing Son In law Johannis Borhans" "the Just Sixth 
part of all my Stock & moveables and one Milk Cow one of the three 
above Excepted with the fifth part of all my Reale Estate Except what 
is above bequeathed to my Son William." 

"Unto my beloved daughter Saarah Legg" "the Just sixth part of all 
my Stock & moveables and one Cow the Last of the three above Excepted 
and the fifth part of all my Reale Estate Except what is above bequeathed 
to my Son William." 

"Friends and neighbours James Whitaker and Edward Whitaker" 
appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

Keyn Osterhoudt (Witnesses appeared before the 

Henderik Burhans Court, Aug. 28, 1710, proving 

PiETER OsTERHOUT (hismark). the will). 

Book of Deeds, Liber II.. 81 

(W. L. m. Susanna Maret (.Marrid), and had issue: i. William, m. Geesje Ploeg, dau. of 
Henric P. (see his will) ; ii. Susanna, bt. Sept. 22, 1678, m. March 26, 1699, Jan (Jacobus) Du 
Boil, b. Ltyden, Holland; iii. Maria, bt. Apr. 9, 16&2, m., after Nov. 15, 1707, John Devenport; in 
the baptismal records, her parents name are given- as Wm. Lucass and Susanna Marrid; 
iv. Margriet, bt. Jan. 27, 1684 (dau. of Willem Luyck and Susanna Marrid), ra. i. Johannes 
Berhans, m. 2., Apr. 7, 1726, Borent Von Btnthuysen, widower of Jannetjen Von Wageningen; v. 
Sara, bt. June 6, 1686, m., 1711, Jacob Kool; vi. 5<»nH«J, bt. March 25, 168S; and John Lege, 
b. Kingston, m., Apr. 21, 1701, Annttje Fynhouf). 

Page 192.— SCHOONMAKER, HENDRICK, of Kingstown. 

Will dated Jan. 12, 1711/12. ri/( f- i^^^- 

C" "Unto my well beloved and dear wife Geertruy ray whole Estate 
both Real and personall dureing her widdowhood but If She Should 
Contract Marige that then two thirds of my whole Estate both real and 
personal! to be to" "my Children" "and only one third to my wife during 
her natural! life and then to Return to my said Children." 

"To my beloved son Hendrick Schoonmakef" "negro boy named 
Tom and With the eleventh part of my whole Estate both real and per- 

"To my well beloved Son Johcmis Schoonmaket'' "the Just Elevmth 
part of my whole Estate both real and personall Excepting a negro boy 

"To my well beloved son Tyrk Schoomrmker" "the Just Eleaventh 
part of my whole Estate real and personal! Excepting a negro boy." 

"To my Beloved Son Jacobus Schoonmaker" "Sie Just Eleaventh 
part of my whole Estate both real and personal! Excepting a negro boy." 

"To my beloved- Son Heskiah Schoomnak^' "the just Eleaventh 
part of my wliole Estate" "Excepting a negro boy." 

"To my well beloved daughter Barbarae Schoonmaker" "the Just 
Eleventh part of my whole Estate" "Excepting The negor boy Tom." 

"To my beloved daughter Else Schoonmakef^' the Eleventh part. — 
"To beloved daughter Janitie Schoonmaker'' "the Eleaventh part." — ^"To 
beloved daughter Same Schoonmaker^' the eleventh part. To daughter 
Ecetriena Sdixwnmccker the eleventh part. — To daughter Mariae Schoon- 
maker the eleventh part. 

If any of the children should die "under age", the survivors to divide 
that share. "Broder Egbert Schoonmaker and my friend and neighbour 
Edward Whittaker" appcnnted executors. Signed by the testator. 

(Mr. James Whitfaker, Mr. 
James Whittaker Comeles Vernoy Jun'r. & Mr. 

CoRNELES Vernoy Peter Osterhout appeared before 

Peteh Osterhout (his mark), the Court, Apr. 12, 1712, prov- 
ing the will). 

Henr. Beekman 
Arien Gerritsen 
Evert Wynhoop 
A true Coppy Wm. NottinghaMj Clark. 

82 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Hendrick Hendrixen Schoonmaker, s. of Hendrick Jochemse S. and Elsie Janse (see 
Jochem S.), m., March 24, 1688, Geertmy de Witt, dau. of Tierek Claessen De Witt (q. v.), and 
had issue: i. Elsie, bt. Apr. 14, i68i>, d. y.; ii. Heskia, bt. Apr. 14, 1689; iii. Barbara, bt May 
26 1691, m., Oct. 30, 1719, Wihelmus Ploeg; iv. Eisie, bt. Apr. 17, 1692, m., June (3, 1713. 
Ntcholas De Meyer (bt. Oct 14, 1683, s. of Wilhelmus De Meyer and Catherine Bayard (q.. v.) ; 
V. Hendrick, bt. June 3, 1694, m., Oct. 16, 1724, Tryntje Oosterhoudt; vi. Jannetje, bt. Aug. 18, 
169s, d. y^ vii. Johannes, bt, July 4, 1697, m.. May is, 1729. Ariaentje HoogteKng (see Johannes 
S.); via. Tjerck, bt. Jan. 22, 1699, m., Nov. 21, 1729, Theodosia (CftiMflfeet^ bt. May 7, 1719, d. 
March 6, 1791, dau. of Edward W. and Hillitje Burhans (see Tyrricb S.) i nc Jacob, bt. Nov. 3, 
1700; X. JannetiCi bt. Oct. 4, 1702, m., Sept. 30, 1720, Hendrick Oosterhoudt; pd, Sarah, bt. March 
2, 1707, d. y.; xii. Catrintt, bt. Febr. 11, 1709, m., Jan. 14, 1731, Abraham Person; xiii.'Sarah, bt. 
Oct. 12, 1710, m., Aug. 19, 1726, Cornells Macklm}. . 

Page 196.— M ASTON, CORNELIS, of Kingstown. 

Will dated Jan. 30, 1712, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble.) 

"Aan myn outste soon Johanis Masten Een schiet roer tegenwoordig 
In zyn possessie." "Myn beminde huysvrouw Elizabeth sail blyve in 
Voile possessie van myn geheele Staat gedurende de tyt Van haar Wedu- 
weschap en Indien sy Comt te hertrouwen sail zy gehouden zyn om de 
gerechtige helleft van voors. Staat aan myn kinders uyt te keren ende na 
haar Doot sail de andere helft 00k aan myn kinders Coomen." 

(To my eldest son, J. M., a gun, now in his possession. My said 
wife Elisabeth shall remain in full possession of my whole estate during 
her widowhood, and if she should happen to marry, she shall be bound 
to convey one half of my estate to my children, and at her death the other 
half shall also go to my children.) 

"Aan myn vyf Kinders mett naamen Johannis Maston Aart Masten, 
die vertie huysvrouw van Gysbert Van den Bergh (named Diewertje {De- 
borah), as will be seen later). Antic Maston en Geertie huysvrouw van 
Arien Vliet" "myn gehele Staat" (to my five children, by name J. M., 
A. M., the worthy wife of G. V. d. B., A. M., and G., wife of A. V., my 
entire estate). 

Wife appointed executrix. Signed by the testator, and witnessed by 
Abraham Lametter, Willem Schepmoes, Aart Van Wagenen, and Wm. 
Nottingham, who all appeared before the Court : Henry Beekman, Jacob 
Rutsen, Dirck Schepmoes, on March 6, 1711/12, proving the will. 

(Cornelius Masten, (s. of John Masten, or Marston, an Englishman, who settled at Flushing 
previous to 1644, and m. Dievertje Jans, Oct. 27, 1650, and who in his will, dated Febr. 14, 1670 
(N. Y. Sur. Office, Liber L, p. 116) mentions "my two sons, John and Cornelius, under age, 
daughter Elisabeth and Katherine) m. ab. 1676, Elisabeth Aartse (Van Wagenen), dau. of Aart 
Jacobsen (Van Wagenen) and Annetje Gerrits (a. v.), and had issue: i. Johannes, bt. March 31, 
1678, m. 1., Oct. 19, 1701, Marytje Swart, m. 2., Jan. 25, 1712, Maria Wells (see Enekiel Masten); 
ii. Diewertje (Deborah), m. Oct. 20, 1700, Gysbert Van den Burgh; iii. Aart, bt. Sept 22, 
1682, m., Sept. 9, 1704, Pieternella Viele; iv. Aniie, bt Aug. 18, 1684, m., May 1, 1712, Mottys 
Janse, s. of Jan Matthysen and Magdalena Blanshan (q. v.); v. Geertie (Grietjen), bt Nov. 6, 
1687, m., Febr. 11, 1711, Arie, bt July 12, 1686, s. of Dirck Van Vliet and Anna Andriesen). 

Page 205.— MOURITZ, FREDRICK PIETERSEN, of Marbletown. 

Will dated May 30, 1709, and written in Dutch. 
(Long religious preamble.) s^K -^^^ 

"Myn huysvrouw Engeltie sail besitten En blyven in voile possestie 
van myn gehele Staat om geduerende haar Leven" "met Conditie zy on- 

Book of Deeds, Liber II. 83 

geuwt blyeft maar Indien zy Comt te hertrouwen sail zy myn geheele 
voors. staat dat alsdan inweesen sail aan myn Erfgenamen hier onder 

"Myn outse Soon Pieter" "dertigh schepels goede winter tarw voor 
Reght van Eerst geboorene." 

"Aan myn seven kinders mett naamen Pieter Jannetie Mourits Engel- 
tie Oeyke Geertruy ende Elizabeth" "myn geheele Staat om Egaalyck 
onder haar alle gedeelt te werden uytegenomen de dertigh schepele taruw 
aan Pieter." 

(My wife E. shall possess and remain in possession of my whole estate 
during her life, on condition that if she should happen to marry, it shall 
go to my heirs named below. My eldest son, P., 30 schepels of winter 
wheat, his right of primogenitur. To my seven children, P., J., M., E., 
O., G., and E., my entire estate, to be equally divided among them with 
the exception of the 30 schepels of wheat given to P.) 

Wife appointed executrix. Signed by the testator. 

Hendrick Bogart (his mark) 

Tans Middagh ^^^- Hendrick Bogart, Capt. 

T ,, Toris Middagh, & Wm. Notting- 

JoRis Middagh ^am, appeared before the Court, 

Wm. Nottingham. May 30, 1709, proving the will). 

(.Frederick Pietersen iMourits) m. Engeltje Hendrick, and had issue: i. Pieter, bt. Oct. i6, 
1667, m. after May 17, I7a7» Marya Haal, widow of Jan Bix; ii. Jannetie, bt. June 18, 1671, m. 
before Nov. 13, 1692, Isaac Davids; Hi. Hendrick, bt. prob. Apr. 24, 1675; iv. Engel, bt. Febr. 9, 
1670: V. Geertruid, bt. July 28, 1684, m. (as Geertruy Mouritse) , Joseph Stevense; vi. Blysabetlt, 
bt. Dec. s, 1686; vii. Oeyke, m. Aug. 29, 1703,. /onj (George') Hale (her name is also spelled 
Oeyeke Mauritste, Outie Mouritse, Oetje Mauris). 

Page 323.— COTTIN, CATHERINE, of Kingston. 

Will dated July 23, 1712, and written in French. 

"Nostra Aid soit au nom de Dieu qui a fait le ciel et Laterre Amen 
Moy Catherine Cottin estant tres sain desprit et detendement Et ayant 
poir mon mary Jean Cottin Merchand demeurant a Kingston dans La 
County de Ulster province de nouvel York et Considerant que Lheur de la 
Mort Est Incognue a toutes Creature humaine apres avoir Recommande 
mon ame a Mon Creatur tous puissans dieu et mon Saveur & Redempteur 
et par Le merite de son fils Jesus Christ Je croy Estre sauvez et avoir 
Remission de mes pechez et Espere a La Resurection de Juste par la 
Vertur esticace de la passion de Nostre Seigneur Jesus Christ posseder 
Le Royaume du Ciel prq)arez a ses Eleu." (In the name of God, who 
has made the heaven and the earth, I, C. C, of good mind and memory, 
and being wife of Jean Cottin, merchant, living in K., in the county of U., 
New York, considering that the hour of death is unknown to all human 
creatures, I recommend my soul to my Creator, almighty God, and my 

84 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Saviour and Redeemer, hoping, by the merit of his son, Jesus Christ, that 
I shall find remission for all my sins, and at the resurrection of the righte- 
ous, by the virtue and passion of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, to possess the 
Kingdom of Heaven, prepared for his elect). "Dont il paroist par 
L'inventaire que Jay ffait aves mon dit Mary Jean Cottin" "Je doit avoir 
Le troisieme part du profitt que dieu nous a donnez par ces bontez 
ensemble — avec mondit Mary Jean Cottin de puis L'heur de nostra 
Mariage Jusques a Mon trespas premierement" (As it appears from an 
inventory, which I made with my said husband, J. C, that I should have 
one third of all the profits which God, in his grace, has given unto us, 
from the hour of my marriage with said husband, J. C, until I passes 
away) "Je veux" "que la franchise dattez du vingt deuxieme jour de 
septembre mil sept Cens Et deux que Je donne a Rachel quest son nom 
apres avoir Estez baptisez Sert^' "et prandra apre ma mort dans masufr 
de huit et Les autres chose qui sont dite dans Les dit affranchissement et 
elle Le prendra devant que mes Enfans puissent partir ma Troisieme part 
des dit profitt." (I will that the freedom, dated Sept. 22, 1702, which I 
have given to Rachel, as her name is now after having been baptized 
Sera, shall remain in force, and that she shall have 30 pieces of eight 
frem said third part of the profits, and other things, as appears in said 
manumission, and she shall have it before my children divide their shares 
of my third interest in said profits)." "Et Aussy Je veux" "que la 
flfranchissement datez du dix septieme jour daouust mil sept Cens et neuf 
que Jay doonez a nostre negresse Dma sera observez et gardez en la 
pline force vertue." (I will that the letter of manumission, dated Aug. 
17, 1709, which I have given to our negress, Dina, shall remain in force, 
and be- properly observed). "Et Aussy Je veux" "qua La donations 
dattez du dixieme Jour de Mars mil six Cens nonans Sept Que Jay fiait 
a ma fille Sara pour tous mes huit habit et une bagne dor sera observe." 
(I also wish that the donation, dated March 2, 1697, which I have made 
to my daughter, Sara, of all my new clothing and a gold ring, shall be 
properly observed.) "Aussy Je donnez a leglize flamend icy de Kingston 
Vingt piece de huit quel prendra apres ma mort dans ma susdit troisieme 
part dfr profitt et ce pour aider a Subvenier a les pauvres." (I give to 
the Dutch Church here in Kingston 20 pieces of eight, to be taken after 
my death from myL&ird part of the' profits, to be used for the benefit of 
the poor). "Et poitr ce qui Concerne le Reste de ma sus dit troisieme 
part de profit" "a Abraham Du Bois et Jacob Du Bois et David Du Bois 
Et Mathieu.Du Bois et les deux fils de dessunt Isaac Du Bois a eux Cinqj 
Ensemble Je Leur donne quil prendrant aprez ma mort dans ma susdit 
troisieme part de profitt une quatrieme part et a Salomon Du Bois et a 
Louis Du Bois aeux Ensemble Je Leur donne quil prendront apres ma 
mort dans ma susdit troisieme part de profitt une quatrieme part et a Sara 

Book of Deeds, Liber II. 85 

ma fille Je luy dpnne quel prendra apres ma morte les autres quatrieme 
part de ma susdit troisieme part de profit pour elle seul et pour leur effet 
de ma susdit Troisieme part de profitt eux tous mes enfans prendrons 
argens merchandise bonne et monnais dette Chacun a proportion de leur 
part." (And so far as the rest of said third part of the profits is con- 
cerned, I give to A. du B., J. du B., D. du B., M. du B. and to the two 
sons of Isaac Du Bois's, deceased, one quarter interest in said third part 
of the profits, to be divided equally between these five, another fourth 
part, I give to S. du B. and L. du B., and the two remaining four parths, 
I give to my daughter Sara, and for the performance hereof, each one of 
my children is to take according to his or her share, silver, merchandise, 
and good or bad debts). 

"Mon Mary" (my husband) Jean Cpttin, appointed executor. 

Signed by the testatrix, and witnessed by Cornelis Swart, Mattys Pears, 

and Carol Barweer, who appeared before the Court, Dec. 10, 1713, 

proving the will. (The provisions of this will are, however, practically 

■annulled by an Indenture, for which see "Ulster Co. Deeds."). 

(See Jean Cottin). 

Page 333.— DU MONT, WALRANDT, Sen'r., of Kingston. 

Will dated March 15, 1701, and written in Dutch. 
(Long religious preamble). gt-**^"^ 

"Myn Huysvrouw Gryetie Du Mondt sal hebben En genieten gedu- 
rende haar Leven de baate en profyte van myn geheele Staat om daar over 
te disponeren na Welgevallen En Ingevallen myn Schulden quamen betalt 
te syn alvoren myn voors. huysvrouw quam te overlyden als dan na het 
overlyden van myn voors. huysvrouw de Roerende Staat alsdann in Wesen 
sal syn ten behoeve van myn Erfgenamen hier onder ges : om Egaalick 
onder haar gedeelt te werden dogh de Neger sal syn ten behoeve van ipyn 
soon Jan Babtista Du Mont, mits betalen de voor voors: Neger tot so- 
danige prys als twe Eerlycke Lieden sullen oordelen voors: Neger War- 
digh te syn na het overlyden van myn voors : huysvrouw dat het selfe uyt 
voors : Roerende staat sal moeten betaalt werden En 't overige alsdann te 
deelen als vooren." (My wife G., shall have and enjoy during her life 
the income and profits out of my entire estate, to dispose of at her 
pleasure, my debts to be paid before she dies, and then the personal estate 
shall be equally divided among my heirs, but the negro shall go to my son 
J. B. du M., he to pay for said negro such price as two honorable ap- 
praisers may decide upon). 

"Aan myn drie soons met namen Weibrandt Jan Baptist En Pieter'' 
"myn buys Tuyn En Boom gaert Beginninde van het Killitie ontrent myn 
buys" (to my three sons, W. J. B., and P., my house, garden, and orchard, 
beginning at the little kill near my house). 

86 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"Aan myn outste soon Walrandt du Mont" "en morgen Landt uyt 
myn bouwerij voor het Regt van Eerst geboorte." "Insgelyck soo geeve 
ick" "de geregte Derde van myn Bouwery t' Bovenstaande morgen Eerst 
ofgetrocken Welck Bouwery in Drien sal gedeelt werden der Lott in 
gelyke grote Ente Lopen van het Killtie tot op de grote Kill En dat myn 
voor : soon de Keur der selven sal hebben en het morgen als boven gege- 
ven" on condition that he pays to "myn drye dogters hier na beschreven 
Een hondert pont" "in twe Jaren na het overlie den van myn voors : huys- 
vrouw Jeder de geregte helft." (To my eldest son, W. du M. one morgen 
of land from my farm, his right of primogeniture. Also one third of my 
farm, which farm shall be divided in three equal parts from the Uttle kill 
to the great kill, the above mentioned morgen first to be withdrawn, on 
condition that he pays to my three daughters iioo in two years after my 
wife's decease, one half yearly; he also to have the choice of the lots). 

"Aan myn soon Jan Baptista du Mont" "de derde part van myn 
Bouwery Except t' Morgen Landt voor afgegeven aan myn soon Wal- 
randt syn portie gekosen heft voorde andere twe parte met syn Broeder 
Pieter du Mont" "myn voors : soon" is te betalen" "aan myn drie dogters" 
"Een hondert pont" "in twe Jaren." (to my son J. B. du M. one third of 
my farm, except the morgen given to Waalrandt, he also to pay my daugh- 
ters i I CO in two years). 

"Aan myn soon Pieter du Mondt" "derde van myn Bouwery" except 
what has already been devised," and on condition that he pays to "myn 
drie dogters" one hundred pounds "oock soo hebbe ick aan myn soon Pie- 
ter vercogt Een stuckje grondt in myn Wijbepalt aan Ffredrick Klute 
Walrand du Mondt het Killitie en de wegh van myn buys tot het Konings 
padt voor de Somme van Een hondert Stuck van agten waarop door myn 
ontfangen twintygh soo dat Resteert Taghgentigh stuck van aghten, 
welcke somme myn voors : soon gehouden is in twe Jaren te betalen na het 
overlyden van myn voors : huysvrouw Jeder Jaar de gerechte helft aan 
myn vTovms voor Aoghier Antie Kip." (To son Pieter a third. I have sold 
to him a piece of land in my pasture at Ffredrick Klute Walrandt du 
Mondt, the little kill and the road from my house to the King's Road for 
a sum of loo pieces of eight, of which I received 20 pieces, so there re- 
mains 80 pieces of eight, which sum my said son is bound to pay in two 
years after my wife's decease to my wife's daughter by a previous mar- 
riage, Antie Kip). 

"Aan myn Doghter Margriet huysvrouw van William Loverige" 
"Een hondert pondt" "haar Broeders te betalen in Manieren als voors :" 

"Aan myn dogter Jannetie huysvrouw van Mychiel Dirk" "Een hon- 
dert pont," to be paid by her brotiiers. 

"Aan myn Dogter Ffrancyntie huysvrouw van Fredrick Cloete" 
"Een hondert pondt" to be paid by her brothers. 

"Aan myn vrouws voor Dogter Antie Kip" "vier & twyntigh pont" 
to be paid by "myn soon Pieter du Mont." 

Book of Deeds^ Liber 11. 87 

(To my daughters Margriet, wife of William Loverige £100; to Jan- 
netie, wife of Michiel Dirk iioo ; to Ffrancyntie, wife of Fredrick Qoete 
f 100; and to my wife's daughter Antie Kip £25). 

Wife appointed executor. Signed by the testator. 

(All witnesses, except W. D. Meyer 

appeared, Sept. 3, 1713, before the 

Court: Coll. Henry Beekman, Capt. 

jAitoBus Du Bois (his mark) Dirck Schepmoes, Esq., Judges, and 

Tan La Chair ^^' -^^^^^^ Gerritsen, Coll. Abrah. 

•^ Gaasbeek Chambers, Capt. Egbert 

W. D. Meyer Schoonmaker, Justices, and Major 

Johannis Hardenbergh, Esq., High 
Sheriflfe, proving the will, "Coll. Wm 
de Meyer deceased.") 

Page 337.— DU MONT, WALRANDT, Sen'r, of Kingston. 

Dated June 25, 1713, and written in Dutch. J'{< 

The previous will, dated March 15, 1701 shall "opgevolght werden". 

"Unde door dien Ick int voornoemt Testament niet gedisponeert 
heboven myn huys schure boomgaart Tuyn en hofste zynde groot als nu 
in heyning Leyt en de grondt van myn soon Jan Baptist du Mondt du 
van ses morgen bos Landt dyen Ick gecoght heb van de Trustees van de 
Corporatie Kingston waar over Ick disponere en geeven als volght." 

"Myn outste soon Wallerand sail van myn voor: huys schure boom- 
gaart Truyn an hofste voor uyt hebben voor hem zyn order ofte Erfge- 
name de waardy van hondert schepels Taruwe." 

"Aan myn ses Kinderen Mett Namen Wallerand: Jan Baptist: Pieter: 
Margaret: Jannetie en Ffrancyntie" "myn voors : huys schuez boomgaart 
Truyn en Hofste (Except de wardy van voors: hondert schepels taruw 
bove an Wallerand vooruyt gemackt)." 

"Aan myn soon Wallerand en Jan Baptist ses morgen bos Landt 
gelege aan de suyt syde van de hoge wegh tuschen het bos Land van de 
Erfgenamen van Tierck Claasen De Witt en het bos landt van Capt. 
Mattys Mattysen Wallrandt sail syn drie morget hebben naast het Landt 
van Capt. Mattys Mattysen Jan Baptist sail zyn drie morgen nast het bos 
Landt van de Erfgenamen van Tjerck Qasen De Witt hebbe" "uyt Con- 
sideratie dat zy het aan de Trustees betaalt hebben." 

"So is myn Will en begerten dat myn geheele Bouwery by myn 
voornoemde Testament aan myn drie soone gemaeckt noyt aan vreemden 
vercogt ofte verallineert sal werden ten sy aan die de naame van Du Mont 
dragen so dat het voors: bouwery Ewugh aan di van de naam van Du 
Mont zvn." 

88 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

(As I did not dispose of my house, barn, garden, and yards, and 
my son Jan Baptist du Mondt's 6 morgen wood-land, which I 
bought of the Trustees of the Corporation of Kingston, I dispose of 
these possessions as follows. To my eldest son W. in advance the value of 
ICG schepels of wheat out of said house, barn, garden and yards. To my six 
children named W.,J.B., P., M., J., and F., said barn, garden, and yard, ex- 
cept the value of the lOO schepels of wheat given to W. To my sons W. and 
J. B. six morgens wood-land on the south side of the highway, adjoining 
the woodland, belonging to the heirs of T. C. de W., and the woodland 
belonging to Capt. M. M., Wallrandt shall have the three morgens next to 
Capt. M. M's land, and J. B. shall have the three morgens next to the 
land belonging to the heirs of T. C. de W., on condition that they 
have paid for it to the Trustees. My will is that my whole farm shall go 
to my three sons, not to be sold to strangers, or alienated, but retain the 
name of Du Mont for all time). 

"Myn huysvrouw Grietie" appointed executrix. 

(Mark of) Wallrand Du Mont. 

CoRNELis Eltinge (Att 3. Court of Common Pleas held at Kings- 

TjERCK De Witt ^^ ^^is 3d Sept. 1713- 

,,, -T ihe same persons appeared as at the pro- 

Wm. Nottingham bation of the will." 

OVallarand Du Mont, b. in Coomen, Flanders, caijie^o this country in 1657 from Amster- 
dam, served as a cadet in the Hon. West India Coi^p^y, to. at Esopus, Jan. 13, 1664, MargargI 
(Greyiie) Hendricks, of JVie, near StvoI, widow ofy^n Arentsen. Wallarand's sistec, Margaret, 
was wife of Pierre None, a Walloon, who emigratep iii\i673. W. du M. and M. H. had issue: i. 
Margaret, bb Dec. z8, i66i,tS[rWm. Loveridge; ii. Walrin, bt. Nov. 13, i^7> m., March 24, i6g8, 
Catrina Ter Bosch; iii. Ja^ Baptist, m. Neeltje Cornelisywh Veghten; iv. Junnetje, m. Michel Dirk 
Van Veghten; v. Francyntiej^U July 21, 1674, m. FreS^lute; vi. Peter, bt. Apr. 26, 1679, m. i., 
Dec. 25, 1700, Femmetie Teunise van Middle Swart, dau. of Jan Teunissen, m. 2., Febr. 23, 1707, 
Catelyntje, dau. of Jeronimus Jarise Rapalie, m. 3., Nov. 16, 1711, Jannetje, dau. of Hendrick 
Claessen Vechten. 

Michel Dirk Van Vechten was s. of Derick Teunissen, b. 1634 at Vechten, dio. of Utrecht, 
who came with his father, Teunis Derricksen to Albany. 

William Loverige came from Wool, Dorsetshire, England, and died at Perth Amboy, N. J., 

Pieter Du Mont settled on the Raritan River, N. J. 

Page 375.— HASBROUCK, JEAN, of New Paltz. 

Will dated Aug. 26, 1712, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble). /j^f^-f:X\ 

"Aan myn soon Jacob Hasbrouck" "all myn Land gelegen onder de 
Lemitten van 't Pattent van de Neiuw Paltz" "met buys schuer Ende alle 
andere myn Timerage en daar op zynde Ende Haande oock myn Wagons 
ploegen Eggen & AUes wat daar aan is behoorende Ende ook myn twee 
Negers mett namen Gerrit & James a;ls ook al hett geweer en wat ddar 
aan hoort Ende de Cleederen van myn overleeden soon Isaac Hasbrouck 
Ende all myn boecken Except drie hier onder aaan myn Doghter Elizabeth 
vermacht Ende ook de gerechtige helft van de Rest van myn geheele 
Losse ofte Roerende staat Except van wat hier onder aan myn Dochter 
Mary ende Elizabeth vermacht is waar by sail uyt keerenende betalen als 

Book of Deeds^ Liber II. 89 

hier na in dese tegen woordige is geordeonert mett Conditie dat zyn 
outste soon het stuck Landt Leggende tuschen het Land van Abraham Du 
Bois En myn Dochter Mary Langes de Paltze Kill ten suyde der selve 
Enten hoorde van t' Paltz Dorp sail voor hem syn order ofte Erfgenamen 
vooruyt hebben." 

"Indien myn soon Abraham Hasbrouck (die van dese Proventie ver- 
strocken is) mocht in't Leven zyn En hier wreder Coomen so sail myn voors 
soon Jacob aan hem Leveren Een goet part voor hett Recht van Eerst 
geboorten & ook a'an hem op Leveren voor hem zyn ordere ofte Erfgena- 
men de gerechtige helft van myn geheele vaste staat so als boven aan myn 
voors soon Abraham Itwes meer van myn staat sail hebben ofte Preden- 

"Aan my Dochter Mary" "de Somme van seven en vyftig pont Cor- 
rant gelt van Niew York myn toekomende van Abraham Rutan volgens 
obligatie twee en veertigh pont en van Pieter Du Bois volgens obligatie 
vyftien pont Ook geeve Ick aan haar all wat zy voordeesen van myn heeft 

"Aan Pieter Guymard Eenigste Soon van myn overleedene Doghter 
Hester de Somme van vyftien pondt" "t' welck myn voors soon Jacob aan 
voors Pieter Guymard sail betaalen als hy komt te trouwen of tot de 
ouderdom van Een en twintigh Jaaren maar so hy Comt te overlyden 
Eeer hy trouwt of Een en twintig Jaaren si soo Sal myn soon Jacob vry 
zyn om voors som van vyftien pont te betalen." 

"Aan myn doghter Elizabeth" "Sestigh pont" "ook myn Negerin met 
naame Molly en ook drie boecken Een testament de oeffening der godtsa- 
ligheyt en Een predecatie boeck van Pieter Du Mollin gemaackt in het 
fransse gedruckt Ende ook de gerechtige helft van myn geheele Losse 
ofte Roerende staat Except van t' geen boven vermackt is met Conditie 
dat Indien de negerin Molly Kinders kryght sail Jacob de Erste dogter 
daar van hebben maar moet by de moeder blyve tot dat hett een Jaar 
out is." 

"Indien myn soon Jacob will te overlyden sonder kint ofte kinders 
wettigh by hem geprocureert dat all het geen aan hem gemackt by dese 
als dan aan myn twee voors. doghters Mary ende Elizabeth en haar orddre 
ofte Erfgenamen all Coomen om onder haar twee gedeelt te werden als 
volgt dat is Elizabeth sail dan vooruyt hebben myn buys schuer en Erf 
en boomgaart aghter de Schuer en hett wyland gelegen tusschen de wyjen 
van Abraham Du Bois en myn voors. Doghter Mary Ende all de Rest 
sullen sy Mary Ende Elizabeth Egaal Deelen." 

"Indien myn voors Doghter Elizabeth quam te overleyden sonder 
Kint ofte Kinders dat dan het geene by dese aan haar gemackt sail Coo- 
men aan myn soon Jacob en Doghter Mary." 

"Indien myn soon Jacob en myn dogter Elizabeth quamen beyden te 
overleyden sonder Kint ofte Kinders so sal al hett geene by dese aan 
haar gemacht Coomen aan de twee soonen van myn voors. doghter Mary , 
mett namen Daniel & Phillip." 

90 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Son Jacob Hasbrouck & "Myn Cousyns Andre Lefevre ende Louys 
Du Bois" appointed executors. 

Jean Hasbrouck (his mark) 

Abraham Hasbrouck (Capt. Abraham Hasbrouck, Mr. Roeloif 

RoELOFF Eltinge ^hinge & William Nottingham appeared, 

Aug. 14, 1714, before the Court m presence 
Abraham Doyo ^f y^^_ ^^^^^ Gerritsen and Capt. Joris Mid- 

Wm. Nottingham dagh, Esq., Justices, proving the will) . 

(To my son, Jacob Hasbrouck" "all my land, lying within the 
boundaries of the patent of New Paltz" "with house, bam, and all my 
other buildings thereon being and standing, also my wagons, ploughs, 
harrows and everything thereto belonging and also my two negroes named 
Gerrit and James ; further the gun and what belongs to it and the clothing 
of my deceased son Isaac Hasbrouck and all my books excepting three 
hereafter bequeathed to my daughter Elizabeth, also one just half of the 
balance of my whole personal or movable estate, excepting what here- 
after is bequeathed to my daughters Mary and Elizabeth" he to pay as 
hereafter is directed, on condition that his oldest son shall first have "the 
piece of land lying between the land of Abraham Dubois and my daughter 
Mary along the Paltz Kill on the south thereof, and north of the Paltz 

"If my son Abraham, who removed from this Province, should be 
alive and return here, then my son Jacob shall deliver to him a good 
horse for his birth-right, and also the just half of my whole real estate" 
Abraham not to have any further claim on the estate. 

"To my daughter Mary £57, due from Abraham Rutan, according 
to a bond of £42, and from Pieter Du Bois, according to a bond £15" she 
to have no further claim on the estate. 

"To Pieter Guymard, only son of my deceased daughter Hester £15, 
which sum Jacob shall pay to Pieter Guymard, when he marries or at age 
of 21." Should he die before that age, Jacob is to be relieved from pay- 
ing said sum. 

"To my daughter Elizabeth i6o, also my negress Molly, three books, 
one Testament, the Practice of Devotion, and a book of sermons by Pieter 
Du Mollin, printed in French; also the just half of my whole personal 
estate, excepting what hereabove has been bequeathed, on condition that 
if the negress Molly should bear children, Jacob shall have the first daugh- 
ter, but she is to remain with her mother until she is one year old." 

"If my son Jacob should die without child or children lawfully be- 
gotten by him, all that is given to him shall go to Mary and Elizabeth, 
the latter to have the house, bam, lot and orchard behind the barn, and 
the pasture land, lying between the pasture of Abraham Dubois and my 
daughter Mary, and all the rest to go to said Mary and Elizabeth, to be 
equally divided. 

Book of Deeds, Liber II. 91 

If Elizabeth should die without lawful issue, her share to go to 
Jacob and Mary equally. — If Jacob and Elizabeth both should die without 
issue, their shares to go to Mary's two sons, Daniel and Phillip. 

(Jean Hasbrouck came from Calais, France, i673> with wife, Anna Doyan (Deyo). His 
brother, Ahraham Hasbrouck, came in Apr. 1675 to Boston, ta., Nov. 27, 167s, Maria, dau. of 
Christian Doyon, and had five children: Rachel, Joseph, Solomon, Dantel and Benjamin. 
(See Abraham Hasbrouck). Jean Hasbrouck and Anna Deyo had issue: i. Maria, bt. at 
Manheim, Germany, m. at Kingston, June i, 1683, Isaac flubois, s. of Louis Du Bois and Cath. 
Blanthan (q. v.) ; «. Hester, b. Manheim, m. Kingston, Apr. 18, 1602, Pierre Guimard, b. at 
Moise, Saintonge, France, s. of Pierre Guimard arid Anne Damour (see P. G.'s will) ; iii. Abraham, 
bt. Kingston, March 31, 1678; iv. Elieabeth, bt. New Paltz, Apr. 4, 16S5, m. K., June 2, 1713, 
Louis Bevier; v. Jacob, bt. N. P. Apr. 15, 1688, m. K., Dec. 14, 1717, Esther Bevier). 

Page 414.— SWARTWOUT, ROELOFF, j^j^ ^^^ 

Will dated March 30, 1714, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble). 

"Aan myn outste Soon Thomas" "vyf en twentigh pont" "voor syn 
Recht van Eerst geboorten." 

"Aan myn voornoemde soon Thomas en aan myn soon Barnardus 
my geheele vaste" "staat myn tobehoorende in de County van Ulster" 
on condition that he pays the other heirs a sum of £325 in two years, if 
he cannot pay in two years then he may have four years to pay in "om de 
Selve te betalen mits dat sy vyften hondert betalen aan myn andere Erf- 
genamen voor interest." 

"Aan myn dogter Hendricke huysvrouw van Huybert Latnbertsen" 
a sum of £65. 

"Aan de kinders van iriyn soon Anthony" a sum of £65. 

"Aan de Kinders van myn dochter Cornelia overlyden" a sum of 
of £65. 

"Aan myn dogter Ragel huysvrouw van Jacob Kip" the sum of 
£65. — "Aan myn Dochter Eva huysvrouw van Jacob Dingman" a sum 
of £65. 

"Alle myne Clederen" "aan myn soons Thomas en Barnardus." 

As executors appointed "myn soons Thomas Swartwout Barnardus 
Swartwout & Jacob Kyp." 

.Signed by the testator. 

Hans Kierstede (Witnesses appeared, May 14, 1715, before the 

Tj f^ Court, Dirck Schepmoes, Esq., Judge, Arien 

i'lETER ustrander Gerritsen and Cornells Cool, Justices, proving 

Wm. Nottingham ^\^Q will." 

(To my eldest son Thomas £25, his right as being the first-born. — 
Also to Thomas and to my son Barnardus my entire estate in Co. Ulster, 
on condition (as above) the £1500 to my other heirs. — To my daughter, 
Hendricke, wife of Huybert Lambertsen £65. To children of my son 
Anthony £65. To children of my daughter Cornelia, deceased, £65. 
To my daughter Ragel, wife of Jacob Kip £65. To my daughter Eva, 
wife of Jacob Dingman £65. All my clothing to my sons Thomas and 

92 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

(Roeloff Swartwout, bt. in the Oude-Kerk, Amsterdam, Holland, June i, 1634 (s. of Thomas 
Swartwout) of Groningen, later of New Amsterdam, and Adrientj'e Symons (m, Feb. 4, 1630)* 
on Aug. 13, i6s7, in the presence of his father, Thomas Swartwout, covenanted a marriage con- 
tract with Eva Albertsen, widow of {he late Anthony de Hooges, in presence of her father, Albert 
Andriessen Bratt, they to brine together all their property, according to the cusjeni of fialland, 
except that the bride reserves for her children with her former husband, Marichen Anneken, Cat- 
rina, Johannes and Eleonora De Hooges, 100 gulden for each of them. Barent Albertse Bratt and 
Tennis Slingsland, brother and brother-in-law of said Eva Albertse, shall be guardians of said 
children. (Albany Co. Records). — He m. 2., at New York, Oct. 8, 1691, Franoyntje Andries, 
widow of Abraham Lubbertsen. With hi s first yife- he had issue : i. Thomas, m. before Feb. 4, 
1683, Lysbeth Gordenier (.Lysbeth Jacobse a ovenler) ; ii. Hendricke, m., as of Albany, in Kingston, 
March 16, 1679, Huybert Lambertsen; iii. Antoni, bt. Jan. 8, ifi6z (when Toomes Swartwout was a 
witness); iv. Antoni, bt. M ay 11, 1663, mi Jannetje Jacobus iCoobes), and had: a. Roelof, bt. 
"J im ii g ; ■i ( rgs,V:T3cSSus;'Str'S!SfSS~2g, 1696; v. Cornelia, bt. March 13, 1667, m. before Apr. 28, 
i68g, Hendrick Klaesen Schoonhoven (see Henderick Claessein) ) ; vi. Rachel, m, Jacob Kip before 
Febr, 9, 1696; vii. Eva, b. in Hurley, m., Oct. 9, 1698, Jacob Dingmans, h. Kinderhook; viii. 
Bamardus, bt. Apr. 26, 1673 (Rudolfus Swartwout and Jacomeyna Swartwout, witnesses), res. 
Hurley, m. May 19, 1700, Rachel Schepmoes). 

R. S. on Aug. 15, 1659 conveyed to Philip Pieterse Schuyler a garden in Beverwyck, 
granted originally to Antony De Hooges, deceased (Albany Co. Rec) — R. S. was appointed the 
first Sheriff of Wiltwyck, at Esopus, 1660, at which appointment Gov. Stuyvesant expressed "great 
surprise," on the ^ound that R. S. was a ^minor and incompetent for the office' (See O'Callaghan, 
New Netherland, ii., p. 431). — R. S. was appointed justice and collector of the grand excise of 
Ulster Co., 1689-90. — On Jan. 23, 1664-67, (jov. Lovelace issued a deed of confirmation to R. S. 
for land at Wiltwyck, at Esopus (N. Y. Land Papers, i., p. 22). — On or about June 1670 Mr. 
E. S., dwelling in Esopus, conveys to Ryckie Dareth, widow of Jan Dareth, of Albany, a lot east 
of the house of Volckert Janse (Douw) (Ibid.). — C)n May 28, 1686, a survey was taken of 47 
acres land, part of Hurley great piece, on the north side of Esopus Kill, also of a house lot in 
Hurley, and of two lots at Hurley fly, or meadow ground, Nos. 11, 13, laid out for R. S. by 
Philipps Welles, surveyor (N. Y. Land Papers, i. p. 187). — On Nov. 12, 1697, R. S. petitioned 
for 200 acres land in Ulster Co., part of land called IVaghgashkenck). See also "The Swartwout 
Chronicle by A. J. Wells." 

Page 435,— BOQART, HENDRICK, of Marbletown, 

Will dated Dec. 12, 1707, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble.) A-W^^^ 

"Soo is myn Wil En begeerten dat bet heuwlycke Contract tuscben 
myn en myn tegen woordige huysvrouw Ruth Waldron gemackt sail in 
waarde gebouden zyn." 

"Aan myn twe soons met namen Cornells en Marten" tbe sum of 
i7S, Comelis £38 and Marten £37, Cornells being tbe first born." 

"Myn kinders die on getrouwt sullen zun ten tyt van myn overleyde 
sullen bebben Ende voor uyt genieten beboorlyke uyt sett soo als myn 
kinders die alsdan getrout syn gehadt hebben." 

"Aan myn aght kinders mett namen Cornells Mayke huysvrouw van 
Thomas Jansen Marten Aaltie Sarah Neeltie Rebecca Ends Rachell" "En 
gereghtig aghtste part van myn geheele staat." 

"Indien Eenige van myn voors. kinders moghte Coomen te overlyden 
in haar onmondige Jaaren dat des selfs portie ofte porties alsdan Egaallyk 
on de Rest van haar gedeelt sail werden." 

As executors appointed sons Cornelius and Marten and "myn Schoon 
soon Thomas Janse Ends myn swager Capt. J oris Middagh." 

Hendrick Bogart (his mark). 

(My will is that the marriage contract entered into between me and 
my worthy wife, Ruth Waldron, shall be fulfilled. To my two sons, 
Cornelis and Marten £75. My children who are unmarried at my deatii 

Book of Deeds, Liber II. 93 

an outfit similar to my married children's. To my eight children, named, 
}i part of my entire estate. If any of my children should happen to die 
during their minority, their portions shall be divided among the sur- 

(Capt. Jno. Rutsen, 
Claes Keator (his mark) Claes Keator & Wm. 

T „ Nottingham appeared 

jNO Rutsen before the Court, May 

Abraham Lamettere Junr. (his mark) 9j 1716, proving the 

will of Hendrick Bo- 
Wm. Nottingham. gart "late of Marble- 

-^ ^ town deceased.") 

(Hendrik Bogaart m., Aug. 17, r703, in New York, liuithie Waldron, widow of Jan de la 
Moistre, whom she had m. in N. Y., Aug. 11, 1678 (see Aprahtun Delamater'). (She was prob. 
dau. of Samuel Waldron and Niesje Bloetgoet). ~ 

They had issue: — Mayhe, m. Nov. 22, 1702, Thomas Janssen; Aaltjen, m. Apr. 27, 1711, 
Adriaan Nieuwkerk; Sarahs m., Jan. 19, 17x1, Abraham' de Lameetere ("They are the first that 1, 
Domine Petrus Vas, have married.*'); Neeltje, m., Nov. i, I7i5» Anthony ?le ^ : Rachel, b. Albany, 
m., March 14, 171S, Benjamin de Mei, b. in Vrenhryk (FroiMre)-? fci^eiK, h. aiarbletown, m., May 
27, X704, Cornelia de la Mettre, b. New Harlem; Marthen, m., May 7, 17x3, Taimeken de Lamec- 
ter, both of Marbletown. The children's names were spelled: Bogard, Bogaard, Bogaart, Boagaard, 
Bogart, Bogardus. — C^pt. Joris Middagh, b. at Hycoop in Holland, m., Apr. 22, X696, 

Page 471.— AARTSEN, JACOB, of Wagendal. ,<o,..,__^ A^^^ 

Will dated Oct. 5, 1714, and written in Dutch. 

"Myn beminde huysvrouw Sara sal blyve in 't voile besitt En posses- 
sie van myn geheele staat" "Indien myn voors. huysvrouw Quam te 
hertrouwen soo sal zy allenlyk hebben de derde van de baten m\ profytten 
van myn voors geheele staat." 

"Aan myn outsten soon Aart" "myn groote Bybel Ende Een Cate- 
chizatie boeck geschreven door Petrum De Witte. Ende myn scheit Roer 
mett zyn tobehooren sonder dat by Jtwes meerder dies weegen sal hebben 
ofte predendeeren 't welck hy sail hebben Ende ontfangen aanstondts na 
myn overlyden Ende na myn voors. scons overleyden sal het silve aan 
syn outste soon Jacob koomen." 

"Aan myn Jongsten soon Isoioc" "myn grote Kist die Ick van myn 
vader geerft heb en ook all myn Clederen die aan myn Lyf behooren 
sonder hy Itwes voor de Selve aan myn andere Erfgenamen sal uyt keeren 
ofte betaalen." 

"Myn Jong,ste doghter 5"ar«? sal aanstondts na haar moeders overley- 
den hebben" "al haar moeders Clederen die aan haar lyf behooren Ende 
Ook Een neuive Cleere Kas En Een nieuve Tafell die Thomas Beekmcm 
gemackt heeft En Een tinne Kom twee Isere potten Een groote En Een 
Klyne Ende myn buys spiegel die wy nu gebruyken Ende ook twee melck 
Koys En Een nieuw sondaghs Kleet 't welck Ick aan myn voors dogter 
Sara maak voor haar uytsett,'^ 

"Sara Kool doghter van Symon Kool sal hebben" "Een Bedt mett zyn 
toebehooren En Een sondaghs nieuw Kleet En Een melck Kou." 

94 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"Aan myn Doghter Rebecca huysvrouw van Jan Ffrere" "Een seekere 
stuck bouw-landt belendende ten noortwesten en ten noortoosten aan hett 
Bosslandt voor dese door myn aan voors. Jan Ffrer getransporteert 
Ende Ten suytoosten aan de Ronduyts Kill van daar Loopen met Een 
Rechte Lyn tot aan andere steen in de grondt gerett in hett bouwiandt 
na by Een klyn slootie En van daar tot aan Een Schemmelbast Eyk Boom- 
tie gemerckt staande by Een kiletie dat de suytwestelyke lemiten is vant 
voors. boslandt aan voors. Jan Frere getransporteert Dan Langert het 
solve bos. landt m't Ronde tot aan de Ronduytskill dan Langst de selve 
tot de Eerste steen Ende ook Een stuck Landt geleegen aan de suytoosten 
zyvande Ronduyts kill Loopende van Een seekere Sloptie dat van de 
bergh in de kill Loopt noortoostelyck tuschen de kill en hett Landt van 
William West Langest deselve totaan hett land van Coll. Henricus Beek- 
man" "Ende ook vrye previlegie oni hout en steen te haalen En gebruyken 
uyt het bos landt" "aan myn voors. Doghter" "de gerechtige twalfde part 
van myn geheele" "staat Except van't geen dat boven vermaackt is." 

"Aan myn EUest andere kinderen mett namen Aart Evert, Symon, 
Jacob, Benjamin, Abraham, Isaac, Annetie Geertie huysvrouw van Jacob 
Decker, Jannetie huysvrouw van Johannis Turck, Ende Sara" "myn 
geheele staat." 

In case of death, the survivors to divide the property, except the 
property devised to the youngest son Isaac, which in case of his death 
shall go to his other brothers equally, and except the property devised to 
the youngest daughter Sara, which shall go to the other sisters. 

"Myn drie soons Aart Evert ende Symon" appointed executors. 
Signed by the testator. 

(My beloved wife Sara to remain in full possession of my entire 
estate, and if she should happen to marry, she shall have one third of 
the income and profit of my entire estate. To my eldest son Aart my 
great bible and a confirmation-book with the name of Petrum de Witte, 
and my gun ; if he should die, then all to go to his eldest son Jacob. To 
my youngest son Isaac my great chest which I inherited from my father 
and all my clothing of my body. My youngest daughter Sara shall imme- 
diately after her mother's death have her mother's clothing, a new 
clothing chest, and a new table which Thomas Beekman made, and a tin- 
comb, two iron-potts, a large one and a small one, and my house-mirror 
which we now use, and two milk-cows, and a new Sunday dress, which I 
give for my daughter Sara's marriage-outfit. Sara Kool, daughter of Symon 
Kool, shall have a bed with belongings and a new Sunday dress, and a 
milk-cow. — To my daughter Rebecca, wife of Jan Ffrere, a certain piece 
of land, situated to the northwest and northeast of the wood-land, con- 
veyed to Jan Ffrer and southwest to Ronduyts Kill, from there running 
with a straight line to a stone in the ground in said farmland near a 
little moat (or ditch), and from there to a small marked oak tree (*), 

(*) Schemmelbast, i. <.-. with mouldy bark. 

Book of Deeds, Liber II. 95 

standing at a little kill, which is the boundary of said wood-land, round 
the Ronduyts kill, then along the same to the first mentioned stone. Also 
a piece of land, situated on the southeast side of Ronduyts Kill, running 
from a certain little outlet, which runs from the mountain to the kill in a 
north-eastern direction, adjoining the kill and the land of William West 
and the land of Coll. Henricus Beekman, to have the free privilege to cut 
wood and haul stone. Also to said daughter 1/12 part of my entire 
estate, except what has been previously devised. To my other children 
(named above, of which Geertie was wife of Jacob Decker, Jannetie wife 
of Johannis Turck), my entire estate.) 

(Major Johannis Hardenbergh, Tjerck 
J. Hardenbergh Mattysen & Comelis De La Matter ap- 

TjERCK Mattysen peared before the Court on March 7, 

CoRNELis D. Lametter ^T^^IT, proving the will of "Major 
PiTTRE Wambomez J^*^"^ Acrtsen, late of the Corporation 

Kmgston deceased. ) 

(Jacob Aertsen (Van Wagenen), s. of Aert Jacobsen (Van Wagonen), (see Cerrit Aartse), 
b. Febr. 14, 1652, m., Febr. 25, 1677, Sara, dau. of BvartJ'els, b. July 3, 1659, and had issue: 
i. Annatje, bt. Sept. 15, 1678, m. Jam Heermans (q. v.); iiT Aart, bt. Oct. 26, 1679, d. June 10, 
1740, m. Oct. 14, 1705, Marytje, bt. Jan. i, 1686, d. June 20, 1733, dau. of Pieter Low and Lysbet 
Blanchan; iii. Evert, bt. Apr. 24, 1681, m. ab. 1709, Hillegond, bt. N. Y., Nov. 14, 16S6, dau. of 
Claes Jansen Van Heynmgen and Janneken Kiersen; removed to near Poughkeefsie, Dutchess Co., 
N. Y.; iv. Cerrit, bt. Nov. 12, 16S2, d. y.; v. Rebecca, bt. Apr. 12, 1685, m. Jan Freer; 
Ti. Geertje. bt. Sept. 5, 1686, m., Sept. 17, 1709, Jacob Gerritse Decker, bt. Febr. 24, 
1684, s. of Cerrit Jonse D, and ISagialena Schut; vii. Jannetje, bt. Apr. 8, 1688, d. y.; 
viii. Jannetje, bt. Apr. 14, 1689, m^ Oct. 7, 171 1, Johannis Turk, bt. May 16, 1687, 
s. of Jacobus T. and Catryntje Van Benthuysen; ix. Cerrit, bt. May 26, x6ox. d. Nov. 17, 
1709; X. Symon, bt. Apr. 23, '^3> "'■> Nov. 17, 1720, Sara, bt. Dec. 23, 1699, d. Jan. 27, 1759, 
dau. of Solomon Du Bois and Tryntje Gerritse; xi. Jacfih^ortse, bt. at Albany, Febr. 20, 1695; 
xii. Benjamin, bt. Jan. x, ^^^7t tn,. May 28, 1726, Elisabeth, dau. of Cysbert van den Berg and 
Diewertje Masten (q. v.) ; xiii. Abraham, bt. Febr. 12, 1699, m., Febr. 26, Z726, Hilligard Crispel, 
b. Apr. 17, 1704, d. Febr. 22, 1774. He died June 7, 1787 (see his will); xiv. Sara, bt. Dec. 21, 
1701, m., Apr. 7, 1721, Solomon, b. at New Palte, Oct. 17, 1686, s. of Abraham Hasbrouck and 
Maria Deyo (q. v.); xv. Isaac, bt. Aug. 22, 1703, m., March 10, 1723, Catrina Freer). 

Page 507.— TENHOUT, SEVERYN, of Shawankonk, Lantman. 

Will dated Febr. 5, 1708/9, and written in Dutch. Au^^cMu— 

"In't sevende Jaar van de regering van onse Souveraigne vrouw 
Anna Koninginne van groot Britantie &c." 

(Long religious preamble.) 

"Myn huysvrouw Geertruy Tenhout sail hebben en possidereeren 
myn gantsche vaste" "staat." 

"Aan myn vrouws soon Jacobus Bruyn myn gantsche vaste" "staat 
benestens negers paarden & beesten En wat vorders aan myn staat is 
dependeerende om in Eygendom aanstondts na hett overlyden van myn 
voors. huysvrouw aan te vaarden En te possideeren geduren de zyn 
Leven En dat na de voors. Jacobus Bruyns overlyden de voors. Staat sal 
zyn ten behoeve van voors. Jacobus Bruyns soon met name Severyn ten 
voor hem en zyn ordre of Erfgenamen voor Eewigh dogh Indien de 
voors. Severyn Tenhout tot syn mondigen quam voor het overlyden van 
syn vader Jacobus Bruyn dat als dan de voors. Jacobus Bruyn aan syn 
soon Severyn tenhout sal uyt keeren En betalen Een hondert pondt" "En 

96 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

dat na doot van voors. Jacobus Bruyn, En de voors. Severyn tenhout 
desself soon in possessie syn de van myn voors. staat, de voors. Severyn 
tenhout sal gehouden syn om uyt te keeren en betalen aan de twede soon 
van voors. Jacobus Bruyn of syn ordre of Erfgenamen de suyvere en 
nette somme van Een hondert pont." 

Wife and Jacobus Bruyn appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

(In the 7th year of the reign of our Sovereign lady Anne, Queen of 

Great Britain, etc. — My wife, G. T., shall have and possess my whole real 

estate. — To my wife's son, J. B., my whole real estate, besides negroes, 

horses and cattle, and whatever belongs to (depending upon) my estate, 

immediately after my wife's decease for his life, and after his death to his 

son, S. — If said S. T. should reach his majority before the death of his 

father, J. B., then said J. B. shall pay to his son, S., £100, and after the 

death of said J. B., and when the said S. T. is in possession of said estate, 

he shall be bound to pay to the second son of said J. B., or his heirs, 

the net sum of iioo.) 

(Coll. Jacob Rutsen, Major Johannis 

Hardenbei^h & Capt. Johannis Schep- 

^ T> moes and Johannis Tenbroeck appeared 

jAcpB Rutsen ^^ j^^^^ 6^ j^^^/g ^^^^^^ j^e Court 

J. Hardenbergh Coll. Jacob Rutsen, Mr. Arien Ger- 

JoHANis Schepmoes retscu and Coll. Gaasbeek Chambers 

D Meyer Judges, and Capt. Egbert Schoormia- 

Johannis Ten Broeck ^^'' Capt. Edward Whittaker and Mr. 

Comeus Cool, Justices, proving uie 
will of Severyn Tenhout "late of Sha- 
wangunk, deceased.) 

iSeveryn Tenhout m. Geertruit Ysselstein (dau. of Jan Willemse Esselstein and Wxltemiie 
Jans), widow of Jacobus Bruyn (q. v.), m. before OEti 6, 1678-, who had a son, Jacobus Bruyn. 
who m. after Nov. 18, 1704, Tryntje Schoonmaker (see Jacobus Bruyn). 


Page 40.— HOOQENBOOM, ANNETIE, "Weduve van Cornells 
Hogenboom Van Wylen, van Kingston, overleden." 

Will dated May 4, 1719, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble.) XK + (/v/< 

"Aan myn suster Jacomyntie's dogter Hilletje huysvrouw van Capt. 
Gerrit Wynkoop alle myn Cleeragie Ende Linne aan my left behoorende." 

"Aan Annetje Wynkoop Doghter van voors. Gerrit Wynkoop en 
Hilletie zyn huysvrouw myn bed Ende bedding met zyn toebehooren." 

"Aan Roeloft Eltinge Ende Cornells Eltinge soonen van myn voors. 
suster Jacomyntie," "al myn geheele staat" "Om Egalyk onder haar 
tweeje gedeelt te werden uytgenomen het geene boven vermaakt is dat is 
te seggen aan Roeloft Eltinge" "de gerechtige helft van myn voors. staat 
En aan Cornelis Eltinge" "de andere gerechtige helft van myn voors. 

(To my sister J.'s daughter, H., wife of Capt. G. W., all my clothing 
and linen. To A. W., daughter of said G. W. and to his wife, H., 
my bed with what thereto belongs. — To R. E. and C. E., sons of my 
said sister J., my whole estate, to be divided equally between them, ex- 
cepting what I have previously disposed of, that is to say, to R. E. half of 
my said estate, and to C. E. the other half thereof.) 

Roeloft and Cornelis Eltinge appointed executors. Signed by the 
testatrix, and witnessed by Jno. Rutsen, Nicolas Dupuis, Wm. Harris 
(his mark), and Wm. Nottingham, who all appeared before the Court, 
Sept. 17, 1719, proving the will. 

(See Cornelis Hoogeboom's will.) 

Page 111.— BEVIERE, LOUIS, Senr., of Nieuw Paltz. 

Will dated May 2, 1720, and written in Dutch. Onf<^S 
(Long religious preamble.) 

"Aan myn outste soon Jean Bevier" "de somma van Een pont." 
"Item door dien myn soon Andre Bevier van God den heer besoght 
is dat by niet (Compus mente ofte) well by syn sinne is daarom niet 
bequaam om syn portie van myn staat aan te werden en te Rogeeren 
Soo is myn will en Begeertten En ick ordonneere & belaste myn andere 
Kinderen, als sy het selve voor Gods Oordeel sullen verant woorden dat 
sy alle wegen well op haar breeder Andre sullen passen En goede acht 
namen en hem well onder houden van all nodrift van Cleeragie en wat 
anders jy sonde kunne ofte mogen outbreken gedurende syn naturlyke 
Leven en na syn overleyden hem Eerlyk te begraven Naar soo God in 
genaden hem wederom syn voorige kennisse en verstant sail gelieve te 

98 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

geven dat als dan hy myn voors. soon Andre sail hebben en genieten 
voor hem" "de gerechtige vyfde part van myn geheele vaste" "staat" 
"ende Wardy van de sesde part van myn losse of roerenden staat. Dogh 
vermagh de vaste staat niet verkoopen alsraan syn broeder ofte broeders 
Item soo is myn will en begeerten dat Indian myn voors. soon in dese 
Onoselle staat blyft syn vyfde part van myn vaste staat; en sesde part 
van myn losse staat of te wardy daar van sail blyve in handen van myn 
Executors, om voor syn best en Oudhout verhuert en uyt gedaan te war- 
den En na syn overleyden sail selva Egalyck onder myn vier andere 
soonen en Doghter". "gedeelt werdan." 

"Aan myn voors. soon Jean Bevier" "de gerechtige vyfde part van 
■myn gaheala vasten en onroerende staat als mde de gerechtige sesde part 
van myn Losse en Roeranda staat En ook de bovageschreven Recht in de 
portie of part van myn soon Andre waar voor hy sal betalen En uyt 
Keeren aan myn doghter Hester huysvrouw van Jacob Hasbrouck als hier 
onder vermaakt is aan haar." 

"Aan myn soon Abraham Bevier" "de gerechtige vyfde part van myn 
geheele vaste staat als mede de gerechtige sesde part van myn gahaele 
Losse staat Ook de bove geschreven Recht in de portie ofte part van 
myn soon Andre ; Waarvoor hy sail betalen en uytkeren aan myn doghter 
Hester als hier onderaan haar vermackt is." 

"Aan myn soon Samuel Bevier" the fifth part of the real estate 
and the sixth part of the personal property, on same condition as before. 

"Aan myn soon Louis Bevier Junr." the fifth part of the real estate 
and the sixth part of the personal property, on same condition as before. 

"Aan myn doghter Hester als hier order aan haar vermaakt is." — 
"Myn soon Samuel sail de preferentie of Keur van de vyf parten hebbe 
uyt Raden dat hy verhuyst is en by myn in kome woonen." 

All the real property to be appraised and divided in five parts among 
the four sons and the daughter Hester, who also is to receive the sixth 
part of the personal property," "also myn bed an bedding mat syn toe be- 

The four sons and "myn schoon soon Jacob Hasbrouck" appointed ex- 
ecutors. Signed by the testator. 

Hans KiERSTEDEN p^ctor Hans Kiersteden. Joseph Has- 
Andre Lefevre brouck & Wm. Nottingham appeared before 

'^Z'lf^t^^^S ^^^ ^°- J"^y 4. 173I provEfg the will). 

(To my eldest son, Jean Bevier, the sum of one pound. 

And as my son Andre Bevier has bean inflicted by the Lord God, 
and is not in his right mind, on which account he cannot well care for 
his share of my estate, my will is, and I command my other children, as 
they themselves are accountable to God's judgment, to take good care of 
their brother Andre, to preserve him from all want during his natural 
life, and to bury him honorably. If God, in his grace, should restore 

Book of Deeds, Liber III. 99 

him to mind and memory, my son Andre shall have 1/5 part of my real 
estate, and the value of a sixth part of the personal property, but he 
must not sell the real estate except to his sisters or brothers. If my son 
remains in this unresponsible (innocent, silly) condition, his fifth part is 
to be retained by the estate; the sixth part of my personal property is 
then to remain in the hands of my executors, to be leased for him and for 
his old age. At death, his property or share to be divided equally be- 
tween my four other sons and my daughter. 

To my said son Jean Bevier, the 1/5 part of my real estate, and the 
sixth part of my personal property, my son to pay to my daughter Hester, 
wife of Jacob Hasbrouck, as here below is provided for. 

To my son Abraham Bevier the i/s part of the real estate, and the 
sixth part of the personal property, on the same condition. 

Other fifth parts of the real estate and sixth part of the personal 
property to go to sons Samuel and Louis, Jr., and to daughter Hester. 
Son Samuel to have the first choice of the five parts, the reason being 
that he has removed to my house to live. 

Son in law Jacob Hasbrouck and the four sons appointed executors. 

(Louis Beviete, Sr., was born at LUle about 1648, removed previous to 1675 to Frankenthal, 
as appears from a certificate from the Pastor there, H. Lucasse, dated March 5, 1675, witnessed by 
Andre Le Blane^ came to New York 1675/6, went to England 1710, where he procured denization 
papers, returned to New Paltz. He m. 1673, Maria Le Blanc, and had issue; i, Maria, b. July 9, 
1674; ii. Jean, b. Jan. 2, 1676, m., Apr. 14, 1^12, Catherine Montaign, b. Rochester; iii. Abraham, 
b. Jan. 20, and bt. March 31, 1678 (s. of Louies Bevery and Maria Blan'), m., after Febr. 8, 1707, 
Racheltie Vernooy, b. Kingston; iv. Samuel, b. Jan. 21, 1680, m. Magdalena Blanshan; v. Andries, 
b. July 12, bt. Sept, 24, 16S2, d. unm., 1768; vu .Louis, b. Pals, Nov. 6, 168^, m. June 2, 1713. 
Lysbeth Haasbrouck, dau of Jacob H. (see will of his son, Louis B.'s widow, Esther) ; vii. 
Esther, b. Nov. 16, 1686, m. Dec. 7, 1714, Jacob Hasbrouck, s. of Jan H.); viii. Solomon, b. July 
12, 1689, d. inf. — See History of New Faltz, pps. 22S^.et seq. for further data). 

Page 128.— COCK, JOHN, of Marbletown. 

Will dated July 20, 1710. J^k" +ul< 

"My well beloved wife Magdelen shall be and Remain in the full 
possession of my whole Estate Real and Personal dureing the term of her 
widdow hood," "without to be accountable to my heirs hereafter named 
for the same," but if she should marry agains then she is only to have the 
thirds of the uses & profits of my sd Estate and no more." 

"First Out of my Estate unto my two sons and two Daughters, Wil- 
liam Samuel Alice & Margaret Each two working horses or mares & Each 
two Cows & to Wm. & Samuel Each a gun & hanger that they now use 
and to Alice and Margaret Each three sheep this being in Consideration 
of what I already have given unto my sons, John & Thomas." 

"Unto my Eldest son John one Creature ye Choice of my whole 
stock after the above given Creatures are taken Out, be it horse or mares 
Cow or Ox In Consideration of being my first Borne, and I have taken up 
thirty pounds" "for my said son John Which promised me to pay again 
and if he do not pay the same according to his promises" "the said thirty 
pounds shall be deducted of his portion of my Estate" "and also the 

loo Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Interest of six per Cent per anhum from the month of May one thousand 
seven hundred and seaven till such time that my Estate shall be devided 
among my Children." 

"Whereas I became security for my son Thomas" "all what my Es- 
tate shold Come to be Charged or Incumbered by being security as afore- 
said shall be deducted out of his portion of my said Estate." 

"Unto my six Children by name John Thomas William Samuel Alice 
& Margaret" "my whole Estate as of Lands Houses orchards pastures 
goods Chattells & all what belongs to the same to be Equally devided 
amongst them." 

"If any of my said children should depart this life before they are 
of age or Married theire portion shall be Equally devided amongst the 
Rest of my Children." 

All the children appointed joint executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

(Mrs. Anne Carton Junr. & Wm. Nottingham 
Tho : Carton appeared before the Court : Mr. Jacob Rutsen, 

Rich'd Brodhead Judge, and Mr. Arien Gerritsen & Mr. Vincent 

Anne Garton Junr. Mathews, Justices, proving the will, and stat- 

Wm Nottingham *"? ^^^ Thomas Garton & Rich Brodhead 

"signed with them as witnesses." 

(Jan Cock came from Out Engelant (Old England), m., July 27, 1679, Maddeleen Wood, 
from England, both res. Marbletown, and had: i. John; ii. Thomas, bt. Jan. 5, 1682; iii. William, 
bt. at M., Jan. 20, 1684, m., June 8, 1716, Catrina Esfort; iv. Elsje, bt. Jan. i, 1687; v. Elsje, bt. 
June 3, 1694; vi. Samuel, bt. May 24, 1696, m., July s, 1722, Bregjen Middagh; vii. Margit, bt. 
Apr. 27, 1701). • 

Page 132,— BEATTY, JOHN, of Marbletown. " 

Will dated April 26, 1720, "according to the Computation of 
the Church of England." 

"Very sick & Weak in body." 

"Unto Zusanna my truly and well beloved wife all my Low land on 
the fifth stick or piece between the Land of Thomas Cock & Hendrick 
Claese and the woodland Meddowes & Swomps thereto adjoyning along 
the bounds of Thomas Cock together with my house barne orchards pas- 
tures goods Debts & Moueable afifects for the Terme of her Natural Life 
& after her decease to be parted in Equall shares amongst all my Children 
upon Condition that my said wife shall pay all my Lawful Debts." 

"Unto my Eldest son Robert upon Consideration of my first born son 
one milch Cow Likewise that Certain piece of land he now Lives on or 
so much as shall fall to his share when all the woodland is devided Begin- 
ning at a pine tree neare to the East end of a small swamp in the pine 
woods then along my bounds to Rochester highway as my bounds Runs 
To the bounds of Thomas Cock & farther so as my bounds Runs to the 
bounds Daniel Brodhead then along his bounds to an old marked pine tree 

Book of Deeds, Liber III. loi 

& from thence with a straight Line to the first station and if said Robert 
has too much for his part or share with the Rest of my Children he shall 
Loose it at the south west End or if he have to little he shall have it In 
the pine woods at the northwest end where the bounds of said Daniel 
Brodhead and the swamp where he first began at the same breadth to 
make it a Complement with the Rest." 

"Unto my son John all my third part in the mill Likewise twenty 
acres of Land near by which was promised to be Conveyed to me by 
Matthias Blanchan before the Trustees of Marbletown but afterwards 
said Matthias Blanchan sold me that all there was above one hundred 
acres I might take for he would take no more as to pay one shilling Quitt 
and when I surveyed it I found it to be twenty three acres above 
his hundred, but his mother is to have said part of the Mill so long 
as the Debts Is paid unless she Chance to Marry in the mean while 
then is it to be dehvered up to my said son John & he is to have it and no 
more for his part or share of my Estate except his part of the moueables." 

"To my Daughter Agness ten pounds for her dutiful Care of my 
family when my Children were small and Tender." 

"Unto my poor afflicted & distressed brother Thomas Beatty in 
Ireland who hath through great sickness another visitation from almighty 
God is become blind & is now maintained by the Charity of his half 
sister fifteen pounds Current silver money of New York with al possible 
speed it should be taken up at Interest Hopeing it will be taken from my 
hands and all the Rest of my family as an acceptable offering from all- 
mighty God." 

"All the rest of my wood land lying within the Limmitts of Marble- 
town & Rochester I give unto the Rest of my Children, vizt: William 
Charles Thomas Edward James and Henry and to my two Daughters 
Aggness & Martha" to be divided equally "or Else In quantity according 
to quallity as they shall think fitt & to take two honest neighbors upon 
Oath and to view said lott to the best of their knowledge and to Lay so 
much money upon the best as they shall think fitt to be paid unto them 
that Receives the worst lots & then said Eight Children to draw lots for 
said land." 

Signed by the testator. 

Tho: Cock 

Wm. Cock (Witnesses appeared before the Court March 9, 

JoRis MiDDAGH 1720/1, proving the will). 

Elleanor Cock 

Oohn Beaty m. Susanna Ashfordby, and had issue: i. Robert Batty iBettis), m., after May 
17, 1719 Bnta Middagh; ii. William, bt. June 9, 1695; iii. Charles, bt. Jan. 9, 1698 (see his will); 
iv. Agnes, bt. Oct 29, 1699 (dau. Jan Betti & S. A.) ; v. Jan, bt. March z, 1701 (m., Sept. to, 
1743, Merry Brink') ; vi. Thomas, bt. March 14, 1703, m. Oct. 23, 1729, Maria Jansz; vii. Maria, 
bt. Apr. 20, 1707, "Bina Membra Ecclesiae Anglicanae" (member of the English Church), m. Nov. 
24, 1728, Johannes Middagh). 

I02 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 169.— SCHUTT, WILLEM JANSEN, of Shawangunk. 

Will dated May 6, 1706, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble). 

"Myn huysvrouw Grietie sail blyve in voile possessie van myn ge- 
heele Staet." 

"Aan de Kinders van myn outste soon Jan Schutt 100 guldens," to be 
paid in one year by the widow. 

"Aan myn soon Myndert Schutt 100 gulden in two years." — "Aan 
myn soon Salomon Schutt 100 gulden in three years." — "Aan myn doch- 
ter Magdaleen" 100 gulden in four years." — "Aan myn dochter Neyltie" 
100 gulden in five years." — "Aan myn dochter Marytie" 100 gulden in 
six years." 

"Aan myn soon Abraham Schutt myn Land gelegen op Shawon- 
gonck" "in Consideratie dat hy by myn blyft in myn hooge kouderdom 
Endemyn groote dienst godaen heeft en noch dost, voor welck landt myn 
voors. soon Abraham sail betalen en uyt Keeren de bove vermackte ses 
hondert guldens." 

Wife and son Abraham appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

Jacobus Brun (^^p^ Nicolas Hofman and the other witnesses 

ScmIs^H fman^^ appeared, June 4, 1722, before the Court, proving 

Wm. Nottingham 

(My wife G. is to remain in full possession of my whole estate. 100 
guldens to be paid by the widow to the children of my eldest son, J. S. — 
To sons, M., S., and daughters M., N., and M., 100 guldens each. — To 
my son, A. S., my land at S., in consideration that he remains on my farm 
and in my service, and that he pays 600 guldens for said land). 

(.Willem Jans ISchut), m. Gritie Jacobs, and bad issue: i. Jan Willem, m. before Sept. iS, 
i6g2,. Marytje Ter Bos; ii. Solomon, bt. June i8, 1671 (s. of Willem Jansen and G. T.), m., before 
Jan. 29, 1690, Jannetje Tysens (.Sesums), m. 2., Sept. i, 1712, Marytjen Mone, widow of Paulus 
Mone, b. in Hog-duysland {Germany); iii. Magdalena, b. Albany, m. i., after Apr. 2, 1684, Gerrit 
Decker, m., 2., Apr. 22, 1696, Joris Middagh, b. Hycoop, Holland; iv. Marytie; v. Abraham, b. 
Morbletown, m. i., after Nov. 9, 1709, Heyltjen Dekkers, ra., 2., Apr. 25, 1714, Ceerthen Kortregt; 
vi. Meindert, m. before Nov. i6,_ 1694, Sara Jansen; vii. Neeltie, bt. Oct. S, 1682; viii. Menasses, 
bt. Dec. 30, 16S3, and ix. Ephraim, bt. same day). 

Page 198.— AARTSE, GERRIT, of Kingston, " Landtman." 

Will dated Dec. 17, 1715, and written in Dutch. 

Long religious preamble. 

"Myn waarde huysvrouw Claartie Aartse de gerechte derde van de 
profyte van myn gantsche staat gedurende haar Leven, En dat myn voors. 
huysvrouwe Sail vry heydt hebbe om in het buys tegenwoordrigh door 
myn bewoont In te blyve woone geduerende haar Leven." 

"Alyn Jongste Soon Simen van Wageninge Sail hebben En genieten 


Book of Deeds, Liber III. 103 

In ware en vrye Eigendom" "all myn Landt gelegent noorderlyke van de 
Esopus Kill SCO als 't selve myn aengekomen is van de Erfegenise van 
myn vader Aart Jacoise, en oock volgens transpoort van Sweer Teunis- 
sen alse mede myn wy En Bouwlandt gelegen stiydelyke van voors. Kill, 
beneff ens buys En Schuer, heyninge Etz. : mits dat myn voors. Soon oft 
syn ordr of Erfgenamen gehouden sullen syn voor bet selve te betaalen aan 
myn Erfgenamen bier onder gescbreven waer van by Een is, te betalen de 
somme van Ses bondred pondt" "In vyfve Jaaren te betaalen jeder jaar de 
gericbte vyfde part." 

"So stel Ick tot Erfgenamen over myn gantscbe Staat myn agbt 
kinderen Wettelyke geproureert met myn voors buysvrouw met namen 
Evert van Wageninge, Barent van Wageninge, Goosen van Wageninge, 
Jacob van Wageninge, Simen van Wageninge, Jamnetie buysvrouw van 
Barent van Benthuysen, Annetie buysvrouw van Henricus Heermans, En 
Neeltie van Wageningen En oosk Gerrit van Wageninge Soon van myn 
oudste Soon Wylen Aart van Wageningen" equally "docb dat voors. 
Gerret van Wageninge" "sail trucke En geniete alvorens de deeling van 
myn Staat gescbieden sail de Somme van vyftigh pondt." 

(To my wortby wife, C. A., one third of the income from my whole 
estate for life, she to have the right to live in the bouse I now occupy. — 
My youngest son, S. v. W., shall have all my land north of E. K., as the 
same was inherited by me from my father, A. J., as well as conveyed to 
me by S. T. — He shall also have my pasture land and farm south of said 
Kill with bouse and barn, be and bis heirs to be bound to pay for the same 
to my other heirs the sum of £600 in five years, one fifth each year. — As 
heirs to my whole estate, I appoint my eight children, begotten by my 
said wife, by name E. y. W., B. v. W., G. v. W., J. v. W., S. v. W., J., 
wife of B. V. B., A., wife of H. H., and N. v. W., as well as G. v. W., 
son of my oldest son, A. v. W., deceased. G. v. W. shall have, in advance, 
a sum of £50). 

(Aert jacobsen (Van Wagonen) was an early resident of Albany, who on Sept 17, 1660, 
purchased 47 morgens 215 rods of land at Esopus from Johanna De Laet, wife of JerOMmvus Eb- 
binck. He had five children : i. Gerrit Aertse (s. of Aert Jacobsen and Annetje Gerrits) , m. Clara, 
bt. N. Y. Sept. 10, 1651, dau. of Evert Pels and Jannetie Symens, and had issue; a. Aert, m., Oct. 

20, 1695, Aaltje Siting, (see Elting Roelofsen); b. Evert, bt. Apr. 18, 1675, m., June 1, 1701, 
Marytje Van Heyningen; c. Barent, bt. Apr. 18, 1675, m., Sept. 28, 1703, Lea Schepmoes; d. 
Goosen Van IVagenen, ra. June 15, 1715, Gertruyd Swart; e. Jfmnetje, bt. June 25, 1682, m. Apr. 

21, 1701, Barent Van Benthuysen; f. Anntje, bt. Sept, 7, 16S4, m. Hendricus Heermans;^ g. Jacob, 
bt. Oct. 3, 1686; h. Simon, bt. Apr. 7, 1689, m. May 26, 1720, Maria Schepmoes; i. Neeltje, bt. 
Apr. 17, 1692, m. Andries Focken; j. Rebecca, bt. Nov. 11, 1694;- — ii. Neeltje Aartsen, m., June 6» 
1667, Cornelis Tynhout (q. v.) ; iii. Jacobus, ta., Febr. 25, 1677, Sarah, dau. of Evert Pells (q. v.) ; 
iv. Grietje Aartsen, m., Jan. 28, 1668, Jacobus C. Elmendorf; v. Elisabeth, m. ab. 1676, Cornelius 
Masten (q. v.). ) ''— - 

Page 219.— MATTYSEN, JAN, of Kingston. 

Will dated Oct. 7, 1719, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble). 

"Myn buysvrouw Maddeleen Mattysen Sal bebben en blyve in bett 
besit van myn gantscbe Staatt Gedurende baar weduwlycke Staat Sonder 
dat sy gehouden sal syn Reeckenscbap te geven aan Eenige van myn 

104 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Kinderen Dogh Indien myn voors. huysvrouw wederom quam te her trou- 
wen Dat als dan myn voors. huysvrouw gehouden is de geregte helft van 
myn voor. staat uyt te keeren Ente betalen aan myn Erfgenamen hier 
onder ges. En de andere helft van voor. Staat sail myn voors. huys- 
vrouw on de benifitie van Inventaries de bate En Profyten des selve 
genieten geduren de Leven En na haar overlyden dat Sulex Insgelyex soil 
syn ten Behoeve van myn Erfgenamen hier onder geschreven." 

"Aan myn outste Soon Mattys Jansen" "Een paart de keyr van myn 
Stall voort Reght van Eerst geboorten." 

"Aan myn kinderen mett namen Mattys, Thomas, Jan, Hendrick, 
David, Margrieta Huysvrouw van Barent Burhans Catrina huysvrouw 
van John Croke Junr, Daniell Brodhead Soon van my overleden Doghter 
Magdalena in haar leven huysvrouw van Richard Brodhead En aan de 
drie kinderen van myn overleden doghter Sara in haar leven huysvrouw 
van Elias Bunshoten met namen Teunis, Johannis En Gerretie" "myn 
gantsche Staat." 

"(Door dien myn Soon Jan naar Engelandt vertrocken is en wy van 
gedaghten zyn dat hy overleden is) dat myn andere Erfgenamen Syn 
portie van myn voors. Staat sal Deelen aan Stondts na myn En myn 
voors. huysvrouw, overlyden, mits dat Een Jeder van haar sal gehouden 
Syn om golde borgh te geven aan myn Executors hier onder genoemt dat 
Indien myn voors. Soon Jan moght weder on in dese provintie arriveeren 
if syn twettige kint ofte kinderen sy als dan kem ofte syn kinders syn part 
ofte portie van myn voors. Staat dat Sy onder haar hebben wederom sal 
oplevere Ende betalen." 

"Myn Soon Thomas Jansen" shall have "de Bouwery met syn Depen- 
dentie myn tobehoerende de welche gecoght heb van John Ward En gele- 
gen onder Marbletown; En nue in huere gebruyckt dooe myn voors. 
soon Thomas mits dat hy sal uyt keeren En betalen of Doen betalen ten 
behoeve van myn Erfgenamen" "£300" En Een Duysent negen hondert 
En Vyftigh Schepels Taruw of de Samen vyf hondert twe en t' negentigh 
pondt En sien Schellinge tot haar van voors. Thomas Jansen." 

(My wife, M. M., shall remain in possession of my whole estate, as 
long as she remains my widow, and not be obliged to render an account 
to any one of my children, but if she should happen to marry, then she 
shall be bound to turn over one half of the estate to my heirs, and out 
of the other half she shall have the income and profit during her natural life, 
and then to go to my heirs. To my eldest son, M. J., the choice of a horse 
from my stable, his right of primogeniture. To mv other children, by name 
M., T., J., H., D., M., wife of B. B., C, wife of J.' C, Jr., D. B., son of my 
daughter M., deceased, in her lifetime wife of R. B., and to the three chil- 
dren of my daughter, S., deceased, in her lifetime wife of E. B., bv name 
T., J., and G., my whole estate. — My son, J., having departed for England, 
and there is supposed to have died, it is my will that my other heirs shall 
divide his share after my own and my wife's decease, but each one shall 
be bound to give gold bonds to my executors, to provide for the case that 

Book of Deeds, Liber III. 105 

his portion of my said estate may be paid to him or his children, should 
he, my said son Jan, return to this province. — My son T. J. shall have the 
farm with what thereto belongs, which I purchased from J. W., situated 
at M., and now in the possession of my said son T., for which he shall 
pay to my other heirs £300, and 1950 schepels of wheat or the sum of 

The four sons, Mattys Jansen, Thomas Jansen, Hendrick Jansen and 
David Jansen appointed executors. The youngest son David to have 
"Een Negers Jonge of the vertigh pont Courant gelt." 

Signed by the testator. 

W. Ten Broeck (Witnesses appeared before the Court, 

A: Gaasbeck Chambers Nov. 24, 1724, proving the will. — Re- 

JoHANNis TEN Broeck cordcd and examined by Gil : Livingston, 

Wm. Nottingham. Clerk.) 

(See Jan Tysen). 

Page 230.— HEERM ANS, JAN, Senr., of Kingston. ^ ^ ^^ 

Will dated Oct. 20, 1723, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble). 

"Aan myn Eenigste doghter Margarieta" "myn Neiuwe Cleere Kist 
met all haar linne dar daar in is, als mede haar bedste en bedding met syn 
toebehooren, voorugt myn Staat en verder dat myn voors doghter sal het 
gebruyck van myn kamer hebben, om in te woonen gedurende de tyt wan 
haar Natuerlycke Leven (te weten) de kamer van myn tegenwoodige 
woon buys." 

"Aan de drie kinderen van myn overleden Soon Jan Heermans met 
namen Jacob, Jan ^n Engeltie huysvrouw van Cornells Elmendorf" "de 
gerechte vierde part van myn geheele Staat." 

(To my only daughter Margarieta my new linen-chest with all the 
linen therein, bed and bedding, and to have the use of my chamber for 
her life, that is the chamber in the house where I now live. 

To the three children of my deceased son Jan Heermans, named 
Jacob, Jan, and Engeltie, wife of Cornells Elmendorf, the fourth part of 
my estate). 

"Aan myn Soon Henricus Heermans" the fourth part of the entire 
estate. — To son Andreis Heermans a fourth part of the estate. — To 
daughter Margarieta one fourth part of the estate, if she dies, her share 
to be divided among the "kinderen van" Jan, Henricus, and Andries. 

Sons Henricus and Andries appointed executors. 

. Jan Heermanssen (his mark) 

(Witnesses appeared before the Court, March 5, 1724/5, 
Tobias Van BeUREN —"This to Certifie that I Jacob Rutsen, Esq. Judge 

of the Inferior Court of Common i)leas for said 
BaRENT NUKERCK County of Ulster have carefully examined the with- 

in will and testament and find no Razors nor Inter- 
WlLLIAM SWART liniations. In the same and here by allow the same 

to be Entered on said County Records.'' Jacob 

W. Nottingham Rjitsen. 

Vera Copia — Gil Livingston, Clerk). 

io6 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

(/on Focken (Heermans) came from Ruynen, Prov. Drenthe, Holland, m. in N. Y^ Aug. 
23, 1676, Engeltie Bresteede, bt. Nov. 29, 1654, dau. of Jan Jansen Breestede and Marritie An- 
dries, m. z., ab. 1692, Elisabeth Blanchan, dau. of Matthew B. and widow of Pieter Cornells Low. 
Had with first wife: i. Jan, bt. N. Y., Nov. 3, 1677, m. ab. 1697^ Annatje, dau. 7ocob Aartse (J/ an 
Wagenen) a.nd, Sara Pels (q. v.); ii. Focke, btjuly 20, 1679; lii. Hendrick, bt. Sept. 3, 1681, m. 
ab. 1708, Annatie, bt. Sept. 7, 1684, dau. of Gerrit Aartsen (Van Wagenen) and Clara Pels; iv. 
Grietje, bt. Apr. 6, 1683; v. Andries, bt. Apr. 12, 1685, m. Neeltje, b. Apr. 17, 1692, dau. of 
Gerrit Aartsen (Van Wagenen) and Clara Pels. Res. Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., N. Y.; vi. Philip- 
pus, bt. Jan. i, 1687; vii. Pieter, bt. Dec. 30, 1688. By 2d wife: viii. Wilhelmus, bt. N. Y., May 
7, 1693; ix. Grietje, bt. Kingston, Aug. 30, 1696, m., Apr. 21, 1727, Jam Maklin, b. March 
7, 1703, s. of Jan Maklin and Marritje De Witt). 

Page 233.— RUTSEN, JOHN. 

Will dated March 5, 1724/5. Wl^ 

"My Beloved wife, Cathrine have and Enjoy all my Estate Real 
and personal of what kind so Ever During her natural Life, Except She 
maryeth & if in Case she marrieth then to keep and Enjoy the one halfe 
of my estate" "and the other halfe of my Estate to be Equally Divided 
amongst my Children." 

"Unto my son Jacob, besides his part as is shall happen the Sume of 
one hundred pounds." 

"After my wife Decease, all my Estate to be Equally Divided be- 
tween my natural Children, and in Case my Children dye without issue 
then my said Estate after my wifes decease to be divided, the one halfe 
or moety to my wifes brother Henry Beeckman and his sigter Cornelia 
the wife of Gilbert Livingston" "and the other halfe or moiety to my 
brother, and Sisters" (not named). 

"I Impower ray beloved wife Cathrin to sell and Dispose of all my 
Estate both Reall and personall." 

Wife appointed executrix. Signed by the testator, "in my dwelling 
house at Knightfield." 

JoHANNis Westbrock (Witnesses appeared before the Court, 

. „r Jacob Rutsen, Judge, Abr. Gaasbeck 

Joseph Whealer Chambers, Lodewyk Hornbeck, Justices, 


(J. R., m., Dec. 4, J712, Catryntjen Beekman, b. Sept 16, 1683, dau. of William B., and 
widow of Cornelis Bxveen. She m., 3., Albert Pawling, of Dutchess Co. — ^J. R. and C. B. had 
issue: i. Jolumna, bt. Apr. 11, 1714; ii. Jacob, bt. Apr. 29, 1716 (Jacob Ruts, Sr., and Marytjen 
Hansen, witn.); iii. Henderikus, bt. March 9, 1718, m., Nov. 24, 1737, Allada Livingston; iv. 
Catrina, bt. May 24, 1719, m. June 13, 1740, Dirk Wesselse Ten Broeck, res. Albany). 

Page 268.— SHEPMOES, DIRCK, of Kingston. 

Will dated Febr. 15, 1723/24, and written in Dutch. 

Long religious preamble. 

"Myn huysvrouw Maragrietie Schepmoes of Tappen (wife M. S. or 
Tappen) £40 and a "negerin met naame genaamt Jenney met all haar kin- 
dere" (negress by name Jenny with all her children). Wife also 
to have "het Goudt en sulver gemunt en ongemunt beding goldere en 
buys Raadt an all dat sy by myn gebrogt heeft" "twe paarde twee kouye 
twee shaapen en waage met strange touwe dar toie behooren de voor haer 

Book of Deeds^ Liber III. 107 

twe Doghters genaamt Anna & Areyaantue Schepmoes" (gold and silver, 
coined and uncoined, bedding, household goods, and all she had brought 
unto me, two horses, two cows, two sheep, a wagon, with string and cord 
belonging to it (harness), for her two daughters named A. & A. S.) also 
"helleft van het Raat Dot wy gecoght en laate maake hebben terwyl 
dat wy getrowt geweest syn" (half of the household-goods which 
we bought and had made when we married) . "Myn huysvouw" "en haer 
twe dogters" "Jeder Elick Een Bedt met syn toiebehooren" (my wife and 
her two daughters a bed each with what belongs thereto). 

The wife also to have a third part of "het woUe en Linne gaare of 
Linne Vlass geweeve of ongeweevn Sount en Smeer kerse slip vlys spek 
meet voor Broot en voorts alles watt Eat baare syn dat in myn. buys of in 
de tuyn groeyt (the woolen, linen-thread or linen-flax, woven or 
not, and tallow candle, bacon, bread and all eatables in my house, or 
growing in the garden), en indien ick quam te sterve Dat het kooren 
noch in de Schuer te dorse was so sail myn voor syde huysvrouw 
Maragritie vier en twintigh Schepel tarrew twaalfe Scheepell males Dar- 
tigh Scheepel have Een hallef beest en Een vet varrike dat dat gemest 
is hebben" (and if at my death the grain should yet be in the barn to be 
thrashed, my wife shall have 24 schepels of wheat, 12 schepels corn, 
30 schepels oats, half a cattle, and a fat pig). 

"Myn voorsyde vrouw" "in myn buys sal woome so Langh als sy 
ongetrouwt blyft en dat sy sail hebben tot haar wooningh de kelder 
kueken en op kaamer en up Solder en haar geryf in de kelder de haleve 
tuyn by het buys" (my said wife shall live in my house, so long as she 
is unmarried, and shall have for her occupancy the cellar, kitchen, and 
an upper room, and an upper garret, and her accommodation in the cellar, 
and half of the garden at the house) "ende derde part van de Boogaert van 
de appele en alle Boonvrughte die oft myn Landt in het bos grocien" (and 
the third part of the apple-iorchard, and all the fruit from the trees, which 
grow on my land or in the woods). Also "de darde hok of Garref van 
omtrent tien morgen bowlandt dat door Willem Schepmoes" "sal behouwt 
werde maer myn voor boiemde Soon Willem sail gehouwden Syn het 
voomoiemde Landt te bequaamer tydt te sayen met winter en soomer 
kooren ock sail hy alle laaren Een halfe Schepel vlaas saat op be quam 
Landt te Sayen voor myn syde huysvrouw" "op haer tien morgen en 
Willem Schepmoes sail van het soomer kooren soo veel weer hebben als 
het vlas lant gegroit is" (the third part of the sheaves of about 10 morgen 
arable land, which W. S. shall be bound to seed with winter and summer 
grain, and to sow yearly sufficient for half a bushel of flax for my said 
wife, but he shall have as much grain therefrom as is grown on said 
flax-land) "de tien morgen voor myn vrouw Sail weesen de voorste houck 
in de lange Streek" (my wife's 10 morgen shall be "at the first corner in the 
long row) "ock so sullen tween kouye twee kalvers en twee schaapen 
Loopen of te wyen daar syn vie Loopt en wydt" (and two cows, two 
calves, and two sheep may pasture where the son's cattle is grazing) "ock 

io8 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

sail my huysvrouw" "de helfte van het hoy landt dat op haar Landt dat 
is de Lange street groot vry hebbe En myn soon W. S. sail het magen 
voor de helleft So by will, oeck en Sal my huysvrouw voor het wyie van 
haer niet betalen" (my wife shall also have half of the hay land which 
is on her land on the long row, and my son, W. S., may cut the hay from 
this half if he so wishes, and my wife shall not pay anything for this 
land) "oock Sail myn huysvrouw" "den morge Schoon Bosslandt hebben 
waar zy will (my wife is also to have a morgen cleared woodland, where- 
ever she wishes) en haer geryt van de Schuer en bergen hofstede haerko- 
men en vel In te bergen ente dorsen (and to have all her carting to the barn 
and on the farm, and her cattle brought in) : en soo myn voorsyde huys- 
vrouw van het landt Een morgen Landt tot Een wey will maake Sal het 
moogen Doren all het voor sude Landt is myn voor Syde huysvrouw" "te 
hebbe Soo Langh als sy Leeft of ongetrowt blyft" (and if my wife 
wishes to make a pasture of her morgen land, she may do so, and she 
is to have said land as long as she lives or is unmarried) : en Een Spaa 
on Een greep Een byll : En scap en Een wan : en Spueel Slee ock Sail sy 
hebben de potte Bank en Eettens half en Leedekant Daar wy In Slaagen" 
"met het bedde goet dat in "en de twee brandt Isers hebbe en de bybell die 
wy gebruyckt hebben" (She is also to have a shovel, a dungfork, a small 
ax, a wooden shovel, a grain cleaner, a pleasure sleigh, the pott-bench (to 
place potts on), and corner closet (Eettens, i. e., a small three-cornered 
closet), a bedstead, where we sleep in (the testator wrote, by mistake, 
'slaagen,' instead of 'slaapen,' i. e., 'where we fought in instead of where 
we slept in), with the bedding belonging thereto, the two iron stamps 
(marking irons), and the Bible, which we have used)'. 

"Anna en Areyantie Schepmoes sail ock Een Beybel hebben Benef- 
fense sail myn huysvrouw haer twe Doghters genaemt A. en E. S. EUeck 
vyftien EUe hoUans Bettyk nevens het I gegeweeve : en ock het fyne Linne 
dat new geweve is of geweeve wort dat sy selleft gesponne hebben" (A. 
and A. S. shall also have a bible each, and my wife is to give said daugh- 
ters each 15 yards Holland bedcloth which I have woven, and also the 
fine linen, which was woven, or which will be woven, which she has spun 
herself) . 

"Myn Soon Willem Schepmoes sal hebbe myn buys dat aghter is en 
Schuer en hofstee Boogaert en leegh Bowlandt dat ick nu behowen" (my 
son, W. S., shall have my house which is behind, and barn, and farm, and 
orchard, and low plough land which at present belongs to me) "het 
Landt dat ick new Sayie en ploiege en maey tot Sestien morge toie maer 
de voorste" (and the land which I am now sowing and plowing, and the 
60 morgen low land) "sal van de kisketamer boom beginnin en de lange 
streek aan de sloot of het brugetie en dan met Een Reghte byn op de Sloot 
op Scepere Boomtie dat by de Sloot Staet en dan met Een Reghte byn op 
Jan Roos Boss landt en al dat Boss landt dat aen Deese seyde ban Leyn 
is Die Mr. John Cook gemeetenheeft dat sail Willem Schepmoes hebbe tot 
aen Dierck Dewitt syn Leyn voor welleke voornoiemde Landt huysen 

Book of Deeds, Liber III. 109 

Schuyr Boogaert:" "En ock myn neeger genaamt Will en Een wagen 
en ploiegh" (shall begin at the "chestnut-tree" at the long row on the 
creek at the bridge, and then with a straight line up the creek to the 
'Scepere' tree, which stands on the creek, and then with a straight line 
to Jan Roos's woodland, and also all the woodland which is on this 
side of the line, which Mr. John Cook has marked, shall belong to Wil- 
lem Schepmoes to Dierck Dewitt's line, for which said land, houses, barn, 
orchard and also my negro, by name Will and a wagon, a plow, he shall 
pay £400. He is also to receive "all myn Pocke ende Schrifte obligatsie 
en alle oblegaatsie Redderen" (all my books, writing-books and bonds, 
and to pay all my debts). 

If the widow should re-marry, she is to give an account not later 
than four years after the testator's death, and money not paid by William 
Schepmoes on the £400 debt shall then be remitted. 

"Aan myn klyn Soon Dirck Willemse Schepmoes myn vleg by het 
binnewaeter leggende en myn Singenet ofte waapen Rinck Rottingh en 
Schiet Roier sail hebben" (to my little son, D. W. S., my row-boat on the 
lake, and my signet-ring (or ring with coat of arms) my walking-stick 
and gun). 

"Myn soon Johannes Schepmoes sal hebben de tuyn die naest syn 
grondt an Leydt met en Reghte Leyn op het koonigs padt en dat Landt 
dat buyten De Schoongemaekt is" "syn Eerste geboorte Reght" (my son, 
J. S., shall have the garden, which adjoins his land, with a straight line 
from the King's Way, and the land which is beyond the cleared land, his 
right of primogeniture). 

All the 60 morgen land now occupied and plowed by Willem Schep- 
moes to be equally divided among the children "en het Boss Landt dat 
Tusen Willem an Johannes Schepmoes Leydt volgens de Leyn die John 
Crook geloopen heeft" (and the woodland which lies between W. and 
J. S.'s land, and follows the line which J. C. marked) is to be divided 
among the children "myn doghters Sara; en Dirckye: Ragell en Leea: 
Willem en Rebeeka Anna en Areyantie Schepmoes." "Willem Schepmoes 
sail van dat Bowlandt niet hebben als syn part van het gelt soo daar 
overschiet soo sal Willem daer syn par van hebe vande vaste staet Dat 
Landt dat myn Sueeve kindere sullen deelen dat moet kosten Drie hondert 
ponden (W. S. shall not receive of this woodland more than his share 
of the money which remains due, he is also to have his share of the real 
estate; the land which my seven children are to divide, may cost £300). 

"Maer So daer geldt of meel of kooren is dat Sail myn vrouw en myn 
Soon Willem hebbe om myn doost Schult daer mede te betaalen en de 
Rest dot dar rnoghte overigh weesen om myn andere Schulden te betalen 
en Sullen gehowden Syn Ses maan dan nae myn doot Reekeningk te doien 
aen de administratuers van myn nagebatene Staat. Ock Soo will Ick dat hy 
dat Landt Dat hey new In huer heeft, nock Een Jaer sail Bouwe mitten 
daer van de Derde hok of geris moist gedoe en als daer Soo veel Reet 
geldt niet gevonden wordt soo sail het uyt de naaste krop Betaalt weerden 

no Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

door myn Soon Willam Schepmoes Dat is te segge myn Doot Schulde 
Die aen myn begrafnis behooren en gedaan Sullen werden die moielen alle 
betaalt werden en niet naagelaten." 

(Any money, flour or corn, which may be found, shall go to my 
wife and to my son William for the payment of my funeral expenses, 
and what remains shall be used to pay my other debts with. They are 
to be bound to give an account to my executors, six months after my 
death, of their expenses on that account. It is also my will that he 
(William) shall for one year more cultivate the land which he now has 
in rent, with barley, and if there should not be ready money enough, pay- 
ment will have to be deferred to the proceeds of the next crop, as paid 
by my son William. The funeral expenses must, however, be paid 

Anna and Areyantie to have also "Een negerin" a negress each "als 
sy komen te trouwen" (when they marry). If necessary, Anna is to have 
the first choice of Jenny's children, (van Jinny haer kinderen) Areyantie 
shall have two of Jenny's children. My two daughters, Anna and Areyan- 
tie, shall have "Ellek harre Ige kist met het geene daar in is te weeten (each 
her own trunk with what is therein, that is) linen and woolen goods, 
silver, coined and uncoined, and all the small pictures and all the stone- 
ware that belongs to her, a HoUandish copper kettle (Een hoUandse 
Coopre kaetell), a little teapot, six chairs, two iron potts, a clock, a 
warming pan (huegel) : "affchop en tangh" (coalshuttle and tongs), six 
spoons, six pewter plates, a cup, a pewter dish (schuttel), a copper 
smoothing iron, a good spinning wheel. As guardian (vooghde) over my 
wife and my two children, Anna and Aryantie, both under age, I appoint, 
Johannis Hardenberg, Pieter Tappen, and Hendrik Pruyn. As executors 
I appoint Jhuenes Tappen, Barnardus Swartwout, Barent van Waagenen, 
Aldert Roosa, Johannis Hardenbergh, Pieter Tappen and Hendrik Pruyn. 

Signed by the testator, and witnessed by Gil: Livingston, Jno. Rut- 
sen, Salomon Davis, and Jacobus Van Dyck. 

On Sept. 20, 1725, Gilbert Livingston, Solomon Davis, and Jacobus 
Van Dyck appeared before the Court, Arian Gerretsen, Esq., Judge, Capt. 
Lambert Cool, and Capt. Coenraedt Elmendorp, Esqrs., Justices, proving 
the will, and the signatures of the other witnesses. 

(See his former will, supra.) 

Page 293.— DOYO, ABRAHAM, of New Paltz. 

Will dated Sept. 20, 1724, and written in French. 

"Nostre Commancemant Soit au non de dieu" "en sentant malade 
au lit." (In the name of God, and sick in bed). 

(Long religious preamble.) 

"Item Cette ausy mon vouloir et Volonte que pres mon deces ma 
famme Elche demeura en la plaine posesion De tous me bien pour en 
youir paisiblement durant son vesuage san quel soit oublige de rendre 

Book of Deeds, Liber III. in 

Conte a mon fit Abraham." (My wife Elsie to remain in full posses- 
sion of my whole estate, without being obliged to render any account 
to my son Abraham.) "Mais sy elle ces venoit a se Remarier alor elle 
sera oblige de rendre sout a mon fils Abraham a souoir le taire du vilage 
et meson et grange et tous me neigre et Cheval es betacorne et meuble 
et jnmeuble orre argant." (But if she should marry again, she is to 
give an account to my son. A., for the land, house, all my negroes, 
horses, horned cattle, furniture and money) "Comme ausy tous le 
graint le graint quy seron vair ous saique et ausy tous ce qui mapartien 
an dite nu pale jtaime je daune plaint pouvoir a ma fame elche de savoir 
vandre et transporter ceste dit toire que deseus A France qui a quy ellse 
bons luy Semblere pour paier le frest des Ceste dite terre desus le france 
quil jtaime je daune et radonne amon fils Abraham tous le taire que je 
dans la patente du nu palle apre la mor de ma femme sil elle ne se reviene 
a marier Comme il est sy de seux." (Also all the grain, green or dry, as 
well as all what belongs to me in said New Paltz, besides full power to my 
wife Elsie to sell or dispose of all what may be in France at such price she 
may wish; I give to my son A. all the land which I have in the Patent 
of New Paltz, after my wife's death, if she does not remarry, as is pro- 
vided for farther on). I give "tous me outien de Charon et Cotille atiere 
et tous ce quil apartien a Cotille a Abraham mon fils," (to Abraham, my 
son, all my wagons and what belongs thereto) "et en suite je bailie tous 
me Livre amon fil Abraham et je reserve pour Mari ma fiUe le bible 
flament en un testament fancoij et on livre de sermon en un Livr a 
Saume et quatre pour Wintie a Savoir le vieux bible francoij et un testa- 
ment francoij et le pratique de piete et un Livr de priere flament," (and 
I give my books to my son A., except four for Marie, my daughter, 
i. e. the Dutch Bible, a French Testament, a Book of Sermons, and a 
Psalm-Book, and four for Wintie, i. e., the old French Bible, a French 
Testament, The Practice of Piety, and a Dutch Prayer-Book) . 

To ray son Abraham also "deux Chelin pour le droy darnaise Sent 
quil puis pleus rien a pretandre pour ce Senge." (two ropes for the right 
harness, with which he is to be satisfied, without any change). "J taime 
je hardonne que mon fils Abraham apre la mor de ma fame il faudra 
balier a ses deux seure so sente pistol de largant de nouuel jorque pour 
Leur par deritage a savoir frante pistolle pour Mary et Frante pistol 
pour Wintie apre troii aan apre la mor de ma fame." (I will that my 
son A., after my wife's death, shall give to his two sisters 60 Pistoles, (*) 
New York money, for their inheritance, that is 30 pistoles for Marie and 
30 pistoles for Wintie) "Et ausy jordonne que ma fame elche ou mon 
fils Abraham seront oblige de donez a Wyntie Comme je balie a marie 
ma fille en mariage quan elle aura vinte aen." (Which is to be given to 
my daughter Marie on her marriage or when 20 years of age, by 
my wife or my son Abraham.) 

(*) A pistole was a Spanish coin, worth ca. 60 cents. 

112 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"Maij sil plait a dieu de retirez de me enfent il Retournera a me 
enfent et il partiront egalement et sil vinne a mourir tous sent eritier il 
Retournera a la enfant de me deux frere a sovoir Critiane et Henri Doyo." 
(When it shall please God to take me away from my children, it shall 
return to my children, to be divided equally, and if they should die 
without having inherited, it (the property) shall go to the children of 
my two brothers, Christian and Henry Doyo.) 

Jacob Hashrouck, Daniel Hasbrouck and the wife appointed execu- 
tors. Signed by the testator, and witnessed by Jacob Hasbrouck, Daniel 
Du Bois, and Daniel Hasbrouck. Daniel and Jacob Hasbrouck ap- 
peared before the Court, Oct. 7, 1725, proving the will, and stating that 
they saw Daniel Du Bois sign the same as a witness. 

(Abraham Doyo m. Elsie Clearwater in 1702.) 

Page 313.— FALSETT, QERRET, of the Pals Creek, Labourer. 

Will dated April 13, 1726. 

"Being very sick and weake In body." 

"To Johannes Wine Cope Senier of Kingston" £5. 

"To well beloved Handly Onomary Newkirk of the Pals Creek" £5. — 
"To my handlady Daughter In law Geertry Newkirk £5. 

"To Loving frinds Hendrieck Newkirk & Jahanas Newkirk whome 
I likewise Constitute my Executors" "all my Estate of moneys Bonds 
Goods now belonging to me." 

Garret Falsett (his mark). 

(John Haywood & Mathis Slymer 
Jno. Haywood appeared before the Court, May 5, 

Hendryck Schoonmaker 1726, stating that they saw Hen- 
Mathise Slimer drick Schoonmaker sign the will as 

a witness). 


Will dated March 8, 1725/6, and written in Dutch. 
"Aan myn HuysvroUw (to my wife) Marritie Meyderse the whole 
estate. — "An myn outste Soon (to my oldest son) Eghbert Brinck" de 
keur van alle de peerde (his choice of all the horses). — "Al myn vaste 
staet van lant en buys so in corporatie van Kingston als op Hurly ofte 
Elders aenders aen myn vier soons (all my real estate in K., and H., or 
elsewhere to my four sons) Eghbert, Lambert, Henderick En Jacob 
equally, they to pay the debts, and to their three sisters £50: Ragel De 
Huysvrouw (wife of) Arent Ploegh; Jenneke wife of Samuel Burhans 
and Elisabeth wife of Jan Oosterhout, to be paid within three years. — 
To said daughters also "all Myn Linne Schutels Borde En Comme" 
(linen, dishes, plates, and cups (or bowls). All the rest of the estate, 
as slaves, horses, and cattle to be divided among said children. — "Aan 

Book of Deeds, Liber III. 113 

myn outste Soon" (to my eldest son) Eghbert" "In myn plaets te ackte 
als tetentier Int Patent. Nevens Cornells Cool (to act in my place as 
holder in the Patent besides Cornells Cool). Sons Eghbert and Lambert 
appointed executors. Signed by the testator, and witnessed by Arien 
Gerretsen, Gerrit Newkirck, Timothy Low, and Cornelius Newkirck, 
who all appeared before the Court, Nov. 21, 1726, proving the will. 

(Cornells Lambertz, born at sea, son of Lambert Huibertsen (q. v.), m., Apr. 27, 1685, 
Maretie Egberts (.Meyndertsen), of New York, and had issue: i. Eghbert (see Cornelis Brink); 
ii. Lambert; iii. Hendricje, bt. Apr. ig, 1686; iv. Henderik, bt. Jafi. 28, 1692; v. Jacob and vi. 
Rachel, twins, bt June 3, 1693; vii. Jacob, bt. Jan. 5, 1696; viii. Mynert, bt. May i, 1698; 
IX. Jamneke, bt. May 7, 1699, m. i., Dec. 16, 1720, Samuel Burhans, m. a., Oct s, '734, Walran 
Dumont; 3C Lysbet, bt March 23, 1701, m. Jan Oosterhout; xi. Annotie, bt. March 24, 1706. — 
The widow m., Oct. 5, 1734, IValran Dumond). 

The following wills, in possession of Mr. Ralph Le Fevre, of New 
Paltz, are not on record in Kingston, Albany or New York. 

FRERE, HUGH, New Paltz. 

Will dated Jan. 15, 1727/8, and written in Dutch. 

"Aen myn Oudste soon Hugo" "voor het Recht van syn Eerste ge- 
boorte geve ick hem Een paart de keur van myn Stat" (to my eldest son, 
H., the choice of a horse, for his right of primogeniture). 

"Aen myn Soon Isaac^' "myn weves getouw en syn toebehooren en 
twee rieten en oock Een voste merry paardt, die van myn breeder Jam 
Frere gehooren is, voruyt voor syn getrouw Diensten aen myn gedaan" 
(to my son, I., my weaver's loom with what thereto belongs, as well as 
two reeds, and a sorrel mare, in advance of division, for his faithful 
service) . 

"Myn Jongste Kinderen sullen onderhouden en opgevedt werden 
naar vermoogen en ter Schoolen laaten gaan" (my youngest children shall 
be provided for, and brought up as well as possible, and permitted to 
attend school). 

"Aan myn Derteen Jtinderen met namen Hugo, Isaac, Simon, Jonas, 
Marya, Sarah, Hester, Chatharina, Blandina, Rachel, Jannetie, Rebecca, 
en Elizabeth" "mym geheele staet" (my thirteen children, named, to equa- 
vally divide the property) "mets gevende aen de Vleeschlycke Vreught 
Van Tryntie Van Cleck, Dochter van Johannes Van Kleck die sy nu 
draagt so het leeft tot de mondige Jaaren ofte tot Een Twentigh Jaaren" 
"een even geluck part en portie met myn boven gen. kinderen" (to the 
'fruit of the flesh' of Tryntie Van Cleck, daughter of Johannes Van 
Kleck, which she now goes with, it shall receive, if it lives to majority, 
or to the age of 20, an equal share of the estate with my said children) 
"En by aldien het vreught ofte kint quam onmondigh te overleyden" (and 
if any of the children should die before the age of majority) the sur- 
vivors are to divide the share of deceased. 

"Myn ongetrouwde kinderen als sy Comen te trouwen en hu- 
welycken sullen dan haaren Uytsett hebben als myn anderen kinderen 
gehedt hebben doe se trouwden" (when the minors marry, they are to 

114 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

have an outfit, similar to those, which my married children received, 
when they married). 

"Aan myn Dochter, Rachel, £5" (to my daughter, R., £5), to 
daughter, Jannetie, i6, to daughter, Rebecca, £7, and to daughter, Elisa- 
beth, £8, as well as my "silver Tuymelaar" (silver tumbler). 

The children to give their brothers and sisters preference, if they 
wish to sell their shares. 

Executors: sons Hugo, Isaac, Simon. Guardians: "my drie bree- 
ders" (my three brothers), Abraham Freer, Jacob Freer, and Jan Freer, 
and "myn Vrindt" (my friend), Aart Van Wagenen. 

Hugh Freer (his mark). 

Witnessed by Ande le feure, Samuel Beuier, and Daniel Hasbroucq. 


Will dated Aug. 16, 1729, and written in French. 

"Soit Notoire a tous Eeux qu'il appartiendra qu' aujourdhuy le 
Siexieme Jour du mois D' aoust de L'an Mille sept Cent et vingt Neuf 
moy soubsine Daniel Dubois hebitant du Nieu Paltz en la Conte de 
Ulster en la Province de Nieu York dans L'Amerique Estant en sante 
de corps et d'Esprit Dieu en soit Loue; Feu que le jour et L'heure de la 
mort nous est Incertaine Dieu nous ayant Cache le Temps et le Moment 
qu'il s'est reserve a sou Adorable Providence; c'est pourquoy aussy J'ay 
voulu jcy declarer par les presentes ma derniere volonte et Testament 
en la forme et en la maniere Comme L'ensuit." (Be it known to all 
whom it may concern, that to-day, Aug. i6th, 1729, I, Daniel Dubois, 
resident of N. P., Ulster County, Province of New York in America, be- 
ing well in body and mind, for which God be praised; knowing that the 
day and hour of death is uncertain to us, God having hidden from us 
the time and the moment which he has reserved in his adorable provi- 
dence ; therefore, I have wished to declare by these presents my last will 
and testament in manner and form as follows.) 

"Je Casse je Reuoque J'annule et met a neant tout autre Testament 
que j'ay fait ou passe soit de parolle ou par Eseuit: il serront nul et de 
nulle valleur." (I dissolve, revoke, annul and make void every other 
testament, which I have made by word or writing: it shall be void, 
and null, and of no effect.) "Mais Celluy cy est et sera ma demiere 
volonte et Testament et non autre." (But this is and shall be my last 
will and testament.) "Et Ainsy je Recommende mon ame a Dieu mon 
Creatur a Jesus Christ mon Sauueur Et au Sainct Espt. mon Consolateur 
et Sanctificateur. Et mon Corps a la Terre d'ou il a Este pris Jusques 
a ce qu'il plaise a Dieu au Jour qu'il 'a destermine en son Conseil 
Esternel de Ressusciter nos Corps pour les reunir a nos Ames, afin que 
tous ensemble de jouir a jamais de la vie Eternelle et bien heureuse que 
Jesus Christ son fils nostre Seigneur nous a acquire par son sang qu'il 
a promis de donner a tous Eux quy luy seront fidelle jusqu'a la mort." 

Book of Deeds, Liber III. 115 

(And thus I recommend my soul to God, my creator, to Jesus Christ my 
saviour, and to the Holy Ghost, my consoler and sanctifier, and my body 
to the earth from which it was taken, until it shall please God, on the 
day which he has determined in his eternal counsel, to raise our bodies, 
to reunite them to our souls so as together to enjoy forever life eternal, 
and most blessed, which Jesus Christ, his son, our Lord, had secured 
for us by his blood, which he has promised to give to all those who are 
faithful unto death.) 

"Pour ce quy est de mes biens temporels qu'il a pleu a Dieu de me 
donner beaucoup plus que je n'ay merritte: Comme Terres, Maisons, 
Granges, frutiers, pastures, et heritage; Cheweaus, Bestes a Corne et 
autres Bestial ; or, argent, monnoye ou autrement, Estains, Euyores, fers 
& ferrement, et tout autres Utencilles quy appartient a mon bien Je 
donne et ordonne Comme il Lenssuit." (As for my temporal goods 
which it has pleased God to give me, much more than I deserve : as lands, 
houses, barns, orchards, pastures, and heritage, horses, cattle, gold, silver, 
coined or uncoined, cooking-utensils, iron tools, and all other utensils, I 
give and bequeath as follows). 

"Premierement S'est mon Voloir et volonte que toutes mes Ligi- 
tures Debts Soit Payee en temps Conunabl par mes Executeurs ycy apres 
nommes." (First, it is my will and desire that all my debts be paid by 
my executors, hereafter named, immediately after my death.) 

"ae. Cest aussy mon voulier et volonte Expresse que ma femme 
Marie demeurera en la pleine possession et Jouissance de tous mes biens 
mouuable et jonmouvables apres mon desces pour en jouir paisiblement 
durant son veufage sans quelle soit obligee den rendre Conte a mes Enfans 
ny a personne quy que ce soit, mais sy en cas quelle Vin Sent a se remar- 
ier, elle aura nu tiers dans les reuenus de toutes mes terres aussy elle aura 
une negresse trois ou quatre vaches trois Cheueaus et tous les meubles de 
ma maison pour sa vie durant et apres son desces ils reuiendront Et 
Seront a tous mes Enfans en general pour estre esgallement divise et 
partage parmy Eux et eutre eux ; Ses pourquoy il faudra faire une jnven- 
taire." (My wife, Marie, to remain in full, undisturbed possession of all 
my estate, during her widowhood, without being obliged to render an 
account to my children, or anyone else ; if she should happen to remarry, 
she is to have one third of the profits from all my lands, one negress, 
three or four cows, three horses, all the furniture in my house, for life, 
and after her death, all to go to the children to be divided equally. An 
inventory will, therefore, be necessary.) 

"3e. Mon fils aine Benjamin aura pour son desit d'ainesse tout ma 
monture de Cavallerie Excepte le Cheuel sans pretendre pour Cette raison 
rien autres Choses." (My eldest son, B., for his birthright, my cavalry 
equipment, except the horse; he not to pretend to chose something else, 
on that account.) 

"46. Tous mes biens meubles et jnmeubles mouvables et jn- 
mouvables a mes six Enfants Elisabeth, Benjamin, Marie, Simon, Rachel^ 

ii6 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

et Isaac, a Eux" "une juste part." ((To my children, named, one sixth 
part each of the whole estate.) 

"5e. Mais Sy en cas ma famme procree ou ait d'autres Enfants 
durant mon vie, ils diviseront" "une just part." (If my wife should have 
other children during my life, they are to inherit equally with the rest.) 

"6e. S'il arriuoit que ma famme fut Enceinte a mon Desces et 
accouchat de fils ou fille legitimement procree de moy alons ce fruit la doit 
partage dans tous I'heritage." (If my wife should be enciente at my 
death, and a legitimate son or daughter be born, such child shall inherit 
with the rest.) 

The children to give preference to each other, if they wish to sell 
their shares. 

"Mon frere Philipe Dubois mon uncle Jacob Hasbrouck et mon frere 
Pierre Cantin" (my brother, P. D., my uncle, J. H., and my brother, 
P. C.) appointed executors. 

Witnessed by Jean Theuenin, Samuel Beuier, and Stephen Gasherie. 

Page 353.— JANSEN, MATTYS, of Kingston, Cordwainer. 

Will dated Aug. 21, 1727. 
"Eldest son Johannis shall have for his birth right £30." 
"My daughter Magdalena to be paid at the day of her marriage £20." 
"My daughter Ragel to be paid at the day of her marriage £20." 
"My son Thomas £30 to be paid when he arrives at the age of 21 

"My son Cornelis £35 to be paid when he arrives at the age of 21 

"My son Jacobus £35 to be paid when he arrives at the age of 21 

"My sons Cornelis and Jacobus shall have three silver Cups and 

twelve silver spoons which I had by their mother, and the said Cornelis 

' ""' "obus shall have the preference of the Lott of Ground, lying in 

n between the house and Lott of Jan Heermans deceased and 

uicy uuuse and Lott of William Swart, if sold or divided they Giving 

as mauch for the same as one of the other Children will give." 

''An inventory be taken of all my Goods and Chattels and that ray 
family keep and Remaine in my now dwelling house untill next Spring- 
and tiien my Goods and Chattels to be sold by my Executors and the 
money ther from arising to be put out at Interest, and out of the Interest 
my Children that are under age to be maintained." 

"After payment of debts all real and personal property to be divided 
among the children: Johannis, Thomas, Cornelis, Jacobus, Grietie now 
wife of Lewis de Bois, Marritie now wife of Johannis Decker, Magdalena 
and Ragel." In case of death under the age of 21, the share to be divided 
among the survivors. 

Book of Deeds, Liber III. 117 

"My son Johannis full power" "to sell" "such lands and estate which 
I have had by my father Jan Mathysen deceased which is yett undivided." 

"Eldest son Johannis, my Brother Thomas Jansen and Brother John 
Crooke Junr." appointed guardians "untill my youngest Child shall be of 
the age of 21 years" and then "my four sons, Johannis, Thomas, Come- 
lis and Jacob" to be executors. Signed by the testator. 

Petrus Vas (Witnesses appeared before the Court Oct. 

GirLiviNGSTor'' 5, first year of George II.) 


"My eldest son Johannis Jansen full power" "to release and con- 
firm the divisions made with the heirs of my father Jan Mathysen de- 
ceased." Aug. 21, 1727. Same witnesses. Entered Oct. S, first year of 
George II. (1727). 

(M. J., s. of Jan Moityten, (q. v.), m. 1., June 7, 1^3, Anna Btmendorp, m .2., June 13, 
1703, Rochet PopingOf b. N. x., res. Kingston, m. 3., May i, 1712, Annatjeth Masten. Issue with 
ist wife: i. Johannes, bt. Nov. 15, 1696, m., July 8, 1725, Anna Schepmoes ; ii. Margrietje, bt. June 
4, 1699, m., June 21, 1720, Lowies Du Bois. With 2d wife: iii. Marytje, bt. Sept. 3, 1704, m.. 
May 17, 1726, Johannes Decker; iv. itagdalena, bt March 17, 1706, m., Oct. 26, i733> Daniel 
Schoonmaker (q. v.); v. Tomas, bt. Tune 2(n 1708; vL Rachel, bt. May 7, 1710, m.. May 15, 1729, 
Benjcanin Smedes, (q. v.); by 3d wife: vii. Comelts, bt. March i, 1713, m., Oct. 8, 1748, Cathorina 
Swart; viii. Jacobus, bt. Dec 19, 1714; ix. David, bt. Jan. 20, 1717; x. Elisabeth, bt. Febr. 22> 

BOOK OF DEEDS IV. (DD), MARKED 1728-1745. 

Page 251.— De WITT, JAN, of Mombacckus (Rochester). 

Will dated Oct. 29, 1700, and written in Dutch. 

"Van Lychaam kranck de Betten Leggende" (sick and lying in 
bed). — "Aan myn huysvrouw Wyntje De Witt (to wife W. de W.) one 
half of the estate, the other half to "myn vier kindere by Name (my 
four children by name) Barber De Wyt, Eycken De Wyt, Blandine De 
Wyt, Ragel De Wyt" of "buys Landt paerde Beeste Gelt" (land, horses, 
cattle, money). — "Eenigen van myn kinderen in haren Onmondige Jaren 
Mochte Come Te Sterve" (if any of my children should die during their 
minority) share of deceased shall be divided among the survivors. — 
"Myn Broeder (my brother) Anderis De Witt & Cornells Swyf" ap- 
pointed executors. 

Jan De Wyt (his mark). 

Witnessed by Anderes De Wiedt, Cornells Swyt, and Jacob De Wyt. 
Mr. Moses Du Puis and Mr. Cornells Switts appeared before the 
Court, April 12, 1715, proving the will. 

(Son of Tjcrck Claessen De Witt, q. v. Had issue: i. Barbara, bt. April 17, 1692, m., Jan 
Gerritse Decker, bt. July 28, 1688, s. of Gerrit Janse D. and Masdalena; ii. Ikee, bt. June 3, 1694; 
iii. Blandina, bt. Apr. 12, 1696, m., Oct. 24, 1719^ Jurian Westphael, bt. Sept. 27, 1698, s. of Simon 

IV. and Neettje Quackenbos; iv. Rachel, bt. Aug. 23, 1698, m., Apr. 15,^ 1723, l^aac Van Aken; 

V. Jannetje, bt. July 13, 1701, m. Abraham Van Aken). 

Page 276.— COOL, CORNELIS, of Hurley, Yeoman. 

Will dated Jan. lo, 1732/3. 

"Being in Tolerable health." 

"My dear wife Janneke Cool" "yearly and every year during her 
Naturall Life the Just Sixth Schepell of all the Winter Wheat and Rye 
as shall be raised on my land and Twelve Schepell Indian Corne and 
the Use of my Chamber Next the Barn and Seller and Loft Room with 
the priviledges as I Now Enjoy, in the House Where I Now Live which 
I hereby give to my son Lambert, and my Negro Man Called Carlyn One 
Negro Woman Calles Susannah and the Two Milk Cows and fodder in 
the Winter and pasturage on the farm of my son Lambert." 

"The children of my Daughter Antie: Jannike wife of Gerardus 
Hardenbergh and Margritta wife of Thomas Gaasbeek" £750 "and the 
fourth part of all my Goods and Chattes to be Divided between them in 
the manner following : After myn and wifes Decease My Executors shall 
pay to them" "all the Moneys that arise of the Debts Due to me by 
Bond or Bonds Which Money so payed shall goe towards the Discharg- 

Book of Deeds, Liber IV. 119 

ing said £750, always Provided that the said Janneke & Margritta or their 
assignes shall first Deduct J4 part of such sum as part of their fourth 
of the Goods and Chattels, and whereas the said Gerardus Hardenbergh 
is Indebted to me by Bond" out of Janneke's part is to be deducted the 
principal and interest. 

"And whereas I have Lent the said Margritta £50" said money to 
be deducted out of her share. Son Lambert and daughters Hendricke 
and Gertie to pay "what shall be vanting in three years after myn and 
wifes decease." 

"To my son Lambert Cool" "all my land on the south side of the 
Esoi)us Kill in the bounds of Hurley Between the Land of Jannetie 
Newkerk and the Land of Aldert Kiersteden Together with Housen 
Barns Barghs Buildings Ochards Pastures Gardens fences with all and 
singular the appurtenances as also a certain tract of Land lying on the 
North Side of the aforesaid Esopus Kill being part of a piece of land 
knove by the name of the New farm or Neve Bovery" "bounded north 
easterly by the Land of Jacob Du Bois north westerly by the land of 
Jannetie Newkerck south westerly by the Old Kill and Easterly by the 
aforesaid Esopus Kill and also a certain Tract of Land known by the 
Name of Jan Joostens Land being bounded according to the Conveyance 
thereof to me made Appears the said Lambert paying yearly and Every 
year to Jannike my said wife or her assignes During her Naturall Life 
the Sixth Schepell of Winter Wheat and Rye which he Raiseth on said 
Land and four Schepell Indian Com and to allow to my said wife the 
Priviledges in the House as Abovesaid and Pasturage and fodder for 
Two Milk Cows on said farm and paying within three years after myn 
and wifes Decease to the said Jannike and Margritta" "tiie third part of 
the Residue of the Seven Hundred and fifty pounds after the Dedactions 
made as aforesaid." 

"Unto my son Lambert my Bible." 

"All the yearly Rents Income and Profitts of that Certain Tract or 
parcell of Land Scituate Lying and being on the North side of the said 
Esopus Kill between the Land of Jacob Du Bois and the land of Arte 
Gerretse so as the same is conveyed to me by Barnardus Swartwoudt 
Together with Housen Barns, Barghs, Buildings, fences, Orchards, 
Pastures, Gardens" with appurtenances to be paid during the life of 
"my daughter Hendricke Low wife of Timothy Low of Hurley, Esq." 
After her decease said land to "my Grand Children of the Body of my 
said Daughter" if alive; if dead under the age of 21, the share to be 
divided among the survivors. 

"To my wife" "during her Naturall Life the sixth Schepell of 
Winter Wheat and Rye, which shall be Raised on said Land and four 
Schepell of Indian Corn" and within three years after decease of testator 
and wife, the third part of the residue of the £750, after deductions made, 
to go to Jannike and Margritta or survivor. 

I20 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"To daughter Geertie wife of Mr. Derrick Wynkoop" tract of land 
on Hurleys Great Peice, bounded north east by land of Cornelis Lam- 
bertse, southwest by land of Arie Gerretse with Housen, Barns, and Bargh 
fences, pastures, Orchards, Gardens, with appurtenances. Also Eight 
Morgan or sixteen acres of wood land upon the hill northwest of the 
last mentioned land, paying yearly to wife the sixth Schepel of winter 
wheat and rye which shall be raised on said land and also four schepell 
Indian corn. 

"Whereas I have an undevided Ninth part of a certain Tract of 
Land on the north side of Esopus Creek conveyed by Johannis Harden- 
bergh and Company to myself and Company" "to my son Lambert Cool 
In fee Tail after his Decease to his eldest son and from Eldest son to 
Eldest son for Ever provided alvays that the Tennents in possession for 
the time being of the Land" "shall for ever have free Commage and 
feeding of all Commonable Beasts and Catle and Liberty to Cut Break 
and Carry avay all sorts of wood and timber and stone." 

"After death of testator and wife, the property to be divided, }4 to 
son Lambert, to the executors J^ "to the use of my daughter Hendrickie," 
to daughter Geertie J4; and J4 to Jannike and Margritta besides the 
£750 before given them." 

"Beloved son Lambert Cool and my beloved son-in-law Dirick 
Wynkoop" appointed executors. The will "being writt on Two Sheats 
of Common paper Consisting of Eight pages." 

Cornelis Cool (his mark).. 

Hans Kierstede 

Derck Van Vliet (Witnesses appeared before the Court 

Gil : Livingston Sept. 7, 1736, proving the will. 

Henry Livingston 

A. Gaasbeck Chambers 
Christoeffel Tappen 
Johannis Jansen. 

(Cornelis Teunisen Cool was son of Teunis Bartiansen Cool, who came to this country 
with his son in the ship "The Spotted Cow," 1663. C. T. C m., Jannetje Lamberts, dau. of Lam- 
bert Huybertsen (q. v.), and had issue: i. Teunis, bt. Jan. 22, 1683, m., Dec. 23, 1720, Zara Biks; 
it. Lambert, bt. Dec. 7, 1684; iii. Anna, bt. Aug. 28, 1687; iv. Annatje, bt. Apr. 14, 1689, m., after 
Oct. 9, 1706, Jacobus Elmendorff, q. v.; v. Henderikje, bt. Nov. 6, 1692; vi. Hendrickje, bt Nov. 
19, 1699, nj., Sept. 4, 1719. Timothy (Tomotius') Low; vii. Ceertje, bt. Apr. 23, 1703, m., July 3, 
172s, Derick Wynkoop. — C. C, on Oct. 24, 1704, for and on the behalf of the inhabitants and 
freeholders of Hurley, petitioned for a warrant for the surveyor to lay out and ascertain the 
limits and hounds of a tract of land, between the north bounds of Kingston and the great moun- 
tain, called the Blue Hilts (N. Y. Land Papers, iv., p. 26). — Petitioned also on March 18, 1708, 
with Adrian Geritse for a patent of land (Ibid., p. 115). — And on Oct. 12, 1708, for land, adjoin- 
ing the bounds ot New Paltz (Ibid., p. IS7). — ^And in 1710 with Jacob Rutsen for a warrant to run 
the division line between Hurley and Marbletonm (Ibid., v., p. 76, vii., p. 47). 

Page 336.— SWYTS, CORNELUS, of Rochester, Lantman. 

Will dated April 13, 1735, and written in Dutch. 
(Long religious preamble.) ^jpi^ 

"Myn waade huysvrouw Jannehe ^wit^' all the land in Rochester 
"an de suydt sy van de RonduytsKyl" "all myn Slaven, Negers, Negerin- 

Book of Deeds, Liber IV. 121 

nen, Negers kinders, paerde in besten Schapen Zweyne hoendert." (My 
worthy wife, J. S., land on the south side of R. K., all my slaves, negroes, 
negresses, negro-children, horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, poultry.) 
Wife appointed executrix. 

Cornelius Swyts (his mark). 

(Lodewyck and Cornells Hornbeck ap- 
LoDEWYK HoRNBEEK peared before the Court, May 2, 1738, 
John Schoonmaker proving the will, and stating that they 
Cornelius Hornbeck saw John Schoonmaker sign the same as 

a witness.) 

(Claes Cornetissen Swits, a "Duytsman", i.e. a German, (and probably a Swiss, from the 
Island of Schouwen, thence from Amsterdam to New Netherland), on May i8, 1638 had a lease 
of the Otter-Spoor farm there from Jonkheer Van Curler, — Claes Rademaker*' (wheelmaker), as 
he was called^ was killed by the Indians. His son, Cornelms Claeszen (.Switzer, Su/ite, Svnteart), 
m. Ariantje Comelis Trommels, who m., 2., in N. Y., Nov. 18, 1656, Albert Leonards, of Amster- 
dam, They had issue: i. Claes, b. 1640 iClaes Comelissen van Schoonhoven) , m., July 28, 1670, 
Catalsn Ions; ii. Apolanitje, bt. Febr. 17, 1641; iii. Jacob, hi. Oct. 5, 1642 ,twin with iv. Isaac, Dt. 
same day, "klyne Isaac," who went to Schenectady, and m. Susanna, dau. of Simon Groot; v. 
Jacob, bt. Febr. Si 1645. m. Aeltie Fredrix; vi. Abraham, bt. March 10, 1647; vii. Apollonia, bt. 
Oct. as, 1648, m. before Apr. 17, i6So, Jans Thomasen Aken; vii. CORNELIS, bt. July 9, 1651, 
came to Kingston 1678, m. Jannetje, bt. Febr. 12, 1662, dau. of Tjerck Claessen De Witt (q. v.). 
She made her will Febr. 21, 1737/8, q. v.; ix. Pieter, bt. Oct. 12, 1653; x. Cornelia, bt. Oct. 31, 
1655 (dau. of Cornelius Claeszen, Rademaecker). 


Page ^.— LEQG, WILLIAM, Junr. 

Will dated March 8, 1743/4. ^/ t^ 

"Unto Marytie my Dear Wife the use of my Whole Estate both 
Reall and Personall as Long as she Remains my Widow, and that she 
shall Take Care for the Educating and Instructing of my Children and 
Honestly Maintaining, according to the Capacity of my Estate, untill my 
said Children arive to the age of Twenty one years or Come to Marry 
"but if my said wife Happen to Marry" then the estate to return to the 

"To my eldest son William Legg" all my whole Estate Where I Now 
Dwell named Jacobs Hook and the Island with House, Barn Barricks 
Orchards and Pasture Ground and all the appurtenances" "when he 
shall arrive at the age of 21 years if his mother then be Married or 
Deceast, and not otherwise. In consideration of the Same, he shall 
pay unto my Three Other Children Namely Samuel Legg Barent Legg 
and Margret Legg" £120 "sixty pounds as they shall arrive to the age 
of 21 years to each of them one year afterwards. If William happens to 
receive the estate before the other children come of age, he shall be 
obliged" to maintain my other Three children, and give them Learning 
Untill they arrive at the age of 21 years or happen to marry, and to put 
my two youngest sons Samuel and Barent To such Trades as they shall 
be Willing to Learn." 

"Unto my Three Sons William Samuel and Barent all my Close." 

Executors empowered to sell "the land I have Lying at the flat bush 
Within the Limits" "of Kingston it being one Quarter part of the Land 
ray father bought of Arent Ploegh" "the money to be used for discharge 
of debts. 

"To son Samuel Legg £120 to be paid by my son William." — "To 
son Barent ii20 to be paid by William." — "To daughter Margaret ii20 
to be paid by William." 

Survivors to divide share of deceased heir. Brothers-in-law Wil- 
helmus Burhans, Richard Davenport, and Philip Viele Junr., and "my 
friend and Neighbour Edward James Whitaiker" appointed executors. 
Signed by the testator. 

(John Whitaker and Tobias 
Hendr. Hendr. Schoonmaker Wynkoop appeared before the 
ToHN Whitaker Court May 29, 1745, provmg 

JOHN WHITAKER ^^^ ^jjj^ ^^^ Confirming the sig- 

ToBiAS Wynkoop nature of Hendrick Hendrickse 


Book of Deeds, Liber V. 123 


"My son William shall not be obliged to pay the said Legacies (of 
£120 to the other children) during, the time my wife shall enjoy my 
Estate but when my said Estate shall fall Legaly into my said sons hands" 
then he is commanded to pay the legacies as ordered. Executors given 
full power to sell all interest in the estate of "my Grandfather Hendrick 
Ploogh deceased, which was given and bequeathed unto me by the last 
will ctnd testament of my mother Gessie deceased and also all the right 
and title made unto me by the last will of my uncle Abraham Ploogh" 
and by the will of "my aunt Geertje deceased." 

William Legg Junior. 

Jan Pyetersen Osterhout (Witnesses appeared before the 

John Whitker ^-rS^u^ i^?' M^^y P™/'"^ ^Y 

■i will of the late William Legg Jr. 

Jacob Burhans of Kingston, deceased.) 

{William Legg, bt. Nov. r, 1713, son of William Legg and Geesje Ploeg, q. v., m., Dec. 7» 
J733i Mareitje Burhans, b. Brabant, and had issue: i. Geesje, bt. Sept. 8, 1734; ii. WiUem, bt. 
Oct. 19, 1735; iii. Margerit, bt. Aug. 14, 1737, m. June 11, 1761, Henricus Post, of Albany; iv. 
Zamuel, bt. Aug. 5, 1739, m. i., Aug. 16, 1760, Sara Du Bois, and 2., Jan. 23, 1773, Marya Oster- 
houdt; V. Barent, bt. Dec. 23, 1740; vi. Jan, bt. June 12, 1743). 

Page 6.— DU BOIS, JACOB, of Hurley, Landtman. *rc».,w^ 

Will dated April 3, 1739, and written in Dutch. 

"Aan myn Huysvrouw Gerretje Du Bois de Inkomste ofte Huer van 
myn Bouwery op Hurley (welke ick aen myn soon Johannis verhuert 
Hoof Goduerende myji en myn Vrouws Leven) so Lange als zy leeft." — 
To wife also "de Huer welke myn vier soons Barent, Lewis, Isaac en 
Gerret Verplecht zyn te betalen Voor het Landt op Salem in Niew Jerse')/' 
"Ende ook het Gebruycj van alle Myn losse off personeele Staat." 

"Myn vyf kinders Magdalena, Catharina, Rebecca, Sarah Ende 
Neeltje" iiio each "aen Landt van myn Landt over aen de Noordoste 
noord Weste zyde Van de Esopuse Kill En Myn soon Johannis" £120 
"van het zelide Landt Ende ook myn Vrouws Dochter Jacomyntje £50 
het welk Landt ick Schatt ofte Waarder op £1200." 

(To my wife Gerretje Du Bois, for life, income from the rent from 
my farm at Hurley (which I have leased to my son Johannis during my 
and my wife's lives). — To wife also rent which my four sons, named, 
have agreed to pay for the land in Salem, New Jersey, as well as the use 
of all my personal estate. 

My five children, named, £110 each and land from my land on 
the nordeast and nordwest side of Esopus Kill, and to my son Johannis 
£120 of same land, and to my wife's daughter, Jacomyntie, £50 from 
the same land, which I value at ii 200) . 

After wife's death, all otheJ- property^tobediyided among the 
children : Barent Lewis Isaac Gerret /o^aMm5~MigSlena Catherina Re- 
becca Sarah "en Neeltje en myn huysvrouws Dochter Jacomyntie." 

124 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Property devised to daughter Magdalena to be sold by the executors 
and the interest given her yearly until her death, when the entire amount 
is to be divided among her children. 

Wife and sons appointed executors. 
Signed by the testator. 

JoHANNis Hardenbergh (Major Johannis Hardenbergh and 
Cathatrenna Kool John Crooke appeared before the 

John Crooke Junr. Court, June 7, 1745, proving the will.) 

(Jacob Du Bote, (son of Louis Dn Bois, q. v.), b. Oct. — , 1661, settled at Hurley, m. 
Gerretje Gerretsen^ bt. March 12, j66g, dau. of Gerrit Cornelisen, and had tesue; i. Magdalena, bt. 
May 25, i6go; ii. Barent, b. Hurley; iii. Louis, bt. June 9, i£95; iv. Gieltje, bt. May 13, 1697; v. 
Gerrit, bt March 29, 1700; vi. Isaac, bt. Febr. i, 1702, m. Neeltje Roosa; vii. Gerrit, bt. Febr. 
13, 1704, m., July 18, 1731, Margrietje Elmendorff ; viii. Cathareyntie, bt. March 24, 1706, m., 
Febr. 12, 1725, Petrus Smedes; ix. Rebecca, bt. Oct. 31, 1708, m. Petrus Bogardus; x. Johannes, 
bt. Nov. 10, 1710, m., Dec. 11, 1736, Judikje Wynkoop, dau. of Cornelius W.; xi. Zara, bt. Dec. 
20, >7i3, m., June 21, 1734, Conrad Elmendorf; xii. Neeltjen, bt. May 27, 1716, m., Sept. 9, 
^737, Cornelius Nieuwkerk), 

Page 8.— BRUYN, JACOBUS, of Bruynswick. 

Will dated June 20, 1744. ^j^ 

To eldest son Jacobus farm whereon I now live at Shawangonk, 
containing 410 acres, granted by letter patent to Thomas Lloyd, also land 
granted by letter patent to Gertie Brown between the first mentioned 
tract and the land granted to Jan Kamp and Company, also woodland 
(adjoining Thomas Lloyd's land) on northwest sidfe of Shawangunk 
Kill of 300 acres, part of land granted by letter patent to John Rutsen 
and myself, and conveyed to me by John Rutsen, also all my part of a 
tract of land purchased by me from the Trustees of Rochester on south 
side of Shawangunk Mountains together with all buildings Barns Baraiks 
Gristmill Bolting Mill Skreen Orchard Gardens and appurtenances. The 
son to pay yearly "to my well beloved wife Tryntie" £25 for her naturall 
life and to allow her the use of Three Rooms in my house and liberty 
of the Seller as she shall have occasion for it for her own use" "my 
son Jacobus shall pasture and fodder or Keep in Winter "for said wife" 
two horses four Milck Cows and five Sheep and to sow for her half a 
Shepple of flaxseed yearly," all this to wife in liew of her Dower. 

Said Son Jacobus within one year after decease of wife to pay 
to "my three other sons : Cornells Severyn and Johannis £500, or £166.13.4 

To son Cornelius land in Ulster County called Pakanasink on the 
North side of Shawangunk Creek or River, containing 500 acres, granted 
to me by letter patent, Nov. 26, 1719; also land on the south east side of 
Shawangunk River opposet te Packanasink, my 1/7 part of 2000 acres 
(part of a tract of 2500 acres granted to myself and Henry Wileman by 
letter patent, April 20, 1722, with appurtenances)." 

/ , 

Book of Deeds, Liber V. 125 

To son Cornelius als6 £200 to be paid out of the money I have at 

To son Severin all my lands called the live Thousand Acres in 
Ulster County on both sides of the Paltz River, granted by letter patent 
to Francis Harrison, Esq. and Company, July 7, 1720, together with 
rents and arrears of rent due. To Severyn also £250. 

To son Johannis all my land within a tract of 2000 acres, granted 
by letter patent to Peter Matthews and Company, on both sides of the 
Paltz River, of 335 acres; also 100 acres (adjoining the northwest side 
of the land granted to Peter Matthews), conveyed to me by Johannis 
Rutsen; also a Marsch and Woodland thereunto adjoining called the 
Gebrande Vley or the Burned Meadows, of 200 acres on the southeast 
side of Shawangunk Creek, granted to me by letter patent, Nov. 26, 1719. 
Together with liberty to cart, hew down and carry away all sorts of 
wood trees and timber for the use of the said lands Given to him only 
within any part of my land by mee purchased of the Trustees of Roches- 
ter, on the south east side of Shawangunk Mountains. — To Johannis 
also £50. 

To daughter Peternella wife of Jacob Hardenbergh land on south- 
east side of the Paltz River of 667 acres by mee purchased of the execu- 
tors of Captain Lancaster Syms Deceased, part of tract of 3500 acres, 
granted to David Provoost Kip van Dam and Company." 

To my daughter Catharin the wife of Abraham Hasbrouck unde- 
vided half part of dwelling house at Newburgh upon Hudson River 
whereof I am seized jointly with Cadwallader Colden, Esq., and my 
moiety or halfe of the two lotts number 9 and 17 thereunto Ijelonging, 
and sJso my right to the store house there built and the lott of ground 
belonging to it; also those several lotts No. 4, 12, 20, 29, 32, and No. 
39 at Newburgh, conveyed to me by Cadwallader Colden; also messuage 
or tenement and lott of ground conveyed to me by two conveyances from 
John Harris, John Haywood and Thom^ts Haywood, scituated in New 
York city upon the Dock near to Pearl Street." 

To my daughters Peternella, Catharina, Mary and Hanna and to 
my two grandchildren : Lewis Du Bois and Rachel Du Bois the children 
of my Daughter Gertruy deceased the late wife of Nathaniel Du Bois 
4/15 part of land called The Eight Thousand Acres, granted by letters 
patent, July 7, 1720 to Philip Schuyler and Company; also land in 
Rochester, conveyed to me by Joseph Gee and Anthony Hill. 

Also to my daughters Mary and Hannah £150 each. To each of them 
one feather Bed Beding and furniture Thereunto Belonging in order to 
make them equal with my other Daughters they having had an Equiva- 
lent thereto in my Life time. 

After payments of all debts, to my three granddaughters and two 

126 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

grandchildren, to Peternella £60, to Mary £264, to Hanna £264, to grand- 
children £264 equally to be divided between them. If there should not 
be sufficient outstanding at interest, to pay these legacies, the daughters 
and grandchildren to lose 1/5 part of what my said Cash and money at 
Interest shall fall short of. 

To son Severyn my Silver Tankard, and to my son Jacobus my 
Beamscales and Weights which I use in my Grist mill. To each of 
them also one of my Saddles and a good horse and a good mare, the 
choice to be taken by them before any division be ma4e of my stock. 

To my four sons also all my Law Books and History books. To sons 
Cornelius, Severyn and Johannis all my wearing apparell belonging to 
my body as also all the Residue and Remainder of my money out at 
Interest upon mortgages Bonds Bills Notes or other Securities. Debts to 
be paid first out of the money in hand arising from my last years crop. 

Executors to put my son Johannis to School as soon as they can 
conveniently; £1500 given them to be applied towards his education, said 
sum to be raised out of my crop of Wheate and other grain now in the 

To daughter Peternella £10 to be paid her out of my crop of wheat 
and flower now in my house and Mill. 

To son Cornelius my mill stones now lying at the mill. 

To said daughters and grandchildren all household goods, furniture, 
pictures, Books and Plates, 1/5 to the daughters and grandchildren, all 
household goods used by wife excepted during her life. 

To said four sons all my slaves Stock of Horses black Catties 
Sheep Hoggs and also my book Debts Crop of Corn now on the Lands 
Wagons sleds Ploughs Harrows and other farming utinsells and all other 
Reall and Personall Estate. Jacobus to have the use of Severyn and 
Johannis shares tintil they come of age, or marry, my son Jacobus main- 
taining and Cloathing the said Negroes and Wintering the said Cattle 
and Horses. 

To wife during her life one Negro man and a negro wench her 
Choice out of all my Slaves and Two horses and four milck Cows and 
five Sheep and also the use of Two Bedds and furniture for them and 
all such Household Goods furniture Pictures and Plates as she shall have 
occasion for dureing her life. Also one good fat steer and five hoggs to 
Kill for her first Winters Provisions. Wife to deliver a true Schedule of 
all personal property, within six months after my decease. 

In case any of the grandchildren should die the survivor to have the 
share. If both grandchildren or any of my children should die before 
they come of age, without lawful issue, the shares to be divided among 
my three youngest sons and daughters. 

Sons Jacobus and Cornelius and son-in-law Abraham Hasbrouck 
appointed executors, and to discharge the debts out of money made by 
sale of crop of wheate and flower in the house and mill or at the Land- 

Book of Deeds, Liber V. 127 

ing place (my family having first taken their bread out of the same) 
Executors empowered and instructed to pay out and provide for pay- 
ments of legacies. Signed by the testator. 

(Charles Clinton and Zaghrya Hofman ap- 
peared before the Court, June 11, 1745, prov- 
Jacob Hasbrouck ing the will, as well as the signature of Jacob 

Zacharias Hofman Hasbrouck. 

Chas Clinton Johannes Hardenburgh, Judge, Cornells 

De Lamater, Justice, Moses Depuy Junr. 

(Jacobus Bruyn, Sr. came from Norway ab. 1660, m. Gertrude Ysselsiein iEsselstein) , bt. 
May 22, i6so, dau. of Jan Willemse B. and Willemtje Jans. She m„ z., Severyn Ten Hout 
<q. v.). Issue: i. Jan, hi. Oct 6, 1678; ii. Jacobus, Jr., b. Nov. 30, 1680, d. Nov. 21, 1744/ m. 
after Nov. 18, 1704, Trsntje, bt. Nov. 22, 1684,'' d. Aug. 27, 1763, dau. of Jochem Hendrtckse 
Schoonmaker and Petronella Sleght, q. v., and bad issue: a. Severyn, Tenhout, bt. March 24, 1706, 
d. y.; b. Jacobus Bruyn, bt. Jan. s, 1707, d. Apr. 2_6,'i78i, m. Jeannie Graham; c. Geertruy, bt. 
Febr. '18, 1709, m. May 13, 1726, Nathaniel Dubois',' it. June 6, 1703, s. of Louis D. and Rachel 
Hasbrouck; d. Comelis, bt. Jan. 7, 1711, m. Oct. 12, 1743, Ida Honman, bt. Dec. 24, 1721, dau, of 
Zacharia'h H., and Hester Bruyn; C. B, died Dec. 21, 1777; e. Johannes, bt. Aug. 10, 1712^ (d. 
Jan. 31, 1755), m., June 21, 1750, Maria Schoonmaker, bt. Febr. 12, 1727, dau. of Benjamm S. 
and Catharina Dupuy; i. Josias, bt. Oct. 23, 1713, d. v.; g. Pieternella, bt. June 5, 1715, d. inf.; 
h. Tryntjen, bt. Febr. 10, 1717, d. inf.; i. Picternelletjen, bt. Oct. 19, 1718, m., Oct. 7, I737» 
Jacob Hardenburg, bt. March 10, 1717, d, Febr. 27, 1773, s. of Johannes H. and Catharina Rutsen; 
j. Catryna, bt. Aug. 21, 1720 (d. Aug. 10, 1793), m., Jan. s, 1739, Abraham Hasbrouck, bt. Aug. 
21, 1707, d. Nov. zo» 1791, s. of Joseph H. and Elsie Schoonmaker; ^ Hanna, bt, Dec, 25, 1721, 
d. inf.; 1. Maria, bt, June 23, 1723, (d. Oct. 8, 1776), m,, Aug. 30, 1745, Isaac Hasbrouck, bt. 
March 11, 1722, s. of Jacob H, and Esther Bevier; m. Hannah, bt. Dec. 27, 1724, m,, Nov, 2, 
1749, Solomon Van Wagenen, bt. May 6, 1722, s, of Simon Van W., and Sara Dubois; n. 
Severyn Ten Hout Bruyn, bt May 25, 1726, (d. Aug, ig, 17S9). m, Jan, 13, 1750, Catharina Ten 
Broeck, bt June 11, 1757, d, Nov. 1, 1802, dau. of Johannes T. B., and Rachel Roosa; the widow 
m-> 176s, Col. Jonathan Ehnendorf). 

Page 47.— SWYTS, JANNETJE, "Wedevrouw van Cornelis Swyts 
van het Dorp Rochester." 

Will dated Febr. 21, iJZTl^y and written in Dutch. 

"Synde Swack Van lichaem." 

(Long religious preamble). 

"Aan myn overlede mans suster Aplonica Aken myn Eene koey met 
het bonte behanxel met de toe behoore in thien pondt an Gelt." 

"Aan myn suster Rachel Bogardus myn andere Koey met het root- 
achtye behanxel met de toebehore in thien pondt an Gelt." 

"Aan myn nieght Jenneke Wynkoop myn Grote Spiegel in myn Grote 
tafel."^ — "Aan nieght Cathariena de Duytser myn klook in myn Swarte 
repper in Ken kaper in de helft van de Mutse die ik op myn hooft draag." 
— "Aan myn nieght Margriet Oosterhout Ken Swarte Schort in Ken 
Stoffe Schort in Een kaper in Een gekwytte Schort in de Andere helft 
van myn Mutse die Ik op myn hooft draag." — "Aan myn Vrindin Arientje 
Hoornbeck myn Grote Kast." — "Aan myn Nieght Barber Tapper myn 
Beddepan." Residue to be sold to pay debts. "Cosyn Egbert Dewitt 
ende myn Nieght Barber Tapper" appointed executors. 

Maria Hoornbeck 

Annetje Hoornbeck Jannetje Swyts (her mark) 

CoRNELUS Hoornbeck 

128 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

(Weak in body. — To my deceased husband's sister Aplonica Aken 
my cow with the spotted hide and iio in money. — To my sister, R. B., 
my other cow with the reddish hide and iio in money. — To my niece, 
J. W., my large mirror and my large table. — To my niece, C. de D., my 
cloak, my black top-coat and cap, and half of the bonnet which I wear on 
my head. — To my niece, M. O., a black apron, and a knitted apron, and 
the other half of the bonnet, which I wear on my head. — To my friend, 
A. H., my large cupboard. To my niece, B. T., my warming-pan). 


Dated May 29, 1739, and written in Dutch. 

"Overschot" (remainder) of the estate to go to the niece, Janneke 
Wynkoop, who is also appointed an executrix. 

Witnessed by Cornelus Hoornbeck, Maria Hoornbeck, Willem C. 
Kool, who all appeared before the Court, June 3, 1746, proving the will. 
John Crooke, Clerk. 

(See will of Cornelis Swits, supra). 

Page 57.— LIVINGSTON, GILBERT, of Kingston. 

Will dated Dec. 12, 1745. 

"Whereas there is to be raised out of the Land Given by my father 
in Law Coll. Henry Beekman Deceased to my beloved Espouse Cornelia 
Livingston Deceased £3000 in money or land for my ten Younger Chil- 
dren: my sons, Henry, Gilbert, Phillip, James, Samuel, and Cornelius 
Livingston, my Daughters Alida Wife of Capt. Jacob Rutsen, Joanna, 
Catharina and Margrieta Livingston in such proportion as I shall think 
fitt and direct, and my will is that the said £3000 shall be eqally divided 
amongst them. "In case of death before the age of 21, the survivors to 
divide the share of deceased. 

"Whereas there is £1000 in money or land to be raised out of the lands 
aforesaid for me" "I give said £1000 and all my lands tenements and 
Hereditaments" "unto my Children : to eldest son Robert Livingston, and 
my ten children above named." 

Sons Robert and Henry, son in law Capt. Jacob Rutsen and "my 
beloved Couzin Robert Livingston son of my Brother Robert Livingston" 
appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

Thos. Beekman (Witnesses appeared before John Crooke, 

JoHANNis De Lametter Surrogate, July 31, 1746, proving the 

John Viele will). 

(.Robert Livingston, the first Lord of the Manor of L., born at Ancrum, Scotland, Dec. 13, 
1654, m. July 9, 1679, Alida Schuyler, widow of Rev. Nicholaus Van Rensselaer, and died at 
Linhthgo, 1728. They had issue: i. Philip, ii. Robert, iii. Gilbert, of whom presently; iv. Margaret; 
V. Joanna. — R. L. on July 12, 1683, purchased from the Indians 2000 acres land on the Hudson 
River and Roeloff Jansen's Kill, which he partly sold, Oct 26, 1694, to Derrick Wessel Ten 

Gilbert Livingston (Gysbert Lievestoni), of Roelof Jans Kil, Columbia Co., m., Dec 22, 
1711, at Kingston, Cornelia Beekman, dau. of Col, Henry B., and had: i. Robert, bt. Jan. 11, 1713; 

Book of Deeds, Liber V. 129 

ii. Hendricus, bt. N. Y., Aug. 29, 1714; iii. Joanna, bt. Sept. 9, 1722; iv. Wilhehnus, bt. Aug. 23, 
i?.?4; V. Philippus, bt. June 26, iir26; vi. Jacobui, bt. Apr. 7, 1728; vii. Zamuel, bt. Febr. i, 1730; 
viii. Cornelis, bt Apr. 30, 1732; ix. Catrina, bt. July 21, 1734; x. Margrieta, bt. June 23, 1738; 
and Altda, m., Nov. 24, 1737, Capt. Jacob Rutsen, Jr). 

Page 109.— OOSTERHOUT, TEUNIS, of Rochester, Yeoman. 

Will dated June 14, 1739. 

"Unto my Eldest Son Jan Oosterhout" "Lott of Low land called the 
Long Streek" "on the north side of Momhacus Kill or Creek, purchased 
by me of Hendrick Decker now in his occupation, also the woodland by 
me purchased of said Hendrick Decker adjoining, and also the wood land 
by me purchased of Jan Gerritse Decker likewise in the occupation of my 
son Jan, bounded easterly by the outway of Philip Dubois, southerly by 
the brow of the hill next to the low land west by the brow of the Hill 
running along the east side of a run of water called Het Lange Stucks 
Killitie and northerly by the Commons of Rochester together with the 
house barn and other Buildings thereon now in his possession ; he to pay 
for the same £25 to my two grandchildren, the sons of my son Aldert 
Oosterhout Deceased: Jacobus Oosterhout and Aldert Oosterhout, £12. 10 
each, when they arrive to age of 21. 

"Lot of low land on the south side of Mombaccus Kill, purchased 
of Hendrick Decker, between the land of Philip Dubois and the land of 
the late Jochim Schoonmaker Deceased" "to my son Petrus Oosterhout", 
he to pay my daughter Engeltje the wife of Nicholas Keeter £50, within 
two years after my decease. 

"My Lands Tenements Meadows Pastures Dwelling houses Brew- 
house Barn Stables Grist Mill Saw Mill the fall and Stream of water 
thereunto belonging orchards Gardens fences" "in Rochester on the 
north side of the Mombaccus Kill" "now in my possession or occupation 
unto my youngest son Hendricus Oosterhout" he to pay to my Daughter 
Marytie the wife of Mathews Tirwillegen £50 within two years of my 

"To son Hendricus Oosterhout also my large Dutch Bible now 
being in my possession." 

"To daughter Engeltje the wife of Nicholas Keter" "tract of land 
now in his possession on the east side of the Waggon Path Runing to 
Dominies Creple Bush bounded south by the land herein before given to 
my son Henricus east and north by a small run west by said waggon Path 
together with the house and all other Buildings thereon Standing." 

"To daughter Annatje the wife of Cornelius Hoornbeek my 1/12 part 
of land, conveyed by the Trustees of Rochester to said Cornelius Hoorn- 
beek, Jan. 6, 1728/9, for which he gave a bond to convey to me the said 
1/12 part. 

"To Eldest son Jan Oosterhout 6 Shillings for his Birth right as 
being my Eldest Son and heir at law. Residue of estate to be divided 
among "my Ten Children and Two Grand Children" equally : to son Jan 
i/ii part, son Kryn i/ii part, two grandchildren Jacobus Oosterhout and 

130 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Aldert Oosterhout i/ii part, my son Johannes i/ii part, son Petrus i/ii 
part, son Hendricus i/ii part, daughter Annatje the wife of Cornelius 
Hoornbeek i/ii part, my daughter Marytje the wife of Methews Ter- 
willegen i/ii part, my daughter Ariaentje the wife of Harmon Rosen- 
krans i/ii part, my daughter Engeltje wife of Nicholas Keeter i/ii part 
"I have in my life time assisted some of my children in their Trades and 
others I have given land by Deed or Gift and others of my said children 
I have paid Considerable Sums of Money. 

Sons Jan, Kryn and Henricus appointed executors. 
Signed by the testator. 

Jacob Dewitt (his mark) (J^'=°]' ^^f^ and John Schoonmaker ap- 

T „ peared before John Crooke, Surrogate, 

John Schoonmaker ^.^^r. 2, 1747/8, proving the will, and sig- 

J. Bruyn Junr. nature of Jacobus Bruyn as witness). 

(Jan Janssen van Oosterhout {Brabant'), m. Anna Hendricks^ and had several children. 
Tennis Oosterhout m. Ariaantje Roose, and had issue: i. Jan. bt. June 3, 1694; ii. Art (Ariaan), 
bt. Apr. 26, i696» m. z., Nov. 8, 1728, Appolonia Roosekroiis, m. 2., March 17, 1734, Geesjen van 
der Merken; iii. Annetje, bt May i, 1698, m.. Apr. s, 1717, Comelis Hoornbeek; iv. Marytje, bt. 
Dec. 31, 1699; V. Kryn, bt. March 16, 1701 (.Cryn Oosterhout and Rebecca Roosa, witn.), m. Jan. 
22, 1723, Geertjen Dekker; vi. Allert, bt Jan. 3, 1703, m., Febr. 26, 1725, Helena Roosekrans; vii. 
Maria, bt. Apr. 15, 170s, m., May 3, 1723, Matheus Terwilli^er, b. Shawangunk; viii. Aryaantie, 
bt Sept. 29, 1706, m.t Apr. 29, 1725* Herman Rosenkrans; ix. Johannes, bt. June zo, 1708, m.» 
May 21, 1728, Johanna Hoorenbeek; x. Engeltje, bt May 7, 1710, m., March 12, 1729, Nicholas 
Keeter, Jr., b. Marbletown;^. Petrus, bt. Dec 2, 1711, m., Oct. s, 1739, Lisbeth Burhans ;\ydi. 
Hendricus, bt Febr. 5, i7<o, m. after Febr. 20, 1743, Fieternella Bosch). I 

Page 138.— ROOSA, EVERT, of Hurly. 

Will dated March 5, 1726/7, and written in Dutch. 

"Tot myn buys op Horrely in de Corporatie Van Kingstown" "Seer 
Sieck En Swack." 

(Long religious preamble). 

"Aan myn HuysVrouw Tietje van Ette myn Geheele Staet" "Geduer- 
ende haer Leven." — "En So het De Heere Geliefde uyt Dese Wearelt te 
Haele Voor En aller myn Yongste Kint tot Syn of haer mondige Jaaren 
Syn So sail myn soon Jacobus myn Staet besitten mits Dat hy myn Kin- 
ders Daer yaerlicks En alle Jaere De Huer van betaelt tot dat het youngste 
Kint Monditgh is en dan Eengaal onder hein De Voor noende Jacobus 
Abraham En Aldert myn Drie Jongste Soons Gedeelt te werde mits Sy 
aen Eyder van myn Doghters uytkeere de som van £20." "Voor het buys 
Schuer Jacob Aertsens Lant Cremakers Lant en Wassemakers Lant Ge- 
heeten Dit voornoende Lant Moet onder de voorseyde drie soons Engaal 
Gedeelt werde als het Youngste Kint mondigh als Voore En dan aen haer 
susters Eyder Twintigh als voor seyt is Geve Vizt an Antje Marytje 
Catharine Sara Lea En Ragell Samme Een hondert En Twintigh Pont 
En" "het Heere Geliefde Jacobus uyt Dese Waerelt te haele sonder wet- 
telicke Erfgename So sail syn part vervalle aen syn two Jongste Broeders 
als Abraham En Aldert En als Abraham Sterft als voore sydt is van 

Book of Deeds, Liber V. tji 

Jacobus so sail syn part vervalle an Aldert en als Aldert ook sterft sonder 
Erfgename so sulle myn Doghters voornoemt alle Eengall deele nevens 
haer Breeder Arrie. 

"Aan myn oudste soon Arrie twe Darde van myn Lant over de Revier 
in Dutches County En gekent als part van bet Lant dat Gerrit Aertsen 
Arien Roosa Jan Eltinge Henderick En Jacob Kip Patent En bet is bet 
Lott No. 4" "als bet jongste kint mondigb is de somme van £40" "om 
onder syn voorboende susters Vizt. Antje Marytje Catbarine Sarra Lea en 
Ragell gedeelt te werde, En als dat Arie van stonde aen vry sender buer 
of Molistastie bet selfde magb besitten En voor syn Eerste geboorten 
Regbt En Hengst Vuele als sy tot deeling Comen." 

"Aen myn Dogbter Marytje De buysvrouw van Jacob Oosterhaude 
de andere Darde part van voornoemde Lott No. 4 moet naest Hendericvis 
Heermanse syn." 

"An alle myn Kinders nae de Doodt van myn Huysvrouw alle myn 
Losse Staet, als paerde, Beeste En ander Goot." 

"Myn Broeder Aldert Roosa En Timothy Low" appointed executors. 
Signed by tbe testator. 

Arien Gerritsen 
Gerrit Newkercke 
Timothy Low 

"Kennelick Syen" "Dat de meeningb van my Evert Roosa is dat all 
bet ik beir Boven Vermaakt heb aen myn Kindere" "is" "voor Eewigb En 
om Dat bet gedogbt Wert Dat de Getuygen Heir nevens of voore Getey- 
kent niet Suffisant waare So So hebbe meede beir andere versogbt met de 
Vefklaeringh beir voore of beir nevens in Kennisse waer van Heb ik myn 
bant En Seegel beir nevens Geset." Marcb 8, 1726/7. 

(At my bouse in H. in tbe corporation of K. — To my wife, T. v. E. 
my whole estate for life. And if tbe beloved Lord should call her from 
this world before all my youngest children are of age, my son Jacob shall 
then have the estate, he to pay yearly rent until my children are of age, 
and then tbe estate to be equally divided among tbe said J., A., and A., 
my three youngest sons ; and to an outfit for each one of my daughters, tbe 
sum of i20. The bouse, barn, Jacob Aertsen's land, Cremaker's land and 
Wassemaker's land shall be equally divided among said three sons, when 
the youngest child is of age, and then to each one of their sisters i2o, as 
before provided for. I give to A., M., C., S., L., and R., the sum of £120, 
and if tbe beloved Lord should take Jacobus out of this world without 
leaving him any heirs, born in wedlock, his part shall then go to his two 
youngest brothers, A. and A., and if Abraham should died before J., his 
part shall then go to Aldert, and if be should die without issue, my 
daughters shall then divide equally with their brother Arrie. 

To my oldest son A. two thirds of my land over tbe river in D. Co., 
known as the land of G. A., A. R., J. E., H. and J. K.'s patent, that is 
lot No. 4, and when tbe youngest child is of age tbe sum of £40 shall be 

132 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

divided among his said sisters, A., M., C, S., L., and R. Arie shall be 
free from paying rent, and also to receive, as his right of primogeniture, 
a stallion. — To my daughter M., wiie of J. O., the other part of said lot 
No. 4, next to H. H. — After my wife's death my personal estate is to go 
to all my children, as well as horses, cattle, and other articles. Brother 
A. R. appointed executor. (In note: Be it known that my meaning is 
that all what I have here devised to my children is for all time) . 

(Alert Roosa, Salomon Terwillege and Har- 

manus Oostrander, on May 3, 1749, appeared 
Alert Roosa before the Court, Abraham Gaasbeek Cham- 

Salomon Terwelge bers. Judge, Cornelius Hoornbeek, Johannis 

Harmanis Ostrander ^^ Lametter, Cornelius De Lametter, Cornells 
Timothy Low Dupuy, assistant justices, proving the will, 

and signature of Timothy Low, Deceased, as a 


(Evert Roosa m.. May lo, 170Z, Tiletje iTii, Tiet/e) Va» Etten, b. Marbletown and had issue: 
i. Arie, bt Jan. 31, 1703, m., Feb. 9, 1722, Geesjen Oostrander; ii. Marytie, bt. Sept. 8, 1706, m,, 
Nov. II, 1726^ Jacob Oostrander (as it appears in the Kingston Church Records, or Oosterhoade, 
as per will); iii. Catharina, bt. Sept. 16, 1705, m., Jan. 17, 1729, Luycas De Wit; iv. Jacobus, bt. 
Apr. 22, J711, m., after Febr. 24, 1751, Catharina Zynders, res. Churchland (Saugerties) ; v. 
Zara, bt Apr. 2^, 1715, m., Dec. 10, 1746, Jan Louw; vi. Lea, bt Febr. 9, 1718; vii. Rachel, bt. 
Nov. 29, 1719; viii. Abraham, bt. Nov. 5, 1721, m., after June 17, 1744, Eltsabeth Ruts, b. Rosen- 
dale, res. at a place where Joh. Hardenberg has lived; ix. Aldert, bt. Febr. 26, 1727; Antje). 

Page 344.— BOMSCHOTEN, SALOMON, Senior, of Kingston. 

Will dated Nov. 14, 1737, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble.) 

"Myn huysvrouw Elsiee Bomschoten" "myn Geheele Staat" "Gedu- 
ringe haar Weduweschap." 

"Tot erfgenamen "Myn Aeght Kinders" "Tunis Bunscho Aenneca 
Bunschoten Maria Bunschoten Elsie Bunschoten Gerretje Bunschoten 
Sara Bunschoten en Johannis Bunschoten" 

"Aen myn twe sone Tunis en Johannis Bunschoten" "myn Geheele 
Staat" "Lant huyse Schuren Bogert "negers Negerinne en paerde," "na 
de doot van myn en myn Vrouw" "mits Conditie" "Schulden sullen be- 
talen" "die daer syn sullen na myn en mun Vrouws dcwdt" "en met 
Conditie" "sullen betalen aan myn" "ses doghters : Elizabeth Bunschoten 
iyo" "aen myn" "doghter Aeneca Bunschoten" "£yo" aen myn Dochter 
Maria" "£70" aen myn doghter Elsie Bumschoten" "£70" aen myn 
Doghter Gerritie" "£70" aen myn Doghter Sara" "£70." 

"Myn ses doghters" "Boven het geen ik haer all rede Gemack hebbe" 
"Except myn Boeken." 

"Aen myn" "son Tunis Bumschoten" "voor Eerste gebortie reght 
myn Grotie Schietrore." — "Aen myn son Johannis Bumshoten" "myn 
klynne Rorer." — 

"Myn twe" "sone" "sullen betalen" "aen myn doghters" "en Jeder 
£70" "in drie Jaare" "Jeder Jaer de Gerechtige derden." 

Bcx)K OF Deeds, Liber V. 133 

"Als het mooght komen te happen" "dat een van myn Sone moghtie 
komen te sterven in haar Onmondige Jaare" "de Langhtslevended ofte 
syn Erfgenamen" shall divide his share. If both should die, the daugh- 
ters to divide the property.-r-Similar provisions made in case of death 
of the daughters "in haar Onmondige Jaren." 

(My wife Elsie Bomschoten my entire estate during her widowhood. 
As heirs I appoint my eight children (named). — To my two sons, named, 
my entire estate of land, houses, barns, orchard, negroes, negresses and 
horses, after my wife's death, on condition that they pay debts which 
may exist after my wife's death, and on condition that they pay to my six 
daughters £yo each. My six daughters all personal property except my 
books. To my son Tunis, as his right being my first born my large gun. 
To my son Johannis my little gun. My two sons are to pay my six 
daughters £70 each in three years, each year one third. If any of my 
children should happen to die during minority, the survivors are to 
divide his or her share.) 

Son Tuni^ Bumschoten, and Johannis Dumon appointed executors. 

Salomon Van Buntschoten. 

(June 7, 1754, Sarah Van Bu- 
Hendr. Hendr. Schoonmaker ren, wife of Comelis Van 

Johannis Schoonmaker ^'''^^ fprmerfy Sarah Van 

1 -. -.. Hooghtyling the only surviv- 

Sara Van Hooghteglingh ing witness, appeared before 

the Court, proving the will.) 

Zalomon Van Buntschooten, van Buytschooten, Bomshoten. van Ben-Schoten (prob. s. of 
Teunis van Bomschoten and Gerriije Gerrits), m., Dec. 17, 1715, Elsjen Schoonmaker, dau. of Egbert 

"i^Ti. 22, 1721; vi. Catrina, bt. Dec. 2, 1722; vii. Elsje, bt. July 11, 1725, m.. May 24, i747i 
Cornells Lammertsen Brink; viii. Gerritjen, bt. Febr. 26, 1727; ix. Zara, bt. Sept 22, 1728; and 

Page 348.— HOOFMAN, NICOLAS, of the County of Dutches. 

Will dated Febr. 12, 1749. 

"Unto my Loving Wife Jannitie all the Land which I bought of 
Comelis Knickerbacker with the house barn Orchards Garden and all 
other Edefices Buildings and Improvements thereon and Also all the 
Land which I bought of Johannis Shever with the appurtenances Dureing 
her Widowhood, and also the use and occupation of all my Stock of Cattle 
horses & Sheep my Waggons Sleds plows harrows and all my farming 
Utensells Dure the time of her Widowhood of her Naturall Life also 
the Use of a Negro Wench to serve her Dureing her Naturall Life 
and the use and occupation of my beding furniture and household Goods 
Dureing her Widowhood." "If my wife should Deliver over the farm 
before the Expiration of her Life, then my said Wife Shall Receive the 
sum of £20" "yearly & Every Year Dureing her Naturall Life which 

134 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

money shall be rased & Levied out of my Estate: with the use of a 
Negro wench to Serve & Assist my said Wife Dureing her Natural! 

"Unto my Eldest son Martin Hoofman rrty negro man named For- 
tune" and "all that Tract or parcell of Land along the East Side of 
Hudsens River in Dutchess County" "from the house he now Dwelleth 
in to the Land I bought of Cornells Knickerbacker and from thence along 
the road of said Knickerbacker to the Land of Martinus Shoe and from 
thence along the Road to the Land of Hans Jacob Dings & then along 
the fence of said Dinghs to a Valley which Streches to Hudsons River to 
a place on the north side of the White Clay Kill or brook and from thence 
along Hudsons River to the first Station includeing the Said Dwelling 
house barn and Barricks with the appurtenances" "and also my Grist 
mill on the East side of Hudsens River now in the Occupation of my 
said son with the Dam and Every thing thereunto belonging and the 
Land which Lueth between the fence of Martinus Shew & the mill Creek 
Containing about three acres & I do also Give unto my said Son Martin 
and my son Petrus Hoofman (to share equally) all the Land of Martinus 
Shoe & Hans Jacob Dings to the bounds of Barent V Bentheysen" "in 
consideration of which Martinus is to pay "unto my son Petrus" £50 
"after my Decease in four Equal payments on the first day of May in Each 
year." — "My son Martinus" "shall pay unto my Loveing Wife Janetie" 
"£5 yearly & Every year Dureing the time that She Shall remain my 
Widow and free Grinding to lett her have & Boalting the wheat She 
shall raise on the Land" "and also her Bread Corn and Indian Corn meel 
Tole Free." 

"My son Anthony Hoofman" "(not to reenter untill three Years 
after the Decease of my said wife) all the Land which I bought of Cor- 
nelis Knickerbacker with the houses barns Gardens Oarchards and all 
other Edifices Buildings & Improvements thereon and also all the Land 
I bought of Johanis Shever with the appertenances" "with all my Smiths 
tools with a Negro Wench called Bishe" "my son Anthony Shall pay unto 
my son Petrus Hoofman" "£50 after my Decease in four Equal payments 
on the first of may in Every year." 

"^nto my son Zacarias Hofman' "the house of Petrus Viele with 
the bams-Gafdens Oarchards & all the Lotts of Land thereunto apper- 
taining" "with a piece of Land or Swamp at or near the River of Hudson 
Lately in possession of Robert Livingston as also the Land & houses of 
Christian Diederick" "with the Land of Jacob Best that Runs to the 
River along the line of Jan Vosburgh that Leads to the River with the 
Land of William Sneyder" "with my Negro Wench Pegge." 

"Unto my son Petrus Hoofman" "all the Land now or Late in 
possession of Philip Loundert and all the Land belonging to the two 
Lotts of Land the said Loundert now or Late did live on" "as also the one 
Equal half of the Land of Martinus Shoe and Hans Jacob Dings (in 

Book of Deeds, Liber V. 135 

partner Ship with my Son Martin) to the bounds of Barent V Benthuy- 
sen with my two Negro Boys Joe & Benjamin. ' 

"Unto my Daughter Marytie Hoofman" "my Right & Title of the 
obligation Bonds of Diederick Martestock of iioo, as also two Negro 
Wenches Named Bette & Mary, as also A Silver Teapott A Silver Salt 
box as also a Large Ctibberd and Bedstead & bedding and all thereunto 

Survivors to divide share of deceased children. 

"AH My Land on the East Side of Hudsons River Shall Remain 
Coomon for my four sons" "for Cutting firewood, and" "if any of my 
Sons Should be Ejected or Sued for the Land I have Devised" "the rest 
shall Equally help and Contribute to Defend the Title and if any of th&a 
Should Loose the part or Share of Land them Respectively Given or be 
Invicted thereof or of part thereof the rest of my said Sons Shall make 
Good the Vallue of Such Land to him or them So Invicted." 

"Unto my Grandson Niccolas son of my son Martin one Silver 

"Unto my Grandson Niccolas Son of my son Anthony one Silver 
Spoon." — "Unto my daughter Maritye" "all the Silver Spoons Exceptmg 
the two above mentioned." 

All four sons appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(Febr. I, 1752, before me Theodorus Van 

Wyck, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas 

Jacobus Persen for Dutchess County, John Brmkerkoff and 

JoiSG Klun Arnout Viele, Justices of the Peace, appeared 

John West Jacobus. Persen and George Clom proving the 

will." — ^John Crooke, Clerk). 

August 5, 1754. 

(Niccolas Hoofman was son of Martinus Hoffman (Marten Hermanse Hoofman), of 
Sweden, who m. in Ref. Dutch Church, Brooklyn, Apr. 22, 1663, Lysbeth Hermans, and adly, May 
j6, 1664, Emmerentje De Witt, a sister of TJerck Claessen De Witt (q. v.). — Nicholas^ m., after 
Dec. 30, 1704, Jannetje, dau. of Antony Crispel (q. v.), and had issue: i. Martin, bfr. March 17, 
1706, settled in Red Hook^ m. 1., i^33» Tryntje, dau. of Robert Benson and Cornelia Roos, and 3,, 
Alida, dau. of Philip Livingston; ii. Antje, bt. Febr. 11, 1709; iii. Anthony, bt. March 18, 1711, 
settled in Kingston, m., Jan. 6, 1738, Catharine, dau. of AbrahoAn Gaasbeck Chambers (q. v.); iv. 
Zachariah, bt. Dec, 6, I7i3j lived at Shawangunk (q. v.); v. Petrus,^ bt. Dec. 22, 1716; vi. Hen- 
dricus, bt June 7, 1719; vii. Annetjen^ bt. Dec, 3, 1721; viii. Marytje, b. 1730), 

P«ge 356.— ELMENDORPH, WILHELMUS, of Hurly. 

Will dated March 7, 1754, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble.) 

"Het Lant welk ik Gekopt heb van Gysbert Vandenbergh En Ook 
het Lant Welck ik Gekoght heb van Dirck En Abraham Rosa dat Sal 
Verkogt werden op te prof3rtelyste Maniere om myn Schult meede te be- 
teJen En So dat Selve niet genoeg mag weesen So Will ick dat So Veil 
van my Vee verkogt werde." 

"Myn Waerde Huysvrouw Jenneke" "Gedurende haer Weduwschap 
alles het overige van myn Geheele" "Staat." "Maer als Sy wederom 
komt te Hertrouwen" "Sal alleenigte Vreede Moete Syn met de Dienst 
van myn Negerin (Dien) Genaemt En het Negertje (Herry) Genaemt 
Gedurende haer Leeven," and after her death to the children. 

"Myn. Soon Koenraedf "myn Schietroer Twee Pistools en houwer 
En myn Ruyters Sadel En" "Een Geregte darde part van al het Overige 
van myn" "Staedt." 

"Aen myn dogter Hendrika" "Een geregte darde part van all myn" 
"Staadt." — "Aan myn Dogter Blandiena" "Een Geregte darde part." 

Survivors to divide share of deceased children. 

"Myn Oom Dirck Wynkoop En Myn Broeder Luykes Elmendorph" 
appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(The land which I purchased from Gysbert Vandenbergh as well as 
the land which I bought from Dirck and Abraham Rosa shall be sold to 
pay my <kbts, and if that should not be enough, my cattle are to be sold. — 
My wortny wife, Jenneke to have the residue of my entire estate during 
her widowhood. If she should happen to marry, she is to be satisfied 
with the service of my negress Dien and the negroboy Herry during her 
life. To my son Koenraedt my gun, two pistols, one broadsword, and 
my riding saddle, and one third part of the residue of my estate. My 
uncle Dirck Wynkoop, and my brother Luykes Elmendorph appointed 

(On Dec. i6, 1754, Jan Van Deusen, 
Jan Van DuESEN junr. and Jan Eltinge appeared before 

Margrietje Duboes the Court, proving the will, and the sig- 
Jan Eltinge nature of Margrietje Dubois as a wit- 


(W. E. was son of Coenradt E. and Blandina Kierstede (q. v.), and had issue: i. Henrica, 
bt. Oct 8, 1749, m., Nov. i6, 1771, Gerrit Elmendorf, s. of Gerrit- E. and Jannetje Newkerk; 
ii. Conrad, ht. Dec. 8, 1751, m., Aug. 18, 1776, Annatje van Steenberg bt. June 9, 17S4; iii. Blan- 
dina, bt. Jan. 20, I7S4> <i>., Apr. 28, 1776, Cornelis Eltinge, a. of Jonas E. and Magdalena Du 

The following will, in possession of Benj. M. Brink, Esq., of Kings- 
ton, is not recorded anywhere, so far as is known. 

PERSEN, MATTHYS, of Kingston. 

Will dated July 20, 1748, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble.) 

"Aen myn oudste Soon Adam Persen, voor syn Regt van Eerstge- 
boorte" "ses Schelling." (To my eldest son, for his birth-right, six 

"Aen myn drie Soons" "Adam, Jan En Cornelus" "Een geregte 
Derde part In myn twe Mans plaetse In Onse Kerk Hier in Kingstoun." 
(To my three sons (named), each a third interest in my two men's seats 
in our church here in Kingston.) 

Will Owned by Benjamin M. Brink, Esq., Kingston. 137 

"Myh gesyde Soon Cornelis" "all myn kleerasie aen Myn Lichaem 
behoorende." (To my said son, Cornelis, all my clothing, belonging to 
my body.) 

"Aen myn Waerde En beminde huysvrouw Tanna Persen Een ge- 
regte Drder part van al myn Roerende Staedt, En nog Desom van Der- 
tigh pont" "En alle haer klerasie, En Linne Goet, Als Laken, En Sloop- 
en" "De Rest van al myn Roerende En onroerende Staet gedurende haer 
Weduwschap." (To my worthy and beloved wife the just third part of 
all my personal estate, also £30, all her clothing, linnen-ware, as sheets, 
and pillow-cases, and all the rest of my real estate during her widow- 

"Aen myn Dogter Sara, En Aen de Drie Dogters van myn overlede 
Dogter Annatfe, met name Sara, Tanneke En Cattrina, Alle myn Linne 
Goet van Lakens En Slopen han Docken En tafel Lakens (om te genie- 
ten na myn vrouws overlyde) En dat als dan de Drie Dogters van 
myn Dogter Annetje, In haer Moeders plaets, Met Myn Dogter 
Sare het selve Dele Eengael." (To my daughter Sara, and the three 
daughters of my daughter Annatje, deceased (named), all my linnen- 
ware of sheets and pillow-cases, toWels, and table cloths (to enjoy after 
my wife's death) the three daughters of my daughter Annatje to take 
their mother's place in dividing with my daughter Sare.) 

"To son Adam r/5 of the entire estate, after his mother's death." — 
Son Jan 1/5, son Cornelis 1/5 part. 

"De nege kinderen van myn overleden Dogter Anna, Met Name, 
Hiskia, Mattheus, Jacobus, Davidt, Cornelis, Adam, Sara, Tanneke En 
Cattrina (to the nine children of my daughter Anna, deceased) i/s part 
of the estate. 

"Aen myn Dochter Sara, huysvrouw van Tobias Van Steenbergy 
(to my daughter Sara, wife of T. van S.) i/s part. Survivor to divide 
share of deceased, if without issue. 

Wife, sons, "myn two Schoonsoons Hiskia Dubois En Tobias Van 
Steenbergen" (sons in law), appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

JoHANNis De Lametter (A seal of red sealing-wax, with 
Jan Eltinge an eagle displayed, as a device, at- 

WiLLEM Eltinge tached hereto.) 

(Mattys Pars, Peers, Puis, Persen, m. Anna Winnen (Tanna Wmne), Dec. 7, 1701, and 
had issue: i. Anna, bt. Oct 11, 1702, m., June 17, 1722, Hiskia Dubois; ii. Adam, bt. Jan. 13. 
1706, in Kinderhcok (m., June 25, 1736, Catalyntje Swart); Hi- Jan, bt. Oct. 24, 1708, (m., Dec. 
14, 1748, Deborah van Bergen); iv. Sarah, bt. Nov. 10, 1710, m. I., March 4, 1732, Abraham 
EltvHg, m. 2., Oct 8, 1737, Tobias Van Steenberge; v. Cornelis, bt Oct 26, 1712,01. t., Aug;. 31, 
1734, Catharin Dyrk (Turk), and 2., Oct 4, 1748, Alida van Slyk (see his will); vi. Mono, bt 
Febr. 22, I7I9)- 

BOOK OF DEEDS VI. (1760). 

Page 235.— LEQQ, JOHN, of Kingston. 

Will dated Dec. 15, 1743. uk. 

"Unto my Oldest Son William Legg" "my Gun and Sword with 
my Farm or Peice of Low land Lying or Joining next to the Land of 
Tyrick Schoonmaker then runing along the Creek to the Great Ditch 
then runing along said Ditch to the Sothermost Comer thereof, from 
thence Westerly to a marked Stone and from thence Southerly with a 
Straight Line to another marked Stone with the Upland House, barn, 
Berke, Oarcherd, Garden and all thereunto Appertaining, with another 
Peice of Ground Known by the name of Dudleys Plantation, Lying above 
the Fall with the One Equal half of the Saw Mill with the Priviledges 
thereunto belonging then Runing from the Fall up the Ridge that Leads 
Southerly from said Fall to the Narrowest part of the Ridge, from thence 
Southwesterly to another marked Stone with the one Equal half of 
my Real Estate known by the name of Peter Mours's Land, with the one 
Equal half of my right in the great Fly with the one ffifth part of all my 
Moveables as also my Negro Man named John, you to pay the one Equal 
half of the rent of your Brother John Land bought of Ed'd Wood" "& 
paying unto my Daughter Nieltie wife of Peter Luyck the sum of i6o" 
"£15 to be paid within three Months after my Decease & £15 to be paid 
in twelve months following," "and iis" "in the twelve Months following 
the Last"; also "paying unto my Daughter Sara Leg^' "the sum of 
£34" (to be paid in a similar manner). 

"To my Son John Legg" "that Piece of Ground which I bought of 
Edward Wood with four acres of Marsh Lying on the Flatts with the 
House, Barn, Berke, Orchard, Garden" "with a piece of Low & uplant" 
"between the two first pieces of Land above mentioned of my son William 
with one Equal half of the Saw Mill with the priviledges" "with the one 
Equal half of my Real Estate known by the name of Peter Mours's Land 
with the one Equal half of my right in the great Fley with the one fifth 
part of all my Moveables Except my Gun & Sword" "also my Negrou 
Man named Culfe," "paying unto my Daughter Susanna Legg the sum 
of £60 (in a similar manner as before indicated) ; also "paying unto my 
Daughter Sara Legg" £26 (in a similar manner). 

"Unto my Daughter Nieltie, wife of Peter Luyck (the Just fifth part 
of all my Movables Except my Gun & Sword." — "Unto my Daughter 
Susanna Legg" "one fifth of the Moveables." — "Unto my daughter Sara 
Legg" "one fifth of the moveables." 

Book of Deeds, Liber VI. 139 

Sons William and John Legg appointed executors with son in law 
Peter Luyck. Signed by the testator. 

Andries Van Leuvan (Sept. 18, 1765, Peter Van Luven of 
Peter Van Leiven Kingston appeared before George 

John West Clinton, Surrogate, proving the will.) 

(Jan (John) Legg, s. of IVilliam Legg and Svsanna Maret (q. v.). m., Apr. 21, T701, 
Anneije Fyniumt, and had issue: i. Neeltje, bt. Nov, 29, 1^02, m., after May ig, 1722, Peter 
Lttyckj b. in Germany; ii. Susanna, bt. Sept. 3, 1704; iii. Wtllem, bt. Oct. 31, 1708, m., Oct. 20, 
1738, Helena Ploeg (see his will); iv. Samnel, bt. Jan. 28, 1710; v. Cornelis, bt. Apr. s, 1713; 
vi. Jan, bt. Febr. 19, 1716, m., June I9> I74i> Beeletjen Kool, b. Dutchess Co.; and Sara). 

BOOK OF DEEDS VII. (GG), 1770—1780. 

Page 490.— NEWKIRK, JOHANNIS, of the Wall Kill, yeoman. 

Will dated October 5, 1771. 

"In perfect Health." 

"To well beloved son Hendrick Newkirk" "all that lott pice or parcel 
of Land situate in the Precinct of the Wall kill" "containing 200 acres, 
which I purchased of George Harrison and others whereon he the said 
Hendrick now lives ico acres whereof I formerly conveyed to him with 
the Hereditaments and appurtenances," "in fee Simple Qiargeable" "with 
the payment of £20" "to my second Daughter Elezabeth now married to 
Jacob Bordine being part of a legacy herein after bequeathed to her." 

"To my well beloved Son Adam Newkirk" "all that Farm Lott pice 
or parcel of Land whereon he" "now lives which I purchased from the 
Heirs Executors or Devises of Fredrick Philips deceased," "in fee Simple" 
on "payment of £20" "unto my Daughter Rachel her being my Youngest 
Daughter now married unto Stavannis Christ" "part of a lagacy herein 
after bequeathed to her." 

"To my well beloved Son Jacob Newkirk" "all that the Northwester- 
most full and Eaqual Moity or half part of the Farm or Lott of Land I 
did formerly live on being Lott Number fifteen of a Tract of Land" "in 
Walkill" "called the Five Thousand Acres which Lott I purchased of 
William Sharps, Esq., Deceased, being bounded Southerly by a line run 
Northeast and Southwest and Also the one full and Equal undivided 
Moiety or half part of fifty acres of Land in the same Tract called the 
undevided which I also purchased of the said William Sharps," "in fee 
Simple all which I have let unto him by a Lase, June 10, 1769." 

"To my well beloved Son Johnnis Newkirk" "All that the Souther- 
most Equal Moity or half Part of the Farm or Lott of Land I formerly 
Uved on Situate in the Precinct of the Wallkill" "bounded Northwesterly 
by the line dividing the Part thereof" "devided to Jacob Newkirk" "and 
Also all the remaining Equal undevided Moity or half Part of the said 50 
acres of Land called the undevided" "in fee simple" on "payment of £20 
"to my daughter Rachel and my Daughter Elezebeth" "in Case that any 
of three Sons Refuses to pay the Money" "to my Daughters" "that they 
my two Daughters is to Possess their Lands." 

"Unto my Daughter Ann Mree one Negro Winch named Phill which 
I have given Yoest German her Husband a Bill of Sale of July 27, 1771, 
which I gave him in her Portion." 

Book of Deeds. Liber VII. 141 

Sons Hendrick and.Johannis Newkirk appointed executors. Signed 
by the testator. 

(Febr. 7, 1777, Benjamin and Chris- 

topher Constable, both of Hanover 

James Conneller Precinct, yeomen, appeared before the 

Benyamen Konstpel Surrogate proving the will, and signa- 

Christophel Constable ture of James Connellen. Geo. 

Clinton, Surrogate. Christ. Tappen, 
Dep. Clerk. 

(Johannes (Jan) Newkerk, son of Comelis Gerritse (.Newkerk), q. v., m. Dorothea Douw 
(Doutue'), and had issue: i. Adam; ii. Jacob; iii. Jolumnis; iv. Ann Mary, m. Joost German; v. 
Adrum, bt. June 12, 1720; vi. Hendericus, bt. Nov. 12, 1721; vii. Elizabeth, bt. March 24, 1723, m. 
Jacsb Bodine; viii. Gerrit, bt. Dec. 20, 1724; ix. Meyndert, bt. Apr. 17, 1726; at. Neeltjen, bt. Apr. 
7, 1728; xi. Rachel, m. Stavennxts Christ, 

Page 564.— SMITH, JOHANNIS, of Marbletown. 

Will dated Aug. 13, 1776. 

"It is my Express Will and Command that all my Estate both Real 
and personal be sold and disposed of" "for the Benefitt of my Children." 

"My Executors shall have power to Use for the Education of my 
Son Abraham so much of the money made out of my Estate" "for his 
further Education as they" "shall think fit and proper." 

Of the remainder "one third part to my Daughter Marrslye" "as 
soon as she shall arrive to the Age of 18 years." 

"Also one third part of said Money to my Daughter Nelly as soon as 
she shall arrive to the age of 18 Years." 

The remaining third part "shall be paid to my Son Abraham as 
soon as he shall arrive at the years of 21." 

"My two Brothers Petrus and Fallen Smith and my good frind Mat- 
thew Cantine" appointed executors, and Overseers. Signed by the tes- 

Wm. Cantine (March 14, 1780, William Cantine appeared be- 
JoHN Kealet fore the Court, Dirck Wynkoop, Judge, proving 
James Cones the will, and signatures of the other witnesses.) 

Oohonnes (.Jan) Smit with wife Margriet Schoonhoven had: i. Abraham, bt. Aug. t, 1725; 
ii. Hendrik, bt. Nov. 6, 1726; iii. Daniel, bt. Nov. 3, 1728). 

BOOK OF DEEDS VIII. (HH), 1780—1785. 

Page 14.— KRANS, JOHANNIS, of the Precinct of Hanover. 

Will dated April 17, 1775. 

"To my loving Wife Christeen, a Negro Girl named Nancy." 

"To my sons Hendricus Krans, Stofel Krans, and Petrus Krans 
each" "£15" "one year after my decease And whereas I lent my son 
Wilhelmus the sum of £48.4.0" "he pay unto my Executors" "the sum 
of £33 and the remaining £15 to remain in his own hands And besides 
what I have already given unto my son Jacobus" "unto my said son Jaco- 
bus the sum of £5." 

'To my daughters Catherine the wife of John Williams and to 
Elisabeth the wife of Andries Trumper the sum of iis" "one year after 
my decease." 

"To my Daughters Susannah Krans and Maria Krans each the sum 
of £30" "as they arrive to the age of 21 years, or Day of marriage which 
may first happen. If Maria should die, her share to go to Susannah. 

"To my gran Daughter Elizabeth Krans the sum of £30" "when she 
arrives at the age of 18 Years or Day of marriage" "provided she will 
discharge my Estate, and my son Petrus concerning an Inventory of her 
Fathers Effects, which was taken by my said son Petrus and disposed of 
by him." 

"Unto my son Adam all the Farm and Messuage, whereon I now 
dwell, and all the Lands and Tenement that is in my possession at the 
Time of my Death including all my Estate real and personal whatsoever" 
"and I charge him with the payment of all the Legacies abovementioned." 

"My said son Adam shall give my said wife a good suffecient main- 
tenance so long as she shall remain my Widow." 

Son Adam and "my brother in law Jacob Milspaugh" appointed ex- 
ecutors. Signed by the testator. 

_ (July 5. ^777y Johannis Felden & Chris- 

JoHANNis Felden topher MouU of Hanover, yeomen, ap- 

Christopher Moull peared before Jacobus Bruyn, Surrogate, 
James Fulton proving the will, and signature of James 

Fulton as a witness.) 

Page 24.— HARDENBERQH, LEONARD, of the Township of Mar> 

Will dated June 12, 1766. ^ 

"Unto my Eldest Son Gerradus" "the Sum of 20 Shillings in Bann 
of what he can claim as my Heir at Law." 

Book of Deeds, Liber VIII. 143 

"Unto my Loving Wife Rachel all my Real and Personall Estate" 
"to use Occupy possess and Enjoy the same and have the income thereof 
during her natural Life or as long as she shall remain my Widow she 
making no Spoil Wast or Destruction thereupon and from and after her 
Decease or Remarriage which of the two may first happen." 

"I Give Devise and Bequeath the same (that is all my said Real and 
Personale Estate) unto my Children" "Gerradus, Philip, Leonard, Abra- 
ham, Cathrine & Margrieth." 

If any of the children "should die before they come to the age of 
21 years without lawful Issue of his her or their Body begotten" the 
share to be divided among the survivors. 

Wife appointed executrix and "my Eldest Son Gerradus and my 
Brother Johannis Hardenbergh Executors." 

Signed by the testator. 

"My will is that my Executrix and 
Executors" "shall in convenient Time 
after my Decease first pay all my Just 

A De Witt °^^*^- J""® ^^' ^766." 

T.T « (May 8, 1782, Nathaniel Cantine ap- 

Nathaniel Cantien ^^^^^ before the Court, proving the 
William Pick win and signatures of Andries De Witt 

and William Pick as witnesses.) En- 
tered at the Request of Mr. Johannis L. 
Hardenbergh May 12, 1782. 

(Leonard Hardenberg, son of Col. Johannes H., q. v., m., Nov. 7, 1738, Rachel Hoogteling, 
and had issue: i. Sara^ bt. May 21, 1739; ii. Philippus, bt. in MarbUtown, Febr. 23,, 1746; iii. 
LeonarduSt bt. Apr. 15, 1750; iv. Abraham^ bt. Sept. 5, 1756, besides Gerrardus, Catherine and 

Page 72.— RAINEY, JAMES, of Hannover, Yeoman. 

Will dated August i, 1775. 

"Unto my two Sons Samuel and David" "all that Lot of 549 acres 
of Land or thereabout and the Farm whereon I now live with the Appur- 
tenances by me purchased of the Widow Phillipse and her children the 
one half to my said son Samuell on which he now lives on the Weast side 
of the Dwarse Kill" "and the other half thereof to my said Son David 
on the East side of the Dwarse Kill on which I now live" "the East 
Division of said lot shall include the said Creek but no farther from the 
North side of said Lot to the first falls in Cluding the falls and no far- 

"After Payment of my just Debts and funerall Charges I Give" 
"unto my Daughters Hesia Mary Christian Esther" £4 each." 

"To my Daughters Martha Ruth and Susen all my Personal Estate 
to be Equally Divided." 

144 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"To my Beloved Wife Sara the full use and Benefit of my said Farme 
whereon I live as also of all my Personal Estate" "During the term of her 
Widowhood and no longer." 

Wife Sara and William Wilkin and John Wilkin appointed execu- 
tors. Signed by the testator. 

John Wilkin (March 2, 1776, James Strahan, Cordwainer, 

Tames Strahan appeared before George Clinton, Surrogate, 

>, ,. proving the will, and signatures of the other 

Gavin Millar ^^itnesfes.) 


Page 13.— ELMENDORPH, PETRUS EDMUNDUS, of Kingston, 

Will dated MayT7, 1763. 

"Unto my Welbeloved Wife Mary Elmendorph All the income of 
all my whole Estate, Real and personal during all such Time as she shall 
remain my Widdow and not longer, But if in case she should merry again 
then my Estate shall be divided amongst my Children." 

"Unto my Son John my best Horse, Saddle and Bridle for his Birth 

"Unto my five Children: John, Catharine, Blandina, Elizabeth and 
Sara" "All my whole Estate Real and Personal to be divided between 
them soon after my Wifes Decease or after her Marriage again, Share 
and Share alike." 

Wife, son John and "my Brother Lucas Elmendorph" appointed 
executors, "to have £25 each." Signed by the testator. 

(Sept. 27, 1765, John D. Wynkoop 
Johannes Schoonmaker of Kingston appeared before George 
R. JosiAS Eltinge Clinton, Surrogate, proving the will, 

John D. Wynkoop ^nd signatures of the other wit- 


(P. E. E., son of Major Coenradt E. (q. v.) and Blandina Kierstede.^ior many years 
Sheriff of Ulster Co., and Surrogate at the time of his death, m., Apr. 29, 1743, Mary, dau. of 
John Crook, County Clerk, and had issue: i. Johnj bt. Febr. 3, 1745; iir Cath^ine, bt. Febr. i, 
1747, m., Oct. 31, 1768, Rutger Bleeker, of Albany; iii. John, bt. March 24, 1749; iv. William, 
bt. May 12, 1751; v. Blandina, bt. Aug. 12, 1753, m. March 18, 1782, Jacobus Bruyn, bt. Oct. 2?, 
1751, s. of Severyn B., and Catherine Ten Broeck; vi. William, bt. June 22, 1755; vii. Elisabeth, 
bt Jaii'. 30, 1757, m. Cornelius Ray of N. Y.; viii. Sara, bt. Apr. 8, 1759; ix. Petrus Ednmndus, 
bt. Apr. 19, 1761; X. Petrus Edmundus, bt. Sept. 23, 1764, m. Eliza Van Rensselaer, 

'*Xn memory of Peter Edmundus Elmendorf, born the 27th day- of August, 171S, and de- 
parted this life July 13th, 1765, aged 50 years. Mary Elmendorf, his wife, born the 15th Aug., 
1721, and died the 15th of Aug., 1794, aged 73 years." — Inscription on tombstone in the First 
Dutch Ref. Church-yard at Kingston). 

BOOK OF DEEDS X. (KK), 1787—1791. (WRONGLY 

MARKED 11). 

Page 31.— VAN AALSTEYN, MARTINUS, of Skoherry Kill, Co. 

Will dated July 15, 1784. 

"Unto Nicholas Gerleogh a small piece of Land Adjoining to the 
Skoherry Kill Begining on the West Bank of said Kill whare the divi- 
sion fence between Isaac Van Aalsteyn and the said Martinus Van Aal- 
steyn joins upon the said Kill and so along said fence Westerly to the 
first brook or run of Water and then along the said run of Water down the 
Streem to where it empties into the Skoherry Kill and then along said 
Kill to the place of beginning Containing about 8 or g Acres be the same 
more or less." 

"Unto my Cousin Peter Laruah now living with me all my Goods 
and Chattels and personal Estate to Gether with all my Substance what- 
soever." — "Also all the rest of my Lands and Tenements lying at the 
Skoherry Kill in the County of Albany, and now in my possession, to- 
gether with the House Barn and Orchard, and all the other Appurten- 
ances thereto belonging." 

"My true and trusty friend John Laruah and Isaac Van Aalsteyn" 
appointed executors. 

Martynus Van Aalsteyn (his mark). 
(Oct. 6, 1787, Jeremiah Eligh and Geys- 
Jeremiah Eligh ^^^^ Dederick appeared before the Court 

Pftpb Wp<;t °* Common Pleas of Ulster County, 

rETER WEST j-),^^.^ Wynkoop, Judge, proving the will, 

Geysbert Dederick and signature of Peter West as a wit- 

Page 208.— ELMENDORPH, COENRAET, of Kingston. 

Will dated Sept. 2, 1749. .^^j/t— «v<l- 

"If my beloved wife Blandina Elmendorph survives me" "she shall 
remain in full Possession of all my Real and Personall Estate During 
her Wedowhood ; and in case shee Marry then shee is only to have out 
of my Estate the sum of £15" "yearly during her Natural life." 

"To my Eldest son Jacobus Elmendorph" "over and above his share 
of my Estate my fowling piece Sword and belt and my Cane." — "Also" 
"five Morgen of Land" "on the North side of Esopus Creek after m)m 
and my Wifes Decease and to take the same where he pleases in my said 

Book of Deeds, Liber X. 147 

Land (Provided he takes the same in one piece and to begin at one of the 
four corners of my said Land)" "and to "pay for the same at or before the 
Expiration of three Years after myn and wifes Decease to my Executors 
the sum of £180" "to be divided Among All my Children." 

"Whereas My son Coenraedt Elmendorph Junr. has a Conveyance 
of me for my Land in the Wassemakers Land and has given me a Bond 
for the payment of the sum of £400" "within three years after myn and 
Wifes Decease, And he has AUso promised and agreed with mee to pay 
the sum of £20" "more In the same manner as the 400 My Will is that 
the said £420 shall be Divided in like manner Among all my Children." 

"Whereas I have paid for my son Gerrit Elmendorph ii8o" "for five 
Morgan of Land which he had bought of Simon Van Wagenen My Will 
is that" "he pay the said sum to my Executors within three years after 
myn and Wifes Decease to be Divided among all my Children" "in Case" 
he "should happen to deny refuse neglect or Delay to pay the said sum" 
then "my said son Gerrit" "shall be Utterly Excluded and Debarred from 
having any Right or Benefit by or in this Will." 

"Whereas I have conveyed to my son Petrus Edmundus Elmendorph 
five morgan of Land on the north side of the Esopus Creek my will is that 
my said son" "pay for the same £180" "within three years after my and 
Wifes Decease to be Divided among all my Children." 

"Whereas I have conveyed unto my son Luykes Elmendorph five 
Morgan of Land My Will is that he" "pay for the same unto my Execu- 
tors the sum of £180" within three years (as before). 

If they deny or refuse, or neglect to pay, they are to be debarred 
from all benefits. 

"To my son Cornelus Elmendorph" "five Morgan of Land on the 
north side of the Esopus Creek, he to pay £180 within three years." 

"To my son Wilhelmus Elmendorph" "five Morgan of my land on 
the north side of the Esopus Creek" and to pay therefore £180. 

"To my son Jonathan Elmendorph" "five Morgan of my Land on the 
north side of Esopus Creek" and to pay therefor £180. 

"To my three sons" "each one third part of my Dwelling House 
where I now live in Together with barn, buildings orchards Gardens and 
pasters" "between the Esopus Creek and the Kingsroad and between the 
Land of my son Gerrit and ye Land of the Widow Schepmoes, And also 
my Bushland or pasture" "between the Land of Capt. John Steght and the 
Heirs of John Rosa and between the Land of my son Petrus and my son 
Luykes" each to pay therefor £20 to be divided among the children." 

"To my son Luykes all my Coopers tools and Utensils." — "To my 
son Wilhelmus All my weavers tuels and Utensils." — "To my son Jona- 
than all my Shoomakers tools with Leather and all utensils." — "My sons 
shall each take possession of the Lands" "given them" "as soon as my 
wife departs this life or at the day of her Marriage." 

148 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"After my wifes Decease or marriage all the Remainder of my Real 
& Personall Estate" "and the Priviledges I have in the woods on the south 
side of the Esopus Creek in Hurly (called Cool and Company), "As AUso 
all the money" "to be paid by my sons to my Executors shall be equally 
Devided among all my Children: Jacobus, Gerrit, Comelis, Coenraedt, 
Petrus Etmundus, Luykes, Wilhelmus, Jonathan, Jenneke Widow of 
Abraham Ten Eyck Deceased Margrieta Wife of Mr. Gerrit Dubois and 
Sarah Elmendorph," "each i/ii part." 

Sons Jacobus, Petrus Etmundus, and Luykes appointed executors. 
Signed by the testator. 

(Oct. 24, 1788, Jacomyntje Eltinge appeared 
and swore "that she was well acquainted with 
the handwriting of her Brother Jan Eltinge now 
deceased that she has frequently seen him write 
Aldert Kiersted his name in his lifetime, that she has viewed the 

Tan Eltinge handwriting and Name of Jant Eltinge Sub- 

;: scribed hereunto as one of the Witnesses to the 

WiLLEM Eltinge ^i^hin Will, and verielly believes the same to be 

the handwriting of her said Brother." — "I there- 
fore do allow the same to be Recorded." Dirck 
Wynkoop (first Judge of the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas for Ulster Co.) 

(C. E., son of Jacobus E. and Grietje van Wagenen (q. v.), had with first wife, Arienije: 
i. Jacobus, bt. June 3, 1694, m, Dec. i, 1722, Ariaantje Newkerk, bt. Nov. 19, 1699, dau. of 
Ariaan Gerritsen and Lysbeth Lammertjej ii. Gerrit, bt. Jan. 26, 1696, m. Jan. 15, 1730-, 
Jannetjen Niewwkerk, bt. Oct. 12, 1712, dau. of Gerrit Niewwkerk and Grietje Ten Eyck; iii. Cor- 
neliSj bt. Oct. 31, 1697, m. Dec. 16, 1720, Engeitje Meermmis, bt. Sept. 11, X698, dau., of Jan. H. 
and Annatje Aartse (van Wagenen) ; iv. Margrietje, bt. Jan. i, 1701, d. y. By 2d wife* w. Jen- 
neke, bt. Jan. 6, 1706, m. Dec. 18, 1726, Abraham Ten Eyck, bt. Nov. s, 1699, s. of Matthys T. E. 
and Janneke Rosa; vi. Margrietje, bt. June 20, 1708, m. July 17. 1731, Gerrit Du Bois, bt. 
Febr. 13, 1704, s. of Jacob Dubois and Gerritje Gerritsen; vii. Coenrad, bt. Oct. 10, 1710, m. 
June 21, 1734, Sarah Dubois, bt. Dec. 20, 1713, dau. of Jacob Dubois and Gerritje Gerritsen; 
viii. Sara, bt Jan. 23, 1713; ix. Petrus Edmundus, bt. Sept. 11, i;;i5, m. April 29, 1744, Mary 
Crook, bt. Aug. 20, 1721, dau. of John C, and Cafrina Janse, (he died July 13, 176s); xi. Wil- 
helmus, bt. Febr. 19, 1721, m. June 17, 1748, Janneke Low, bt. Nov. 18, 1722, dau. of Timotheus 
L. and Hendrikje Kool (see his will); xii. Jonathan, bt. Dec. 26, 1723, m. i.. May 29, 1749. 
Helena Smedes, bt. Aug. 25, 1728, dau. of Petrus S. and Catherine Dubois, m. 2., Oct. 6, 1675, 
Catherine Ten Broeck, bt. Jun^. 11, 1727, dau. of Johannes T. B. and Rachel Roosa, and widow 
of Severin Ten Hout; xiii. Tobyas, bt. March 12, 1727.) 

Page 274.— SNYDER, MARTINUS, of Kingston, Yeoman. 

Will dated May 5, 1778. 

"My Dear beloved Wife Aantje shall have the income of my whole 
Estate Real and Personall during her life." 

"To my beloved Son Zacheriah for his birth right as my eldest Son 
my Gun or fuzee." 

"My two Sons : Martynis and Isaak shall have my whole Estate Real 
and Personall" "provided they comply with my directions hereafter." 

"My said two sons, Martinis and Isaak shall in lieu of the said State 
hereby given to them, shall after the decease of me and my Wife pay" 
"unto my Children : Zachariah, Johannis, Jeremiah, Willem, Christian, 

Book of Deeds, Liber X. 149 

Benjamin, Hendricus & Abraham the Sum of £300 (£40 to each). — ^They 
shall also pay "to my three Daughters £90" "to the Heirs of my Daughter 
Acmtje the late Wife of Johannis Hommel" £30— "Unto my Daughter 
Grietje the wife of Johannis Wohen" £30 — "Unto my Daughter Cat- 
trienna the Wife of Jacobus kosd" £30, "including £16 which she hath 
already received." 

"Unto son Isaak my little Negro Boy named Jack." — If MartinuS or 
Isaak should die without issue, their shares to be divided among the sur- 

"My beloved sons Benjamin and Martynis" appointed executors. 

Martynus Snyder (his mark) 

(On May 9, 1789, Johannis Snyder appeared before 
Dirck Wynkoop, Judge, proving the will, and sig- 
CoRNEL Bicker natures of the other witnesses).— The will allowed 
Henry Bicker to be recorded. — A true Record entered at the re- 

Ton's Snyder quest of Capt. Zacharias Snyder this irth day of 

May 1789. 

Christ Tappen, Dep. Clerk.) 

(Martinus Snyder (Martin Schneider) was born at Hackenberg, Germany, June, i6g8, and 
m. there Annah Deamute Backer (Anna Demold Bahkerim, Becker), b. in 1703. They emigrated 
to this country with son Henry, settling in New Paltz, and afterwards in Kingston, near a stream 
called Mud Kill. M. S. brought the following certificate : "I certify that Martin Snyder _ from 
Kished, his wife and two children, from the government of Hackenberg, in the church district 
of Flounders, felt desire to eo to America, and the Kirckenberg enquired regarding his standing, 
which was found to be good, and that he was of good moral character. He therefore secured 
some assistance for his passage, and the Prima Kerckberg granted him full jjermission to leave. 
Whereunto he has caused his seal to be affixed and signed his own handwriting in Swenenberg, 
26 March, 1726. I. D. L. Griekholf" (Transl. for *01de Ulster,' Jan. 1905). 

They had: i. Henry, bt. Aug. 10, 1723; ii. Annah, m. Johannes Hommel; iii Margarit, 
bt. Oct. 15, 1727, m. I., Peter Hommel, and 2., Johannes Wolfen; iv. Catherine, bt. Sept. 14, 
Z729, m. Jacobus Roosa; v. Zechariah, m- Margaret Fiero, d. New Jersey, ae. 88; vi. Johannes; 
bt. Dee. 5, 1733, m. Helena Osterhoudt, and d. July 24, 1809; vii. William', bt. Febr. 12, 1725, 
m. Mary Righmyer, and d. May 25, 1823; viii. Jeremiah, bt. Oct. 22, 1738, m. Catharine Holley, 
and d. June 1828; ix. Christian, b. Apr. 21, 1740, m. Elizabeth Backer, and d. Apr. 22, 1822; 
X. Benjamin, b. Nov. 24, 1742, m. Annah Brink, and d. Sept. 12, 1831; xi. Henry, m. Maria 
Hommel, and d. Jan. i, 1832; xii. Martin, b. Febr. 22, 1748, m. i., Trineke Newkerk, m. 2., 
Mary (Overbagh) Corn, and d. Febr. 2, 1831; xiii. Abrahwm, b. Aug. 9, 1750, m. Nov. 30, 1775, 
Maria Freelich (Freligh), and d. May 11, 1830; xiv. Isaac, b. Aug. 9, 1750, m. Susan Mar- 
garet Carn, and d. Jan. 26, 1829. 

End of wills recorded in the Deed Books. 

Abstracts of WUls on File in the County Clerk's 
Office, City of Kingston, N. Y. 

(Entered in a Thin Folio Volume, Marked ULSTER COMMON 
PLEAS, Record of Wills and Testaments 1790—1827). 

Page 1.— DELAMATTER, DAVID, of Kingston. 

Will dated Sept. 23, 1769. 

"Unto my son David Delametter my large Dutch bible, shouting gun, 
Sword, Belt, and Cane in lue and sted of any thing he might Claim as 
being my Heir at Law." 

"Unto my Daughter Sara De Lamatter" "one half of all my land and 
Tenements" "at or near the Platte Kill in Newburrow precinct in Ulster 
County as also all that lot of land or home Lott" "in Kingston" "between 
the Lotts of Cornelius Swart, John Beekman and Sara Ten Brouck as also 
two acres or one Morgen of land commonly called Armboury adjoyning 
the Kings Highway leeding from Kingston to the Strand between the 
Lotts of Jan McLeen and Cornelius Hasten as also my Negro Whinch 
Deian and Negrow boay Mingo my large Cubbord, large looking Glass 
and my best Bed Bedsted and all the Bed Cloths" "with the Curtains-six 
of my best Chairs and large joiners Table and to have so much more of 
my household furniture as to make and outset to what my Daughter 
Catharine has had and also two Milch Cows one Ox and one Haffer as 
also the sum of £162.10." 

"Unto my Daughter Catharine the wife of Jacob Delamatter" "one 
half" "of all my lands and Tenements" "at or near the Platte Kill in the 
Precinct of Nueburrow" "also fny Negro Whinch named Deen and 
Negroe Man named Tone as also the sum of £162.10." 

"Unto my son David De Lamatter" "my Dwelling House and Lott 
of Ground as also all my Lands and Tenements" "in Kingston/Excepting 
the Home Lott and two acres of Armboury given to my Daughter 
Sara/for which David shall pay to my daughters Sara and Catharine" 
£250 five years after my Decease" to daughter Sara £25 yearly for five 

"Unto son David all my wearing Appearell and two of my best 
Horses my Waggon Slays PIomvs Harrows and all my farming Utensels 
of all kinds, as also my bed bolster and pillows & Rugg and Blanketts 
which is standing in my Oald Shop or Outleat — As also one Milch Cow 
one Ox and one Heffer my Negrows Dick and Anna." 

Common Pleas Will Book. 151 

"Unto my daughter Sara out of the House and Lott which I have 
herein above devised to my son David one room in my -dwelling House 
to wit the Chamber and liberty of passing trough the Entry or Gang- 
way and also to have as much room in the Celler and loft as she shall 
have Occasion for as long as she shall remain single or Unmerryed." 

"Unto my two Daughters Sara and Catharine all the rest and 
Residue of my household Furniture." 

"Unto son David half of all my Crop in the Barn and Barks as 
also half of the Crop now sowed and that he shall have the use of all 
my Slaves Negrows and Whinches until he has Gethered in the Crop 
now sowed and to make use of my Cretures for Killing and Viggetables 
Until that time." 

"Unto my three Children David, Sara and Catharine" "all the rest 
and Residue of my Personal Estate." 

Survivors to divide share of deceased children. 

Son David Delamatter and son in Law Jacob Delamatter and friend 
Dirck Wynkoop Junr., appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(Sept. 3d Tuesday, 1790, before Dirck 

Wynkoop, Esq. first Judge, Jacob De La- 

metter, Esq., one of the Judges and Johannis 

Snyder, Esq., one of the Assistant Justices, 

Jacobus De Lametter appeared Jacob Snyder, proving the will. — 

Jacob Schriver Whereupon it was ordered by the Court that 

D. Wynkoop Junr. ^^^ Qerk of the said Court Record the said 

Will and Testament together with the proof 
thereof agreeable to an Act of the Legisla- 
ture of the State of New York passed the 
4th day of April 1786). 

(Arme bowerij., i. e. poor land.) 

David Delamater was son of Abraham De Lamater (q. v.) and m. May lo, 1728, Laurenlut 
(.Louwernsjen) Ten Broeck. Issue: i. Abraham, bt. March 2, 1729, d. y.; ii. Zara, bt. Febr. 18, 
• 733. d. y.; iiL Johannes, bt Apr. 20, 173s (m. Oct. 20, 1764, Catharma Van Vlief); iv. Cor- 
nelius, bt. May 19, 1737; v. Jacobus, bt. Oct. 14, 1739; vi. Zara, bt. March 28, 1742; vii. 
David, bt. June 10, 1744 (m. Nov. 5, 1763, Sarah Hoffman, d. Oct. 30, 1815); viii. Abraham. 
bt. Febr. 22, 1747; ix. Catherine, bt. Nov. 27, 3748 (m. Apr. 14, 1768, Jacob De Lamater.) 

Page 5.— VAN LEUVEN, JOHN, of Marbletown, yeoman. 

Will dated Oct. 9, 1781. 

"All my Just debts and Funeral Expenses be well and truly paid and 
discharged by my son Daniel Van Leuven." 

"My well beloved wife Meribah shall be and remain in full and 
Ample possession of my whole Estate Real and Personal" "as long as she 
shall remain my Widdow or depart of this life." 

"Unto my Eldest son Petrus Van Leuven One Shilling" "for his 
share and portion." 

152 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"Unto my sone Daniel and unto my three Daughters" "all my Real 
Estate which I now possess unto my said son Daniel the Nortfi and 
Northeast part thereof and unto my three Daughters Maribah, ElistAeth 
& R^ichel the South and Southwestermost part thereof, of a certain Divi- 
sion to run Between them to begin at the Southwest side of a Gully by 
the Comer of a fence so as the same now stands and runs then along the 
fence as it now stands South Easterly to the extream bounds of my 

"Unto my son Daniel all my farming Utensels such as now on my 
farme belongs." 

"Unto my well beloved wife Meribah all my Household furniture 
such as is now in the House and likewise my Bees — And Also two Maris 
which she now owns." 

Wife and daughter Meribah ^pointed executors. Signed by the 

(On the first Tuesday of Jan. 1791 be- 
fore the Court, Dirck Wynkoop, Judge, 
Cornelius E. Wynkoop, Andries Bevier 
Hendricus p. Osterhoudt and Nathaniel Dubois, Assistant Jus- 
Jacobus Rosekrans tices, came Jacobus Rosekrans and 
Gerret Devenport Hendricus P. Osterhout, proving the 

will, and signature of Gerrit Deven- 
port. — A true Record entered Jan. 7, 

iJohti Van Leuven m. Margariet Wo»d, and had issue: i. Hanna, bt. Sept 21, 1701; 
ii. Mary, bt. June 6, 1703; iii. John, bt. Marcli 14, 1708, m. Meriba Herker and had issue: 
a. Petnu. b. Rachel, bt Jan. s, 1745, c. Daniel, m. before Jan. 18, 1778, Elisabeth Etkens, 
d. Maribah, e. Elisabeth; iv. Dina^ bt. Jan. 6, 1712; v. Petrus, bt Jan. 31, 1714 (m. June 3, 
1743, Angenietjen Van Slyk); vi. Catrir.a, bt Sept 15, 1723 (m. June ji, 1744, Johannes 

Page 8.— SMITH, WILLIAM, of Montgomery Precinct, Yeoman. 

Will dated Aug. 14, 1784. 

"To my loving Wife Elizabeth Smith one third of the Yearly Income 
of my real Estate" "in said Precinct" "with my room in my Dwelling 
House, that She may choose also two Milch Cows and keeping for the 
same Summer and Winter as long as she remains my Wedow." 

"My Grand Daughter Mary Bookstaver £125" "payable in six 
Months after my Decease." 

"My son Henry Smith all my lands and Tenements whatsoever, 
whereof I shall die seized." 

"Residue of my Goods and Chattels and Personal Estate" "to my 
said son Henry Smith." 

Son Henry and "my Goed Friend Adam Beamer" appointed execu- 
tors. Signed by the testator. 

Matthew Hunter (On the first Tuesday (of Jan.) 1791 came 

William Johnston John McKenstry, proving the will, and signa- 

JoHN McKinstry tures of the other witnesses.) 

Common Pleas Will Book. 153 

Page 10.— LEFEVER, ANDRIES, of the New Paltz. 

Will dated April 19, 1738. 

(Long religious preamble). 

"Unto my Dearly beloved Wife Cornelae Lafeaver all my whole 
Estate Rale and persenally during her widdow Ship or naturall If She 
never Marry es as also I do give unto my wife all the Income of all my 
Money During her Widow Ship." "Unto my beloved wife" "my negro 
men Charles And the Choise of my horses." 

"Unto my Eldest Son Simon Lefaver" "first out of my Estate my 
pistles & houlsters In Consideration as being my Eldest son on which 
account he shall not Have or pretend to have any thing more by any ways 
or pretenses whatsoever." 

"Unto my Daughter Elezebet wife of Joneton Dubois" "my negro 
Girle by name Judy for which" she is to pay "£12" to my five Daughters : 
Sary Lefever, Mary Lefever, Catrine Lefever, Magdelen Lefever and 
Rachel Lefever." 

"Unto my Daughter Margrete" "my Negroe Girle Suesan." — "Unto 
my Seven Daughters" "my Two Negro by name Tom and Seasar that 
they shall be sold and the Money devided amongst my seven Daughters 
when the youngest is Eighteen years old." 

"Unto my two sons Simon Lefever, Mattys Lefever" "my Land 
houses out house orchards Gardens Improvements Tenements" "within" 
"the New Paltz" on condition that they jpay" to my seven Daughters" 
"the sums of money" "hereafter" "is given and bequeathed unto them." 

"Unto my seven daughters (named) £400 to be paid by the sons four 
years after the decease of my wife. 

"Unto my son Simon Lefevre" "my Tenpits with all Leader Shue- 
makers Tools Iron Stofe or Kaffel my Gun my begg french bible." 

"Unto my son Mattys Lefevre" "all my wearing Close Shurths 
Stocken & Shoues Every thing belonging to body my brweing pott my 
Two bibles one Duch one french." 

"Unto my two sons" "all my farmers Utensils as of plows harrows 
waggons Sleds and all other Tools' and Gier that is or hath been used 
on my farme." 

"Unto my seven Daughters (named) all my Cows and all my Money 
out att Intrust as all my house hold goods & moveables." 

"Each Daughter Shall have ii2 for an out Sett if they have had 
none out of my Estate or In Come of the Estate & In Come of the 
Money Two out setts Shall be paid in a year and for every Year the 
Sons pay Two out setts they shall have a Year Longer to pay the afore- 
said four hundred pounds." 

"In case any of my Seven Daughter Shall come to dye Leaving no 
Chid or Children of her Body" her share to be divided. 

154 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"Unto my two sons (named) all my Horses except one horse to my 
wife first the Choice out of all the horses." — Also "my Two negro by 
name Jack & James to be Equally devided Share and Share alike." 
"TJnto my Seven Daughters" "all my Shipe & hoogs." 
Sons Simon and Mattys and "my Brother Jan Lefevre" appointed 
executors. Signed by the testator. 

("On the first Tuesday in May, 1793, John 

Addison, Esq., produced to the Court the last 

will of Andries Lefever, it appearing" "that 

all the subscribing witnesses" "were ded, 

Whereupon Jacob Hasbrouck of the New 

Paltz appeared" "and said that he was well 

, TT Acquainted with the handwriting of Jacob 

Jacob Hasbrouck Hasbrouck deceased his father" "and that the 

Naithen S. Bevier lands devised in the last will of Andries Le- 

Charles Brodhead ^J^y^^ have been and now are to the best of 

his knowledge in the Actual possession of the 
Heirs" "of said Andries Lefever. And John 
C. Dewitt Esq. also appeared" "and said that 
he was well acquainted with the handwriting 
of Charles Broadhead deceased" — "Where- 
upon the will was admitted." 

{Simon Le Fevre (Le Februe), the Patentee of New Paltz, m. Elisabeth Deyo, dau. of 
Christian D. She m. 2d Moses Contain and had a son, Peter Canteine, bt. May 21, 1693. 
Simon Le Fevre and Lysbeth Deojou had issue: i, Andries, m. Cornelia Biansian, and had: a. 
Simon, bt Sept. 11, 1709, m. June 24, 1725, Petronella Hasbrouck (see his will); b. Matheus, 
bt. Nov. 10, 1710, m. June 17, 1737, Margaret Bevier; c. Elisabeth, bt. Sept. 28, 1712, m. Dec. 
2^, 1732, Jonathan Dvbois, or Nescotack; d. Mar^ietjen, bt. March 13, 171S, m. June 10, 1739, 
Conraed Vernooy; e. Zara, bt. Febr. 3, 1717, m. June 10, 1739, Samuel Bevier; i. Marytjen, bt. 
March i, 1719, m. Nathaniel Le Fevre; g. Catrina, bt. Apr. 2, 1721, m. Simon Du Bois; h. Mag- 
dalena, bt. Oct. 11, 1724, m. Sept. 2, 1:749, Johannes Bevier; i. Rachel, bt. June 23, 1728, m. Sept. 
2, 1749, Johannes Bevier, of Waiwarsit^g^ — ^Si. Abraham, bt. May xi, 1679, d. y.; iii. Isaac, bt. 
at New Paltti, Oct. 28, 1683, m. i., Catrtna Freer {Fire), m. 2., May 16, 1718, Marytjen Freer, 
dau. of Hugo F., Jr.; iv. Jean, bt. Oct. 28, 1685, m. Nov. 20, 1712, Catherine Blanshan; 
V. Maritje, bt Oct. 15, 1689, m. June 18, 1713, Daniel Du Bois.) 

Page 16.— LOW, JACOBUS, of Kingston, Merchant. 

Will, dated Oct. i8, 1793. 

"My loving Wife Elizabeth Low shall have the whole of my Estate 
both Real and Personal as long as She shall remain my Widow, or during 
her natural Life (in case she does not Intermarry) she making no spoil 
waste or destruction thereupon, but in the first place as my sole Execu- 
trix together with my Executors after named shall discharge my Funeral 
Expenses," etc. 

"After an Intermarriage or the Decease of my said Wife" "I give 
the whole of my Estate botti Real and Personal between my Eight Chil- 
dren John Rachel Annatie Catharina Abraham Jennetie Eliz(S)eth and 
Jacobus" "my son John to be accountable for the sum of £133.6.8 with 
lawful Interest" "being so much advance for him for his one third Part 

Common Pleas Will Book. 155 

of the Purchase Money Paid for the Sloop Sail — And the Share of my 
Daughter Rachel shall be considered to be given in trust to be equally 
divided between the Children already born or' that may be born of her 
body, but in case she may become a Widow then she shall have the full 
use and Disposal of such her share for and towards the Support of her 
self and Children." 

Survivors to divide share of deceased children "under age and with- 
out lawful Issue." 

Wife and "loving Brothers Abraham and Benjamin Low and my 
trusty and good friend Abraham B. Bancker Esquire", appointed execu- 
tors. Signed by the testator. 

(On the 10 day of Jan., 1794, Jacobus 

Hasbrouck Junr. and Adam J. Dole ap- 

peared before the Court, Dirck Wyn- 

Jno Elmendorf koop, Judge, Moses Cantine Junr. and 

Adam J. Dole Philip D. Bevier, Ass't Justices, prov- 

Jacoeus Hasbrouck Junr. ing the will, and signature of John 

Elmendorf as a witness. Entered at the 
request of Mrs. Elizabeth Low Jan. 11, 

Page 20.— DAVIS, CHRISTOPHER, of Marbletown, Farmer. 

Will dated June 12, 1778. 

"Its my express Desire, and I hereby direct that whomsoever my 
Loving Wife Elizabeth Davis Shall please and think proper to live, my 
two sons Isaac Davis and John Davis shall Yearly each pay the half 
towards her Maintenance during her Natural Life, provided she remains 
my Widow, otherwise not." 

"Unto my oldest Son Richard Davis my Own Gun and £5." — "Unto 
my Second Son Isaac Davis, all my Lands known by the Name of Shocan 
or Kiskatama with the Buildings thereon, and all my Horse Kind and 
Farmers Utensils thereunto appertaining." 

"Unto my Third Son John Davis all my Lands" "in Marbletown on 
both sides of the Esopus Kill or River with the Buildings thereon, the 
Blacksmiths utensils & a Mare colt which he has now in Possession but 
the Cow which he has now, I do give" "to him and my Daughter Anne 
Davis, Each the Half, and Each the half of the cattle that may be raised 
from said Cow between them." 

"If my son Davis should die, having no lawful issue" then "the said 
last mentioned Land wfth the Buildings and Blacksmiths utensils thereon, 
be equally divided among these seven of my Children, Namely Richard 
Davis, Anne Davis, Esther the wife of Jacob Chambers, Wyntje Davis, 
Isaac Davis, Elizabeth Davis and Rachel Davis.' 

"Unto my Daughter Elizabeth Davis the cupboard which is in the 
house in which my son John Davis and Daughter Anne Davis now 

iS6 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"Unto my two Daughters Elisabeth Davis and Rachel Davis the 
two Beds, which are in the house, in which I now live namely at Shocan, 
Kiskatama, after my Decease And the Decease of my loving Wife Eliza- 
beth, my Daughter Rachel to have the Choice thereof." 

"In consideration of the Lands and Buildings" given them, the two 
sons, Isaac and John "shall give (six months after my Decease) unto 
my Third Daughter Esther" "Curtains for a bed, and Cupboard, each 
to pay there and there alike." — Said sons also to give (within six months) 
to Rachel "a cupboard" and to Elizabeth and Rachel" 50 pounds of good 
Feathers and Curtains." — Son John to give (twelve months after my De- 
cease) to Anne Davis a cupboard one dosen Pewter Plates, one pair 
Tongs, one Shovel one Trammel and one pair Hand Irons," "and to 
Wyntje one pair tongs, one Shovel One Trammel, and one pair Hand 

Residue devised to the four daughters. 

Sons Richard, Isaac, and John appointed executors. Signed by the 

Samuel Davis (On the third Tuesday in Sept., 1794, William 

Alex. Crookshank Hume appeared. Entered at request of John 

William Hume C. Davis, Sept. 23, 1794). 

(.Isaac Davids (prob. b. in England) m. Janneije Maurits, bt. June 18, 1671, dau. of 
Frederick Pietersen Mmrits (q. v.) and Engellie Hendrick, and had issue: i. Marietje, bt. Nov. 
13, 1692; ii. Engel, bt. Nov. 16, 1694; iii. Christoifer, bt. May 30, 1697; iv. Jannetje, bt. Oct. 
29, 1699; v. Frederick, bt. Sept. 21, 1701; vi. Joris, bt. Jan. i, 1704; vii. Samuel, bt. March 
17, 1706; viii. Christoifel, bt. Sept. 11, 1709; ix. Jsaak, bt. Dec. 2, 1711. 

Christoffel (.Staff el) David (Davids) m., Apr. 3, 1739, Elizabeth Bradeth (Bradhead, Brad- 
head), and had issue: i. Mary, bt. Sept. 30, 1739 (m., Fcbr. 20, 1761, John Brodhead) ; ii. Isaak, 
bt. Aug. 16, 1741; iii. Ritseri, bt. Oct. 2, 1743; iv. En (Anna), bt. Dec 12, 174s; v. Weyntjen, bt. 
Aug. 19, 1750; vi. Isaac, bt. Dec. 31, 1752, and John, Esther, who m. Jacob Chambers, Rachel. 

Page 24.— VAN STEENBERQH, THOMAS, of the West Camp, 

Will dated Sept. 7, 1795. 

"Unto my beloved Wife Christina my whole Estate both real and 
personal during the time that she shall Continue my Widow." 

"To my three sons : John Paul and CornelitiS all my Estate both Real 
and Personal" "Provided" "they pay out of my Estate" "£420" i. e. "to my 
son Petrus £60 and £60 to my son Thomas and £60 to my son Abraham 
and £60 to my Son Mathew and £60 to my son Hendrick and £60 to my 
Daughter Margret and also £60 to my Daughter Helena" "one year after 
the Death of my beloved Wife." 

"My son Abraham Shall have one Milch Cow out of my stock of 
Cattle." — "My Daughter Helena shall have one Milch Cow and one 
Heifer out of my stock of Cattle." 

"My beloved Wife Christina shall have my Negro Wench Dina 
and also the Bed & furniture thereunto belonging which is at present in 
Use — and also my largest lookingglass." 

Common Pleas Will Book. 


Petrus Myndeese 

JoHANNis ScHOONMAKER JuNR. (his mark) 

John Hyser 

"My Daughter Helena shall have an Out Set so Called, out of my 
Estate after she Shall come to marry, which Out set shall be at the dis- 
cretion of my said wife." 

"Mv house Hold furniture shall be equally divided Between all my 

Son Paul and loving friends Cornelius Persen and Benjamin Sny- 
der appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(On the first Tuesday 
in May, 1796 appeared 
Peter Mynderse be- 
fore the Court, Abror- 
ham B. Bancker,. Phil- 
ip D. Bevier, Judges, 
John Dumont, Abra- 
ham Vim Gaasbeck, 
Justices, proving the 
will, and signature of 
the other witnesses. 
Entered May 4, 1796). 

(See next will). 

Page 27.— VAN STEENBERQH, JOHN, of Kingston, farmer. 

Will dated May 16, 1796. 
"To my loving wife Annatje Van Stenbergh All the whole income 
of all my Estate Real and personal for her mentainance so long as" she 
"shall not marry again, but if" she "shall marry again, then to give up all 
my Estate to my Executors" "or to my Children" and then to have £50. 
"Unto my two Children named Thomas and Jane" "all my Estate 
real and personal." 

Wife "and my Brother in law, Cornelis Burhans and my friend 
Benjamin Snyder" appointed executors. 
Signed by the testator. 

(On the third Tuesday in Sept., 
1796, Cornelius C. Brinck ap- 
peared before the Court, Abraham 
Bevier, Abraham B. Bancker, 
Judges, Abraham Van Gaasbeck, 
Junr., Johannis Miller and Moses 
Cantine Junior. — Entered at re- 
quest of Mr. Benjamin Snyder, 
Sept. 21, 1796). 

^Thomas Jansse ivan Stembergen) (.Thomas Jansen, Thomas J. Steenberge) ni. after Febr. 
3, 16S3, Maria Adams Metselaer (,Salaeme, Zalome) and had i. Magriet, bt. Febr. 24, 1684; ii. 
Geerthruydt, bt. March 5, 1688; iii. Johannes, bt. March 17, 1689; iv. Catryn, bt. Nov. 6, 1692; 
T. Johannes, bt. June g, 1695; vi. Abraam, bt. Jan. 15, 1699; vii. Henricus, bt. Febr. 2, 1701. 

vi. Abraham van Steenbergen, m. Apr. 14, 1728, Catrina Ploeg, and had issue; i. Thomas, bt. 
May ig, 1728; ii. Alida, bt. Sept. 24, 1732; iii. Margrieta, bt. Jan. 26, 1735. 

Cornelius C. Brinck (his mark) 

Abraham Van Steenberght 
Elizabeth Van Steenbergh 

iS8 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Thomas van Steenbergen (s. of Abraham), called "Jr.", m. Oct. 6, 1730, Christina 
iChristien) Labonte, and had issue: i. Abraham, bt. July 21, 1751, m. March i, 1791, Elaabeth 
Oosterhoudt ; ii. Petrus, bt. Dec. 2, 1733; iii. Margaret, bt. Jan. 4, 1756; iv. Thomas, bt. Oct. 30, 
1757; V. John, bt. Dec. 26, 1761, m., Oct. 24, 1784, Annatje Van Leuven; Cornelts; Matthew; 
Margaret; Helena. (See his will supra). , , . . , 

John T. Van Steenbergen (s. of Thomas) and Annatie Van Leuwen had issue: j. Jannetje, 
bt. May 16, 1790; ii. Thomas, bt Nov. 6, 1794. See his will above). 

Page 30.— FREER, JOHANNIS, of the Town of New Paltz. 

Will dated Sept. i, 1796. 

"Unto my Loving wife Agetta the use of my whole Estate Real and 
Personal and to receive the income and profits during her Natural Life- 
time or as Long as she shall remain my wedow and no longer" if she 
"marry again" then "the sum of £10" yearly "during her natural life 
time Hoping and Trusting that she will be Satisfied with the same in Lue 
of her Dower." 

"Unto Agetta Freer the Daughter of my nephew Jonathan Freer'' 
"my whole Estate both Real and Personal" "in New Paltz or Elsewhere 
(the use thereof herein before given only Excepted), she to pay "unto 
Margret Freer the wife of my said Neppew Jonathan Freer £30" "within 
three months after the decease of my said Wife." 

"My good friends Peter Lefever Junr., Isaac Lefever and Johannis 
B. Doyo" appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(On Wednesday, July 15, 1797, all the wit- 
Jacob Deyo nesses appeared before the Court, Abraham 

Daniel Sluyter B. Bancker and Abraham Bevier, Judges and 

Peter Lefever Junr. Justus Banks, Esq., Ass't Justice. — Entered 

July 6, 1797). 

(J. F., bt. Aug. I, 1725, s. of Hugo F. (and Bregjen Teerpenning), s. of Hugo F. (and 
Anna Maria Le Roy) (see Hugh Freer), of Bonticow, m. May 5, 1749, Agitta De Joo, and had a 
son: Johannes, bt. July i, .1750, d. y. 

Agetta Freer, bt. Oct. 17, »779, was dau. of Jonatimn Freer, (bt Aug. i, 1754) (and Mar- 
grietjen Doio), s. of Jacob F. (bt. Sept. 1, 1723) (and Zara Freer^ dau. of Hugo), s. of Jacob 
Freer (bt. June 9, 1679) (and Antje Weyen), s. of Hugue F. (see Hugtte Frere). Agetta F. m. at 
Palts, Wilhelmus Hasbrouck.) 

Page 33,— DUBOIS, HENDRICUS, of New Paltz, Yeoman. 

Will dated June 21, 1774. 
"Unto my youngest Son Methusalem" "all that my Homestead being 
part of my farm whereon I now Dwell Containing Five acres of 
land which" "is to Begin at a stone set up on the south side of the 
icings Road to the North East of my Dwelling House which said stone 
is marked M on the south side and is Distant 76 links on a south i Degree 
45 Minutes west course from a Black Oak Tree standing on the North 
side of the Kings Road" "which Tree is marked with 3 Notches on two 
sides and was marked for the southermost corner of a lot by me con- 
veyed to my son Hendricus and is to run from said stone south i Degree 
45 minutes west 6 chains 24 links thence south 69 Degrees 45 minues west 
8 chains thence north 40 degrees 15 minutes west 4 chains 39 links to the 
aforesaid Road thence along the same north 59 degrees East 10 Chains 

J,//'r. h,.v, ■//,,;/. /,vv. . f>.; 


:/7.„: /'-y... ., ■ . ■. y, '■■^/-y' 


.^::/:._^y,y ../ . ■: ( .. ^.^c^Z^. 


.„■:.'...■/ - - ■ ,.,.;^0?;,,„^ 



/y:,y:. .:-,,'., ... .;, c,y , ,-.,,;-■:: 


:;„x ''.•.-.- - . :..y- /,;., , 


'r' <■>■/■ .'■■-- ■' ■ /. f<. ;,,..,. '/.^..-..^' 


/' /■■. ;; .;:[[, ^,..,yy::.:'..\<^..^<:^^^ 


,-k:. A, ■!■./'::. ^. ■-'■.. .' - .,'..::.. V;,:^.^,:, 



I f ,, , .: , , , . . . - . :.-..^. ,^A .,„i 


'■ ', "","," ' . .. : . .■^y'..::,yi.,.^/' 



^H ^ -y/r <:../-{■./, ,-.-\.- /. j^' /^/-ly^ \ 


' ; ^.-yyJ,., /.'.:..:< ,' ;-....,. ... .;'--:^;__ 


j_. ;_ ,*■.■'...,-,.■<-/. ,-;■-, ,;r..;„:,r :,;.... 


'/,,'-'." ^ ,/:'',,',,..,., ^..^.,.-, x:^!. /<-. 


>.:„....^>:.. X ..^x.-:...., _ 


- .-- -1 

, /,V;..,--/...<. •■ . ^., .,:..; 


-^*^--v-: ' v-. " -^ A 


:/..•. ' ''. .^--^ ^ ; 


' . - . ^ ■ \ 

,:.r. '„..., , '.■.:...y.y . , i 


r.-/^y 'l^.r ' 



'ix-- ' ' 


Stu papic 183. 

Common Pleas Will Book. 159 

and North Tj Degrees 2 Chains to where it Began As Also 95 acres of 
land (being also part of my said farm) "on the North West side of said 
Road" "to begin at the aforesaid Black Oak Tree marked for the Souther- 
most Corner of the aforesaid lot by me conveyed unto my son Hendricus 
and to Extend from thence South Westerly along the said Road to a lot 
by me heretofore Conveyed unto my son Philip in his life time and is 
to Extend Northwesterly from the said Road along" Hendrik's lot and 
lot conveyed to Philip "with the full Breadth between them untill it con- 
tains 95 acres Together with" "my Dwelling Houses out Houses Barn 
Barks Orchards Gardens and other Improvements" "in all containing 
100 acres to son Methusalem" in Order to make him Equal with my other 
sons they having had an Equivalent thereto in my life time," he to pay 
after wife's decease "in consideration of the Improvements upon the 
same" £100 more than my son Hendricus shall pay towards my Grand 
Children's and my Daughter's Portions." 

"Unto my son Hendricus and my said son Methusalem all the Resi- 
due" "of my Farm Lands Tenements" they to pay "to my two Daughters 
and Grand Children" £400 "Hendricus to pay" "£150" and Methusalem 
iioo in consideration of the Improvements" and also £150. 

"To my two Daughters Tryntie the wife of Matheus Dubois and Lea 
the wife of Christofel Kiersteden" £100 each "and to my Grand Children 
the Children of my son Philip deceased £100 and to my Grand Children, 
the Children of my Daughter Diena deceased the late wife of Abraham 
Eltinge" "£ioo. To all the grandchildren and children "all my personall 

"Unto said son Hendricus" "one Bench in the Church at the Groot- 
stuck to have the choice of my Benches" and to Methusalem one Bench" 
in said Church. And all other seats which belong unto me in said 
Church and also in the Church at Shawangunk" "1/5 to the children of 
Philip, i/s to the children of Diena, 1/5 to Tryntie, 1/5 to Lea, and 
1/5 to "my Daughter Rachel the wife of Johannis A. Hardenbergh." 
As I have already given my eldest son Solomon his full proportion 
in helping him to purchase an Estate after his Marriage I desire 
he may rest satisfyed therewith." — "My daughter Rachel shall 
not make any other demand out of my Estate other than her 1/5 part 
in the seats." My wife Jarinetie shall remain in the full possession of my 
whole Estate" "during her lifetime." 

Wife and sons Hendricus and Mathusalem appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

Severyn T. Bruyn 
Jacobus Bruyn Junr. 
Joh's Bruyn 

i6o Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

(June 4, 1782, Severyn T, Bruyn and Johannis Brujm of Shawangunk, farmers, appeared 
before Joseph Gasherie Surrogate, proving the will, and signature of Jacobus Bruyn Junr. as a 
witness. — 

On the same day the executors appeared and took "the oath of an Executor." 

On Sept. 19, 1798, Johannis Bruyn of Shawangunk, Esq., appeared before the Court, 
Abraham Bevier, Abraham B. Bancker and Jonathan Hasbrouck, Judges, proving the will, and 
signatures of the other witnesses. — Entered at the request of Methusalem Dubois, Sept 21, 1798O 

(Hendricus Dubois, s. of Solomon Du Bois and Trynt/e Gerritsen (q. v.), b. Neto PalU, 
Dec. 31, 1710, m., May 6, 1733, Jannetjen Hoogteling, and had issue: i. PhilUptius, bt. Apr. 21, 
1734, m., March 22, 1757, Anne Hue; ii. Solomon, bt. Febr. 15, 1736, m. Oct. 25, 1762, Ariaantje 
Du Bois; iii. Dina, bt. Febr. 12, 1738, m. Nov. 26, 1759, Abraham Eltmge; iv. Tremtje, bt. in 
Shawangunk, Oct 9, 1740, m. Matthew Du Bois; v. Henricus, bt May i, 1743, m. Rebecca Van 
Wagenen; vi. Methusalem, bt. June 30, 1745; vii. Lea, bt. June 28, 1747, m. Christoffel Kierstede; 
viii. Rachel, bt Dec 24, I74g> m. Johannes A. Hardenbergh; ix. Methusalem, bt Oct 27, 1751, m. 
i. Gertrude Bruyn, m. 2., Catherine Bevier'). 

On Oct IS, 1762, Hendricus and Solomon Dubois petitioned for letters patent for 2000 
acres of vacant land in Ulster Co., within the bounds of the line formerly granted to Capt John 
Evans, south of Shawangunk mountain, and west of Wall Kill, also land without the bounds of 
said Patent, west of said mountain, N. W. and N. E. of the Great Minnissiuck Patent. (N. Y. 
Land Papers, xvi, p. 125). 

Page 39.— DUBOIS, CORNELIUS, of the New Paltz, Esq., 

Will dated Nov. 6, 1780. 

"Unto my well beloved wife Margaret" "during her lifetime one Ne- 
gro Slave named Sime, one Negro Wench named Jane, one Milch Cow, 
and also so much of my Household goods as she may Judge she shall 
have occasion for." 

"Unto my son Cornelius" "during his natural lifetime All my whole 
Real Estate" "in New Paltz" "excepting such parts thereof as I shall 
hereafter order to be sold by my Executors" "together with all me build- 
ings Houses Bams Orchards, Gardens" "after his decease" unto the Heirs 
of my said son Cornelius and to my Daughters Tryntie, Jannetie, Jaco- 
minetie, Saretie, and to my Grand Children Nathaniel Diibois, Wilhelmus 
Dubois and Polly Dubois the Children of my Daughter Rachel deceased 
and to my Grand children Dirck Wynkoop and Lea Wynkoop the Chil- 
dren of my daughter Lea deceased." 

"Also to son Cornelius" "Eight horses the choice out of my stock" 
he to pay for the same "£80 in Gold or Silver at the rate of eight Shillings 
for a Spanish Dollar." Also "so many of my Slaves as he may think 
proper (to be taken before any division is made of my personal Estate) 
provided he" pays "for each Slave" £go (at the same rate as before). 

"Unto my said daughter Saretie" "one Negro Wench named Rose^' 
to pay for the same £80 (at the same rate as before) . 

"Unto my said son Cornelius" "two seats I have in the Church at 
Shawangunk." — To "my grandson Cornelius Dubois Hasbrouck" "one 
seat in the Church at Marbletown." 

"Residue of my whole personal Estate" "unto my said son, said 
Daughters and said grand Children." "Residue" "of my whole Real 
Estate" "in the County of Ulster" "or Else where" "and also the Liberty 
and previledge I have in the New Paltz patent of Hay stone and Timber" 
also to said children and grandchildren. 

"In case any dispute should happen between my Heirs concerning 
this my last Will and Testament, It is my Will and desire that" they 

CoMMon Pleas Will Book. 


"shall leave it to an Arbitration." — Executors to sell "to the best advantage 
all that certain lot of land containing 66 acres" "in Co. Ulster" part of a 
certain tract of 1056 acres of land granted to me by Letters Patent" "July 
2, 1739 so as the same is Surveyed by Johannis Bruyn as per his return 
of Survey dated May 16. And also that part of the land I have in the 
above recited patent, adjoining the abovesaid 66 acres" "on the south- 
west side of the Platte Kill." 

Son Cornelius, son in law Jacob Hasbrouck Junr. and my grand 
Sons Josia Hasbrouck, Nathaniel Dubois and Cornelius Hasbrouck ap- 
pointed executors. Son in law Cornelius D. Wynkoop to be Guardian to 
the said Grand Children until they respectively come to age. 

Signed by the testator. 

(April 23, 1781, Denie Raleya of New 
Paltz, yeoman, and David Louw of same 
place. Blacksmith, appeared before Jo- 
sejph Gasherie, Surrogate, proving the 
will, and signature of Joshua Dubois as 
a witness. 

On the same day all the executors 
took the oath. 

Sept. 19, 1798, Joshua Dubois, of 
Kingston, Tanner, appeared before the 
Court. Methusalem Dubois made oath 
that he had "given due notice to all pres- 
ent Heirs mentioned in the said Will" "of , 
this intended application" "for the ap- 
probation of said Will. — Whereupon the 
Court" "ordered" the will to be recorded. 

Entered Sept. 21, 1798.) 

(.Cornelius Du Bois, Sr.j s, of Solomon Du Bois, and Tryntje Gerriisen, m,, Apr. 7, 1729^ 
Anna Margaret Hoo^teUng, and had issue: i, Tryntjen, bt. March 29, 1730, m., Jan. 27, 1762^ 
Matthew Du Bois; ii. lan^netie) bt. 1732 (m. Jacob Hasbrouck) ; iii. Wilhelmus, bt. March 31, 
1734; >v. Josia, bt. Oct. 21, 1736, in Shawangunk (sec his will); v. Rachel, bt. Aug. 5, 1739, m. 
Col. Lewis Du Bois, of Marlborough; vi. Lea, bt. May 2, 1742, m., May 28, 1762, Cornelius 
Wynkoop; vii. Jacomyntjen, bt. Apr. 21, 1745, m. Andries Bevier, of Wawarsing; viii. Sara, bt. 
Oct. 4, J747, m. Jacob Hasbrouck, of Marbletown; ix. Cornelis, bt. July 8, 1750, m. Gertrude 

A much faded, and much worn copy of the original will is filed in the Estate Box No. 11. 
Surrogate's Office. To this has been attached a number of pertinent questions and answers by 
Peter W. Yates, dated Albany, May 9, 1781, pertaining to this will: 

Ques. *. Concerning the Crops of Wheat & Rye now in the Ground which were sown by the 
Testator and his only son in Partnership, whether the Moiety thereof, which should 
have belonged to the Testator, had he lived, shall go to the Executors or not? 

Ques. 2. Whether the Widow of the Testator, in case she doth not comply with the Will, can 
recover her Thirds of the Personal Estate ? 

Ques. 3. In Case the Heirs of the Testator should make Division and Partition of the Real 
Estate of the Testator, in the Lifetime of his son Cornelius, whether it would be 
legal and stand in Law, and hew is it to be made, as some of them are under Age? 

Ques. 4. Whether the Testators Son may legally demise the Farm or Lands which were the 

Denie D. Relya (his mark) 

Joshua Dubois 
David Louw 

i62 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Ques. s. If the Grand Children Dirk & Lea Wynkoop die under Age who is to have their 

Ques. 6. Whether any of the Devises can sell an undivided Fart before the death of Cornelius? 
I am of Opinion, as to the 

Ques. I. That the Crop of Wheat and Rye will go to tha Son and not to the Executors. 

Ques. XL That the Testators Widow is by law entitled to no more of the Personal Estate than 
is given her b^ the Will. But that she is exclusive of the Will entitled to her 
Dowry. That is to say, the one third Part of all the Testators Lands and Tene- 
ments for and during her natural Life. 

Ques. III. That no legal Division can be made until all the Parties to such Division are of 
lawful Age, unless it is done in Virtue of a Law of the I.egislature passed the 
8 Jan. 1762. But to avoid the Expenses of that Mode of Partition, it has been 
usual for some third Person to become Bound (in Behalf of the Minors interested 
in the Lands to be divided) that such Minors, when they arrive to Lawful Age, 
should agree to and confirm the Partition and execute Deeds for the Purpose. 

Ques. IV. That the Testator's Son may demise or even sell for & during the Term of his 
natural Life the Real Estate devised to him by his Father's Will. 

Ques. V. If one of the Testator's Grand Children Dirk & Lea Wynkoop should die under Age, 
the Part or share of the real Estate of the one so dying, will go to the Survivor of 
them. But if they should both die under Age, without lawful Issue, their whole 
Part will go to their Uncle, the Testators eldest Son, as Heir at Law. — But as to 
their Part of the Personal Estate Dirk may dispose of his at the Age of 14, and 
Lea at the age of 12 to whom they please, but not by Will, unless they previously 
make a Division between them of their Part. 

Ques. VI. That any of the Devises may sell their undivided Part of the Real Estate before the 
Death of the Testators Son Cornelius. 

(Signed) PETER W. YATES. 
Albany 9. May 1781. 

Page 44.— KLARWATER, ABRAHAM, of Marbletown. 

Will dated April 23, 1776. 

"To my son Thomas all my lands" "on the Southeest side of the 
Kline Kill" "of Marbletown." 

"Al the rest" "of my lands together with my Dwelling House 
Barn, Barghs, Outhousen and all my Building together with all the ap- 
purtenances" "unto four of my sons namely Fradrick, Isaac Danjel, J01 
seph" "in consideration of the lands I have before given to my five sons 
herein before named they shall pay to my four Daughters and my son 
Abraham ithe sum of £90" i. e. "to my Daughter Eve £30" "in three 
equeel payment the first" "to be made one year after my decease" "to my 
Daughter Wintje" "£30 (in the same manner) "to my daughter Mary 
wife of Peter Vernoy" £10 one year after my decease" "£io to my 
Daughter Esther wife of Jacob SeaW "£io to my son Abraham." — ^To 
AbraJiam also "the Choice of al my Horses" "the choice of my Slays." 

"To my daughter Wintje my Great Pot as also the choice of all my 

"All the remainder" "of my Householding Goods or furniture" "to 
my two Daughters Eve and Wintje as also my Bed, Bedsted and all 
the furniture thereunto belonging." 

"All the remainder of my Estate Parsonal" "shall be devided 
amongst all my Children namely Abraham, Fradrick, Isaac, Danjel, Jacob, 
Thomas, Joseph, Eve, Mary, Esther, Wintje." "If any of my Children 
shud die leving no Issue" his or her share to be divided. 

Common Pleas Will Book. 163 

"My brother in law Thomas Schoonmaker and my son Fradrick" 
appointed executors. 

Abraham Klarwater (his mark) 

(Sept. 19, 1798, Frederick Wood of 

Marbletown, farmer, appeared before the 
Frederick Wood Court, Abraham B. Bancker, Jonathan 

Thomas Wood Hashrouck, Judges, Abraham Van Gaas- 

Matthew Cantine beek and Peter Roggan, Ass't Justices, 

proving the will, and signature of the 

other witnesses). 

(Theunis Jacobsen Klaarwater, b. at Baarn, near Rotterdam, Holland, in i6?4, had, in 
1709, witb son, Jacobus, brother-in-law, Hendrick Vemaos, Abraham Doian, Rtp Van Dam, Adol- 
phus Phill^se, Dr. Gerardus Beekman, and Col. IVm. Peartree, a patent of 4000 acres land 
(Seer. State, Albany, Office, Patents, vii, p. S4), situated in Shauangunt, bound east by the Wall- 
kilt, south by the Dwaaskilt, and west by the Skaaiangunk Kill.-^acobus, b. Holland, 1663, m. 
Mary Deyo, dau. of Abraham. Their son, Abraham, bt. July 2, 1699, at New Paltz, m., Oct. zo, 
1738, Lisabeth Schoonmaker, and had — Eva, bt. July 13, 1740, Abraham, bt. Oct. 3, 1742, Heiter, 
bt, Febr. 19, 1749, m. Jacob Scale, and Frederick, Isaac, David, Joseph, Wyntje, Mary, m. Peter 
Vemooy, Jacob, and Thomas. 

A tablet to the memory of Thetfnis Jacobsen C. was erected in the Dutch Ref. Church, at 
1 Kingston, by his descendant. Judge Alphonso Trumpbour Clearwater, LL.D.) 

Page 47.— LEFEVER, DANIEL, of New Paltz. 

Will dated Sept. 4, 1784. 

"Unto my beloved wife Catharina Lefever all that my whole Estate, 
Real and personal" "during her naturall life, or days of her my Widow- 
ship, and after her decease" "to my son Peter Lefever all that of rny 
land & Tennements" "at the Bontiekoe in the New Paltz patent it being 
my Old Homested together with all the land I now own to the West of 
the Grotiefly or big Meadow, also my right of a Grandpears lot" "in the 
second Tier of the New Devision & runs through the Bidfly or Meadow 
to the East side thereof" "also" "my Negro man named Jan, also all my 
wearing Cloaths of all sorts." 

"To my beloved wife" "my negro wench named Bet to be her own 

"To my daughter Elizabeth the wife of Mathew Lefever & Maria 
the wife of Jon athan Doyo all that my lands and Tenements" "within 
the New Paltz^patenTaTthe North River No. 4, in the North Devision, 
also all my right & title in the devision made at the Platte Beni water'' 
"also my negro wench named Margret." 

"To my daughter Maria" "my Negro Wench named Deyan." 

"To my son Peter Lefever his choise of three of my Horses" Resi- 
due to wife "or whenever she shall please to give the same up to her 
children" the property to be divided among them. 

164 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Wife, son Peter, and "my two son in Laws Mathew Lefever & 
Jonathan Doyo" appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

(May 7, 1800, Isaac Lefever of New 
Jacob Lefever ^^^^z. Surveyor^ appeared before the 

:: - J Court, James Ohver, first Judge, and 

ISAAC lefever Junr. Abraham Bevier and Abraham B. Banck- 

Joh's Hardenbergh Junr. er. Judges, proving the will, and signature 

of the other witnesses). 

(Isaac Le Fevre, bt. Oct. z8, 1683, s. of Simon Le Fevre (q. v.), m. 1. Catrina Freer 
iFire), and m. z., May 16, 1718, Marytje Freer, dau. of Hugo F., Jr,, and had with ist wife: 
i. Philip, bt. Apr. x. 1711; with 2d wife; ii. Ysaak^ bt. Dec. 25, 1718, d. unm.; iij^ Petrus, bt. 
Febr. ig, 1721, m., Jan 2, 1760, Elisabeth Vemoa; iv. Johannes, bt. Nov. 18, 1722, m.. May 29, 
1752. Sarah Vernooy; v. Daniel, vi. Simon^ bt. Nov. xo, 1728, d. y.; vii. Mary, bt. March 26r 
X732, m. Johannes Hardenbergh, Jr.; viii. Simon, bt. Dec 17, 1738, d. y. 

DANIEL, bt. Dec. X2, 1725, m. Catherine Cantein, dau. of Peter (s. of Moses C. who m. 
Elisabeth {Deyo) Le Fevre, the grandfather of Daniel Le Fevre. Issue: i. Simon, bt. July j, 
175X. m., Oct 30, i;^79, Janneke Swart; ii. Maria, bt. Apr. ix, iys6, m. Jonathan Deyo; Hi. Peter, 
bt. Febr. xo, 1759; iv. Moses, bt. Jan. 24, 1762; v. Elisabeth, m. Matthew Le Fevre). 

Page SO.— EEN, ABRAHAM, of New Paltz. 

Will dated Nov. 30, 1805. 

"Unto my beloved wife Catrena all the Household fumature she had 
from her father, also what her father bequeathed to her by his will, also £20 
in money to be paid to her yearly" "during her natural life by my two 
sons Elias and Petrus" "also the choice of my Negro Wenches and a room 
to live in eitherly by Elias or Petrus where she shall chuse, and my two 
sons shall maintain her with meat and Drink, also one Bed with a Sett 
of Curtains of Callicoe furnished with what belongs to it, also one Bed 
with homespun Checkerd Curtains with all thereunto belonging, also my 
large Cupboard as it stands, also one Tea Table with Tea Cups and 
Saucers tihereunto belonging, also two Iron pots and one Tremmel also 
six Chairs also the choice of all my Cows, also one Tea Kittle and my 
Negro Jack together with two Pails." 

"Unto my son Elias one Horse or a Cow which he may chuse for 
his birth right, and also one Weavers Loom and the one half of my 
Reeds and Geers and all what belongs to the Loom." 

"To my son Petrus the two best Horses, Waggon, Plough, Wood 
Sled, pleasure Slay, and the Weavers Loom, with the one half of the 
Reeds and Geers and all what belongs to the loom." 

"To Elias all the Farm on which he now dwelleth — Except 15 acre& 
of Bush right at the East end together with the buildings thereon con- 
taining tSo acres," "and a piece of land called the Groote Buntecoe." 

"To my son Petrus the farm whereon I now dwell together with 
the buildings thereon — also a piece of land called the Half moon and 15 
acres of the Bush right at the East end of the farm bequeathed to my 
son Elias." 

Common Pleas Will Book. 165 

If Petrus should die, Elias to have his share "but not to have 
possession until after the death or entermarriage of the wife of my said 
son Peter, she is to have the full enjoyment of the whole Estate during 
her Widowhood." 

"Unto my two sons Elias and Petrus all my Bush right lying in 
the New Paltz patent, the one half to Elias and the other half to Petrus." 

To sons "all the monies their shall be due to me by bond or Notes." 

"Unto my three Daughters Rachel Annatje and Catrena "£40 each 
two years after my decease." — To said daughters also "all my Houshold 

Residue to be divided among the five children. Son Elias Een, 
Josiah Hasbrouck and Peter Lefever, Junr. appointed executors. 

Abraham ein 

Henry Elting U^^- 6, 1807, witnesses appeared before the 

Henry Tansen Court, Abraham Bevier and Jonathan Hasbrouck, 

„ ™ Judges, John Van Steenbergh and Jacob Marius 

CORN. lAPPEN Q^gg^^ ^gg.^ Justices. Entered Jan. 6, 1807). 

(£2m Etgti (In), of New Paltz, m. Elisabeth, dau. of Anthony Crispel, and had i. Mary, 
bt. Aug. 8, 1697; u. Jan, bt. Febr. 18,1700: iii. Mary Magdalena, bt. Apr. s, 1702; iv. Sarah, bt. 
Sept. II, 1709, m., Febr. 16, 1739, Isaack Walderon, b. New Castle, Del. res. Poughkepsie. 

JAN (above) m. Febr. 9, 173s, Geesje Roosa, and had: i. Elizabeth, bt. Febr. 15, 1736; 
ii. Margaret, bt. May 29, 1737; iii. Elias, bt. Apr. i, 1739; iv. Abraham, bt. July 12, 1741; v. 
Isaak, bt. July 31, 1743. 

ABRAHAM (above), m., Nov. 2, 1763, Catharina Van Wagenen, and had: i. Elias, bt. 
1768, m. Elisabeth Hasbrouck; ii. Annatje, bt. Aug. 22, 1774, m. Benjamin Hasbrouck; iii. Rachel, 
m. David Deyo; iv. Catharine, m. Jonathan Deyo; v. Peter, b. 1781, m. Maria Freer). 

Page 55.— DE WITT, ANDRIES, of Kingston. 

Will dated March 17, 1800. 

"Unto my beloved wife Rachel" "my Houses lands Tenements and 
Real Estate" "within the County of Ulster" also "all my personal Estate" 
"during her natural life time, or" "so long as she shall remain my Widow 
and no longer." 

"Unto my Eldest son Tjerck De Witt" £50 "and my large Dutch 
Bible in lieu or stead of his birth right." 

Upon death of wife to "my two sons Tjerck De Witt and Isaac De 
Witt" "my Houses lands and Tenements" "in the County of Ulster (ex- 
cept lot given hereinafter to my Daughter Neltje) in fee simple as 
Tenants in Common" "also all the rents and profits of "that certain tract 
or parcell of land formerly Demised by Tjerck De Witt deceased to 
Gerrit Aartse now in the possession of Conradt G. Elmendorph." 

To son Tjerck "one of my Seat in the Dutch Church at Kingston, 
also my two Negro man Slaves named Harry and Tom." To son Isaac 
"one other of my Seats in the said Church" "also my two other Negro 
men Slaves named James and Joe." 

To "my Daughter Neeltje wife of Petrus Elmendorph all that certain 
lot of Lowland" "on the North side of the Esopus Creek in the town of 

i66 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Kingston" "containing about lo acres so as the same hath lately been 
conveyed to me by the Heirs of Cornelius Elmendorph deceased," To 
her also "two Negro Wench Slaves both named Beit, now in her posses- 
sion, and also £700" to be paid by the sons in three payments the first 
one year after my wife's decease or re-marriage. 

"Unto my Grandchild Andries son of my Daughter Neeltje my 
Negro Boy named Abram." 

To sons "all my Cloathing and Wearing Appearel, and also all my 
Guns, Swords and other Warlike Weapons" "farmers Utensels as Plows 
Harrows Sleads slays Waggons Carts and every other implement of 
Husbandry, also my Canoes or Crafts usually kept for crossing the 
Creek, and also all the Stock of Horses and Coalts." 

"Immediately after the death or re-marriage" of wife "the crop or 
crops of Hay, Grass, Grain or Corn lying standing or growing or other- 
wise Housed or in Barns or Barriks" to be equally divided among the 
two sons. 

Residue to the two sons. Wife, sons and "my trusty friend Chris- 
topher Tappen" appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(Jan. 8, 1807, Cornelius De Witt of New Burgh, 

Co. Orange, Merchant, Luke Kiersted of Kings- 

LuKE Kiersted ton, Physician, and George Tappen of same 

Cornelius De Witt place, yeoman, appeared before the Court, 

Geo. Tappen Abraham Bevier, Jonathan Hasbrouck and Jo- 

hannis Bruyn, Judges. — Will ordered to be re- 

{Andries De Witt, bt. March 3, 1728, s. of Tjerck De Witt and Anne Pawling, see Henry 
De Witt, m., Dec. 17, 1757, Rachel Du Bois, b. Jan. s, 1737, (d. Aug. 24, 1S23), dau. of Isaac 
Du Bois and Neeltje Roosa. He d. June g, 1806. Issue: i, Neeltje, bt. Tune 24, 17^9, ai., Febr. 
6, 1782, Petrus Elmendorf; ii. Tjerck, bt. May 23, 1762; iii. leaack, bt. May 

le 24, 1759, 
15. «769). 

Page 61.— HASBROUCK, JOHANNIS, of New Paltz. 

Will dated Dec. 28, 1806. 

"Executors athorized to sell all the personal estate as well as "all 
that lot of land being part of lot Number S in lot number 12 first tier south 
division, bounded southerly by land of the Heirs of Petrus Lefever de- 
ceased westerly .by land of Philip Schoonmaker being part of said lot 
No. 5, and Northerly by a land between Lot No. 12 and lot No. i, and 
Easterly by a lane between first and second tier of lots containing about 
35 acres" "within the Town and Patent of the New Paltz." 

"All the remainder of my land or Real Estate unto my four sons and 
two Daughters: John E. Hasbrouck, William Hasbrouck Junr., Philip 
Hasbrouck, Andries Hasbrouck, Polly Hasbrouck and Rachel Hasbrouck" 
— Also all the personal estate. 

Common Pleas Will Book. 167 

"My half brother Philip Schoonmaker and my good friends Philip 
EltiMge and Elias Earn," appointed executors, and Philip Schoonmaker 
Guardian "of the persons and Estates of all my said Children." 

JoHANNis Hasbrouck (his mark). 

Peter Lefever (Jan. 8, 1807, all the witnesses appeared before 

Samuel Hasbrouck the Court. — Entered at the request of Fliilip 
Elias Bevier Schoonmaker, Jan. 8, 1807). 

iJohatmes Ifasbrouek (s. of Jan H., b. Febr, i, 1739, m. Dec. 24, 1763, Rachel Fo« 
Waeene». He was Son of Solomon H., b. 1680, and Sarah Van Wagenen), m. a dau. of Wm. 
McDonald. Of their children (as above), John E. H., m. Febr. 24, tjgi, Elisabeth Post). 

Page 66.— JENKENS, LAMBERT, of the Paltz Township. 

Will dated nth day of the 7th month 1799. 

"To my beloved Wife (not named) a comfortable liveing out of my 
estate, whilst she remains my Widow & She to live with either of my 
Children that she shall choose & my sons shall all of them be equally at 
the expense of supporting her & if she should Marry she shall be de- 
prived of the above priveleges & receive £50 or $125 in lieu of her Dow€r 
& All my sons shall pay share Si share alike of said sum after my young- 
est Child shall be of age." 

"My Estate shall remain undivided until my youngest Child shall 
be of Age & to be worked in company by my Family they enjoying the 
profits, equally amongst them except Building places for my Sons, "if they 
should Marry before the time appointed for said division" arbitrators 
and Executors to divide the property. 

The whole estate to be divided among the "five sons : John, James, 
William, Albert & Crines Jenkins." 

"To my Six Daughters" "at the time of Marriage (each) two Cows 
per piece, with one Feather Bed & furniture per piece, with other neces- 
sary furniture for housekeeping" "and $250 per piece or iioo" "after my 
Youngest Child shall become of Age to be paid by my five sons. My 
daughters Names are, Margaret, Brijet, Catharine, Mary, Hannah & 

"My Aged Father shall be comfortably & respectfully supported out 
of my estate — ^my five sons shall bear their equal expense thereof." 

Survivors to divide share of deceased child "before they are Mar- 
ried or have lawful issue." 

John Levever my near Neighbour & Samuel Baldwin" appointed 
executors. Signed by the testator. 

James^°ro?head <S^Pt- !7' 1.^7, James Brt^head appeared 
Oliver Brodhead ^^^""'^ *« Court.-Entered Sept. 15, 1807.) 

(.Crines Jenkins m. Rachel Hardenbergh, dau. of Jacob H., and James Jenkins, m. Rachel 
Le Fevre, dau. of Johannes Le F.y 

i68 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 69.— DONALDSON, ABRAHAM, of New Paltz. 

Will dated May i6, 1805. 

"Unto my beloved wife Catharine a suitable sufficient and comfort- 
able support from the farm I now live on and all the lands and premises" 
"during her life to be given her by my two sons John and Samuel" "if not 
supported" I give her full power and authority to ask" "1/3 of what my 
whole lands here or elsewhere may rent for or else to hold and 
take into her possession and for her own use 1/3 of my lands and prem- 
ises for and during her natural life" also "my Negro Girl Phillis together 
with one cow five Sheep and the best bed with sufficient bedding and 
the curtains appertaining thereto and likewise so much household furni- 
ture as may enable her to keep house by herself if not supported by my 
said sons." 

To sons equal shares of the lands they now live on, William on the 
south side and James on the north side of said lands. To son Abraham 
the house and lot of land he now lives on for his natural life at the 
end of which it shall return to my sons John and Samuel. 

"Unto the children of my daughter Magdalane i/s part of my lott of 
land" "in New Paltz generally called the Juoner lott" "when they shall 
come to age." 

"Unto the child of my daughter Catharine 1/5 part" should the child 
die, then Catharine is to dispose of this share "as she may think proper." 

"Unto my other three daughters Margaret Rachel and Esther 1/5 
each of said lott." "I have given" "unto my wife" "my negro Girl 
Phillis in lieu of her dower claim to said lott of land" "and ttierefore 
she is hereby excluded and cut of from in her dower right from said lott." 

"Unto my son Abraham all my right" "to two certain lotts of land 
which are now possessed by Titus and William Ketcham." To sons John 
and Samuel personal property, they to pay all debts. 

Jacob Coddington, John Donaldson my son and Samuel Donaldson 
my son appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(May 5, 1808, Rev. Thomas G. Smith of Kingston 
and Joseph Hood of same place, yeoman, appeared 
Thomas G. Smith before the Court, William A. Thompson, first 
John Furman Judge, Abraham Bevier, Jonathan Hasbrouck, 

Joseph Hood Johannis Bruyn, Judges, and John Van Steen- 

bergh, Ass't Justice, proving the will, and signa- 
ture of John Furman now also deceased.) 

Page 73.— NEWKERK, COENRADT, of Hurley. 

Will dated April 26, 1796. 
"Unto my nine children to wit, John, Charles, Coenradt, Andries, 
Margaret, Mary, Gerritie, Anne, and Blandina all my lands which I own 
in the Great Patent lying in lot Number 3 which was by the last will of 
Charles Brodhead deceased devised unto my well beloved wife." 

Common Pleas Will Book. 169 

"Unto my four sons" "all my Horses and farmers utensils." — Resi- 
due of my personal Estate to the nine children. — Executors ordered and 
authorized to sell in fee simple "all my lands and Tenements lying in 
Hurley and Kingston" the money to be divided among the eight children : 
John Oiarles Andries Margaret Mary Gerretie Anne and Blandina "here 
I leve out my son Coenradt because of the expense I have had in 
Educating him" "executors" "to keep into their hands" daughter Mary's 
share, which they shall pay to her with interest" at such time as they shall 
judge necessary at their discretion." 

No sale or division to be made "till after the decease of my well be- 
loved wife, if she shall so long remain my Widow," she to remain in 
full possession thereof until then. After her death, son Andries and 
daughters Margaret and Anne to possess "the whole of my real Estate" 
"in Hurley and Kingston" "together with all the Moveables" "for three 
years" after decease of wife and no longer, the income thereof to be 
divided among them, Andries J4, and the two daughters j4. — The prop- 
erty after these three years to be sold and properly divided. — If the chil- 
dren should die before they arrive to full age, or without lawful issue, 
survivors to divide the share. 

Wife and sons John, Coenradt and Andries appointed executors. 
Signed by the testator. 

(April 4, 1806, Gerret B. Newkerk of Hurley 
appeared before Daniel Brodhead, Junior, Sur- 
rogate, proving the will, and signatures of 
Benjamin Nukerk Before the Court, Abraham Bevier & 

Matthew Ten Eyck Jonathan Hasbrouck Judges, John Van 

Steenbergh and Jacob M. Groen, Asst Jus- 
Gerrit B. Newkerk tices, appeared Matthew Ten Eyck of Hurley, 

farmer, proving the will, and signature of 
Benjamin Newkerk and Garret B. Newkerk 
"since deceased." 

Entered Jan. 4, 1809.) 

(.Arie Gerrit Tmn Newkirk (s. of Gerrit CorneUszen and Cheiltje Cornelis, q. v.), b. in 
Midwond, Flatbush. L. I., m. Lysbeth Lambertsen.davL. of Lambert Hujibertsen, and had: Coen- 
rod, bt. May 14, 1722, m.. May 13, 1749^ Anne De Witt, sister of Charles De Wittj q. v., and 
had: i. Johannes, bt. Nov. 3, 1751, ii. Charles, bt. Apr. 22, i7S3. iii- Gerritje, bt. March 5, 1758, 
iv. Anne, bt. Nov. 22, 1759, v. Jannetje, bt. June 20, 1762, vi. Blandina, bt. May 20, 1764, 
vii. Coenrad, bt. Jan s, 1766, as well as Andries and Margaret). 

Page 78.— HAUSBROUCK, JOSAPHAT, of New Paltz. 

Will dated April 28, 181 1. 

"Unto my daughter Wyntye Wife of Jonas Freer £200." — "Unto my 
daughter Rachel Wife of William Hausbrouck £200," both legacies to be 
paid within 18 months of my decease. 

"Unto my well beloved Wife Cornelia all my lands and Tenements 
as long as she remains my Widow." After her death "unto my Sons 

170 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Daniel I. Hausbrouck, Simon Hausbrouck, Zackariah Hausbrouck & 
Andries Hmsbrouck." "To my son Andries my Sorrel Horse." 

"Unto my three youngest Sons all my horned Cattle and Crop of 
Grain on the ground" "my Sons Daniel I. Hausbrouck, Simon Haus- 
brouck, Zachariah Hausbrouck & Andries Hausbrouck to maintain my 
Daughter Catherine and to provide for her all things that she may stand 
in need of during her natural life" "my son Daniel I. Hausbrouck to 
pay to my beloved Wife Cornelia the sum of £50 within one year after 
my decease." 

Remainder of "my personal estate goods and chattels of what kind 
and nature soever" "unto all my children equally" "after the decease of 
my Wife." 

Johannis and John C. Brodhead appointed sole executors. Signed 
by the testator. 

(Dec. 14, 1814, Caleb Church of New Paltz Yeo- 
JoHN Roe man, appeared before the Court, William Bradley and 

Caleb Church William Soper, Judges, and John Beekman, Ass't 
Hezekiah Smith Justice, proving the will, and signatures of wit- 
nesses.) — Entered Apr. i, 181 5. 

(Josaphal Hasbrouck, b. Apr. 29, 1739, (s. of Daniel H., b. June 23, 1692, m. Apr. 2, lyn, 
Wyntje Deyo, dau. of Abraham) (s. of Abr. Hasbrouck), m. Cornelia Du Bois, dau. of Simon, and 
had: Andrtes, m. Elisabeth Hasbrouck, Wyntj'e, m. Jonas Freer, Rachel, m. Win. Hasbrouck). 

Page 80.— HASBROUCK, JACOB J., of Marbletown. 

Will dated June 21, 1818. 

"Unto my beloved wife Sarah Hasbrouck two beds, curtains, bolsters, 
pillows, sheets, blankets, coverlids, bedsteads, pillow cases (as many as 
she may chuse) a large cubbord, chest and trunk, two rooms in my 
dwellinghouse, as much household furniture as she may chuse, all the 
specie I may have at the time of my death." 

"To my eldest son Isaac one silver hilted sword, also the bed with 
the bedding thereunto belonging and the bedstead he now make use of." 

"To my son Jacobus" "a mortgage I have on the house, mill and lot 
of the Greenkills Also $750" "out of my personal property." 

"To my son Jacob J: Hasbrouck" $2500" "out of my bonds and 

"To sons Josiah and Lewis" "all that part of my real estate which 
was formerly conveyed to my father Isaac Hasbrouck Junr. deceased by 
Daniel Brodhead Gerrit Brodhead and others" "at Marbletown." they to 
pay to "my son Isaac yearly £100." — To Josiah also "one lot of wood 
land containing 30 acres" "at the Peak." To son Lewis "one lot of wood 
land" which I purchased of Frederick Merkle containing 25 acres." 

"To my daughter Margaret" "a lot of land "in Hurly at the Green- 
kills with the fulling mill" "also three other small lots of land with a 
dwelling house thereon conveyed by John Blanshan to my son Abraham." 

Common Pleas Will Book. 171 

Remainder "to my sons Wilhelmus, Jacobus, Cornelius, Jacob 
Josiah, Lewis and Abraham, and daughters Margaret and Polly." 

Sons Josiah and Lewis appointed executors. 

Jacobus J. Hasbrouck (his mark). 

(Aug. 14, 1818, Josiah Hasbrouck, Lewis 
Hasbrouck, by Sudanis & Ostrander, their 
attorneys, inform the heirs of their intention 
to apply for probate, in accordance with the 
Act of March 5, 1813. Addressed to Isaac 
Peter Tappen Hasbrouck, Jacobus Hasbrouck, Jacob J. 

Chas. Cantine Hasbrouck, Mrs. Margaret Peters, Wil- 

T _ TT helmus Hasbrouck, Cornelius Hasbrouck, 

ISAAC S. Hasbrouck PoUy Hasbrouck and Abraham J. Has- 


On Sept. 15, 1818, all the witnesses ap- 
peared before the Court, proving the will. — 
Recorded same day. Chas. Tappen, Jun. 

Son of Isaac Hasbrouck (see letter of adm. after I. H.) 

Page 87.— LOCKWOOD, HENRY, of Plattekill. 

Will dated April 17, 1818. 

"To my daughter Sally wife of John Dunn" £200. "To my grand- 
daughter Pheby Dunn when she comes of age" £25. "To my son Henry 
Lockwood Junr." £150. "To my son Jeremiah Lockwood" £40. "To 
my grandchildren Josiah Lockwood Gilbert Lockwood Samuel Lockwood 
and Robert Lockwood £44 each." To Patience wife of James Warring" 
£25. "To my grandchildren Uriah Lockwood Henry Lockwood Samuel 
Lockwood Dot/id Lockwood, Cornelius Lockwood and Sally Relyea and 
Abby Sellick children of David Lockwood £25 each." "To my grand- 
children Jeremiah Dunn John Dunn and David Dunn Ann Godkins £10 
each, and to Mary Philips £30 and Henry Decker and Sally Decker £10 
each children of my daughter Amey Decker." "To my grandchildren 
David Brown Henry Brown Benjamin Brown Hannah Brown £20.8 each 
and to Anna Marven £28 and Mary Brown £20.8 also my bed and bed- 
ding, children of my daughter Rachel — and to my son in law Isaac 
Brown" "all my wearing apparel." "To my grandson Josiah Lockwood 
£50, son of Henry Lockwood Junr. 

"Remainder of my estate" "be apportioned according to all the differ- 
ent legacies except Sally Dunn wife of John Dunn and to her no more 
than £200." 

172 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"My trusty friends John C. Brodhead, Cornelius Ostrander and John 
Shuart" appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

Henry Phillips 
WiLHELMUS Ostrander 
John Mackey 4 

(John Shuart made oath that he had served on John Dunn and Sally, his wife, daughter 
of Henry Lockwood, deceased, and on Phebe Dunn, child of the said Sally, and on Gilbert 
Lockwood, Robert Lockwood and James Waring and Patience, his wife, said Gilbert, Robert 
and Patience being ^andchildren of said Henry Lockwood and children of Cornelius Lockwood 
deceased, and on Uriah Lockwood, Henry, Samuel, David^ Cornelius Lockwood Lucas Relyea & 
Sally his wife and David Selleck .ind Abby, his wife, said Uriah, Henry, Samuel, David, Cor- 
nelius, Sally, and Abby being children of David Lockwood deceased and grandchildren of said 
Henry Lockwood deceased ?nd on David Dunn Cornelius Phillips and Mary, his wife and Henry 
Decker & Sally Decker, said David, Mary, Henry & Sally being children of Amy Decker 
deceased and grandchildren of said Henry Lockwood, and on David Brown, Henry Brown, 
Benjamin Brown, Hannah Brown and Mary Brown, children of Rachel Brown, and grandchildren 
of said Henry Lockwood copies of the annexed notice (to apply for probate) also copies of the 
annexed copy of the will" **the deponent being unable to find Samuel Lockwood, son of 
Cornelius Lockwood" "and been informed he is out of the State of New York, and also unable 
to find Josiah Dunn grandchild of Henry Lockwood, he also being cut of the State" "deponent 
on June i8th fixed on the outside door of the house being the last place of abode of the said 
Henry Lockwood copies of annexed notice and will for these last mentioned Samuel Lockwood 
and Josiah Dunn." 

On July I, 1810, Cornelius Ostrander made oath that he was well acquainted with the 
deceased Henry Lockwood, that he has seven children (already named), that Sally, Henry and 
Jeremiah are still living, and that Cornelius, David, Anny and Rachel died before their father, 
that Cornelius had five children (already named), that David had seven children (already 
named), that Anny Decker had eight children: Jeremiah Dunn, Josiah Dunn, John Dunn, 
David Dunn, Anne, wife of Frederick Godkins, Mary Phillips, Henry Decker & Sally Decker. 
That Rachel wife of Isaac Brown had six children (already named, Anna being the wife of 
Augustus Marvin). 

Jonathan Wood makes oath that he served Augustus & Anna Marvin with a copy of these 

Henry Phillips & John Mackey 4 make oath to having seen Henry Lockwood sign the 
will, and that Henry Lockwood was at the time "about 76 years old." 

Will recorded by Chas. Tappen, Junr., Clerk.) * 

Page 96.— FOWLER, STEPHEN, of Plattekill. 

Will dated Sept. 17, 1807. 

"Unto my son Reuben exclusive of what he has already received 
from me six acres of land joining his southerly bounds to run Parallal 
with his south line to the road then along the same northerly to his land." 

"Unto my son Stephen besides what he has had from me $125 witliin 
one year." "To my daughter Polly the wife of George Rank besides what 
she has already had and received from me in my lifetime $50 within nine 
months." — "Unto my loving wife Caty two milch Cows the choice of my 
COWS and ten sheep the choice of my stock." 

"Unto my two youngest sons : Levi and David the residue" "of my 
property both real and personal." "If either of them should happen to 
die before the age of 21 and without lawful issue, survivor to divide the 
share of deceased. If both should die (as above) the property to go to 
my three children : Reuben, Stephen and Polly." 

Wife Caty to remain in full possession of all the property willed to the 
youngest sons until they are of age. 

Common Pleas Will Book. 173 

Sons Levi and David also my good friend Levi Ostrander and wife 
Caty appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

Thomas Freer 
Elias York 


(Elias York makes oath that he well knew Stephen Fowler, and saw him and the wit- 
nesses sien It, and that Stephen Fowler was then above 21 years of age, to wit in advanced 
years, and that Thomas Freer & Josiah Hasbrouck have since departed this life. — April term of 
Court, i8z2._ Jacob Snyder. Clerk of Ulster County. 

Frattcit Lynch, by John Cole, his attorney, on March 27, 1822, issues notice that he 
intends to apply for probate. 

Levi Ostrander deposeth that he was well acquainted with the deceased, that he had 
five children (already named), and that Stephen Fowler has since died without children and 
without making a will. — George W. Lynch deposeth that his mother Frances Lynch has become 
the purchaser and owner of the 1/2 of a farm in Plattkill, of about 160 acres, devised by Stephen 
Fowler to his son, Levi, and that said Frances is interested in said will for the purpose of 
securing her title to said property. — March 28, 1822. 

Will recorded, April term, 1822.) 

Page 101.— TEN BROECK, WESSEL, of Kingston. 

Will dated Sept. 27, 1820. 
"To my nephew IVessel Ten Broeck the son of my deceased brother 
Cornelius all the personal property I may leave." Also "all that part of 
the farm now occupied by me together with the homestead thereon in- 
cluded within the following bounds viz. Beginning on the bounds of 
Jacobus Van Gasbeck at the swing Gate on the road leading from his 
house to Kingston thence running along said road as my fence stands 
southwardly to the bounds of the lands now in possession of John and 
Henry Ten Broeck thence along the fence the bounds of said land west- 
wardly to the Vly or meadow to the big ditch and all along through the 
said ditch to the Binnekill at the new bridge then with a straight line to 
the large Elm tree on the opposite bank of the Brunnekill thence along 
the fence on the bank of said Binnekill untill a line drawn at right angles 
with the division fence between the lot of Jacob Marieus Groen and the 
lot known by the name of the Great Piece thence along such line to the 
fence on the bank of the long wye Kill thence long said fence and bank 
westwardly to the Esopus Creek then down all along said Creek to the 
bounds of Jacobus Van Gaasbeck and thence along his said bounds to the 
place of beginning." — "Also all that certain strip or parcel of land on the 
westwardly side of the Esopus Creek and opposite to the above devised 
land and the long wye commonly called the Plaa (Excepting thereout 
four acres to be located as follows) Beginning at the corner of Thomas 
Van Gaasbeck's land thence along his bounds and the bounds of Peter 
Marieus Groen to the East side of a small pond and thence with a 
southerly line to the said creek so as to contain four acres."- — "Also all 
that certain piece or parcel of land lying on the Northerly side of said 
Creek being a part of what is called the Rundale Beginning at the South 
End thereof at a ditch formerly dug thence with a straight line to the 
division fence between me and Jacobus Van Gaasbeck and to include all 
the land lying south of said line as far as the creek." — "Also all those 

174 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

certain lots designated in the division of the Commons of Kingston as Lots 
Number 74 in the first class containing 39 acres and 6/10 and lot number 
56 "in the Bennewater class containing 32 acres and also my 10 acres lot 
in the west Compensation class." 

Residue of my real estate unto my four Nephews, John, Henry, Cor- 
nelius and Wessel Ten Broeck the children of my deceased brother Abra- 

"My nephew Wessel the son of my brother Cornelius" "shall pay all 
my just debts and that he shall support and maintain my nephew John 
Delamater during his life that he in like manner support and maintain 
my niece Christia Delamater or pay her annually $25 during her life at 
her option and that within one month after my decease he conveyt to my 
said nephews John, Henry, Cornelius and Wessel" "the house and land 
he inherited from his father Cornelius and which is now in possession or 
my nephew Cornelius Ten Broeck." — "In default" "all my Estate Real 
and Personal be equally divided among my said nephews (already 

Wessel Ten Broeck, son of Cornelius, nephew John Ten Broeck, 
"and my friend Thomas Van Gaasbeck" appointed executors. Signed 
by the testator. 

(Entered Sept. 7, 1824. 

John Van Gaasbeck of Kingston, farmer, 

T^TTivr AT-Axr r4A<:BE.rtr ^^^^ ^ ^^^^"^ ^"^ upwards, David Delama- 

JoHN Van Gaasbeck ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ pj^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^ ^^^ ^^ 

David Delamater wards, and Peter Van Gaasbeck of same 

Peter Van Gaasbeck place tailor, aged 56 years and upward, ap- 

pear before the Court, Sept. 0, 1824, proving 
the will of Wessel Ten Broeck "of the age 
of 80 years or thereabout.") 

(IVessel Ten Broeck, b. Nov. 15, bt. Nov. ip, 1738, d. unm., son of Wessel Ten Broeck and 
Blandina Gaasbeck Chambers (see his will). 

Page 105.— CRAWFORD, HENRY, of Marlborough. 

Will dated March 27, 1816. 

"Unto my loving wife Abagail iiooo the use whereof she shall have 
while she remains my widow or does not marry any other man during her 
life she shall then have the entire Priveledge of desposing of the f 1000 
among her Connextion as she sect fit but if she Chuses or does Marry 
an other man then the £1000 shall be devided among her own Akin and 
among those whom my Executors may Judge will stand in the most 
real want of it of her akin" "and executors to see that it is not squandered 
but put to the best use. "Also the entire use of all my Property both 
personal and real as long as she remains my widow except $2000 (as 
bequeathed) . 

CoMMOK Pleas Will Book. 175 

"Unto my nephew Absalum Crawford son of Absalum Crawford 
and Phebe Crawford $1000" "at age of 21 years and the interest of the 
same" "for bringing him up." — "Unto Selah Tuthill Martin $1000" "at 
age of 21" "and the interest" "for bringing him up he is a son of James 
Martin and Phebe Martin." 

"To my Nephew Henry Crawford son of Charles Crawford and 
Lowis Crawford $500." — "To my nephew Henry Crawford son of Daniel 
Crawford and Nelly Crawford $300" "and my $200 in the Farmers 
turnpike stock." — "To my nephew Henry Crawford son of David Craw- 
ford and Jane Crawford $500." "To my brother John Crawford $200" 
"six months after my decease." — "To Henry C. Griggs son of Verdinant 
Griggs and Elizabeth Griggs $500." — "To Henry Fosdick son of Samuel 
Fosdick and Elisabeth Fosdick $250. 

"The above beginning (last paragraph) shall not be paid out to them 
except my brother John's untill my wife should marry or decease. Then 
those who are 2i years of age may have theirs, and the other when they 
are 21 years of age. Brothers and sisters of deceased to divide his share. 
"If Selah Tuthill Martin should decease before he comes into the posses- 
sion of his then if his Mother be living" "the executors" "if they think 
best take charge of the same and for the relief of the Mother." 

Residue of estate to be equally divided among "the heirs of all my 

"I give my two blacks Tom and his wife Yanna free at my decease 
if they should Choose it if not to remain with my wife." "My two blacks 
if my place or farm should be sold shall be free and may and I do give and 
beijueath them and James York blackman against whose property I have 
a Mortgage of $3000 the use of which I give the three blacks" "during 
their lives and shall not be disturbed by the mortgage during their lives 
and after their decease my Executors to foreclose the mortgage," and 
divide it among the nephews. 

Wife "and my trusty and well beloved friends Verdinent Griggs and 
Nathaniel Chittenden" appointed executors. 

Henry Crawford (his mark). 

(Nathaniel Chittenden made oath before 

the Court, Sept. 6, 1824, that he wrote 

the last will and Testament, of Henry 

_ Crawford deceased, that he saw him sign 

Nathaniel Chittenden ^^e will, that the other witnesses sigiied 

William Banks their names, and that Benjamin Gee died 

„ ^ „ some time within the year Past. 

Benjamin Gee William Banks affirmed, at the same 

time the signature of testator and wit- 
Entered at the Sept. term, 1824. 

176 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 109.— KETCH, DAVID, of New Paltz. 

Will dated July 29, 1820. 

"To my beloved wife Phoebe One Cow two beds and beding six 
Chairs knives & forks and all the other necessary furniture to keep house 
with for the accommodation of herself and Children" "in Hew of her 
right of Dower." 

"To my sons William, Benjamin, Daniel, Peter, Henry & Stephen" 
the residue subject to payments of Legacies, "equally between them Except 
William & Benjamin to one hundred each more than the rest to my Grand 
sons Benjamin and Alexander sons of my son William I will $25 to each." 
— "To my son John I will $50, to my son David $25, to my daughters Aney, 
Phibe, Ruth, Abey, Maria, & Deby $20 each and to my youngest son 
Stephen in addition to what is willed above my gun and with regard to 
my right in 15 acres of Land at the South Brook Crom Elbow now in pos- 
session of John Howell and I belive William Roose and John Roose or 
one of them" "to my children sons and daughters equally" "when of age, 
my sons at 21 and my daughters at 18 years. 

My son William and my trusty friends Barnabas Beuton and Wells 
Lake appointed executors. 

Devd Keech. 

Mary Rosa (Record entered Sept. term, 1824. Witnesses 

Wm Gidney appeared, Sept. 6, 1824 before the Court, prov- 
Wm Soper ing the will). 

Page 110.— FELTEN, PHILIP, of Kingston. 

Will dated July 9, "in the year of our Lord Christ" (no year 
mentioned) . 

"To my son Philip my dwelling house & farm at the Plattekill Con- 
taining about 30 acres as he now occupies the same." Also "all my 
household furnature blacksmiths tools and all my stock of Cattle." 

"To my son Lawrence Lot number 38 in the second class in the divi- 
sion of the late Commons of Kingston as he now occupies" "which said 
lot I make chargeable with the payment of $5 to each of my children 
Johannis, Catherine and Elizabeth." 

"To my son Johannis and daughters Catharine and Elizabeth Lot 
number 59 (same location). 

Common Pleas Will Book. 177 

Residue to son Johannis and daughters (mentioned). 
Sons Philip, Lawrence and Johannis appointed executors. 

Philip Felten (his mark P F.) 

(Witnesses, all of full age, deposeth be- 

WiLLiAM J. Styles ^°'^ *^ S°"'*'. r]"-^* *^ ^^T ^^'^'? ^^'' 
, , „ ten the older of Kmgston, deceased, sign 

JAMES J. bTYLES ^is name, and that he was of full age 

Geo. Tappen that is above the age of 21. 

Sept. 5, 1825). 

Philip Felten, through H. & C. Tappen, Counsel, issued notice of intention to apply for 
probate, Aug. 4, 1825, addressed to Lawrence Felten, Johannes Felten, Mathew Carle and Elisa- 
beth his wife, Beekman Thompson and Elizabeth, his wife, Lawrence Whittaker, Tjerck Whittaker, 
Cats Whittaker, Sawney Whittaker, Zaiarias Whittaker, Peter S. Whittaker, Benjamin Whittaker, 
George Whittaker. 

Philip Felten deposeth that his father died about three years ago, leaving his heirs three 
sons, now living, deponent, Johannes and Lawrence, and two daughters, living, to wit, Helena 
the wife of John A. Louw & Elizabeth the wife of Mathew Carle and the following grandchildren 
being the issue of his daughter Catherine deceased to wit Maria the wife of Samuel Van Aken, 
Elisabeth the wife of Beekman Thompson also Tjerck & Lawrence & Caty & Sauney & Philip 
and also the following great grandchildren being the issue of Philip Whittaker the son of 
the said Benjamin Whittaker and Catherine his wife to wit Lazuras & Peters & George & 

The deponent further says that notices have been sent to the above heirs "John A. Louw 
& Helena his wife" "living" "in the State of Ohio" "Lawrence Whittaker being absent from 
home" "Sanney Whittaker a young lad under age" "his sister Elizabeth with whom he lives & 
who acts as his mother, Sanney being an orphan" "and absent from home." "Benjamin Whit- 
taker & his wife Catharine are both dead" "and Philip Whittaker the son of said Benjamin & 
Catharine is also dead." 

Will recorded "by order of the Court" Sept. term, 1825. 

(Maxdmilian) Velde (Velten), b. in Germany, m., Aug. 12, 1732, Margaret Hendrix, aiid 
Philip iVelten, Felten), bt. Sept. 11, 1743, m. Margrit Kohl iCool), who had: i. Johannes, bt. 
Oct. 22, 1769, m., Febr. 11, 1790, Annatje Brink; ii. Catharina, bt. Jan. 15, 1772, m. Benjamin 
Whittaker; iii. Elisabeth, bt. Aug. 27, 1776, m. Mathew Carle; iv. Jacob, bt. Dec. 26-28, 1779; 
V. Laurens, bt. Aug. 11, 1782; vL Lena, bt. Febr. 28, 1785, m. John A. Louw; vii. Mareitje, bt. 
Jan. 10, 17S8; viii. Philip, Jr., m. Maria Meijer). 

Page 114.— DUBOIS, JOSHUA, of Kingsten. 

Will dated Dec. 30, 1818. 

"To my son Joshua my fowling piece as his birthright, Also two lots 
of land situate in Kingston" "the one at Waghkonk adjoining Jacobus G. 
Van. Etten's land and containing 39 acres the other across the Saghkill 
& containing about 45 acres. Also a Lot of land at Johannis Jansen's Wey 
as the same is now in fence and possession of my said son Joshua 
Subject to the right of ditching across said last mentioned lot for the 
use and benefit of the owner of my adjoining hayland." 

178 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"To my three children Joshua, Charles and Ann as tenants in Com- 
mon All my land at Chaumant Bay on Lake Ontario containing about 150 

"All the rest and residue of my real estate" "to my son Charles." — 
"To my daughter Ann: $1200" "one year after my decease by my son 

"All my Tanners Tools and every of the appurtenances to the 
Tannery to my said son Charles." — "To my daughter Ann" "her bed and 
bedding with the appurtenances and all her personal estate now in her 
use and possession." 

Residue to the children ("first allowing to my wife her bed bedding 
and Clothing)." 

"I charge the devises herein before granted to my son Charles and 
my daughter Ann with the decent and Comfortable support of my be- 
loved wife, Margaret, during her natural life." 

Sons Joshua and Charles appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

(Witnesses appear before the Court, Sept. 5, 
1825, proving the will of Joshua Dubois the 
Tobias Hasbrouck older. 

Corns. Van Beuren Ch. Dubois, on Aug. 10, 1825, issued a 

Ch. Tappen Junr. notice of intention to apply for probate, ad- 

dressed to Joshua Dubois & Joseph Castle & 
Ann his wife (this deponent's sister). 

(.Joshua Dubois, bt. Oct. 21, 1736 in Shawangunk (s. of Cornelius D» Bois, Sr. (q. v.), and 
Anna Margaret Hooghteling), m. i., Apr. 15, 1769, Catharina Schepmoes, m. 2., Apr. 20, 1783, 
Margrit Masten. Issue by ist wife: i. Josua, bt. March 6, 1770, by 2d wife: ii. Annatje, bt. 
March 14, 1784, m. Joseph Castle, iii. Charles, bt. Aug. 21, 1785.) 

Page 120.— VAN OSTRANT, JOHN, of Hurley. 

Will dated 17th of ist month, 1822. 

"My beloved wife Anna Van Ostrant" "all my property" "during her 
natural life or as long as she shall remain my widow." "After her de- 
cease or marriage: 

"To my three sons Lems Van Ostrant, Frederick Van Ostrant and 
Elias Van Ostrant all my real estate viz those my two farms they are lying 
in the town of Hurley the other in the town of New Paltz with the mes- 
suages and tenements" "except the saw mill," which is to "remain a 
Joint stock between my three sons." 

Common Pleas Will Book. 179 

"To my three daughters Elizabeth Latting, Hcmnah Tilson and 
Dinah Van Ostrcmt $150 each" "out of the real estate and also the 
Houshold furniture." "If Dinah should remain single untill after my 
decease" she is to have "an Outset equal to either of her sisters that are 
married over and above what is herein mentioned." 

"Remainder of my property" "to my three sons." 

Legacies to be paid within five years. 

"My beloved friend Daniel Geron" wife and son Lewis appointed ex- 

John van Vorstrand (his mark). 

(Will recorded "by order of the Court" June 14, 
1827. Jacob Snyder, Clerk. 

The sons issued notice, Febr. 5, 1827, to apply 
to Jonathan D. Ostrander, Surrogate, for probate, 
addressed to John Latting & Elizabeth, his wife, 
Paul Tilson & Hannah, his wife, and Cornelius 

Peter J. Cuntant ' Delamater & Dinah, his wife, and to the widow 

p ~ Ann Van Norstrand. 

Albert Lester deposeth that he served a copy 

Peter Cuntant of this notice on John Latting and Elizabeth, his 

wife, of the County of Ontario, April 26th. 

Peter J. Contant of Plattekill, Paul Tilson of 
Hurley, and Peter Coutant of Plattekill affirmed 
that the will, dated 17th of ist month according to 
the Computation of the People called Quakers and 
in fact Jan. 17th, was signed by the testator. 

Page 127.— PERSEN, CORNELIUS, of Saugerties. 

Will dated June 27, 1814. 

"To my beloved wife Elizabeth In lue of her Dowright" "$600" "and 
also the whole income or rent of my Farm at Braubant which is at Pres- 
ent in the Possession of Henry Myer with as many of my wood Lots 
lying in the town of Kingston as she shall detarm to keep and also as 
much Household furneture Beds & Bedding thereunto Belonging as she 
thinks proper to keep house with and also as much House Room and Stable 
Room as she may want and if my Daughter Margret should survive her 
mother then the above mentioned property shall remain in the hands of 
my executors" "for the mantainance of my daughter Margrit during her 

Residue to "my Four children named Catrina the widow of Isaac 
Post, Mary the wife of Henry Myer Elizabeth the wife of Cornelius Van 
Beuren, Annatie the wife of Andrew Brink." 

i8o Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"My beloved wife Elizabeth," the daughters and their husbands ap- 
pointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 


Matthew Dubois 

Wife to have $800 out of my personal 

Estate which sum I give to her exclusive 

Samuel Post of what is given to her in my last will and 

Jeremiah Snyder Tunr. Testament to dispose of as she think proper. 

Feb. 14, 1818. Cornelius Persen. 

John E. Van Auken 
Peter Schoon maker 


{John Vant Buren of Kingston, Counseller at Law, "deposeth that he 
is one of the grand children of Cornelius Persen, deceased, and well ac- 
quainted with the family. That Maria, wife of Henry Myer of Kingston, 
Elizabeth, wife of Cornelius Van Beuren of Kingston, Ann, wife of 
Andrew Brink of Saugerties, Catharine Post, widow of Isaac Post of 
Saugerties, and Margaret Persen of Saugerties are the children, that 
Cornelius Persen had no other children at the time of his decease or at any 
time since." That he departed this life in the month of Febr. 1827, and 
that Elizabeth Persen (the wife) died previous to her husband. — Dec. 26, 
1828. /. M. Newkerk, Commissioner. 

Henry Myer and Maria, his wife, through their attorneys, Romeyn & 
Van Buren, apply for probate, Nov. 27th. 

Henry Van Buren makes oath to having served papers upon Andrew 

Witnesses to the will and codicil make oath to the signature of the 
testator. Jan. Term, 1829. 
Probated Jan. 13th, 1829. 

{Cornelis Paarsen (Perse, Persen'), bt. Oct. .26, 1712 (s. of Maithys Peers, q. v.), m. i., 
Aug. 31, 1734, Catrina Dyrk (Turk), m. 2., Oct. 4, 1748, Alida Van Slyk. Issue with ist wife: 
i. Maria, bt. July 20, 1735; ii. Cornells, bt. Febr. 19, 1744; by zd wife: iii. Theunis, bt. July 
X, 1749. 

Cornelis (above), m. Elisabeth Masten, and had: i. Catharine, bt. Aug. jg, 1771, m. Isaac 
Post; ii. Cornelis, bt. Dec. i, 1776; — Elisabeth, m. Cornelis Van Buren; — Annatie, m., July 26, 
1806, Andrew Brink; — Margaret). 

End of wills recorded in said book. 

Absrtacts of Original Wills, and Inventories, Not Recorded, 

Filed in the Estate Boxes, Surrogate's Office, 

Kingston, N. Y. 

Box 3.— BURHANS, ABRAHAM, of "the Flattbush in Kingston." 

Original will, dated October 3, 1763. 

"Unto my son Petnis Burhans one derde of Land, Whare his Dwell- 
ing House Now Stands or Next adioyning thereto in Such Manner as he 
Has Cleered the Same as for his Birth Right. In Lue and Sted of any 
thing he Might Claim as being my Heir at Law." 

"Unto my four Sons Named Petrus Samuell Isaac and Abraham all 
My Real Estate of House and Land Whereon I Now Dwell or Elsewhere 
Excepting one acre Herein before bequeathed" "to be Equally Devided 
amongst them" "providing that Said four Sons Shall pay My four Daugh- 
ters the Sum of £300" "In Manner following To My Daughter Helena the 
Wife of Johannes Van Steenbergen" £75. "Unto My Daughter Marritje" 
£75. "Unto My Daughter Sara" £75. "Unto my Daughter Jenneke £75, 
"as Soon as My Said Sons enter Into the possession of My Said Real 

"Unto my three Youngest Daughters Named Marritje Sara and 
Jenneke" "each of them and outsett Which shall be as Good and Equive- 
lant To What My Daughter Helena has had as Neer as May be." 

"Unto My Son Abraham" £25. — "Unto My Nephew Abraham Os- 
terhout son of Hendrecus Osterhout one Nue Sute of Hollowday Qoth. . . 
one Nue Shouting Gun and one Good Gild, .horse." — "AH my personell 
Estate Not Herein before Given" "unto my Eight Children Named Petrus' 
Helena Marritje Samuell Isaac Sara Jenneke and Abraham." "If any said 
Sons shall Happen to Dy Without LawfuU Issue then His Share Shall be 
Devided amongst the Surving Sons." (Similar provision regarding the 
daughters). — "Unto my Deer and Well beloved WiieAnnetje During Her 
Naturall Life all My Real and personall Estate With all the profitts thereof 
and full power to sell and Dispose of any part of My personell Estate for 
paying my Just Debts or Her Needsery Support." 

Wife, sons and "Brother In Law Thunez Osterhout and Trusty 
frind Benjamin Tenbrook" appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

James Witteker 
Philip Noland 
D : Wynkoop, Junr. 

i82 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

(Jacob Burhans, a soldier, on March 28, 1660, in the Netherlands service on the Esopus, 
schepen at Wiltwyck, 1666, had son Jan, who arrived, Apr. 16, 166^, in the "Spotted Cow," and 
who m. Helena Traphagen, dau. of William (q. v.). They had: i. Janneke, ta. Oct. 12, «697, 
Pieter Du Bois; ii. HUHtje, m. June 18, 1700, Edward Whitaker; iii. Jacob, bt. March 2, 1679, d. 
y.; iv. Barent, bt. Apr. 24, 1681, m. Margriet Jans Matthysen, dau. of Jan Matthysen (q, v.); v. 
Johannes, bt. Aug. 27, 16S2, m. Margriet Legg, dau. of William (q. v.). She m., 2d., Apr. 7, 
1726, Bareni Van Benthuysen, widower of Janneke Van Wagenen; vi. Elisabeth, bt. July 7, 1684, 
m., Jan Ploeg; vii. Willem, bt. March 7, i586, m. i., June 22, 1731, Crietjen Ten Eyck, dau. of 
Matthys; m. 2., Sept. 20, 1749, Catharine Kool, widow of Jacobus Van Etten; viii, Hendrick, bt. 
Nov. 6, 1687 (q. v.); ix. ABRAHAM, bt. Nov. 28, i6go; x. Isaac, bt. Jan. 28, 1692, m., July 
22, 1722, Neeltje Westphael, dau. of Symon W. and Neeltje Quackenboss. She m. 2., Oct. 25, 
J737. at Rhinebeck, Ary Roosa, widower of Johanna de Hoges; xi. Samuel, bt June 3, 1694, m. 
Dec. 16, 1720, Janneke Brink, dau. of Cornells Lammertse and Maritje Egberts, She m. 2., Oct. 
S, 1734, Walrand Dumond; xii. David, bt. Nov, 24, 1695, m., Nov. 12, 1731, Debora Van 
Bommel, dau. of Pieter Van B. and Debora Davids. 

ABRAHAM (above), m., June 21, 1729, Annetje Oosterhoudt (bt. Jan. 19, 1701) dau. of 
Pieter Jans O. and Heyltje Schut, and had: i. Petrus, m. May 4, 1754, Johanna Van Steenbergh, 
dau. of Benjamin v. S. and Rachel Suylandt; ii. Helena, m., Oct. 19, I7'52, Johannes Van Steen- 
bergen, s. of ^rt>5 v. S. and Baartjen Swart; iii. Morio, bt. July 15, 1733, d. unm. ; iv. Zamuel, 
bt March 16, 1735, m. Marytje Kip, da. of Jacob J. K. and Lea van Etten; v. Isaac, bt June 
5, 1737, m., Nov. 19, 1765, Susanna Poland, dau. of Philippus F. and Eva Switzler; vi. Zara, bt 
Apr. 8, 1739, m., Nov. 14, 1765, Benjamin van Steenbergen, s. of Arte v. S, and Baartjen Swart; 
vii. Janneken, bt. Apr. 19, 1741, m., Oct. 11, 1771, Jan Osterhoudt, s. of Lawrence O. and Helena 

Box 11.— DEPUY, JACOBUS, of Rochester, 

Original will, dated Dec. 15, 1778. 

"To my Brother Simon Depuy my Negro Jeck," "In trust" he "paying 
for the same unto my Mother" "one Bond Due to her. Bearing Date June 3, 
^777" — "Unto my Sister Sara Depuy the side saddle and Bridle."-^"Unto 
my Brother Sim.on Dupuy all my Real Estate" "so as the same is Devised 
unto me By the Last will and Testament of My father Jacobiis Depuy, 
Bearing Date Sept. 25, 1764," "In trust" he "to pay unto my Brothers & 
sister the sum of ^450" "that is to say to my Brother Moses" £150 "unto 
my Brother Jacob" £150 "and unto my sister Sara" £150 "in four Quarterly 
Payments after my said Brother Simon shall have Received the Possession 
of my said Real Estate." — If Moses, Jacob or Sara should die before they 
"Come to Lawful age and Leave No Lawfull Issue Behind them" then the 
survivors to divide the share of deceased. — "Unto my Brother Jacob one 
Seat in the Pew No. 16." — "My Uncle Cornelius Dupuy, Jacobus Van 
Wagenen, and Thomas Schoonmaker, Junr." appointed executors. Signed 
by the testator. 

John Depuy 
Annatje Depuy 
Moses Miller 

(Moses Depuy (s. of Nicholas'), m. i., Maria Wynhoop, b. Albany, 1660, dau. of Cornells 
W., m. 2., Oct 16, 1724, Peterneltje De Pree, widow of Martinus Van Aken, of Rochester, and 
had i. Mareitje, bt Apr. 24, 1681; ii. Nicolaes, bt. Dec. 3, 1682, m., March 22, 1707, IVeyntjen 
Roosa;. iii. Catherina, bt Apr. 6, 1684; iv. Magdalena, bt March 14, 1686; v. Cornelis, bt Jan. 
8, 1688, m.. May 6, 1713, Catrina Van Aken; vi. Catrina, bt May 25, 1690; vii. Moses, bt 
Sept 27, 1691, m., Febr. 14, 1716, Margrietje Schoonmaker, dau. of Jochem H.; viii. Benjamin, 
bt Oct 13, 169s, m. I., Sept 3, 1719, Elisabeth Schoonmaker, dau. Jochem H., m. 2., Dec. 13, 
i735i Eiche De Witt; ix. Susamna, bt. Jan. 9, 1698; x. Catharina, bt. Nov. 30, 1701, m.. May 
10, 1722, Benjamin Schoonmaker, s. of Jochem H.; xi. Jacobus, bt. Sept. jg, 1703, m., Aug. 26 
172s, Sara Schoonmaker, and had: a. Jacobus, bt Nov. 6, 1726; b. Maria, bt July 28 1728- 
c. Efraim, bt Febr. 8, 1730; d. Elisabeth, bt Oct 28, 1733; e. Catrina, bt Febr. 13, 1737, f. 
Zusanna, bfc Nov. 12, 1738; g. Daniel, bt June 8, 1746, — Simon, Moses and Sara). 


ebl </^/^. 


c. <^-'*/V4t^'^ ^ . 


"•^,,4^ Ocx-n^^ Vot^ 


s^^ ~^t>t^ i^ t 





Abstracts of Original Wills and Inventories. 183 

Box 14.— FREER, CATHARINA, Widow and Relict of Jonas Freer, 
Deceased, late of New Paltz. 

Original will, dated Sept. 22, 1781. 
"Unto my only and well beloved Daughter Maria the Wife of Gerrit 
Freer Junr." "All my Goods and Chattels of what kind or nature soever 
which I shall leave at the time of my Decease. And I do hereby make, 
nominate and appoint my trusty and well beloved friends Jacob Has- 
brouck Christoffel Deyo and Jacobus Hasbrouck Junr." my executors. 

Catharina Freer (her mark). 
Esther Bevier 
Elisabeth Hasbrouck 
Jos : Hasbrouck 

iJonas Freer, b. ab. 1701, d. 1775 (s. of Hugo F. and Maria Anne Le Roy, see Hugh F.), m. 
Catnna Stoker, b. in Germany, and had: i. Maria, bt. Sept. 21, 1729, m. Gerrit Freer, bt. Apr. 30, 
1727, s. of Hugo F. and Bregje Terpenning, s. of Hugo F. and Marm Ann Le Roy; ii. Martinus, 
bt New Paltz, May 20, 1733; iii. Johannes, bt. Oct. 26, 1735, m., March 29, 1760, Sara Bevier, 
dau. of Abraham; iv. Elias, b. ab. 1740, m. Martha Everitt, dau. of Robert B. and Esther, of 
New Marlborough; v. Jonas, bt. 1737, m. Magdalena Bevirs, dau. of Jacobus B. and Antje Freer; 
vi. Simon, bt. Aug. 9, 1741, m.. May 12, 1770, Annatje Blanchan, dau. of Matthews B. of Hurley; 
vii. Petrus, bt. Oct. 30, 1743; viii. Lena, bt. 1739, m. Johannes Bevier"). 

Box 23.— NUKERK, CORNELIS, of Hurley. 

Original will, written in Dutch, and dated "tot mynen Huysen 
in Hurley" (at my house in Hurly) Sept. 15, 1787. 

"In de name Van den Dreenigen godt, Vader, Soon En Hyligen 
geest Amen." (In the name of the Trinity, the Father, the Son and 
the Holy Ghost, Amen). 

"Myn Sinne En Verstant Volkome magtigh, De Heere sy gelooft" 
(of perfect mind, the Lord be praised). (Long religious preamble). 

"Myn Waarde Huysvrouw Diena Indien sy my overleft, van myn 
twee Soons soons Philip En Cornelius" "Sal hebben" £20 "Yaarlyk" "So 
lang sy leeft (my worthy wife Diena, if she lives after me, to have £20 
yearly of my two sons (soons written twice, by mistake, as "klein-zoons" 
is grandsons). Also "De kuer van myn Negers En Negerinnen" "cm 
haar te dienen so lang sy leeft (the choice of negroes and negresses, to 
serve her as long as she lives) "00k de kuer van de Ruymen Uyt Myn 
tegenwoordigh Huys (and the choice of the rooms in my house, where 
I now reside) "En ook twe kelkKoyen welke koeyen myn voornoemde 
Soons voor haar houde sullen Somer En Winter" (and two milk cows, 
which my said sons shall house during summer and winter). 

"Myn soon Philip myn groote bybel sal hebben'' (my son Philip to 
have my large bible) . — "Myn twee voornoemende Soons sullen Uytkeeren 
of betaalen aan myn vier dogters, Namentlyk Jannetye, de Huysvrouw 
van Benjamin Roosa, Lea de Huysvrouw van Gerrit Nukerk, Henderica 
de Huysvrouw van Cornelius du Mondt, En Aarieantye de Huysvrouw 
van Petrus du Boys" iioo each (my said two sons shall pay to my four 

i84 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

daughters, Jannetye, wife of Benjamin Roosa, Lea, wife of Gerrit Nu- 
kerk, Henderica, wife of Cornelius du Month, and Aariaantye, the wife 
of Petrus du Bois, iioo each). Said sons also to pay £50 to "my soon 
Arys soon Petrus" (my son Ary's son Peter). Said sons to pay, thereof, 
£220 one year after testator's decease, and the other £225 two years after 
"myn doodt" (my death). 

"Myn Reght In het partentees" (my right in the patent), to all the 
children and the grandchild, provided they reside in Hurly, otherwise 
not. — The personal estate to be divided among said children, and grand- 
child, to Cornelius and Philip the real estate, they to pay all the debts. 
Said sons appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

Huybert Ostrander 
johannis suyland 
JoH. V. Deusen 

(Arie Gerritsen van Neukerk (s. of Gerrit Cornelisse and Cheittje Cornelis^, q. v., b. in 
Midwoud, Flatbusht L. I., res. Hurley^ m. . Lysbeth Lambertsen, dau. of Lambert Huybertsen, and 
had: i. GhUjef bt. Jan. 29, 1688; ii. Jan, bt. Aug. 24, 1690; iii. Henderikje, bt. Nov. 11, 1692; 
iv. Gerrit, bt. May 30, 1697; v. Ariaanfje, bt. Nov. 19, 1699; vi. Lea, bt. Aug. 9, 1702; vii. 
Rachel, bt. Apr. 9, 170*^; viii. Cjiz^lis, bt. Nov. 12^ lyio, m. Oct. 29, 1731, ,(iis^Q_sDina) Hoog' 
teling, and had: a. Elisabeth, bt. Oct. i, 1732; b. Jannetye, bt. Oct. 20, 1734, mniov. 18, 1759, 
Benjamin Roosa; c. Ary, bt. Sept. 11, 1737, d. v.; d. Fhilippus, bt. Apr. 3, 1740; 
e. Ary, bt. Oct. 3, 1742, m. Nov. 18, 1769, Maria Crisfel; t. Lea, bt. Apr. 29, 1744, m. Dec. 8, 
1764, Gerrit Nukerk; g. Henderica, bt. March 9, 1746, m. Oct. 30, 1785, Cornelius du Mondt; h. 
Ariantje, bt. Jan. 8, 1748, m. Dec. 23, 1779, Petrus Du Bois; i. Cornelius, bt. Oct. 15, 1752, m. 
June 12, 1779, Sara Kiersteder ; see page 169 for another son of Arie Gerritsen: Conrad). 

Box 24.— LEGO, WILLIAM, of Kingston, yeoman. 

Original will, dated Oct. 8, 1780. 

"My loving Wife Sara shall Remain and Injoy in full Possesion 
of my Whole Estate real and Personall During the timCi She Shall Con- 
tinue my Widow and Shall have the Command of the Income of said 
Estate, Provided that my Daughter Helena who is Not able to Maintain 
herself, and my Two sons Named William and Samuel shall have their 
Maintainens with my said Wife out of the said Estate" they "shall be 
taught to Read, Write and Cypher at the Expense of my said wife the 
Mother of the said William and Samuel during the minority." "In 
case my "wife should merry again before my said sons should arrive to 
the age of 21 years" then "wife shall Give Up My Whole Estate Real and 
Personall to my Executors" and to be "debarred to Claim any Income or 
Dowry from the said Estate." — "To my son Cornelis for his Birth Right 
my Large Shooting Gun I have of My father." — My three sons (named) 
shall have my Real Estate where I now Dwell with the house. Barn & 
Barraks also my Estate called Peter Mouries Land that is to say the 
Souther part of said bowery" "as I now occupy and Use the same and 
Divided by me and brother John." Survivor to divide share of deceased. 
At death or remarriage of wife, the personal estate to be divided among 
said children, and "the Children of my Daughter Annatje, Deceased for 
her Mother 1/5." "Whereas I Received a Legacie of iioo by my first 

Tk^ (] , ^4 






1 N>l.tvi,. 


< '■ 

'- s 

Abstracts of Original Wills and Inventories. i8s 

wife Helena Daughter of Jan Ploegh, Deceased, and as I think it just and 
Equitable that the Children begotten of the body of said Helena Should 
have the Benefittof her Mothers Portion therefore" "said sum of £ioo 
shall be paid out of my Real Estate as soon as my sons William & Samuel 
arrive at the age of 21 years" i. e. "to my son Cornells" £30, and to chil- 
dren of "my daughter Annatje" £30, and "to my daughter Helena" £40." 
— "My son William my Shooting Gun and to my son Samuel my other 
small Gun before any Division shall be made." — If wife should continue 
"my widow after my sons William & Samuel arrive at the age of 21 
years," then the wife is to receive yearly ii2 for her maintainance during 

her life, to be paid by said sons. "Loving son Cornells and my son in 

(law?) Tjerck Schoonmaker and my friend Edward Schoonmaker, Jr." 
appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

John J. Persen 
Michael Pattison 
Christopher Midler (his mark) 

{William Legg, bt. Oct. 31, 1708 (s. of John Legg and Annatje Fynliout, q. v.), tn. i., 
Oct. 20, 1738, Helena Ploeg, dau. of John, m. 2., March 11, 1762, Sara WuKn, and had with ist 
wife: i. John, bt. Oct. 14, 1739; ii. John, bt. Dec. 21, 1740; iii. Anatje; iv. Elisabeth, bt. Dec. 12, 
1742; V. Cornelis, bt. Oct. 13, 1745, m., Febr. 28, 1787, Maria Wolf; vi. John, bt. Aug. 26, 1753; 
vii. Helena, bt. May 11, 175s; with 2d wife: viii. William, ix. Samuel). 

Box 35.— SNYDER, JOHANNIS, of Kingston. 

Original will, dated June 5, 1771. 
"To my Loving Wife Named Grietje my Negro Wench Named 
Floor During My said Wifes Life" also "one feather bed and straw bed" 
she also to "have the Use of My bedstead bedding and Every Thing be- 
longing thereto During her Life And my house furniture Pots and Dishes 
During her Life, and also my Little Cobbert and Chist During her 
Life, and after her Decease the above house furniture (Excepting) 
the feather bed & straw bed shall be Divided among my Chil- 
dren." — "To my Daughter Christinas Son Johannis the sum of £65" "to 
be paid by his father Christian Fiero by virtue of an Obligation the said 
Christian Noes stands bound to Me and payable one Year after the 
Decease of Me and My Said Wife." "In case" "Johannis should Die 
before the said Money is Payable" then the "money shall be Divided 
among my Children Equel." — "To my Daughter Marya wife of Cornelis 
Oosterhoudt iio being the residue of the above Obligation." — To "said 
Grandson Johannis my horse Saddle and Bridle" "and all my Cloathing 
belonging to my Body Whatsoever." — "All my Moveables (Excepting the 
Legacies above ordered) shall be Divided Between my two Children 
Named Christina" "and Marya."— "All the Moveables" "Brought to Me 
by Marriage Shall be Left to her (my wife)" she also to "have the 
Benefitt and Recovery of her Entertainment by Virtue of two Oblagatory 
Instruments Signed one by Christian Fiero and the other by Cornelis 
Oosterhoudt During her Life" and if she "Should Not have Sufficient 
Entertainment by Sickness or other Exident" then the Executors shall 

i86 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"dispose of such of the Moveables Left to her Use as they shall think 
Necessary for her Support." — "My Nephew Johannis Snyder, Son of 
Johannis Snyder Junr. shall have one Cow." — "My said Negro Wench 
Floor after the Decease of my said Wife shall have her Choice to Live 
jther With my Daughter Christina or my Daughter Marya" "Provided 
the one half of her Value shall be paid by such as shall be Choset by her, 
to my other heir." 

"My Loving frinds Jurry Hommel and Jurry W: Rechtinger" ap- 
pointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

Cornelius Persen 
Stephanus Fero 
Joh's SnydeRj Junr. 

(.Johannes Snyder, h. in Germany, m. March i, 1724, Anijen (.Grietjen) Deunis (Tlieunis), 
and had: i. Christina, bt. Febr. 14, 1725, m. Christian Fierer^ Jr. (when her name is written 
'Schneider', and had: a. Johannes Fierer, bt. July 27, 1746 (witn. by Johannes S. and his wife, 
Annatje Theungas); b. Christian Fierer, bt. Aug. 2, 1747; ii. Johannes, bt. Jan. 23, 1726; 111. 
Maria, bt. Nov. 24, 1728, m. Cornelis Osterhout. 

Johannes Snyder had a brother. Jury (George"} Snyder, who m. i., Christina Thunjus,m. 2., 
Dec. 5, 1724, Johanna Swart, and had issue: i. Johannes, bt. Jan. 24, 1720, m. RacJiel Swart; 
ii. Lea, bt. Febr. 6j 1726; iii. Ceeletjen, bt. Apr. 30, 1727; iv. Elisabeth, bt. March 18, I733. m- 
Michel Devoe; v. Catrina, bt. July 10, 1737; vi. Maria, bt. May 2, 1742; vii. Johanna, bt Apr. 21, 
'745- . „ 

Johannes Snyder and Rachel Swart had issue: i. Christina, bt. July 28, 1745; 11. Petrus, 
bt. Nov. 1, 1747; iii. Johannes, bt. Sept. 2, 1750 (mentioned above in the will of his grand-uncle); 
iv. Seletje, bt. May 27, 1753; v. Rachel, bt. July 11, 17S6; vi. Cornelia, bt. Jan. 14, 1759; vii. 
Elisabeth, bt. May 31, 1761; viii. Abraham, bt. Apr. 20, 1764). 

(Inventarmm Oover het Losse Goed van den Overleeden Johannis Snyder Woonende 
aen de Beaverkill in de County van Ulster (Inveitory of the personal estate of J. S., deceased, 
residing at Beaver Kill in Co. U.), Door ende met goede Vinden^'van de Gestelte Executors 
Jurgen Hommel en Jurgen W. Reghtmeyer ook Erfgenaemen an agter Laatene Weduwe Grietje 
Snydr Christ Fero en Cornelius Oosterhoudt (and by the good friend, J. H., J. W. R. and heirs, 
and surviving widow G. S., C. F., and C. C), dated July j6, 1771 (sic): 

Neegers. Eeii Negerin met Een Jonge van Vyf Jaer Oudt (A negress with a boy five 
years old). 

Beesten. Drie Melk Beesten en Een Jonge Vaarse (Three Milk Cows, and a young 

Parden. Een Mear (a mare). 

Schaapen. Neegen Stucks van Oud en Jong aen Schaapen (Nine young and old sheep). 

Vaarkens. Twe Stucks aen Vaarkens (a couple of hogs). 

Een Groote Caste met Inhoudend Goed, Seven stucks Laaken, Vier Kussen Sloopens, Een 
Bond Nehangsel, Een stuckje Linnen houdende 9^ Ele 10 stucks hembden 
van Vaader, 5 Mutssen, 3 Neckjes, Een Seyde NeusDoeck, 2 Woole hoede 
Een Caster hoed (A great chest with contents, 7 sheets, 4 pillows, colored 
hangings, a piece of linnen oi gii yards, 10 of father's shirts, s caps, 3 
scarfs, 1 silk handkerchief, 2 wool caps, and one beaver cap. 

Geld. In all 21 schellinge meer i schellinge Vier koopers (21 schillings in all, with i 
schilling, forr coppeis). 

Bande, Noten & andere Pampiers in Een Lessnaer geslooten (Books, (notes, and other 
papers in a locked desk). Een Musket, Een Deegen, haagel Sackie met 't 
kruythoorn, Twee schaape Scheeren, Een Slambanck, Een kist, Een key, 
Een Spiegel, Twee potte bancke, Een Casje, El paer Cousse van Vaader, 
nogh I paer meer van Vouse, i Camen mandje (a musket, a sword, shot- 
pouch with the powder-horn, two sheep-shears, a sleeping laench (bedstead 
in form of a chest), a chest, a flint (to strike fire on), a mirror, two cup- 
boards, a little box, a pair of father's stockings, one more pair 6i stock- 
ings, one comb basket). 

Boekken.- Een Groote Bybel, Een Predicate Boek, Twee gebedt Boekken, Twee Cate- 
chisms, I gebedt boeck van Conr. Mell, nogh i gesangh boeck in in Kerk 
met nogh Een boekje (a great bible, a book of sermons, two prayer-books, 
two confirmation books, one prayer book of Conr. Mell, also a hymn book in 
the church, as well as another book). 

Abstracts of Original Wills and Inventories. 


Tobac. Twee Rolletje? Tabac, 3 paer Wanden, nogh Een Muttss (2 rolls of tobacco, 3 pair 
of mittens, and one cap). 

Kleederen. Twee gjroote Rolcken, Vier sluyt Rokken Drie gevulte Camisools, vier hemb- 
der Rokken, Twee Linne broekken, nogh Een Linne broeck Drie Leeder 
broeks, Drie korte gestrepte broekke, Vier Eyge geweeve Camisools ge- 
streept, Een Swart Camisool met broeck, Twee paer schoene met Een paer 
Gebsen, Een scbeer mess met Een Oligsteen (two roomy coats (^reat coats 
probably), four narrow coats (i. e. close fitting), three double-lined waist- 
coats, four night shirts, two linnen breeches, also one pair of linnen 
breaches, three leather breeches, three short striped breeches, four striped, 
hand-made woven night-shirts, a black shirt (Guernsey) with breeches, two 
pair shoes with a pair of buckles, a razor with a hone). 

Tinne Goed. Vier Tinne schuttels, 2 Tinne Comme nogh Een Tinne schuttel nogh Een Cometje, 
14 Tinne Borde, i Trink Can, 19 Tinne lepel, 2 Tinne kopjes. Twee blikke 
Trechter, 2 Candelaeis, i Tinne mutsjes, een hand blikje, 1 aerde en Een 
blikke Can Een vleesch vorkje i scliuyn Spaen 4 aarde schuttels i pyp 
potje X blikke Commetje, Een Vlasche keller met 8 vlasche, Een vleschje 
met Soet Olie, nogh Een Vlessche (four pewter saucers, 2 pewter cups (or 
dishes), also one pewter saucer, and one small pewter cup, 14 pewter plates, 

1 ^drinking can, 19 pewter spoons, 2 pewter cups, 2 tin funnels, 2 candle- 
sticks, I pewter extinguisher, one earth and one tin can, one meat-fork, i 
skimming ladle, 4 earth saucers, a small coffee-pot, a small tin-cup, a bottle 
case with 8 bottles, a small bottle with sweet oil, and another little bottle). 

Bed clothing. Een Veeder Bedt met kussens en Een Pelluwe Een bonde Roghe, Een 
Groene Roghe, Een Wilde Compaerss, Drie Eyge gemaekte Compaerse, Vier 
Bedde kleede, Een Sprie, Nogh Een Veeder Bedt bestaende in Drie kussen 
en Een Pelluwe ende Een Wilde Compaerse, nogh Een stroo bedt, Linne 24 
Ell, Een stuckje Oover Leeder (a feather-bed with bolster and one pillow, 
and colored petticoat, a green petticoat, a natural quilt (probably made of 
skins of wild animals), three homemade quilts, four bed-covers, one counter- 
pane, one more feather-bed with three bolsters, and one pillow, and one 
natural quilt, also a straw-bed, 24 yards of linnen, a piece of leather for 

Messe en Verkjes 10 Messe en Vyf Vorkjes nogh Een Vorkje (10 knives and s forks also 
one small fork), 

Steele. 6 Swarte stoele. 9 stucks Eyge gemaeckte stoele, Een groote stoel, z Tange, En 
Een aschschoop, Een paer brand ysers, met Een rooster en Trefje, Twee 
heugels 1 paer stryk Eyser, Een paer Boots (6 black chairs, 9 homemade 
chairs, a big chair, 2 tongs, one ash-shovel, a pair of fire-blowers, a roaster, 

2 pot-hooks, one pair of flat-iron, a pair of boots). 

Gereedschapp. Een Saagh, Breedbyl ende haelmess. met een oud Vleysch, byl ende meer 
andere Saaken in Een gesloote kistje te samen gedaen, Een Zaadel met het 
gebitt ende Een paer Oude boots, (a saw, axe and drawing-knife with an 
old butchers-knife, and some other things, together with a little chest, a 
saddle with a bit and an old pair of boots). 

Een Coye met stroobedt, Een Laake i Wilde Compaerse, i Eyge gemaekte Compaerse Twee 
kussens (a straw-bed, a sheet, a natural quilt, two bolsters). 

Yzergoed. 7 stucks Potte aen kleen en groot i groote koopere, keetel Een Tee keetel, een 
hang Eyser met Comfoor, 2 panne i Trapje i Wolle Wiel Twee spinne Wiels 
S Emmers met henghsels Een blaasbalg Twee schappen Een Roy Dissel Een 
gleedje met all Toe behoorend goedje Een kleen Wagentje (7 pots, large 
and small, a large brass kettle, a tea-pot, a pot-hanger, with brazier, 2 
frying pans, a step-ladder, a wool-winder, two spinning wheels, 5 buckets 
with handle, a pair of bellows, two shelves, a red shaft, a sledge with its 
belongings, a small cart). 

KuyperGoed. Een Vleisch vat, Een Ancker vatje, 2 kleene Vatjes, Twee Oxhoofde, Een 
Loog Vat 2 barls, 2 Anckers, 3 Tobetjes, Een Emmer 3 Botter vatjes 3 
aarde potte Een groote aarde Can Tween Barl Tobetjes i Oxhoofd Tobetje 
I Visch vat i (Tarn ende Een karnmelk vaatje Een back Trokje i Verf 
Eymer Twee bakke i bottel met Traen i boomtje Vet i Coopere Craen i 
Quaste bakje 3 Tiene Mandjes. (a meat-barrel, a keg, 2 small barrels, 2 
hogs-heads, i bucking-tub, 2 barrels, 2 kegs, 3 tubs, a bucket, 3 butter casks, 

3 stone pots, one large jug, two small barrels, a small hogs-head, i fish- 
tub, I churn, one buttermilk-barrel, a baking trough, i pail paint, 2 basins, 
I bottle with fish-oil, i tub grease, i brass tap, i small basin for brushes, 3 
tin baskets). 

Solder Goed. 4 FloUe Boome, Een Oxhooft, Een Meel Vat i Sappaen sieftje 26 kleen en 
groote Tiene an andere Mande i fijn Sieftje i back Troghje 2 quaste backjes 
I ander goede back 4 stucks kleeneschopjes nogh 2 kleene Schoppjes en i 
Werp Schopp 8 Sacksken Een Zeyde Oover Leeder met 3 stukke Sool 
Leeder 4 stuko voorers kleen en groot 3 kleene vaatjes i scheepel Een 
Wann nogh Een goed Schoppje 23}^ vaem in Twee stukke goed Touw s 
knuyl Touw gaere i Trogh met Eyser hanghsels met deksel op Een schael. 

i88 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

7 lbs. Werke gaare 6yi lbs. ' Wolle gaere, i Merk Eyser g lbs. gewaschle 
WoU Een fyn Vlass heekell Een spyker heekele 2 lbs. gesvronge Vlass i 
oudt Vat Een Spill voor Touwgaere te spinnin i stroo Mess, i steek mess, 
Een groote Trumm Saagh. (4 poles (to push forward a boat), a hogshead, 
a meal-tub, a straining cloth, 26 small and large, tin and other baskets, i 
thin sieve, i kneading-trough, 2 basins for brushes, i good basin, 4 shovels 
to clean, 2 other shovels to clean with, i spade, 8 bags, a cover of leather, 
and 3 covers of sole leather, 4 drills, large and small, 3 kegs, i bushel, i 
winnow and a good shovel, 235^ fathom good cord in two pieces, 5 balls of 
string, I trough, with iron hangings, and cover, a plate, 7 lbs. yam, 6J4 lbs. 
wool yarn, i branding iron, 9 lbs. washed wool, a thin flax reel, a cogged 
reel, 2 lbs. brooded flax, i old barrel, a spindle for the loom, a btraw 
cutter, a pricking knife, a large trimming saw). 

Leeder. 4 Zeyde of 2 gantsche huyde Leeder in de Loy Drogh met 2 Calver velle, 3 
gehakte Drogge, Een Sleupsteen Een vierde part van Een Run Meule by 
Petrus LoMW, Een Sneuw Eyser om boomen te Sneuwen (4 parts of two 
hides in the tanpit with two calfskins, 3 wooden troughs, i grindstone, a 
fourth part of a tan mill, at Petrus Louw, a snow sledge for sledging trees). 

Schulden (Debts). By Pieter Scherp staet nogt 19 sch., by Mr. Cockbum ^ sch., by 
Benjamin Meyer staet nogh mischien 26 sch. of wat meer, by Pieter Win- 
nen Een Schaepe Lamm, by Christ, Fiero Junr. 12 sch. voor i foot vleesch, 
by Steph. Fieoro £3 voor Een Jong VuUetje, by Daniel Lucas voor Een 
koe £3.10 had Een Taer Tyt te betaal by Thorn. Steenberg 7 Ell Wolle 

Doppelsteen, En Een barl Willem Freligh voor Een harte veil 18 

sch. (to P. S. yet 19s., to Mr. C. 3s., to B. M. 26s. or more, to P. W., a 
lamb, to C. F., Jr., 12s., to S. F. £3, for a colt, to D. L. £3.10 for a cow, 
a year to pay for it, to T. S. 7 yards wool die (means woven in die form), 
a barrel (blank space), W. F. for deer skin iSs.). 


SECRETARY'S PAPERS, Liber D., page 13. (T. D. R., II., p. 351) : 
On Nov. 4, 1671 appeared before Cornells Barentsen Sleght and 

George Hall, commissaries of the Hon. Court at Kingston in America, 


husband and guardian of Geertruy Andriesen, widow of Jacob Jan- 
sen Slicoten, as well as the guardians of the latter's son, Jan Jansen 
Slicoten, the Heer Willem Beecqman and Roelof Swartwout, as the attor- 
neys for said Geertruy Andriesen, who also appears. Said parties hereby 
grant full powers of attorney to Mr. Nicolaes De Meyer, merchant at 
New York, to enquire at Amsterdam for the last will of Jan Jacohsen 
Slicoten, grandfather of the said child, and also to learn what has been de- 
vised to Willem Jansen Slicooten, the uncle of said child, said uncle being 
killed here during the war with the Indians, leaving no other heirs than 
the said child. .And further to enquire after a will made by the great 
grandfather of Jacob Jansen Slicoten, who left something to the children 
of the son, which was expected by said Jacob Jansen Slicoten, and which 
would revert to the said child. 

Said De Meyer to enquire diligently, and if necessary to bring suit. 
The parties humbly pray the Hon. Heeren Orphanmasters of the city of 
Amsterdam to assist the said Mr. De Meyer in securing the inheritance, 
which belongs to said child. 

Said De Meyer to place any money secured at interest with the 
Orphan's Court, and to present a bond by the said Hon. Orphan-masters. 

Wilh. Beeckman, Roelof Swartwout, Aert Maertsen Doom, and 
Geertruyd Andresen (her mark). 

Ibid., p. 18. (T. D. R., II., 353) : 


on Nov. 7, 1671 granted full power of attorney to Mr. Nicolaes De 
Meyer, merchant at New York, for the purpose of receiving his share 
in the property left by his father, Jan Evertsen Maeter and his mother, 
Annetie jCornelis. With him in this enquiry are associated his uncle, 
Robberat Mvertsen and Saer Evertsen, his guardians. Said inheritance is 
to be enquired for at Amersfordt, in the Secretary's office. 

Signed by Jacob Jansen (his mark), in presence of Jan Willemsen 
and Cornejis Barentsen "Sleght. 

190 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Ibid., Liber E., p. 43. (T. D. R., II., p. 400) ; written in English. 

Sr Edmond Anders (about March 1676/7) appointed EUsdbet Hals 
administratrix to the estate of GORGE HALL, latte of Kingston in 
Esopus, who had dyed Intestaet, leaving Elisabed his widdow. 

Ibid., p. 58. (T. D. R., II., p. 404) : 

Testamentary disposition, dated Nov. 15, 1677, and written in 


"He has three children, to whom his wife is to return half of the 

estate, in case she should happen to remarry. The whole estate to go to 

the children after her death. The oldest son to receive all of his father's 


Signed Hendrick Slecht, and witnessed by Jacobus Kip and Gerrit 

Ibid., p. 96. (T. D. R., II., p. 424) : 

Testamentary disposition, dated May 5, 1678, and written in 
"All his property, house, lot, Holland money, in Holland to go to 
Cornelis Barensen and his wife; a little closet excepted, which shall go 
to his daughter Petronella. 

Aerdt Aerdsen Otterspoor (his mark) ; witnessed by Pieter Corneli- 
sen (his mark), and Barent Van Borsum. 

COURT RECORDS, Liber V., p. 170. (T. D. R., II., p. 569) : 
CAPT, THOOMAS CHAMBERS, widower of Margarietie Hendrix, 

and Louwerentia Kellenaer, widow of Domine Lourentius Van Gaes- 
heeck, intend to enter the state of matrimony. The said widow grants 
to her children with said Gaesbecq, named L. Jacomeyn, Maria, and 
Abraham Van Gaesbeeck, 100 sch. of wheat each, when of age or married. 
The son Abraham is to receive of all his father's clothing. 

Ibid., p. 186. (T. D. R., II., p. 574) : 

JOHANNA, widow of the deceased GEORGE DAVITS, 

intends to enter the married state with Hendericus Beecqman, young 
man, therefore the said bride, Johanna Lopers, grants to her children with 
said Davits, named Jacobus, Samuel, and Salomon 500 sch. of winter 
wheat each, when of age. She will also give the children an honest and 
a Christian education, so far as she is able. As guardian over said 

Addenda. 191 

children she appoints their uncle, David Davits, and Dirck Jansen Schep- 

As security, she mortgages her house and lot in Kingston. 

Signed Joanna Loopers, and Henr. Beecqman; witnessed by Wessel 
Ten Broeck, and W. D. Meyer. 

Ibid., Liber v., p. 239. (T. D. R., II., p. 595) : 

CORNELIS BARENTSEN SLEQHT, widower of the deceased 
Trynntie Tysen Bos, 

bridegroom, and Elsje Jans, widow of Hendrick Jochemsen, bride, 
on Sept. 26, 1684, agreed to the following marriage contract: (usual be- 
ginning, then) the bridegroom donates to the bride as a dowry 200 sch. 
of wheat. 

Signed by Cornells Barentse Slecht, and Elsje Jans (her mark) ; 
witnessed by Jan Eltinge and 

Elsje Jans, having the greatest affection for her children, gives all 
her possessions, after her death, to Jochem, Eghbert, Hendrick, Engeltie, 
Hendrix and Pieter Adriaens. 

Dated Oct. 8, 1684, and witnessed by Yan Stol, and Jan Van Vliedt 
(his mark). 

Engeltie Hendrix, wife of Nicolaes Anthony, is to inherit her share, 
that is, her grandmother's small closet, 2 pewter saucers, and a cow. 

Inventory of the estate of Cornells Barentscn Sleght, A house and 
brewery, an orchard, hop-garden, 3 morgens of land across the Great 
Bridge, household furniture, described. 

The money in Holland shall be inherited by the children. 

The heirs of the deceased Tryntie Tysen Bos, in love and friendship 
with our father, Cornells Barentsen Sleght have agreed to divide their 
mother's property in the following way: Cornells Barentsen Slecht to 
retain the amount, 750 sch. of wheat, paying therefore 5% interest per 
annum, for which purpose he mortgages his real property, consisting of 
3 morgens of land opposite the great bridge, house, orchard, brewery, 
and hop-garden. The entire property shall be inherited by Hendrick, 
Jacomyntie, Mattys, Pietronella Slecht, at his death, except the 200 sch. 
wheat to Elsje Jans, Cornells Barentsen's second wife. 

Signed Cornelis Slecht, and Jan Elting; witnessed by Mattys Slecht 
and Jochem Hendricksen. — 

Ibid., Liber VI., part A., p. 26. (T. D. R., IL, p. 614) : 

HENDRICK JOCHEMSEN and Elsje Jochems, his wife. 

Testamentary disposition, dated March 4, 168 1/2, and written 
in Dutch. 
"Survivor to possess everything, lands, money, goods, gold, silver, 
coined or uncoined ;" should the survivor remarry, one half of the prop- 
erty is to be returned (to the other heirs). 

192 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

The wife's children by a former marriage: Jcmnetie and Sytie shall 
have 150 gulders each, but as they both have died meanwhile, their chil- 
dren shall receive the said amounts. 

As heirs are mentioned Jochem Hendrix, Eghbert Hendrix, Engeltie 
Hendrix, Hendrick Hendrix, and Pieter Adriaensen. 

Hendrick Jochemsz, Elsje J onsen, wife of Hendrick Jochemsen (her 
mark) ; witnessed by Wessel Ten Broeck and W. D. Meyer. 

Elsje Hendricks or Elsje Jems, wife of the deceased Hendrick Jo- 
chemsen, in full enjoyment of her senses, and considering how certain 
friends have exerted pressure and forced her, not leaving her any rest, to 
thoughtlessly sign certain illegal documents, dated in New Yorck before 
Notary Bogardus, on May 22, 1683, regarding the inheritance of the chil- 
dren of Jacob Abrahamsen Santvoordt and Jan Barentsen Kunst, 

now absolutely annuls said documents, as she has no desire to oppose 
her dead husband's wishes, as expressed by his will; God forbid that it 
shall ever again be broken. — Elsie Jans : witnessed by Jan Van Vliet and 
Yan Stol. 

Ibid., part A., p. 56. (T. D. R., II., p. 635) : 

JAN BROERSEN and his wife Willemtie Jacobsz, 

Testamentary disposition, dated June i, 1682, at Kingston, 
and written in Dutch. 
"Survivor to inherit everything, land, houses, money, moveables, 
etc . . " — Both signed their marks. No witnesses. 

Ibid. p. 57- (T. D. R., II., p. 635) : 

on July 25, 1682 annulled the will which he made in favor of Cor- 
nells Barentsen's wife. The little closet, bequeathed to Pieternel, is not to 
be delivered to her. — Signed with a mark. No witnesses, except the 
Secretary, Wm. Montagne. 

Ibid., Liber VI., part B., p. 235. (T. D. R., III., p. 184) : 

Testamentary disposition, dated March 28, 1684. 

"His wife shall share with the children the house and lot, one half 
to each of them. Whereas a woman Indian has with the Governor's ap- 
proval granted him a plot of land at Waerwaersinck, on condition that 
the said woman shall have a plantation there, the testator now orders that 
his wife shall have one half of said land, and the children the other half. 
Residue to wife. As guardians over the children: Pieter Jacohsen 
Mauris, Jacob Abrahamsen, Isaack Van Vlerck, and Jan Willemsen 

Signed W. P. Beeck, and witnessed by Roelof Kierstede and Arent 



36 — Last line should read: "See note, page 31." 

53 — 5th line, read : "Van Wijlen," instead of "Van Wiljen." 

jy — Heading should read : "Will owned by Ralph Lefevre, New Palis." 

79 — Heading should read : "Will owned by Ralph Lefevre, New Paltz." 

93 — 22d line, read: "Magdalena Schutt,"' instead of "Marritje Mar- 

102 — 9th line from bottom, add : "x. Willem, bt. Dec. 5, 1686." 
113 — 13th line to be taken out entirely. 
132 — 20th line, read: "Znyder," instead of "Zynder." 
177 — 5th line, read : "they saw," instead of "the saw." 
181 — 1st line, read: "Abstracts," instead of "Absrtacts." 




ABBREVIATIONS USED: A. B. (or AtlmmiBlration-Bonils; Inv. (or Inventories; L. A. (or Leilors o( Adminislra- 
tion; M. C. for Marriage Contracts; O. W. (or Original Wills; P. A. (or Power o( Attorney; R. (or 
Renunciations; T. D. (or Testamentary Dispositions; W. (or Wills. 


Filed ok 











17, 171S, 

Mar. 9, 1720-1, 






5, 1714, 

Mar. 7, 1716-7, 


or Van Wageningen, or Ja- 

cobse. See also Otterspoor. 





30, 1686, 






2, 1665, 


or Joost Adriansen Vermeu- 

len. ^-^5^ 





4, 1671, 


and her husband, Aert 

Martensefi Doom. 

aryance; hendrick, 




June 16, 1 701, 



or Cornelis Barentse Slecht 
and his wife, Tryntie Ty- 
sen Bosch. 





and his wife, Magdalen 



T.D., Aug. 17, (?) 32 

5^^^ fp/^o p.n I 

Marbletown, W., Apr. 26, 1720, Mar. 9, 1720, 100 

T.D., Mar. 8, 1684, ipi 

M.C., 190 

New Faltz, Will, May 2, 1720, July 4, 1720, 97 

T.D., Aug. 22,j67i, Apr. 30, 1688, 48 

T.D., Sept. 7-17. i66s, 3° 

196 Index to Instruments. 


Filed or 










Oct. 13,1676, 


and her husband, Lowies 

Du Booys. 



Nov. I, 1676, 


and her husband, Peter 

Cornelissen (Low). 



Sept. 2S, 1676, 


and her husband, Jan Ty- 

sen (Mattysen.) 




Feb. 3, 1701-2, 

Sept. 20, 1703, 




, w.. 

Dec. 12, 1707, 

May 12, 1707, 



MON, SR., 



Nov. 14,1737, 

June 7, I7S4, 





Aug. 17, (?) 


or Tryntie Barentsen, and 

her husband, Cornelis 

Barentsen or Cornelis Ba- 

rentse Slecht. 

BRINK, See Lambert Huy- 

bertse, and Cornelius Lam- 




June 1, 1682, 


and his wife, Willemtje 

Jacobs (Jans). 



, w.. 

June 20, 1744, 

June 11, 174^. 





Oct. 3. 1763, 

Not recorded.. 









Nov. 12, 1688, 


HAM, Marbletown, W., Apr, 21. 1776, Sept. 19, 1798, 162 
COCK, JOHN, Marbletown, T.D., July 20. 1710, 99 
COOL, CORNELIS, Hurley, Will, Jan. 10,1732, Sept. 7,1736, 118 
CORNELIS, ANNETIE, T.D., Feb. 23, 1682, 44 

and her husband, Cornelis 


CO'RNELISE, MARTE, Claverak, T.D., Aur. 13, 1685, June 19, 1699, 53 

and his wife, Mayke Cor- ^ 


CORNELISSE, THEUNIS, W.D., July 21, 1677, 73 

or Theunis Cornelisse Swart, 
and his wife, Elizabeth Van 
der Linden, or Van der 

Index to Instruments. 


or Peter Cornelisen Low, 
and his wife, Elisabeth 



Filed or 






Nov. I, 1676, 



Kingston, W., Dec. 20, 1690, Mar. 4, 1707, 73 

Hurley, W., Feb. •>. 1686, Mar. 4, 1695-6, 59 

Kingston, W., July 23, 1712, Dec. 10, 1713, 83 

Hanover, W., Apr. 17, 1775, July 5, 1777, 142 

Marlborough, W., Mar. 27, 1816, Sept. 6, 1824, 174 

Kingston, W., Nov. 6, 1707, Jan. 10, 1707, 71 



see Tjerek Claese De Witt. 


•and his wife, Geertruy 


and his wife, Chatharina 


Marbletown, W., 
New Paltz, W., 
Kingston, W., 

Rochester, O.W,. 
Kingston, W., 

June 12, 1778, Sept. 23, 1794, 

Febr. i, 1687, 
Sept. 23, 1769, 
Dec. 15, 1778, 
Mar. 17, i8oo. 

June 30, 1687. 
Sept. 3, 1790, 
Not recorded. 
Jan. 8, 1807, 

Kingston, W., June 24, 1703, July 15, 1703, 

Mombacus, W., Oct. 29, 1700, 

Amsterdam, W., Mar. 31, 1699, 

W., Feb. 15, 1702, 

Kingston, W., Mar. 4, 1687, 

New Paltz. W., May 16, 1805, 

P.A., Nov. 4, 1671, 

New Paltz, W., Sept. 20, 1724, 

New Paltz, W., Nov. 6, 1780, 

New Paltz, O.W., Aug. 16, 1729, 

New Paltz, W.. June 21, 1774, 

Hurley, W, Apr. 3, i739, 

Kingston, W., Dec. 30, 1818, 

New Paltz, W., Mar. 30, 1686, 

Kingston, W., Mar. 27, 1694, 

Kingston, W., Feb. 22, 1695, 

T.D., Oct. 13, 1676, 

Apr. 12, I7IS, 

June 26, 1699, 

Mar. 9, 1703, 

Mar. 6, 1700, 

May 5. 1808, 

Oct. 7, 172=: 

Apr. 23, 1781, 

June 4, 1782, 

June 7. 1745, 

Sept. s, 1825, 

May 5, 1686, 

June 23, l6q6, 

June 23, 1696, 







158 , 
123 / 






Index to Instruments. 



Residence. hent. 


r.D., Aug. 10, 1676, 

Filed or 

Kingston, W., Mar. 15, 1701, Sept. 3, 1713, 



EEN, ABRAHAM, New Paltz, 


RAET, Kingston, 

BUS, Kingston, 


HELMUS, Hurley, 

See also under Van 

or Eltinge Roelofsen, and 
his wife, facomyntie Slecht. 

W., Nov. 30, 180S, Jan. 6, 1807, 164 

W.. Sept. 2, 1749, Oct. 24, 1788, 146 

W., June 2, 1678, 37 

W., May 17, 1763, Sept. 27, 1765, I45 

W., Mar. 7, I7S4, Dec. 16, 1754, 13S 

T.D., Sept. 30, 1679, 39 


See Jan Heermans, Sr. 

(wid. of Jonas). 

Pals Creek, W., Apr. 13, 1726, May 5, 1726, H2 

Kingston, W., July 9, 182-, Sept. 5, 1825, 176 

O.W., Jan. IS, 1727, Not recorded. 113 

Plattekill, W., Sept. 17, 1807, Mar. 26, 1822, 172 

Kingston, W., Sept. 28, 1689, 48 

O.W., Sept. 22, 1781, Not recorded. 183 

New Paltz, W., Sept. i, 1796, July 15, 1797, 158 

Paltz, O.W., Sept. 4> 1697, Not recorded. 77 

Paltz, O.W., Feb. 12, 1706, Not recorded. 78 

GERRETSEN, ALBERT, Embderland,T.D., Sept. 3,1665, .v 

GERRITSE, CORNELIS, Hurley, W., Feb. 7,1665, Mar. 4, 1695, 59 / 


ARD, Marbletown, W., June 12, 1706, May 8, 1766, 142 
HARMILLE, TOMAS, W., Mar. 12, 1689, Apr. 21, 1690, 48 
HASBROUCK, JACOB J., W., June 21, 1818, Aug. 14, 1818, 170 

Index to Instruments. 199 

Ihstku- Filed or 

Naue. Rbsidincb. usht. Dated. Fbobated. Fagb. 

HASBROUCK, JEAN, New Paltz, W., Aug. 26, 1712, Aug. 14, I7I4, 88 


NIS, New Paltz, W., Dec. 28, 1806, Jan. 8, 180JL 166 


PHAT, New Paltz, W., Apr. 28, 1811, Dec. 14, 1814, 169 

HEERMANS, JAN, SR., Kingston, W., Oct. 20, 1723, Mar. S, I724. 105 

HENDRICKE, DIRCK, Foxhall, W., Jan. 8, 1699, Sept. 9. 1703, 63 


DRICK, Kingston, W., Dec. 30,1686, 47 


of Dirck), W., Sept. 26, 1708, Jan. 17, 1708, 75 


RIETIE, M.C., 190 

HENDRIX, MAYCKEN, T.D., Dec. 16, 1681, H^ 

and her husband, Jan 
HERMANS, JAN, JR., Kingston, W., July 18, 1705, Jan. 2, 170S, 7° 

HEYMANS, see Roosa. 

HILLEBRANT, PIETER, M.C., Mar. 20, 1665, 29 

HOOFMAN, NICHOLAS, Co. Dutchess, W., Feb. 12, 1749, Feb. i, I7S2, i33 


LIS, T.D., Aug. 17,1676, 33 ►- 

and his wife, Annette Cor- 
nelisen Sleght. 

NETIE, W., May 4, 1719. Sept. 17, 1719. 97 / 

(wid. of Cornells). 

WILLEMSEN, T.D., Nov. 8,1671, 36 

or Jan IVillemsen, and his 
wife, Barbara Jans. 

WILLEJ^SEN, Kingston, W., Aug. 11,1702, Mar. 4, 1703, 61 

HUYBERTSE, LAMBERT, Hurley, W., Feb. 12, 169s, Apr. 11, 1702, 60 / 

or Brink. 


JACOBS, WILLEMTJE, T.D., June i, 1682, 192 

JACOBSE, see Gerrit Aaertse. 

JANS, BARBARA, T.D., Nov. 8,1671, 36 

or Barbara Hooghteyling, 

and her husband, Jan 

IVillemsen Hooghteyling or 

Jan IVillemsen. 
JANS, ELSIE, M.C., Oct. 8,1684, 191 

JANS, ELSIE, T.D., 192 

JANS, GRITIE, T.D., June 27,1684, 45 

or Gritie Jansen, widow of 

Jan Lambertsen. 


Index to Instruments. 



Van Steenberge». 


and his wife, Ekje Jochenu 



and her husband, Matthes 


and his wife. Maycken 




Filed oe 







Nov. 7, 1671, 


Kingston, W., Aug. 21, 1727, Oct. 5, 1727, n6 

Paltz, W., jmo., II, 1799, Sept. 17, 1807, 167 

T.D., Mar. 4, 1681-2, 192 

T.D., Mar. 4, 1681-2, 192 

T.D., Aug. 22, 1671, Apr. 30, 1688, 48 

T.D., Aug. I, 1680, 40 

T.D., Dec. 16, 1681, 41 


New Paltz, W., July 29, 1820, Sept. 6, 1824, 176 

Marbletown, W., Jan. 20, 1703, Sept. 7, 1704, 68 

Marbletown, W., Apr. 23, 1776, Sept. 19, 1798, '162 

Hanover, W., Apr. 17, 1775, July 5, 1777, 142 


or Brink, 

and her husband, Gerridt 

Van Slichtenhorst. 

Jan Lourens. 



Mar. 8, 1725, 

Nov. 21, 1726, 



Fdb. 16,1682, 


New Paltz, 



19, 1738, 

May — , 1793. 


New Paltz, 



4, 1784, 

May 7, 1800, 





IS, 1743. 

Sept. 18, 1765. 





S> I7I0, 

Aug. 28, 1710, 





8, 1780, 

Not recorded. 





8, 1743, 

May 29, 174s, 





12, 1745, 

July 31, 1746. 





17, 1818, 

July 1, 1819, 





10, 1691, 

Mar. 30, 1692, 



Sept. 18, 1663, 


Index to Instruments. 




LOW, see Pieter Cornelisen. 

Ihstku- Filed or 

Residence. ubnt. Dated. Probated. 

Kingston, W., Mar. 21, 1702, Sept. 6, 1705, 

Kingston, W., Oct. 18, 1793, Jan. 10, 1794, 

W., Dec. 20, 1690, Mar. 4, 1707, 


or Jan Tysen, and his wife, 

Madelena Blansjan. 


Kingston, W., Jan. 30, 1712, Apr. 12, 1712, 

T.D., Sept. 25, 1676, 

Kingston, W., Oct. 7, 1719, 
T.D., Apr. 9, 1684, 


see Cornelis Gerritse. 

Nov. 24, 1724, 
W., May 30, 1709, May 30, 1709, 

W., Apr. 26, 1796, Apr. 4, 1806, 



Oct. s, 1771, 
Sept. 15, 1787, 

Feb. 7, 1777, 
Not recorded. 








140 1^ 
183 ' 







June 14, 1739, 
May S, 1678, 
July 2S, 1682, 

Feb. 2. 1747, 











Mar. 26, 1678, 

June 27, 1814. 

July 20, 1748, 

May 30, 1709, 

Apr. 6, 1699, 

Jan. II. 1829, 
Not recorded. 

May 30, 1709, 
June 19, 1699, 



RAINEY, JAMES, Hanover, 


or Jan Eltinge and his 

wife, Jacomyntie Slecht. 

HYMAN, Hurley, 



Aug. 1, 177s. 
Sept. 30, 1679, 

Mar. 2, 1776, 

W., Aug. 23, 1708, Sept. 9, 1708, 


39 y 

74 / 




Filed ok 




Mar. 5, 1726, 

May 3, I749, 


202 , Index to Instruments. 



Albert Hyman. 
RUTSEN, JOHN, W., Mar. 5, 1724, May 11, 172S, 106 



JANSEN, T.D., Nov. 1,1682, 42 

and his wife, Marya Wil- 
SCHEPMOES, DIRCK, Kingston, W., Feb. 15, 172.V4. Sent. 20, 1725, 106 


DRICK CLAESEN, T.D., Nov. 12, 1688, 49 


DRICK, Kingston, W., 

SCHUTT, WM. JANSEN, Shawangunk, W., May 



or Cornells Barentsen, and 
his wife, Tryntie Barentsen, 
or Tryntie Tysen Bosch. 

or Jacomyntie Roelofsen, 
wife of Jan Eltinge, or 
Eltinge Roelofsen. 

NELISEN, T.D., Aug. 17,1676, 33' 

wife of Cornelis Hoogeboom. 

CO'RNELISEN, T.D., Nov. is, 1677, 190 


RIDT. T.D., Feb. 16,1682, 43 

or G. V. Slichtenhorst, and 
his wife, Aeyltie Lansynck. 
SMITH, JOHANNIS, Marbletown, W., Aug. 13. 1776, Mar. 14, 1780, 141 

SMITH, WILLIAM, Montgomery, W., Aug. 15, 1784, Jan. — , 1791, 152 

SNYDER, JOHANNIS, Kingston, O.W., June 5. i77i. Not recorded. 185 

SNYDER, MARTINUS, Kingston, W., May 5, 1778, May 9, 1789, 148 


THEUNISE, T.D., July 21,1677, 73 

or Theunis Comelisse, and 
his wife, Elisabeth Van der 

SWYTS, CORNELIS, Rochester, 

(wid. of Cornelis). 

Jan. 12, 1711, 





May 6, 1706, 









Aug. 17,1676, 


Sept. 30, 1679, 




30, 1714. 


14, 1715, 




13, i735> 


2, 1738, 




21, 1737, 


3, 1746, 


Index to Instruments. 203 

Instru- Filed or 

Name. Residence. ment. Dated. Probated. Page. 

TEN BROECK, MARIA, Kingston, T.D.. Mar. 7,1681, 41 

or Maria Ten Eyck, and 

her husband, Wessel Ten 


(see above). ^ 

TEN BROECK, WESSEL, Kingston, W., Sept. 27, 1820, Sept. 7, 1824, 173 

TEN BROECK, WESSEL, Foxhall, W., Feb. 14, 1695, Jan. 6, 1704, 66 

TEN EYCK, see Maria Ten 


TENHOUT, SEVERYN, Shawangunk, W., Feb. s, 1708, Mar. 6, 1717, 95 

TEUNISSEN, CLAESJE, Intestate. Oct. 30, 1663, 21 

TROPHAGEN, WILLIAM, Deposition, Aug. 26, 1671, 35 

TROPHAGEN, WILLIAM, Kingston, W., Feb. 16,1685, 46 

TYSEN, JAN, T.D., Sept. 25, 1676, 33 

or Ian Mattysen, and his 
wife, Madelena Blansjan. 



TINUS, Skoherry, W., July 15,1784, Oct. 6, 1787, 146 


RENDT, T.D., Nov. 19, 1682, 43 

and his wife, Machtel Van 
Vlyet, or Machtel Adriaensen. 

see Bomschoten. 

see Theunisse Cornelise 

COBUS,, W., Aug. 27, 1685, Nov. 30, i699« 55 
see also jSlmendorph. 


BERT, Inv. Sept. 7, 1665, 21 


MARIA, T.D., May 16,1679, 38 

widow of Cornelis Wyn- 
VAN LEUVEN, JOHN, Marbletown, W., Oct. 9. 1781, Jan. 7, 1791. iSi 

VAN OSTRANDT, JOHN, Hurley, W., imo., 17, 1822, June 14, 1827, 178 

or John Van Vorstrand. 

GERRIDT, T.D., Feb. 16,1682, 43 


JOHN, Kingston, W., May 16, 1796, Sept. 21, 1796, iS7 



Filed or 



Sept. 7, I79S. 

May 4, 1796. 



Nov. 26, 1663, 



Nov. 7, 1671, 


204 Index to Instruments. 

Name. Residence. 


THOMAS, West Cam 

see Jansen. 


VAN VLYET, see Van Bor- 


Van Ostrandt. 

ADRIAENSEN, T.D., Sept. 2, i66s, 29 

or Joost Adryaens, of Py- 
VERNOOY, CORNELIS, T.D., Feb. 23,1682, 44 

and his wife, Annetie Cor- 


or Marya Schepmoes, wife 

of Dirck Jansen Schepmoes. 

or Jan Willemsen Hooghtey- 

img, and his wife, Barbary 


(wid. of Cornelius). 


T.D., Nov. 1, 1682, 


T.D., Nov. 8, 1671, 

Sept. 18, 1663, 


W., Sept. 3.1694. 
T.D., Aug. II, 1676, 
T.D., May 16, 1679. 

Jan. 16, 1694, 



An * indicates that the same name appears more than once on the same page. 

Aertsen's, Jacob, land 130 

Albany, 6, 10, 13, 30*, 31, 32, 33, 35, 

38, 41*, 40, 54. 58*, 61, 6s* 74, 77, 

88, 93, 102, 103, 106, 113, 123, 14s, 

161, 162, 163, 182. 
Albany County, 8, 41, S3. 54, S8, 65, 92, 


Al'ttiedo, Holland 30 

Almina, Holland 36 

Amersfort, Holland 34 

Amsterdam, Holland, 24, 28, 36, 43, 46, 

54, 57, 65, 88, 92, 121*, 189. 

Ancrum, Scotland i^ 

Anna Salutes Fief, Billeveldt 36 

Arme bouwery (poor land) 150 

Armentiers, France 31 

Artois, France 30, 31, 34, 73 

Baarn, Holland 163 

Barrevelt 54 

Beaver Kill 64, 186 

Belgium 99 

Bennewater i74 

Bergen 43 

Bethlehem, Albany Co 54 

Bewerwyck 8, 33, 41, 58* 74, 92 

Beyla, Holland 39 

Big Meadow 163 

Billeveldt 36 

Binnekill I73 

Blue Hills 120 

Bommel, Holland 30 

Bonticow 158, 163 

Boston, Mass 91 

Brabant (Kineston) 30, 123. 179 

Beestede, Danmark 32 

Brooklyn, N. Y 7, 46, I35 

Brunnekill i73 

Bruynswick 124 

Burned Meadow 125 

Bushwick, L. 1 3°. 4^* 

Calais, France 31*, 91 

Cale Bergh 31 

Callicoone Hooke 34 

Catskill 66 

Chaumant Bay 178 

Churchland 132 

Claverack, Albany Co 53, 54 

Cline Esopus 56 

Columbia County 128 

Cocksinck 56, s8 

Coonmen, Flanders 88 

Corpus Christy fief, Minnen 36 

Covelens 41 

Cremaker's land 130 

Curr Pfaltz, Germany 31 

Danmark 33 

Delaware 33, i6s 

Delaware County 6 

Delft, Holland ;..30 

Dominie's bouwery 65 

Dorsetshire, England -. . . . .88 

Drenthe Province, Holland, 30, 39, 106 

Dudley's Plantation 138 

Dutchess County, 40, 95, 106*, 131, 133, 

134. 13s, 139, 165. 
Dwarfskill 143, 163 

East Friesland 32, 58 

Eight Thousand Acres Tract 12S 

Elburgh. Holland 30 

Embden, Holland 43 

Embderland 30 

England, 3iy 34, 42*, 88, 99, 100*, 104, 

Esopus, 6, 8, 31, 33, 35*, 40. 42, 46. S8*, 

7S, 88, 92, 103, 182, 190. 
Esopus Creek, 120, 146, 147, 148, 165, 

Esopus Kill, 31, 59, 92, 103, 119, 123, 

Esopus River 155 

"Faith", the ship 35, 42, 44 

Five Thousand Acres Tract, 125, 140 

Flanders 88 

Flatbush, L. I., 39, 41, 44, 59, 169, 184 

Flatbush, Kingston i8l- 

Flatlands, Holland 39 

Flatts 138 

Flounders 149 

Flushing, L. I .' 82 

Fort James 30 

Fort Orange, 6, 8, 31, 33, 34, 41, 58 

"Fox", the ship 41 

Fox Hall 5, 6, 33. 42, 66, 75 

France, 6, 30, 31*, 34, 49, 73. 9i, 93. i" 
Frankenthal, Germany 99 


Topographical Index. 

Gebrande Vley 125 

Gelderland, Holland, 30*, 41*, 44, 61, 75 
Germany, 31*, 34* 41, 46, 54, 91, 99, 102, 
139, 149. 177. 183, 186. 

Ghent 54 

"Gilded Otter", the ship, 31*, 34, 73 

Gottenburg, Sweden 30 

Great Creek 46 

Great Ditch 138 

Great Kill 46, 71, 72 

Great Meadow 40, 163 

Great Minnissinck Patent 160 

Great Piece 173 

Great River 35 

Great Spring 72 

Green County 6 

Green Kill 170 

Groningen, Holland 92 

Groote Buntecoe 164 

Groote Fly 40, 163 

Groote fontyn 71 

Grootholdt, Holland 57 

Groot Stuck Church 159 

Hackenberg, Germany 149 

Halfmoon 164 

Hanover 141, 142, 143 

Hanover Precinct 142 

Harlem 21, 33 

Hassell, Holland 44 

Hemelycke, Holland 35 

Herfort Prebendary 36 

Herwynen, Holland 75 

High hill 3S 

Highlands Precinct S 

Holland, 6, 29, 30*, 32, 34, 35, 36, 38, 39, 
41*, 42, 43, 44, 46*, 54, 57, S8*, 61, 
65, 75, 81, 88, 92, 102, 106, 163*, 
190, 191. 

Holstein 35 

■Hudsons River, 5, 33, 34, 35, 125, 128, 

134, 135- 
Hurley, 5, 6, 30, 31, 34*, 39*, 40, 43*, 
44, 46*, 52*, 59* 60, 61, 66, 71*, 
72*, 73, 74, 75*, 79, 92*, 112, 118, 
119*, 120, 123, 124, 130, 135, 148, 
168, 169, 170, 178, 183*, 184,. 

Hurley Great Piece 31, 92, 120 

Hycoop, Holland 102 

Iceland 27 

Ireland loi 

Island, the 122 

Jacob's Hook 80, 122 

Jacomyntj's fly 4° 

Jan Joosten's land 119 

Jansen, Roelof, "Kill" 128 

Johannes Jansen's Wey I77 

Juffron's Hook 35 

Juoner lott 168 

Kinderhook 92, 137 

King's Farm 65 

King's Highway 150 

King's Road 147, 158 

Kingston, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 21, 30*, 32, 33, 
34, 35, 37*, 38*. 39*, 40?, 41, 42*. 
43*, 44, 46*, 47*, 48, 49, 50*, 51, 
52, 53"*, 54, SS, 57, S8* 59, 61, 62, 
6s, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70* 71, 73, 75, 
76, 77, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 91, 
92, 95, 97, 99, 102, 103, 105, 106, 112, 
116*, 117, 120, 121, 122, 123, 128, 
130, 132, 135, 136, 138, 139, 145. 
146, 148, 149, 150, 154, 157, i6l, 163, 
165, 166, 168, 169, 173, 174, 176, 177*, 
179. 180*, 181* 184, 185, 189, 190, 
191, 192. 

Kished, Germany 149 

Kiskatama 155 

Kline Kill 162 

Knightfield 106 

Korcksinck 56 

Kroonme Elbow river 35 

Lake Ontario 178 

Lange stuck kill 129 

Leerdam, Holland 30 

Lemmichor, (Lemgo), Holland, 35, 36, 


Leydenhad 23 

Leyden, Holland . .« 30, 42, 81 

Lille, Belgium 99 

Linlithgo, Scotland 128 

Livingston manor 128 

Long Island, 7, 30, 39, 41, 44, 46, 49, 

59, 82, 169, 184. 

Long Reach 35 

Long Streak 129 

Long Wye Kill 173 

Magatt Ramis 35 

Manhattan 33 

Manhattan Island 65 

Manheim, Germany 31*, 34*, 91 

Marbletown, 5, 6, 30, 31, 34, 39, 41*, 54, 
68, 75, 82, 92, 93, 99, 100*, loi, 102, 
104, 120, 130, 132, 141, 142, 143, 151, 
155, 161, 162, 170, 

Maria Vergina fief, Lemigo 36 

Marlborough 161, 174 

Marmur 79 

Massachusetts 91 

Meeteren, Holland 29, 30, 41 

Mepoelane, Holland 30, 39 

Meppelt. Holland 36 

Midwoud, L. 1 44, 59, 169, 184 

Topographical Index. 


Mill Kill 30 

Minnen Diocese 35. 36 

Moudestadt, Germany 31, 34 

Moesel, Germany 41 

Moghoonck 35 

Moise, France 91 

Molen Killitje 7° 

Mombaccus 118 

Mombacus Kill 58, 129 

Montgomery 152 

"Moseman", the ship 59 

Mud Kill 149 

Munster, Germany 42 

Murderers Creek 5 

Mutterstadt, Germany 31 

Nescotack 154 

New Albany. 31, 32. See Albany. 

New Amstel 33 

New Amsterdam, see New York. 

Newburg 125, 150, 166, 

Newcastle, Del 165 

New Harlem 93 

New Jersey 40, 88, 123 

New Marlborough 183 

New PaltE, 5, 6, 31, 35*. 4i, 46*, 47, 
52, 71*. 73*. 73. 79. 88, 91. 99. "O, 
III, 113, 114, 120, 149, 153, 154*. 
158,*, 160, 161, 163*, 164* i6s, 166, 
167, 168, 169, 170, 176, 178, 183*. 

New Rochelle 49 

Newstadt, Germany 31 

New Windsor 35 

New York, 6, 10, 13, 14, 3O*, 33, 35. 36, 
41*, 42, 43*. 46, 49, 54. 57. 58*. 65, 
75. 17, 89, 92, 93, 99, id, i<». J", 
113*, 114, 121, 125, 129, 145, 189*, 

Nieuwkerk, Holland 44* 

Noeville o corne, France 3" 

North Carolina 65* 

North Holland 65 

North River 163 

Norway 127 

Ohio 177 

Old Bouery, Hurley 59 

Ontario County I79 

Oosterbemis, Holland 58 

Opymen, Holland 3° 

Orange County 6, 35, 166 

Over-Ysel, Holland 30, 44, 4> 

Otterspoor farm 121 

Pakasek 35 

Pakanasink 124 

Palatinate 31 

Paltz 34, 52, 11, 99, 167 

See New Paltz. 

Paltz Creek .112 

Paltz Kal 89 

Paltz River 125 

Pawachta 35 

Perth Amboy, N. J 88 

Peter Mour's land 138, 184 

Philadelohia, Pa 40, S8 

Plaa 173 

Platte Beni water 163 

Platte Kill, 150, 161, 171, 172, 173, 176, 

PoncKnockie 5 

Poughkepsie fes 95, 165 

"The Princess", the ship 65 

Pynacker, Holland 29, 30* 

Raagh, Germany 41 

Rappos Island 35 

Raritan River, N. J 40, 88 

Red Hook 65, 135 

Renselaerwyck 8, 44, 53, 58, 65* 

Rhinish Bavaria 31 

Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co 106 

Ricame Parish, France 30 

Ritsen, E. Friesland 32 

Rochester, 44. 99, 100, loi, 118, 120, 124, 
125, 127, 129*, 182*. 

Roeloff Jansen's Kill 128 

Roundout Creek, 6, 35, 40, 58, 94, 120 

Rosendale 132 

Rotterdam, Holland 163 

Rundale i73 

Ruynen, Holland 106 

Rynborch, Holland 38 

Saghkill 177 

Saintonge, France 91 

Salem, N. J 123 

Saugerties, 95, 96, 102, 124, 135, 159, 
160* 161, 163, 178. 

Sawyer's Creek 5 

Schagticoke 65 

Schenectady, 44, S3, Ti, 74*, 79, 121 

Shokan 155 

Schouwen, Island of 121 

Scotland 128 

Shawangunk. 95, 96, 102, 124, 135, 159, 
160*, 161, 163, 178. 

Shawangunk Church 159 

Shawangunk Creek 124, 125 

Shawangunk Kill 124, 163 

Shawangunk Mountains 125, 160 

Shelter Island 49 

Ships : 

"Faith" 35, 42, 44 

"Fox" 41 

"Gilded Otter" 31*, 34, 73 

"Moseman" 59 


Topographical Index. 

"St. Barbara" 66 

"Spotted Cow" 30, 75, 120, 182 

"St. John the Baptist" 34 

Skoherry Kill, Albany Co 146 

Sloop "St. Barbara" 66 

Somerset County, N. J 40 

Southold, L. 1 49 

South Holland 30 

South River 30 

"Spotted Cow," the ship, 30, 75, 120, 

"St. John the Baptist," the ship 34 

Steenwyck, Holland 46 

Sullivan County 6 

Sweden 30, 135 

Swichtalaer, Holland 39 

Swol, Holland 44, 88 

Tawaeretagne 3S 

Tiederwelt 41 

Tiel, Holland 30 

Trinity Church, New York 65 

Turtle Falls 30 

Utrecht, Holland 34, 38, 65, 88 

Vechten, Holland 88 

Vovelens 41 

Wagendal 93 

Wageningen, Holland 61* 

Waghgashkenck 92 

Waghkonk 177 

Wakankonach 35 

Wakaseeck 35 

Wallkill 6, 140, 160, 103 

Waracahaes 35 

Wassemaker's land, 30, 41, 55, 130, 147 

Water Kolch 46 

Wawarsing 154, 161, 191 

Welpe, Holland 41 

West Camp 156 

West Compensation 174 

West Indies 15 

Westphalia 43 

White Clay Kill 134 

Wicres, France 31, 34 

Wie, Holland 88 

Wiltwyck, 8, 22, 23, 25, 26, 29^^, 30, 31, 
41*, 75, 92, 182. 

Woerden, Holland 32, 65 

Wool, Dorsetshire, England 88 

Ysselsteyn, Germany S4 

Zunderland, Holland 57 


Surnames have been indexed as they appear at the beginning of an 
instrument, as a signature at the bottom thereof, and as they are written 
in parish registers and public documents, quoted in the historical and 
genealogical notes, e. g., Mattysen under Mattysen, Tysen, Van Keulen, 
Van Keuren; Jansen under Vermeulen, Van Oosterhoudt, Joosten, Van 
Steenbergh; Roosa under Heymanse ; Brinck under Lambertse and Huy- 
bertse, etc. 

Children are indexed under the name of their parents, unless known 
by some other surname. Married daughters are indexed under the names 
of their husbands, as well as under the various surnames, by which their 
parents were known. 

Baptismal names have, as a rule, been placed under English head- 
ings. Students, who are unfamiliar with Dutch nomenclature, are referred 
to pages 17-19. 

Italics indicate a testator, or an intestate. 

An asterisk (*) signifies that a name occurs more than once on a 

Cross references are given where equivalent names are far apart, or 
dissimilar, or where members of the family were known by several names, 
as Aertsen, Van Wagenen, Jacobsen; Alsdorff, Aulsdorff; Slichtenhorst, 
van Sleghtenhorst. 

Particular attention is called to the fact that it will not be necessary 
to search the entire index for various spellings of the same surname. 
Delamater, De Lamater, Delametter, Le Maistre, De la Maistre, will all 
be found under Delamater, etc., cross references under all these headings 
referring to the general heading. 

Negroes have been indexed, by name, under a general heading. 


Aart, 93, 94, 95, 190; Abra- 
ham, 95; Annatje, 71, 82, 94, 
95, 106, 148; Catrina, 95; Qa- 
ra, 102, 103 ; Elisabeth, 82, 95, 
103; Evert, 94, 95; Gepie, 58; 
Gerrit, 102; Gerrit, 38, 39, 53, 
67, 68, 95*, 103, 131, 16s, 190; 
Gertie, 94, 95; Gritie, 32, 38, 
103; Henderick, 28*; Hille- 

gond, 95*; Huyberts, 76; 
Isaac, 93, 94, 95 ; Jacob, 93; 
Jacob, 40, 48, 50, 55, 70, 71, 
79, 93, 94, 95*, 103, 106, 130; 
Jannetje, 94, 95*; Marytjen, 
95; Neeltje, 103, 106; Rebecca, 
79, 94, 95 ; Sarah, 79, 93*, 94, 
95*, 103, 106; Symon, 94, 95; 
see also Van Wagenen, Jacob- 


Index of Names. 


Jacob, 192. 

John, 154. 

Jannetie, 43; Peter, 43. 


Annatje, 45, 71; Dirck (Van 
Vliet) , 41 ; Elisabeth, 30 ; Fem- 
metje, 29; Geertje, 41; Gepje, 
46; Gheppey, 58; Hendrick, 
58 ; Hendrick, 30, 46*, 47 ; Jan- 
netie, 30 ; Joost, 29 ; Joost, 29*, 
30*, 33. 37. 38, 39. 41; Joost 
& Co., 30; Machtel, 43; Mach- 
tel, 41 ; Mareitje, 29, 30 ; Sara, 
30; Petter, 47; Fetter, 47*, 
191, 192; Willem, 30; Wyntje, 
75 ; see also Arentse, Arentsen, 


Appolonia, 121, 127; Jans 

Thomasen, 121 ; see also Van 


Arent, 75; Barent (Bratt), 92; 

Eva, 49, 92*; Femmetje, 45; 

Femmetje, 29*, 30*, Hendrick, 

26*, 28; Jan, 58. 

24, 28. See Roosa. 

Hyman, 37. 

Jacob, 31. 


Edmond, Sr., 190. 


Francyntje, 92 ; Marritje, 106. 


Albert (Bratt), 92; Anna, 82; 
Barbara, 44, 57 ; Eva, 92 ; Geer- 
truyd, 28, 189; Henderick, 58. 

Governor, 46, 58, 190. 


William, 69*. 


Aefje (Van Niewenkuyzen), 
43 ; Engeltie, 191 ; Louis (Van 
Niewenkuyzen), 43; N., 37, 
48; Nicholas, 191. 

Q-, 24. 



Bennony (Van Hoeck), 74; 
Gepie (Fier), 46, 58; Gerrit, 
59; Gritie, 88; Hendrick, 46, 
58, 59; Jacomyntje, 74; Jan, 
88 ; Lysbeth, '44 ; Margaret, 88 ; 
see also Adriaensen, Come- 


Susanna, 34, loi ; William, 37, 


Domine, 74. 


Annah Deamute, 149; Elisa- 
beth, 149 ; see also De Backer. 

Annah Demold, 149; see also 


Samuel, 167. 


Abraham B., 155, 157*, 158, 
160, 163, 164. 

Index of Names. 



Justus, 158; William, 175. 

J., 24, 28. 

Cornelius, 33 ; Helena, 41 ; 

Hester, 41 ; Lourents, 41. 

Annetie, 32, 33 ; Annatie (Van 

de Cuyl), 44; Cornelius, 32; 

Cornelius (Van de Wyck), 40; 

Cornelius (Van der Cuyl), 44; 

Cornelius, 48, 189, 190; Hen- 

drick, 32; Jacomyntje, 32, 33; 

Jan (Kunst), 32, 39; Jan, 58; 

Lysbet (Van de Cuyl), 44; 

Matys, 32, 35; Petronella, 32; 

Trynfie, 32 ; Tryntie, 33, 39". 

See Cool. 

Carol, 85. 

Jan, 75 ; see Low, Kortright. 

See Beatty 

Catharine, 82. 

Adam, 152. 

Agnes, loi*; Bata, loi ; 

Charles, loi ; Edward, loi ; 

Henry, loi ; James, loi ; John, 

100 ; John, 34, loi* ; Maria, 34, 

loi ; Martha, loi ; Robert, 100, 

loi ; Susanna, 34, 100* ; 

Thomas, 34, loi*; William, 



Anna, 149. 

Willem, 191 ; William P., 192. 


Catrina, 106*; Cornelia, 106, 

128; Gerardus, 163; Henry, 

39. 49. 52, 59. 60, 62, 64, 81, 

82, 87, 94, 106, 128*, 190, 191 ; 

Johanna, 190; John, 150; 

Thomas, 93, 128; William, 23, 

25, 26*, 27, 28, 29, 106, 170, 


Johannis, 39. 

See Bomschoten. 

Cornelia, 135; Robert, 135; 

Tryntje, 135. 

See Benthuysen. 

Barent, 134; see Van Benthuy- 

See Bodine. 

See Van den Bergh 

Annatje, 133. 

Jacob, 134. 

See Beatty. 

See Beatty. 

See Beatty. 

See Beatty. 


Barnabas, 176. 


Abraham, 44, 98, 99*, 157, 158, 
160, 164, 165, 166, 168, 169, 
183 ; Andries, 97, 98, 99*, 161 ; 


Index of Names. 

Anna, 183 ; Catherine, 99, 160 ; 
Elias, 167; Elisabeth, 91, 99; 
Esther, 91, 99*, 127, 183*; 
Hester, 98*, 99; Jacobus B., 
183 ; Jacomyntje, 161 ; Jean, 
97. 98, 99*; Johannes, 154*; 
Louis, 77, 91, 99*; Louis, Jr., 
97, 99; Louis, Sr., 97; Louis, 
Sr., 99; Magdalena, 99, 154, 
183; Margaret, 154; Maria, 
99*; Naithen S., 154; Philip 
Dv i.SS. 157; Rachel, 44, 99, 
154; Samuel, 98, 99*, 114, 116, 
154; Sara, 154, 183; Solomon, 


Henry, 149. 

Jan, 37, 83 ; John, 37 ; Marya, 
83 ) Zara, 120. 


Pierre, 34. 


See Biggs, 


See Le Blanc. 

Annatje, 183; Catherine, 31*, 
34*, 44, 48, 91, 154; Cornelia, 
154; Elisabeth, 31*, 35*, 48, 
95, 106; John, 170; Magdalen, 
48; Magdalen, 30, 31*, 33, 38, 
48*, 82, 99; Margrietje, 31; 
Maria, 31*, 48, 73; Matthes 
(Mattys, Matthew), 30, 48; 
Mattys, 30, 31*, 34*, 35, 48*, 
71, 72*, 73*, loi, 106, 183; 
Mattys, Jr., 31. 


Catherine, 145; Ruth, 57, 58; 
Rutger, 145. 


Judith, 32, 42; Niesje, 93. 


Mrs., 26. 


Hermanus, 22. 


Marie, 42. 


Elisabeth, 140, 141 ; Jacob, 140, 


See Bode. 


Aaltjen, 92, 93; Barbara, 57; 
Cornelia, 93 ; Cornells, 57, 58*, 
92, 93 ; Fannerie„53, 54 ; Helena, 
58; Hendrick, 92; Hendrickj 
54, 83*, 93*; Hendrick Cor- 
nells, 53, 54, 64; Jannetje, 54; 
Marten, 92*, 93; Mayken, 34, 
92, 93 ; Neeltje, 33, 92, 93 ; Ra- 
chel, 57, 58, 92*, 93; Rebecca, 
92 ; Ruth, 92,' 93 ; Sara, 54, 92, 
93 ; Tanneken, 93 ; see Van den 
Bogaard and Bogardus. 

Anna (Anneke), 65*; An- 
thony, 64, 65; Cornells, 65*, 
66; Ephraim, 64, 65*; Ever- 
hardus, 65*; Evert, 54, 64, 
65* ; Hannah, 65 ; Jonas, 65* ; 
Maria, 65 ; Marytje, 66 ; Nota- 
ry, 192; Pieter, 63; Pieter, 64, 
65*, 124; Rachel, 65, 127; Re- 
becca, 124; Shibboleth, 65; 
Tjatje, 54; William, 65*; 
Wyntje, 63, 64, 65*. 

Anna, 66, 132, 133*; Cathrina, 
133; Egbert Hendrikz, 133; 
Elias, 34, 104; Elisabeth, 133; 
Elsie, 132*, 133*; Gerrit, 66; 

Index of Names. 


Gerretje, 104, 132, 133; Jo- 
hannis, 104, 132, 133; Maria, 
132, 133; Sara, 34, 104, 132, 
133*; Salomon, Sr., 132; Ten- 
nis, 104, 132, 133*. 
Mary, 152. 


Elisabeth, 49. 


See Bodine. 


Cornells, 32. 


Jacob, 25. 


Gritie, 35; Margaret, 35; Ty- 
men, 35; see Van B or sum. 


Tryntie, 32 ; Tryntie Tysen, 32, 
73, 191 ; see Bosch. 


Cornelis Teunisse, 65 ; Maritie, 
65; Pieternella, 130; Tryntie 
T., 32 ; Wyntje, 65 ; see Bos. 

Daniel, 27. 


Jan, 26, 27, 130. 


Elisabeth, 156. 


William, 170. 


Jockein, 48. 


Albert Andriessen, 92; Barent 
Albertse, 92; Eva Andriessen, 


Andrew, 43 ; Annette, 43 ; Eli- 
za Janse, 32; Engeltje, 106; 

Jan Jansen, 32, 106; Marritje, 

Andrew, 179, 180; Anna, 149, 
^77' ^79> 180; Benjamin M., 
136; Cornelius, 113; Cornelius 
C, 157; Cornelius Lambertse, 
133, 182; Egbert, 112*, 113*; 
Elisabeth, 112; Elsie Lammert- 
sen, 133; Hendrick, 112, 113*; 
Hendrickjen, 61, 113; Jacob^ 
112, 113*; Janneken, 112, 113, 
182; Lambert, 113; Lambert 
Cornelisen, 112, 113*; Lam- 
bert Huybertse, 8, 60, 61 ; 
Marritie Lambertse, 182 ; 
Meery, loi ; Mynert, 113; Ra- 
chel, 112, 113; see Lambertse, 
Huybertse, Hendrickse, Pie- 


John, 135. 


Charles, 42, 62, 67, 68*, 69, 
75, 154, 168; Daniel, 42*, 100, 
104, 170; Daniel, Jr., i6g; 
Elisabeth, 156; Gerrit, 170; 
James, 167; John, 156; John 
C, 170, 172; Johannis^ 170; 
Magdalena, 34, 104; Maria, 
42, 67, 68, 156; Marreganta, 
34; Oliver, 167; Richard, 34, 
60*, 69, 100, 104. 


Jan, 192; Jan, 29; Willemtje, 


Hannah, 65 ; Pieter, 65. 


Anna, 171, 172; Benjamin, 
171, 172; David, 171, 172; 
Gertie, 124; Hannah, 171, 172; 
Henry, 171, 172; Jacobus, 40; 
Mary, 171, 172; Rachel, 172*. 


Index of Names. 


Blandina, 145 ; Catherine, 
125*, 127*, 145; Cornelius, 
124*, 125, 126*, 127, 161 ; Ger- 
trude, 96, 125, 127*, 160, 161 ; 
Hanna, 125*, 126, 127*; Hes- 
ter, 127; Ida, 127; J., Jr., 130; 
Jacobus, 124 ; Jacobus, 95, 96*, 
102, 124*, 126*, 127*, 142, 
I45> 159; Jacobus, Jr., 127, 
160; Jacobus, Sr., 127; Jan, 
127; Jeannie, 127; Johannis, 
124, 125, 126*, 127, 159, 160*, 
161, 166, i68; Josias, 127; 
Maria, 125*, 126, 127*; Peter- 
nella, 125*, 126*, 127; Pieter- 
nelletjen, 127; Severyn, 95, 
124, I2S, 126*, 14s, 159; Sev- 
eryn Tenhout, 127*, 160; 
Tryntje, 96, 124, 126*; see 

See Bomschoten. 


Abraham, 181 ; Abraham, 
181*, 182*; Annatje, 181, 
182; Barent, 34, 104, 182; 
Catherine, 182; Cornelius, 157; 
David, 182; Deborah, 182; 
Elisabeth, 130, 182; Gritie, 
182; Helena, 46*, 181*, 182*; 
Hendrick, 80, 182; Hillitje, 50, 
82, 182; Isaac, 181, 182*; Ja- 
cob, 22, 27, 123, 182*; Jan, 
26, 27, 30, 46*, '52, 182 ; Jan- 
neke, 112, 181*, 182*; Johan- 
na, 182; Johannes, 80, 81, 182; 
Maretje, 123, 181 ; Margaret, 
34, 81, 104, 182* ; Maria, 182* ; 
Neeltje, 182; Petrus, 181*, 
182; Samuel, 112, 181, 182*; 
Sarah, 181*, 182; Susannah, 
182; William, 122, 182. 


Anneke, 34; Jan Hendricks, 


See Bos and Bosch. 

Jan, 26. 


Rietsert, 27*. 


Catherine, 164 ; Charles, 171 ; 
Elisabeth, 164; Matthew, 141, 
163; Moses, 154, 155, 164; 
Moses, Jr., 157; Nathaniel, 
143; Petrus, 154, 164; Pierre, 
116; William, 141*; see Con- 


Mattheus, 22*, 25, 26*, 28*, 
29*, 30. 


Christian, 30. 

Sybrand Hansen, 24. 

Catherine, 177; Mathew, 177. 

Mary, 149; Susan Margaret, 


Anne, 178; Joseph, 178. 


Abraham, 76; Abraham Gaas- 
beck, 38, 87, IDS, 106, 120, 132, 
13s; Blandina Gaasbeck, 174; 
Catherine, 135; Esther, 155, 
156; Jacob, 155, 156; Lauren- 
tia, 190; Margaret, 33, 38, 
190; Thomas, 190; Thomas, 5, 
26, 33, 38, 39, 42*, 46, 48, 190; 
see Gaasbeck. 


Nathaniel, 175*. 

Rachel, 140, 141; Stavennus, 
140, 141. 

Index of Names. 



See Crook. 

Caleb, 170. 

Aeltje, 22*. 

Ariantje, 121; Carsten, 58; 
Catherine, 49; Claes, 49; Cor- 
nelia, 49, 92; Cornelius, 49, 
121; Deborah, 49; Elisabeth, 
6g; Fransyntje, 49; Hendrick, 
49; Hendrick, 49, 88, 92, 100; 
Hendrick (Schoonhoven), 92; 
Ifje, 49; Jannetje (Vechten), 
88 ; Margriet, 31, 49 ; Nicholas, 
49; Tierck, 8, 21, 22*, 26, 27*, 
28, 34, 42, 45, 55, 56; see De 
Witt, Schoonhoven, Schoon- 
maker, Vechten. 

Mattis, 49. 


Alphonso Trumpbour, 5, 163; 
Elsie, 112; Isaac, 7; Tunis Ja- 
cobse, 8, 163; see Klaarwater. 


Charles, 127; George, 5, 141, 
144, 145- 

See Clute. 


George, 135. 


Francyntie, 86*, 87, 88; Fre- 
drik, 86*, 87, 88. 


Lodevicus, 73. 


Alice, 99, 100; Bregjen, 100; 
Catrina, 100 ; Eleanor, loi ; 
Elsje, 100*; John, 99; John, 
75, 99, 100*; Magdalena, 99, 
100 ; Margaret, 99, loo* ; Sam- 

uel, 99, 100*; Thomas, 99*, 

100*, loi ; William, 99, 100, 


Mr., 188. 

Jacob, 168. 

Steven, 39. 

Cadwallader, 125*. 

Cornelis, 59; John, 173; see 


H. O., 14. 

Ariantje, 121 ; Geertje, 66. 


James, 141. 


Frank J., 14. 


James, 141. 


Arthur C, 4, 14. 

Christopher, 141 ; see Konsta- 


See Contine and Cantine. 

Peter J., 179. 


Petrus (Pierre), 116; see Can- 


Jannetje, 92. 


John, 69, 108. 


Anna, 38, 118, 120*; Gather- 


Index of Names. 

ine, 124; Cornelis, 118; Corne- 
lis, 38, 52,60,61,91, 113, 120; 
Cornelis Teunisen, 61, 120; 
Geertie, 119, 120*; Hendricke, 
119*, 120*; Janneke, 38, 118, 
1 1 9, 120*; Jacob Barents, 28; 
Lambert, no, 118, 119*; Mar- 
griet, 118, 119*, 120, 177; 
Sara, 93, 120; Symon, 93; 
Theunis, 120 ; Theunis Bartian- 
sen, 120; see Cole and Kool. 


Anna, 36; Johannes Willem- 
sen, 36. 


Lord, 15. 


Abraham, 121 ; Adriantie, ^; 
Aeltie, 121 ; Annatje, 33,'''44 ; 
Annatje, 33,'^, 58, 189; Apol- 
lonia, 121*; Arie, 59; Barent, 
59; Catalyn, 121; Cheiltje, 59, 
60, 169, 184; Claes (Van 
Schoonhoven ) , 121; Claes 
(Swits), 121 ; Cornelia, 44, 53, 
54, 121 ; Cornelius, 35, 44, 53, 
54, 121 ; Elisabeth, 35, 44 ; Eli- 
sabeth (Low), 31, 73, 106; 
Fannerie, 53, 54; Fytie, 59; 
Garret] e, 59; Gerard, 60; Ger- 
retje, 59, 124; Gerrit, 59; Ger- 
rit, 40, 59*, 60, 73, 124, 169, 
184; Geertruy, 44, 53; Gilie, 
59 ; Hendrik, 26*, 28, 54 ; Hen- 
drik Cornelisen, 190; Hen- 
drikje, 61 ; Isaac, 54, 121 ; 
Jacob, 44, 54, 121 ; Jacob Mar- 
tensen, 53 ; Jacomyntje, 32, 59; 
Jan, 30, 59; Jannetje, 44, 54, 
121 ; Johannes, 44; Marte, 53; 
Metje, 75 ; Neeltje (iVan Vegh- 
ten), 88; Peter, 35, 73; Peter, 
8, 31, 35, 106, 121, 190; Ra- 
chel, 44; Sara, 44, 54; Selie, 

44; Susanna, 121 ; Teuntie, 53 ; 
Theunis, 59, 73, 74; Willemtje, 
30; see Ariens, Bosch, Brink, 
Gerritse, Lambertse, Low, 
Newkirk, Swart, Swits, Van 
Schoonhoven, Van Vechten, 


Barnes, 62. 


Catherine, 83 ; Catherine, 34, 
83; Jan, 34,' 77, 83, 84, 85; 
Sara, 84, 85. 


Sarah, 42 ; William, 42. 


Peter, 179* ; Peter J., 179*. 


Anna, 43* ; Henry, 43*. 


See Krans. 

Abigail, 174; Absalum, 175*; 
Charles, 175; Daniel, 175; Da- 
vid, 175; Henry, 174; Henry, 
175*; Jane, 175; John, 175; 
Lowis, 175 ; Nelly, 175 ; Phebe, 

Antoin, 71 ; Anthony, 73. 


Anthony, 31, 71, 72, 73, 135, 
165 ; Antoin, 71 ; Aryantie, 7ii 
72; Elisabeth, 72*, 73*, 165; 
Geertje, 7i> 73; Hilligard, 95; 
Jan, 71*, 72*; Jannetje, 71, 
72, 73*. 135 ; Jean, 73 ; Johan- 
nis, 71, 72; John, 73; Maria, 
31, 71, 73, 184; Mary Magda- 
lena, 33, 71, 72, 73; Neeltje, 
43, 73; Peter, 43, 71, 72, 73; 
Petronella, 73; Sara, 72, 73*; 
see Crupel and Crespel. 

Index of Names. 



Lysbeth, 30. 

Geertrud, 41; Gysbert, 41, 43; 

Willem, 74, 75; Wyntje, 74, 


Catherine, 34, 104, 148; John, 

128, 130, 135, 145, 148; John, 

Jr., 34, 104, 117, 124; Maria, 

14s, 148. 

Alexander, 156. 

Bay, 62 ; Ray, 62. 

Marya Maddelen, 33; Neeltje, 

43 ; Pieter, 43 ; see Crispel and 



Anne, gi. 

See Davenport. 

Jan, 92 ; Ryckie, 92. 

Gerret, 152; Humphrey, 47*, 
49*> 58, 73*; John, 70, 80, 81; 
Maria, 81 ; Richard, 122. 

Anna, 155*, 156*; Christopher, 
15s; Christopher, 5, 28*, 156*; 
David, igo; Deborah, 182; 
Elisabeth, 155*, 156*; En 
(Anna), 156; Engel, 156; Es- 
ther, 155, 156*; Frederick, 
156; Geertruy, 43; George, 37, 
190; Isaak, 83, iss*, 156* 
Jacobus, 190; Jannetie, 83 
156*; Johanna, 190; Johannes 
152; John, 47, 49> iS5*, 156* 
John C, 156; Joris, 156 
Mary, 156*; Rachel, 155, 156* 

Richard (Ritsert), 11^5*, 156*; 
Salomon, no, 156, 190; Sam- 
uel, 156, 190; Stoffel, 156; 
Wyntie, 155, 156. 


Annie (Backer), 149. 

Hendrick, 58. 


See Dubois. 


Amey, 171, 172; Barbara, 118; 
Cornelius, 67, 68*; Elsie, 67, 
68; Geertje, 94, 95, 130; Ger- 
rit, 102; Gerrit Janse, 95, 118; 
Henry, 129*, 171, 172; Heyl- 
tie, 30; Jacob, 94; Jacob Ger- 
ritse, 95 ; Jan Broerse, 30 ; Jan 
Gerritse, 118, 129; Johannis, 
117; Magdalena, 118; Magda- 
lena Janse, 95, 102; Margaret, 
118; Maria, 117, 171, 172; Sal- 
ly, 171, 172 ; Willemtje, 30. 


Geysbert, 146; Jurry Wm., 


Catharine, 127. 

Rachel, 23. 

See Davenport. 


Jan Andries, 33; Maria, 31; 3^. 
Moses, 62. 


See De Graaf. 


Anneken, 92 ; Anthony, 92* ; 
Catrina, 92; Eleonora, 92; 
Eva, 44, 92 ; Johanna, 182 ; Jo- 
hannes, 41, 92; Marichen, 92. 


Index of Names. 


John, 5. 

See Deyo. 


Weilke, 75; see Deyo. 


See Deyo. 

Johanna, 58, 103. 





Abraham, 44, 57, 76, 82, 93*, 
151; Abraham, Jr., 93; Catha- 
rina, 150*, 151*; Christina, 
174; Cornelia, 93; Cornelis, 
95, 127, 132, 151, 179; David, 
150; David, 150*, 151*, 174; 
Dinah, 179; Jacobus, 6i,|)[^o, 
151*; Jan, 93; Johannes, k8, 
132. 137. 151 ; John, 174; Lau- 
rentia, 151; Ruth, 93; Sarah, 
93, 150*, 151*; Selia, 44; Se- 
letje, 44; Tanneken, 93. 


See Montagne. 


Stephen, 49*. 


Eeledt, 36; Johannes, 36. 


Annatje, 58, 66; Anthony, 26, 
27, 58, 66; Jannetje, 58, 66. 


See De Meyer. 


Benjamin, 76, 96, 188; Cath- 
rina, 82; Elsie, 82; Hendricus, 
179*, 180; Mary, 177, 179, 
180; Nicholas, 37, 82, 189*; 
William, 38, 42, 50, 51, 52, 53, 

56, 57, 60, 62*, 63, 68, 69, 70, 
71, 76, 82, 87, 96, 191, 192. 


Benjamin, 93; Rachel, 93. 


Annah (Backer), 149. 


See Dumond. 


Jacob, 58; Maria, 58. 


See Deyo. 


Pieternel, 182. 

Annatje, 182; Benjamin, 182; 
Catrina, 127, 182*; Cornelius, 
132, 182*; Daniel, 182; Eiche, 
182 ; Elisabeth, 182* ; Ephraim, 
182; Jacobus, 182; Jacobus, 
182*; John, 182; Magdalena, 
182 ; Margaret, 182 ; Maria, 32, 
182*; Moses, 32, 118, 127, 
182*; Nicholas, 32, 47, 97, 
182; Petroneltje, 182; Sarah, 
182*; Simon, 182*; Susanna, 
182* ; Weyntje, 182. 


Teunis, 88 ; see also Teunissen. 


Nicasius, 65. 


Antjen, 186; Grietjen, 186; see 


John v., 184. 

Johannes, 24. 

EUsabeth, 186; Michael, 186. 



Index of Names. 


Aef je, 43 ; Andries, 43 ; Johannes, 
43* ; Sarah, 43*. 


Agje, 57, 58; Andries, 165; 
Andries, 45, 56, 58, 118*, 143, 
166; Anne, 58, 65*, 66*, 166, 
169; Ariantje, 66; Barbara, 44, 

56, 57*, 58*. 66, 118*; Bastian, 
76; Blandina, 118*; Boude- 
wyn, 62; Boudewyn, 50, 62*; 
Catherine, 66, 132; Charles, 
169; Cornelius, 166*; Dieck, 
57 ; Dirck Claessen, 58 ; Egbert, 
127; Eiche, 118, 182; Emmer- 
entje, 57, 73, 135; Geertruy, 

57, 58, 82; Grietje, 58; Henry, 
166; Ikee, 118; Isaack, 165, 
166; Jacob, 44, 58, 118, 136; 
Jan, 118; Jan, 56, 58, 65*, 
66* ; Jan Claetz, 54 ; Jan Claetz, 
55. 58; Jannetje, 45, 57, 58*, 
65, 66, ir8, 121 ; John C, 154; 
Klaes, 58 ; Luycas, 65 ; Luycas, 
57, 58, 66, 132 ; Maria, 57, 58*, 
62, 106; Neeltje, 165, 166*; 
Peek, 58; Peter, 93; Petronel- 
la, 62; Rachel, 57, 58, -65, 
118*, 165; Tialie, 54; Tjatje, 
34. 57, 58; Tjerck, 56, 58, 88, 
108, 165*, 166* ; Tjerck Claes- 
se, 56; Tjerck Claesse, 8, 21, 
22*, 26*, 27*, 28*, 34, 42, 44, 
45, 55, 57, 58, 66, 82, 87. 118, 
121, 135; Wyntje, 58, 118; see 


Abraham, no; Abraham, go, 
III, 163*, 170; Agatha, 31, 
158; Anne, 31*, 91 ; Catherine, 
165; Christian, 31, 47; Chris- 
tian, 31*, 34*, 47, 91, 154; 
Christoffel, 183; David, 165; 
Elisabeth, 31*, 154, 164; Elsje, 
no, in; Jacob, 158; Johan- 
nes B., 158*; Jonathan, 163, 

164*, 165; Margaret, 31*, 34*, 
39, 158; Maria, 31*, 91, 95, 
III, 163*, 164*; Peter 
(Pierre), 31*, 47; Rachel, 
165, 166; Wyntje, in, 170. 


Christian, 134. 


Jan Belot, 24. 


See Deyo. 


Eva, 91, 92; Jacob, 91, 92. 


Hans Jacob, 134*- 


Aeltie, 46; Jannetje (Van 
Vechten), 86, 88; Michel (Van 
Vechten), 86, 88; see Dyrck, 
Turck and Van Veghten. 

See Deyo. 


John, 167. 


Adam J., 155. 


Abraham, 168; Abraham, 168: 

Catherine, 168; Esther, 168; 

John, 168*; Magdalena, 168; 

Margaret, 168; Rachel, 168; 

Samuel, 168*. 

Governor, 5, 30; Thomas, 30, 


Aert Martensen,, 189; Aert 

Martensen, 26*, 28, 189; 

Geertruyd, 28, 189*. 


Volckert Janse, 92. 

See Deyo. 


Index of Names. 


Abraham, 31, 34, 39, 51, 84, 
89*; Adam, 137; Annatje, 44, 
137, 160, 177*, 178; Anna Mar- 
garet, 161, 178; Ariantje, 160; 
Barent, 123, 124; Benjamin, 
115*; Catharina, 34; Catharina 
(Catrintje, Cataline), 31*, 34, 
35, 44, so, 91, 123, 124, 137*, 
154, 160, 178; Charles, 178*; 
Cornelia, 34, 44, 170; Cor- 
nelius, 137, 160*, 161*, 162, 
178; Cornelius, Sr., 160; Dan- 
iel, 112, 114, 154; David, 
34. 44, 51, 52, 84, 137; Dina, 
159*, 160; Elisabeth, 34, 44, 
I IS, 153. 154*; Gerrit, 123, 
124*, 148*; Gerritje, 59, 123, 

124, 148; Gertrude, 124, 127, 
160, 161 ; Gieltje, 124; Hendric, 
158; Hendric, 158, 159*, 
160*; Hiskia, 137*; Isaac, 34, 

51, 91, 116, 124, 166; Jacob, 
123; Jacob, 34, 44, 51*, 52*, 
59, 80, 81. 84, 87, 119, 124, 
137, 148* ; Jacomyntje, 123, 160, 
161; Jan, 81; Jannetje, 159, 
160*, 161, 182; Johannes, 123, 
124; Jonathan, 35, 153, 154; 
Joshua, 177; Joshua, 161*, 
177, 178*; Josia, i6i ; Judik, 
124; Lea, 159*, 160*, 161*, 
Louis, (Lowis, Lewis), 34, 46, 
50, 51 ; Louis (Lowis, Lewis), 

31*." 34*, 35*, 37, 41, 44, Si, 

52, 84, 91, 117, 123, 124*, 
125*, 127, 161 ; Magdalena, 
123, 124*, 136; Margaret, 31, 
34, 39, 117, 124, 136, 148, 160, 
178*; Maria, 34, 91, 115*, 154; 
Matthew, 34, "3s, 51*, 52*, 84, 
137, 161, 180; Methusalem,i58, 
159*, 160*, 161; Nathaniel, 

125, 127, 152. 160, 161 ; 
Neeltje, 123, 124*, 166; Petrus, 
89, 182; Philip, 116, 129, 159, 

160; Polly, 160; Rachel, 34, 
35, 115, 125, 127, 159*, 160*, 
161, 166; Rebecca, 34, 123, 
124, 160; Sara, 34*, 35, 39, 41, 

51, 52, 95, 123*, 124, 127, 137*, 
148, i6o*,.i6i ; Simon, 115, 154, 
170; Solomon, 33, 34, 40, 51, 

52, 84, 95, 159, 160*, 161 ; Su- 
sanna, 81; Tanneke, 137; 
Tryntje, 33, 34, 40, 95, 159*, 
160*, 161*; Wilhelmus, 160, 


Marytje, 31. 


See Deyo. 


Jan, 48. 


42, 50. 

Pieter, 89. 



Catelyntje, 88; Catharin, 88; 
Cornelius, 184; Femmetje, 88; 
Francyntje, 86, 87, 88; Grietje, 
85, 88; Henderica, 184; Jan 
Baptist, 85*, 86, 87*, 88; Jan- 
netje, 86, 87, 88*, 182; Jo- 
hanes, 133; John, 157; Marga- 
ret, 86, 87*, 88*; Neeltje, 88 
Petrus, 85, 86*, 87, 88*; Pe 
tronella, 73; Walran, 26, 27 
28, 31, 47, 71, 72, 86, 87*, 88* 
182; Walran, Jr., 87; Wal- 
randt, Sr., 85, 87 ; Warren, 46 
Weibrandt, 85. 


David, 171, 172*; Jeremiah, 
171, 172; John, 171*, 172*; 
Josiah, 172*; Phebe, 171, 172; 
Sally, 171*, 172. 

Index of Names. 



Catrina, 137, 180; see Dirck 
and Turck. 


Jeronimus, 58, 103 ; Johanna, 
58, 103. 


Abraham, 164; Abraham, 
165*; Annatje, 165*; Cather- 
ine, 164, 165*; Elias, 72, 73*, 
164*, 16s*, 167; Elisabeth, 72, 
73*, 165*; Geesjen, 165; 
Isaak, 165; Jan, 165*; Mar- 
garet, 165; Mary, 165; Mary 
Magdalena, 165; Peter, 164*, 
165*; Rachel, 165*; Sarah, 


Marytje, 113. 

Jannetje, 58. 

See Een. 


Jeremiah, 146. 


Teunis, 38, 62*, 66. 

Anna, 34, 38*, 55, 117, 120, 
136; Ariantje, 38, 71, 148*; 
Blandina, 38, 136*, 145*, 146; 
Catrina, 127, 145*; Conrad, 
146; Conrad, 38*, 55, 56, 71, 
no, 124, 136*, 14s, 148*; 
Conrad G., 165; Conrad, Jr., 
147; Cornelius, 71, 147, 148*; 
Elisabeth, 145*; Eliza, 145; 
Engeltje, 71, 148; Gerrit, 136*, 
147, 148*; Gertrude, 32, 38*, 
55, 56; Grietje, 32, 53*, 103, 
148; Helena, 148; Henrica, 
136* ; Jacobus, 37, 55 ; Jacobus, 
32, 38, 53, 55, 56, 72*, 120, 
146, 148*; Jacobus C, 103; 

Janneken, 38, 55, 56, 136*, 
148*; John, 145*, 155; Jona- 
than, 127, 147, 148*; Lucas, 
136, 145, 147, 148 ; Margrietje, 
38, 124, 148*; Mary, 145*, 
148; Neeltje, 165, 166; Petrus, 
165, 166; Petrus Edmundus, 
145 ; Petrus Edmundus, 145*, 
147, 148*; Sara, 124, 145*, 
148*; Tekla, 55; Tobias, 148; 
Wilhelmus, 135 ; William, 
145*, 147, 148*; see Van El- 

Aaltje, 39*, 40, 103 ; Abraham, 
I37> iS9> 160; Bartelt, 39; 
Blandina, 136; Cornelis, 39, 
40*, 41, 88, 97, 136; Dina, 
160; Geertje, 39, 40; Henry, 
165; Jacomyntje, 32, 33, 39*, 
148; Jan, 39; Jan, 33, 39*, 40, 
60, 71, 72, 131, 136, 137, 148, 
191*; Jannetje, 39; Jonas, 136; 
Magdalena, 136; Maria, 39; 
Philip, 167; Rebecca, 39, 41; 
R. 'Josias, 145; Roeloff, 39; 
Roeloff, 39*, 40*, 90, 97; Sara, 
39.' 137; Tryntje, 33; William, 
39*, 40*, 137, 148; see Roelof- 


See Eltinge. 


Bastiaen, 75 ; Metje, 75. 

Joshem, 43. 

Jan, 39. 

Gertrude, 96, 127; Jan Wil- 

lemse, 96, 127; Willemtje, 96, 

127; see Ysselstein. 

Elisabeth, 152. 


Index of Names. 


John, 35, i6o ; Thomas G., 1 14. 


Esther, 183 ; Martha, 183 ; Rob- 
ert, 183. 


Annetje, 189; Jan (Maeter), 
189; Saer, 189. 


Catryntjen, 106; Cornells, 106. 


Gerret, 112. 

See Felten. 

Annatje, 177; Catherine, 176*, 
177*; Elisabeth, 17*, 177*; 
Helena, 177; Jacob, 177; Ja- 
cob, Jr., 177; Johannis, 142, 
176*, 177*; Lawrence, 176*; 
177*; Lena, 177; Margriet, 
177*; Maria, 177*; Philip, 
176; Philip, 176, 177. 

B., 14. 


See Fiero. 


See Le Fevre. 


Christian, 186, 187; Christian, 
Jr., 187, 188; Christina, 186, 
187; Johannes, i86, 187; Mar- 
garet, 149; Stephen, 186, 188. 


William, 44. 


Andries, 103; Elisabeth, 106; 
Engeltje, 106; Gerrit, 32*, 39*; 
Gritie, 35; Hillitje, 32*, 97; 
Jacomyntje, 32*, 33, 39, 97; 
Jan (Heermans), 106*; Neelt- 
je, 103; see Heermans. 


Eva, 182; Philippus, 182; Su- 
sanna, 182. 


Caty, 172*, 173; David, 172; 
173; Levi, 172, 173; Polly, 
172*; Reuben, 172*; Stephen, 
172; Stephen, 172*, 173*. 


Abraham, 48; Jack, 48; Pearle, 
48 ; Sara, 48. 


Sebastian, 24, 28. 


John D., 4, 14. 


See Mourits. 

Aeltie, 121. 

Maria, 149; William, 188. 


Abraham, 78, 114, 183; Aeche, 
78; Agatha, 158*; Anna Ma- 
ria, 158; Antje, 78, 158, 183*; 
Benjamin, 79; Blandina, 79, 
113; Bregje, 158, 183; Catrina, 
183; Catrina, 79, 95, 113, 154, 
164, 183 ; Elias, 183 ; Elisabeth, 
113, 114; Gerrit, 183; Gerrit, 
Jr., 183; Hester, 79. "3; 
Hugh, 77, 78, 113; Hugh, 31, 

77"", 78*, 79*, "3*, "4. 158*. 
164, 183; Hugo, Jr., 154; 
Isaac, 78, 79, 113*, 114; Jacob, 
77, 78, 114, 158*; Jan, 94, 95, 
114; Jannetje, 78, 113, 114; 
Jean, 77, 78; Johannes, 158; 
Johannes, 79, 158, 183; Jonas, 
113, 169, 170, 183*; Jonathan, 
158*; Joseph, 78; Lena, 183; 
Magdalena, 183; Margrietjen, 
158*; Maria, 77, 78*. 79, 113, 
IS4, 164, 165, 183*; Maria 

Index of Names. 


Anne, 78*, 183* ; Martha, 183 ; 
Martinus, 183; Petrus, 183; 
Rachel, 113, 114; RebeCca, 78, 
94> 95, "3, 114; Sara, ^^, 79, 

113, 158, 183; Simon, 79, 113, 

114, 183; Thomas, 173; Wynt- 
je, 169, 170. 

John, 168. 


Annatje, 81, 139, 185; see 
Vynhout and Tenhout. 


Margritta, 118, 119; Thomas, 

1 18 ; see Chambers. 

See Guimard. 

Anne, 100; Anne, Jr., 100; 

Thomas, 49, 50, 100. 


John, 64, 72, 73; Joseph, 10, 
160, 161; Stephen, 55, 71, 72, 


Benjamin, 175; Joseph, 125. 


See Guimard. 

Nicholas, 146. 


Anna Mary, 140, 141 ; Jost, 
140, 141- 


Daniel, 179. 


Adrian, 120; Aeltje, 39; Aert, 
39; Albert, 30; Annatje, 82, 
103; Ariantje, 38, 71, 148; 
Arien, 40, 55, 59, 60*, 61*, 81, 
87, 90, 91, 100, no, 113, 119, 
120, 131, 148, 169, 184; 

Breechje, 61 ; Cleartje, 61 ; 
Cornells, 59; Cornelis, 40, 59, 
141 ; Cornelis Newkerk, 59, 
141 ; Dirrick, 61 ; Geertje 
(Decker), 95; Gerretje, 59, 
124, 133, 148*; Jacob (Deck- 
er) , 95 ; Jan, 59 ; Jannetie, 59* ; 
Lysbeth, 59, 61, 148, 169, 184; 
Neeltje, 43, 59*, 73; Teunis, 
61 ; Tryntje, 34, 95, 160, 161 ; 
Willemtje, 30. 


Johan, 24. 


William, 176. 

See Guimard. 

Ann, 172; Frederick, 172. 

See Guimard. 


Lysbeth, 92. 


Albert, 26*, 28. 


Jeannie, 127. 


D. L., 149. 


Elisabeth, 175 ; Henry C, 175 ; 
Verdinant, 175. 


Jacob Marieus, 165, 169, 173. 


Jannetje Claesen, 36, 46; Just- 
je, 46. 


Simon, 121; Susanna, 121. 


Catharina, 69. 


Index of Names. 


Anna, 91 ; Hester, 89, 91 ; Pe- 
ter, 72*, 89, 91*. 

Aeltje, 29; Albert, 21, 22, 28, 
29*; Gysbert, 29; Jan, 29; 
Lysbet, 29. 


Marya, 83. 

George, 83 ; Joris, 26, 83 ; Ma- 
ria, 83 ; Oeyeke, 83. 


Elisabeth, 190; Geertje, 39, 40; 
George, 190; George, 189; Ma- 
rie, 37; Mr., 37; Thomas, 39, 


Elisabeth, J90. 


Geertrud, 41 ; Jan, 41. 


Maria, 106. 


Abraham, 143* ; Catharina, 
127, 143*; Gerardus, 118, 142, 
143*; J., 95, 96; Jacob, 125, 
127, 167; Janneke, 118; Johan- 
nes, 87, 95, 96, no, 124, 127, 
143*; Johannes A., 159, 160; 
Johannes & Co., 120 ; Johannes, 
Jr., 164*; Johannes L., 143; 
Leonard, 142; Leonard, 143*; 
Margaret, 143*; Maria, 164; 
Petronella, 125, 127 ; Philippus, 
143*; Rachel, 143*, 160, 167; 
Sara, 143. 

Johanes, 48. 


Tomas, 48. 

John, 125 ; William, 97. 


Francis, 125; George, 140. 

Fytie, 65 ; Pieter, 65*. 

Abraham, 31, 40, yy, 89, 90, 
91*, 95, 125, 126, 127, 170*, 
171 ; Abraham J., 171 ; Agetta, 
158; Andries, 166, 170*; An- 
na, 31, 91, 165; Benjamin, 91, 
165; Catharina, 125, 127, 170; 
Cornelia, 169, 170*; Cornelius, 
161, 171*; Cornelius Dubois, 
160; Daniel, 89, 91, 112*, 114, 
170; Daniel I., 170* ; Elisabeth, 
88, 89*, 91, 99, 16s, 167, 170, 
183; Elsje, 127; Esther, 91, 
99, 127; Hester, 89, 91, 98; 
Isaac, 88, 127, 170*, 171; 
Isaac, Jr., 170; Isaac S., 171; 
Jacob, 88, 89*, 90, 91, 98, 99*, 
112*, 116, 127*, 154, 161*, 
170, 171*; Jacob J., 170; Ja- 
cob J., 170, 171*; Jacobus, Jr., 
155, 161, 183^ Jan, 31, 99, 167; 
Jannetie, 161 ; Jean, 88 ; Jean, 
90, 91; Johannis, 166; John 
E., 166, 167; Jonathan, 160, 
163, 165, 168, 169; Jos., 183; 
Joseph, 91, 98, 127; Josaphat, 
169; Josias, i6i, 165, 170, 
171*, 173*; Louis, 170*, 171*; 
Margaret, 170, 171 ; Maria, 31, 
34, 88, 89*, 91*, 95, 127; Pe- 
tronella, 154; Philip, 89, 166; 
Polly, 166, 171*; Rachel, 35, 
90, 127, 159, 166, 167, 169, 
170; Samuel, 167; Sarah, 95, 
161, 170; Simon, 170*; Solo- 
mon, 91, 95, 167; Tobias, 178; 
William, 158, 169, 170, 171*; 
William, Jr., 166; Wyntje, 169, 
170* ; Zacharias, 170*. 

William, 73. 

Index of Naues. 



Marya, 30*, 79. 

John, 112, 125; Thomas, 125. 

Tialie, 54. 


Andreis, 105, 106; Annatje, 
70, 71, 95, 106*, 148; Elisa- 
beth, 64, 106, 13s; Engeltje, 
70, 71, 105, 106, 148; Focke, 
106; Grietje, io6*; Hendrick, 
105, 106, 131; Jacob, 70, 71; 
105 ; Jacomyntje, 71 ; Jan, 53, 
S4> 55. 64, 70, 71*. 95. 105*, 
106*, 148; Jan, Jr., 70; Jan, 
Jr., 66, 71 ; Jan, Sr., 105 ; Jan, 
St., 71 ; John, 40 ; Margarieta, 
105* ; Maritje, 71 ; Ndtje, ic6; 
Philippus, 106; Pieter, 106; 
Wilhelmus, 106; see Focken. 
Aarian, 59; Anna, 30, 34, 43, 
103*, 130; Arrie, 59; Catrina, 
59; Dirck, 63; Dirck, 63, 75; 
Egbert, 191, 192; Elsje, 192; 
Eltje, 43; Engeltie, 83, 191, 
192; Femmetje, 29*, 30*; Gep- 
jen, 59; GriHe, 75; Gritie, 43, 
88; Hendrick, 47; Henricus, 
28, 47. 59. 63, 103*, 191. 192; 
Jan, 32, 33*, 34, 55; Jochem, 
191, 192 ; Margaret, 33, 58, 88, 
177, 190; Maycken, 41; Hat- 
tys, 5 ; Rachel, 59, 61 ; Roelof, 
27, 29*; see also Hendricksen, 
AryoMce, Van Wegen. 

Guert, 28 ; Jan, 28 ; Roelof, 29, 
30; see Kortright. 


Meriba, 152. 


Cornells, 24. 


See Heermans. 

See Heermans. 


Henry, 24. 


Albert (Roosa), 8, 75; Weynt- 
je, 75- 

Piet, 38. 


Marritje, 30. 


Anthony, 125. 


Femmetje, 29; Jannetje, 58, 
66; Pieter, 29; Pieter, 27*, 29, 

Secretary, 15. 


Alida, 135; Anthony, 134*, 
135* ; Annatje, 135 ; Catherine, 
135 ; Emmerentje, 58, 73, 135 ; 
Henricus, 135; Hester, 127; 
Ida, 127; Jannetje, 71, 73*, 
133*. 135; Lysbeth, 135; Ma- 
ria, 135*; Marten Hermans, 
13s ; Martin, 45, 58, 73, 134*, 
13s*; Nicholas, 133; Nicholas, 
54, 72*, 73*, 102, 135*; Pe- 
trus, 134, 135; Sarah, 151; 
Tryntje, 135; Zacharias, 127*, 
134. 135- ' " 
Guiljemus, 39. 


Catherine, 149. 


Index of Names. 


Aantje, 149; Johannis, 149; 
Jurry, 186*; Margaret, 149; 
Maria, 149; Peter, 149. 


Joseph, 168. 


See Hoffman. 


Annatie, 33, 97; Annatie, 33; 
Bartholomew, 33 ; Catryn, 
33* ; Comelis, 33 ; Comelis, 
33*, 40, 43, 97; Cornells Pie- 
terse, 33; Janita, 40; Pieter, 
33*> 40. 

See De Hooges. 



Anna Margaret, 161, 178; Ari- 
antje, 34, 36*, 82; Barbara, 
36 ; Desia, 36, 61 ; Dina, 36, 
184; Hiskia, 36, 61; Jannetje, 
37, 74, 75, 160; Jan Willemse, 
61 ; Jan Willemsen, 36 ; Jan 
Willemse(n), 8, 22, 23, 25, 
28, 29*, 30, 34, 36, 61, 62, 192; 
Jan Willemsen, Jr., 37, 61 ; 
Kezia, 34, 36, 61 ; Maria, 64 ; 
Philip, 36, 61, 74, 75; Rachel, 
143 ; Samuel, 36, 61 ; Sara, 133 ; 
Tresia, 36; Willem Jansen, 34, 
36, 61*. 


Willem, 36. 

Jan W., 37. 


Warner, 37. 


Anna, 127, 129, 130; Ariantje, 
127; Cornelius, 121, 127, 128, 
129, 130, 132; Eva, 44; Johan- 
na, 130; Lodewyck, 44, io6j 
121 ; Maria, 127, 128; W., 27; 
Warnaar, 44. 


Gerrit, 43* ; Joaptie, 43*. 

Lysbeth Jacobse (Gordonier), 


John, 176. 

Anne, 160. 

William, 156. 


Matthew, 152. 

Albert, 24, 28. 

Albert, 24, 28. 


Eve, 61; Hendrick, 61*; Hen- 
drickje, 61 ; Johannis, 61 ; 
Lambert, 60; Lambert, 8, 26*, 
27*. SI. 59. 61*, 113, 120, 169, 
184 ; Roeloff , 61 ; Thomas, 61 ; 
see Lambertse and Brink. 


See Heymans and Roosa. 


See Esselstein and Ysselstein. 


John, 157. 


See Een. 


Index of Names. 



Long, 26. 

Gritie, 102; Heyltje, 30; Wil- 
lem, 46; Willemtje, 30, 192. 


Lysbeth (Hovenier), 92; see 


Aert, 8, 38, 82, 95, 103 ; Annat- 
je, 103; Annatje (Van Wag- 
enen), 82, 103; Grietje, 38; 
Ruth, 26; Theunis (Klaarwa- 
ter), 8, 163; see also Pietersen 
and Van Wagenen. 


Jannetje, 92. 

28, 37- 

Anneke, 43, 45, 65, 82; Bar- 
bara, 36; Catrina, 65, 148; 
Diewertje, 82; Elsie, 32, 82, 
191, 192; Fytie, 65; Gritie, 45; 
Grietje (Roosa), 73; Grietje 
(Schut), 102; Hester, 41 ; Hil- 
litje, 60; Jacobje, 45; Jaepje, 
45, 58 ; Jan, 65 ; Johannes, 43 ; 
Joost, 34, 39, 51, 52; Margaret, 
182; Maria, loi ; Maria (Lan- 
gendyk), 32, 38, 39; Mattys, 
82; Mattys (Van Keuren), 33 ; 
Pieter, 58 ; Pieterje, 45 ; Rebec- 
ca, 39; Roeloff, 65; Sara, 34, 
51, 52, 65; Thomas, 64, 157; 
Volckert, 92; Willemtje, 96, 
127; William (Schut), 102; 
see Jansen, Ryckman, Schutf, 
Van Steenbergen, Decker, Lan- 
gendyk. Van Keulen, Joosten, 
Brestede, Kortright, Roosa. 

Aeltje, 29; Albert, 26*, 27*, 
28*, 36; Albert v. S., 29; An- 
na (Anneke, Anne), 34, 38, 

117* ; Anna (Van Oosterhout), 
30, 130; Arent, 26; Catherine, 
34*, 41, 104, 117; Claes (Van 
Heyningen), 95; Cornelius 
(Cortright), 75; Cornelius, 
116, 117; David, 34, 104, 117; 
Derrick, 39; Dirck, 43; Dirck 
(Schepmoes), 42, 43, 73 ; Elisa- 
beth, 41, 117; Elsie, 32, 191, 
192; Geertruy, 189; Geesje, 
45, 61; Gritie, 45, 116, 117; 
Gysbert, 41 ; Hendrick, 34, 
104, 117, 165; Hilligond (Van 
Heyningen), 95; Jacob (Slico- 
ten), 189; Jacob {Van Stoun- 
tenborch), 189; Jacobus, 116, 
117; Jan, 29, 32, 34*, 41, 104* ; 
Jan (Brestede), 32; Jan Mat- 
tysen), 8, 31, 38; Jan (Schep- 
moes), 43; Jan (Slicoten), 
189; Jan (Van Amersfort), 
26*, 27; Jan (Van Ooster- 
hout), 26, 29, 30, 31, 130; 
Janneken (Van Heyningen), 
95; Jannetie, 33; Johannes, 
116, 117*, 120, 177; Joost, 41; 
Laurens, 75 ; Lubbert, 29 ; 
Magdalena, 31, 34, 38, 104, 
116*, 117; Margaret, 33, 34, 
58, 104, 117; Maria, 34, 75, 
loi, 116, 117; Mayken, 34, 92, 
93; Mattys, 116; Mattys, 22, 
34, 38, 58, 104; Rachel, 34, 
116*, 117*; Rebecca, 41 ; Sara, 
34, 41, 102, 104; Sara (Schep- 
moes), 43 ; Theunis, 43 ; Thom- 
as, 34, 92*, 93, 104*, 116, 117*, 
157; Volckert (?), 64; Wil- 
lem, 36*; Willem (Schutt), 
102; Willem (Slicoten), 189; 
see Jans, Fransen, Hooghtey- 
ling, Joosten, Matty sen, Oos- 
terhout, Pruyn, Van Keuren, 
Van Steenbergen, Schutt, 
Schepmoes, Van Heyningen, 
Van Osterhout, Brestede, 


Index of Names. 

Kortright, Decker, in this and 

the second volume. 

Allen, 35. 

Augustus, 49. 

Annetjen, 30. 


Albert, 167; Brijet, 167; Cath- 
erine, 167; Crines, 167*; El- 
ener, 167; Hannah, 167; 
James, 167*; John, 167; Lam- 
bert, 167; Margaret, 167; 
Mary, 167; Rachel, 167*; Wil- 
liam, 167. 

Christina, 30 ; David, 30 ; Elsie, 
32; Hendrick, 192; Hendrick, 
8, 22, 27, 32, 191, 192*; Mar- 
ritje, 30. 


WilHam, 152. 


Magdalen, 30, 31, 48; Magda- 
len, 48. 


Adriaentie, 41 ; Jacob, 40; Ja- 
cob, 41*; Jan, 41 ; Jan, 23, 25, 
26*, 27, 28, 30*, 37, 39, 40, 
41*, 42, 43, 119; John, 40; 
Maycken, 41 ; Maycken, 37, 
41 ; Neeltje, 41 ; Rebecca, 41 ; 
Simon, 43 ; see Jansen. 


Catalyntje (Rapalie), 88; Je- 
ronimus, 88; Maddalen, 31, 48. 


Jan & Co., 124. 


See Confine. 


John, 141. 


Claes, 93; Engeltje, 129, 130; 
Nicholas, 129, 130. 


David, 176. 


Philip, 25. 


Laurentia, 42*, 66, 67, 190. 


Alexander, 176; Aney, 176 
Benjamin, 176*; Daniel, 176 
David, 176; Deby, 176; Henry, 
176; John, 176; Maria, 176 
Peter, 176; Phoebe, 176* 
Ruth, 176; Stephen, 176* 
WilHam, 176*- 


Titus, 168; William, 168. 


Aeltje, 43 ; Jan Evertz, 43. 

Catharine, 69; EHsabeth, 68*; 
69*; Jeremy, Sr., 68; Jeremy, 
68, 69; Richard, 68, 69*; Su- 
san, 68, 69; Susanna, 69. 


Director, 33. 


Janneken, 95. 



Aldert, 119, 148; Anghe, 58; 
Anna, 32 ; Blandina, 38, 136, 
145; Christopher, 159, 160; 
Eyke, 32, 38; Eyke Albertse 
Roosa, 38; Hans, 65, 91, 98, 
120; Ikee, 58, 75; like, 75; 
John, 65; Lea, 159, 160; Luke, 
166; Roelof, 32, 37, 38, 58, 75, 
192; Sara, 33, 46, 65*, 184; 
Wyntje, 58. 

Antie, 86, 87; Henderick, 44,. 

Index of Names. 


131 ; Jacob, 22, 23, 26, 40, 91, 
92*, 131, 182, 190; Lea, 182; 
Marytje, 182; Rachel, 91, 92*; 
Tryntje H., 32; Tyntie, 41. 


See Kettle. 


Abraham, 162; Abraham, 162*, 
163*; Daniel, 162*; David, 
163; Esther, 162*; Eva, 162*, 
163; Frederick, 162*, 163; 
Hester, 163 ; Isaac, 162*, 163 ; 
Jacob, 162, 163* ; Joseph, 162*, 
163 ; Lisabeth, 163 ; Mary, 
162*, 163*; Theunis Jacobsen, 
8, 163; Thomas, 162*, 163; 
Wyntje, 162*, 163; see Clear- 


Joisg, 135. 


See Clute. 


Cornells, 133, 134. 

Sarah, 42; William, 42. 


Beeletjen, 139; Catherine, 124, 
182; Cornells, 59; Hendrickje, 
148 ; Jacob, 81 ; Margriet, 177 ; 
Sara, 81, 93; Symon, 93; Wil- 
lem C, 128; see Cool. 

Catrina Hansen, 58; Cornelis 
Jansen, 75; Hendrick Hen- 
dricksen, 58 ; Hendrick Jansen, 
58; Marritje, 58; Metje, 75; 
see Low. 


Adam, 142*: Catherine, 142; 
Christeen, 142 ; Elisabeth, 
142* ; Hendricus, 142 ; Jacobus, 
142* ; Johannis, 142 ; Maria, 
142*; Petrus, 142*; Stofel, 

142; Susannah, 142*; Wilhel- 
mus, 142*. 


Elisabeth W., 30; Geertje, 41; 
Guisbert, 41. 


See Crispel. 


Barent, 32; Jacomyntje, 32, 
39, 60; Jan Barentsen, 32, 
39, 60, 192; Jannetie, 32, 59*, 
60; Jannetje Jansen, 33. 


Christina, 158. 

Jan, 87. 

See Le Fevre. 

Wells, 176. 


See Delamater. 

Abraham, 44; Antje, 45, 6i; 
Breecje, 61 ; Claertje, 61 ; 
Cornelius, 112; Cornelius 
(Brink), 60, 61*, 112, 120, 
133, 182 ; Dirrick, 61 ; Elsie 
(Brink), 133; Gerrit, 37, 61*; 
Geesje, 45, 61; Gritie, 45; 
Helena, 61; Hendrik, 61*; 
Hendrickje, 61, 91, 92*; Huy- 
bert, 60, 61*, '91, 92*; Jan, 45; 
Janneken, 38, 61, 120, 182; 
Johannes, 61 ; Lambert, 61* ; 
Lysbeth, 59, 61*, 148, 169, 
184; Marytje, 112, 182; Mat- 
thew, 61; Pieter, 61*; Teunis, 
61 ; see Brink, Huybertse. 
See Delamater. 


Index of Names. 


See Montague. 

Cornelis, 66; Geertie, 66; Jan- 

netje, 66; Maria Janse, 32, 38, 

39; Pieter Janse, 66. 

Abraham, 44. 

/ Aeltye, 43: Gerrit, 44*; Gys- 

bertje, 44; Hendrick, 44; Hil- 

litie, 44; Johannis, 44. 

John, 146; Peter, 146. 

Elisabeth, 179; John, 179. 

Eva, 46; Hans Jurian, 46. 

See L01V. 



Blandina, 69*, 70; Claes (Van 
de Volgen), 74*; Claes (Van 
Purmerend), 74*; Jan, 69 
Janneke, 69, 70; Johanna, 69 
johannis, 6g ; Laurence, 69, 70 
Marytje, 74; Mettje, 69. 

Andre, 99; Maria, 99*. 

Moyse, 71, 72; see De Graaf. 


Arriaentjen, 41 ; Marckes, 41. 



Abraham, 154; Andries, 153; 

Andries, 98, 114, 154*; Cath- 

erine, 153, 154*. 163, 164*; 
Cornelis, 153, iS4; Daniel, 
163; Daniel, 164*; Elisabeth, 
31, I53> 154*, 163, 164*; 
Isaac, 154, 158, 164*; Isaac, 
Jr., 164; Jacob, 164; Jan, 154; 
Janneke, 164; Jean, 154; Jo- 
hannes, 164, 167; John, 167; 
Magdalena, 153, 154; Maria, 
153, 154*, 163*, 164*; Mar- 
griet, 143, 154*; Matthew, 
153*, IS4*, 163, 164*; Moses, 
164; Nathaniel, 154; Peter, 
163*, 164*, 166, 167; Peter, 
Jr.", 158, 165; Petronella, 154; 
Philip, 164; Rachel, 153, 154, 
167; Ralph, 35, 77, 113; Sarah, 
153, 154, 164; Simon, 31, 153*, 
154*, 164*. 


Annatje, 81, 139, 184, 185*; 
Barent, 122*, 123; Beeletjen, 
139; Cornelis, 139, 184, 185*; 
Elisabeth, 185; Geesje, 81, 
123*; Helena, 139, 184, 185*; 
Jan, 123, 139*; John, 138; 
John, 63, 80, 81, 138*, 139*, 
185*; John, Jr., 138; Mar- 
griet, 8i, 122*, 123, 182; Ma- 
ria, 81, 122, 123*, 185 ; Neeltje, 
138*, 139; Samuel, 81, 122*, 
123, 139, 184, 185*; Sara, 80, 
81, 123, 138*, 139, .184, 185; 
Susanna, 80, 81*, 138, 139*; 
William, 80, 184; William, 50, 
62, 75, 76*, 80*, 81*, 122*, 
123*, 138*, 139*, 192, 184, 
185*; William, Jr., 122. 


See Delamater. 


See Lambertse. 


Elisabeth, 74. 

Index of Names. 



Albert, 121; Ariantje, 121. 


Anna Maria, 158; Maria Anne, 
79. 183. 


Elsie, 39; Hillebrand, 39; Jan- 
netie, 39. 


Albert, 179. 


George H., 65. 


Marritje, 43. 


Marritje, 30; Philip, 30. 


Alida, 128*, 129, 135 ; AUada, 
106; Catherina, 128, 129; Cor- 
nelia, 106, 120, 128; Corneli- 
us, 128, 129; Gilbert, 128; Gil- 
bert, IDS, 106*, no, 117, 120, 
128*; Gysbert, 128; Henry, 
120, 128*, 129; Jacobus, 129; 
James, 128; Joanna, 128*, 129; 
Margaret, 128*, 129; Philip, 
128*, 129, 135; Robert, 53, 
128*, 134; Samuel, 128, 129; 
Wilhelmus, 129. 


Titus, 24. 


Thomas, 124. 


Abby, 171, 172 ; Cornelius, 171, 
172*; David, 171*, 172*; Gil- 
bert, 171, 172; Henry, 171; 
Henry, 171*, 172*; Jeremiah, 
171 ; Josiah, 171 ; Patience, 171, 
172 ; Rachel, 171 ; Robert, 171, 
172; Sally, 171*, 172; Samuel, 
171*, 172*; Uriah, 171, 172. 


Benjamin, 49; Benjamin, Jr., 

49; Elisabeth, 49; Hosea, 49; 

Martha, 49 ; Patience, 49* ; Pe- 
ter, 49; Peter, 49; Silvester, 

49 ; Susan, 49. 

Hendrik Jansen, 21, 22. 

Johanna, 190. 

See Lauck. 

Philip, 134. 

See Lawrence. 

See Low. 

Governor, 31, 41, 58, 92. 


Margaret, 86, 87, 88; William, 
86, 87, 88. 


Abraham, 35, 154, 155; Antje, 
35, 154; Benjamin, 155; Cath- 
erine, 154; Cornelius, 35*; 
Cornells Pietersen, 73; David, 
161*; Elisabeth, 31, 73, 95, 
106, 154*; Geertruy, 44; Hel- 
ena, 177; Hendrikje, 119, 120, 
148; Jacob, 35, 154; Jacobus, 
154; Jan, 132; Janneken, 44, 
148, 154; Johannis, 35; John, 
154*; Johannis A., 177; Lau- 
rens Jansen, 75; Magdalena, 
35 ; Margaret, 35; Maria, 35, 
95; Mattys, 35, 75; Peter, 35, 
44, 95, 188; Pieter Cornelisse, 
35. 73; Pieter Cornelisse, 8, 
31, 35. 43. 73. 106; Rachel, 154, 
15s; Timotheus, 113, 119, 120, 
131*, 132*, 148 ; Zara, 132 ; see 
Cornelisse, Kortright. 
Aeltje, 30. 


Index of Names. 


Abraham, 92. 

Francyntje, 92. 

Daniel, 188. 

H., 99- 

Willem, 81. 

Jacob, 37. 

Neeltje, 138*, 139; Pieter, 

138*, 139; Willem, 81. 

Frances, 173*; Francis, 173; 

George W., 173. 

Hendrick Cornelisen, 26*, 28. 


William, 167. 

John, 172. 

John, 152. 

See Maklin 


Eugene, 14. 


Jan Evertsen, 189. 

Cornelis, 82; Grietje, 106; 

Jan, 58, 106*, 151; Marritje, 

S8* ; Sarah, 82. 

Susanna, 81, 139. 

See Merkel. 

Susanna, 81, 139. 


John, 82. 

Aert (Doom), 189; Aert 
(Doom), 26*, 27*, 28, 189; 
Cornelia, 54; Cornelis, 54*; 
Cornelis (Van Buren), 38; 
Fannerie, 54; Geertruy, 189; 
Jannetje, 54; Marritje, 54; see 

Diederick, 135. 


James, 175; John, 53; Phebe, 
17s ; Selah Tuthill, 175. 


Anna, 172; Augustus, 172. 


Aart, 82*; Abraham, 34, 82*, 
117; Catherine, 82; Cornelis, 
82; Cornelis, 58*, 76*, 82*, 
103, 151; Deborah, 82*; Die- 
wertje, 82*, 95 ; Elisabeth, 82*, 
103, 180 ; Ezekiel, 82 ; Gertruy, 
76, 82*; Grietjen, 82; Johan- 
nis, 82*; Margaret, 178; Ma- 
rytje, 82*; Pieternella, 82. 


Peter & Co., 125 ; Vincent, lOO. 

Anna, 34, 38; Catrina, 34; 
Cornelis, 36 ; Geertruy, 61 ; 
Jan, 33, 103 ; Jan, 8, 31, 34*, 
38, 40, 54, 82, 117, 182; Kesia, 
36; Magdalena, 31, 33, 34, 38, 
82, 103; Margriet, 182; Mat- 

tys, 3.3, 34*, 35, 38, 57, 58, 82, 
87; Matty s, Jr. (Van Keuren), 
33; Sara, 35; Tjatje, 34, 57, 
58; Tjerck, 95; Trezia, 36; 
Tryntje, 33 ; see J onsen, Tysen, 
Van Keuren. 

Index of Names. 



See Mounts. 

Aeltie (Dirricks), 36, 46. 


Frederik, 170. 


Maria Adams, 157, 


See De Mayer. 


Eghbert, 45; Eghbert, 58; 
F emmet je, 45 ; Jacobje, 45 ; 
Jaepje, 45, 58; Jannetje, 45, 
58; Marritie, 113; Mayken, 
45 ; Myndert, 45. ' 

Batha, 10 1 ; Brechje, 100; 
Jan, 83 ; Johannis, loi ; Jons, 
83*, 92, 93, loi, 102; Magda- 
lena, 93, 102; Martha, loi. 


Christopher, 185. 


Gavin, 144; Johannes, 157; 
Moses, 182. 


Jacob, 142. 

Thomas, 65. 


See Moull. 


Petrus, 25, 28. 


Marytjen, 102; Paulus, 102. 


Governor, 15; Peter, 138, 184. 


Catherine, 99 ; Jan Money, 23 ; 
Johannes, 22, 23, 58; Rachel, 
22, 23 ; Wm. de la, 23*, 24, 26, 
31, 35, 37, 44*, 45, 48, 192. 

Geo. A., Jr., 14. 


Christopher, 142. 


See Moore. 


Elisabeth, 83* ; Engel, 83 ; En- 
geltie, 82, 83*, 156; Fredrick 
Pietersen, 82 ; Fredrick Pieter- 
sen, 83, 156; Geertruid, 83*; 
Hendrick, 83; Jannetie, 83*, 
156; Marya, 83; Mouritz, 83; 
Oeyke, Oetje, 83*; Peter, 83*; 
Pieter Jacobsen, 192. 


See Mouritz. 


See De Meyer. 


See Meyndersen. 


Abram, 166; Anna, 150; Ben- 
jamin, 135; Bet, 163, 166*; 
Bette, 135; Bishe, 134; Carlyn, 
118; Charles, 153; Cuffe, 139; 
Dejaen, 150, 163; Dick, 150; 
Dien, 136; Dina, 84, 156; 
Floor, 186; Fortune, 134; 
Fredrik, 71, 72; Gerrit, 88; 
Harry, 165; Kerry, 136; Jack, 
154, 164; James, 88, 154, 166; 
James York, 175; Jan, 163; 
Jane, 160; Jenny, 106, 1 10; 
Joe, 13s, 166; John, 138; Judy, 
153; Kieser, 61; Margriet, 71, 
163; Mary, 135; Mingo, 150; 
Molly, 89; Pegge, 134; Peter, 


Index of Names. 

75; Phill, 140; Phillis, 168; 
Rachel, 84 ; Rose, 160 ; Samson, 
63; Sera, 84; Seser, 153; 
Sime, 160; Susan, 153; Susan- 
nah, 118; Tom, 81, 153, 166, 
175 ; Yanna, 175. 
Aaltje, 93 ; Adam, 140, 141 ; 
Adrian, 60, 93, 141 ; Andries, 

168, 169; Anne, 168, 169*; 
Ann Mary, 140, 141 ; Arian 
Gerritsen, 148, 184; Ariantje, 
148, 183, 184*; Ary, 169, 184*; 
Barent, 60, 106; Benjamin, 
169; Blandina, 168, 169; 
Charles, 168, 169; Coenradt, 
169; Conrad, 168, 169*, 184; 
Cornelis, 183 ; Cornelis, 40, 60, 
61, 113, 124, 183, 184*; Cor- 
nelis Gerritse, 60, 141 ; Dina, 
183, 184; Dorothea, 141; Elis- 
abeth, 140*, 141, 169, 184*; 
Gertrude, 112; Gerrit, 60, 113, 
131, 141, 148, 183, 184*; Ger- 
rit B., 169*; Gerrit Cornelis- 
sen, 73; Gerretje, 168, 169; 
Ghilje, 184; Gilles, 60; Gritie, 
148; Hendericus, 112, 140, 
141*; Hendrikje, 73, 183, 184*; 
Jacomyntje, 60; Jacob, 140*, 
141 ; jan, 60, 141, 184 ; Jan- 
netie, 40, 60, 119*, 136, 148, 

169, 183, 184; Jannetie (Ger- 
ritse), 60; Johannes, 112; Jo- 
hannis, 140; Johannis, 59, 140, 
141*, 169; John, 168; J. M., 
180; Lea, 183, 184*; Margaret, 
168, 169; Maria, 168, 184; 
Meyndert, 141 ; Neeltjen, 73, 
124, 141; Onmary, 112; Pe- 
trus, 184 ; Philippus, 183*, 184 ; 
Rachel, 140*, 141, 184; Sara, 
184; Trineke, 149. 


Agatha, 31; Col., 42; Gover- 
nor, 31, 32. 

Johannes, 36. 

John, 69. 

Philip, 181. 

Joosje Wilemsen, 36, 46. 

Mr., 37; William, 69, 72*, 75*, 

81, 82, 83*, 88, 90, 91, 93, 98. 

100, 102, 105, 106. 

Margaret, 88; Pierre, 31, 61, 


Thomas, 40, 70, 71. 

See Noue. 


James, 164. 

Abraham, 181 ; Aldert, 129*, 
130*; Annatje, 129, 130*, 182; 
Appolonia, 130; Ariaan, 130; 
Ariaantje, 66, 130*; Cornelis, 
185, 186; Elisabeth, 112, 130, 
185, 186*; Engeltje, 129*, 
130*; Geertie, 130; Gysbert, 
66; Helena, 130, 149, 182; 
Henry, 82, 129*, 130*, 181 ; 
Hendricus P., 152; Heyltje, 
182; Jacob, 129*, 131; Jan, 
112, 129*, 130*, 132, 182; Jan- 
net je, 82, 182; Jan Pietersen, 
123; Johanna, 130; Johannes, 
130*; Kryn, 80, 129, 130*; 
Lawrence, 182; Margaret, 127; 
Maria, 66, 123, 129, 130*, 131, 
132, 186; Petrus, 80, 81*, 129, 
130* ; Pieter Jans, 182 ; Pieter- 

Index of Names. 


nella, 130; Teunis, 129; Teu- 

nis, 53, 130, 182; Tryntje, 82; 

see Van Oosterhout. 

Cornelis, 172; Geesjen, 132; 

Harmanis, 132; Huybert, 184; 

Jacob, 132*; Jonathan D., 179; 

Levi, 173; Marytje, 132*; 

Petrus, 91 ; Wilhelmus, 172 ; 

see Van Ostrandt. 


Aerdt Aerdtsen, 190, 192 ; Pe- 

tronella, 190, 192. 

Mary, 149. 


Ambrosius, 24. 

See Persen. 

Everdt, 2>7\ Everdt, 37. 

Michael, 185. 

See Pawling. 

Hendrikje, 73. 

Aagje, 58; Albert, 106; Anne, 

166; Catherine, 106; Henry, 

27*, 28*, 33, 40, 58, 59, 75; 

Jacomyntje, 33, 40; Jan, 58: 

Marie, 34; Neeltje, 58, 75. 

William, 163. 

Mattys, 85, 136, 137. 

See Persen. 

Tryntje, 46. 


Mattys, 85; see Persen. 


Clara, 103, 106; Evert, 22*, 
26, 27, 95, 103* ; Jannetie, 103 ; 
Sara, 79, 95, 103, 106. 

Abraham, 82; Adam, 136*, 
137*; Alida, 137, 180; Anna, 
137*. 179, 180*; Catrina,,82, 
137*, i79» 180*; Cornelius, 
179; Cornelius, 136, 137*, 157, 
180*, 186; Deborah, 137;, Elis- 
abeth, 179* 180*; Jan, 136, 
137* ; John J., 185 ; Margaret, 
179, 180*; Maria, 137, 179, 
180*; Matthys, 136; Matthys, 
85, 180; Sara, 137*; Tanna, 
137; Theunis, 180. 


Annatje, 65; Margaret, 171. 


See Pieterson. 


Adolphus, 163; Cornelius, 172; 
Fredrick, 140; Henry, 172*; 
Mary, 172 ; Widow, 143. 


William, 143. 

Gepje, 46. 

See Person. 


Sarah, 42, 43. 


Adrian Van Alcmaer, 32 ; Ant- 
je, 61 ; Cornelis, 61 ; Comel- 
isen, 33, 73; Elsie, 32; Engel- 
tie, 83 ; Fredrick, 83 ; Gerrit, 
61 ; Grietje, 63 ; Helena, 61 ; 


Index of Names. 

Henderik, 61 ; Johannes, 61 ; 
John, y^; Lambert, 61*; Lys- 
beth, 61 ; Matthew, 61 ; Pieter, 
46*, 71, 72; Rebecca, 46*; see 
Jacobsen, Cornelisen, Lambert- 
sen and Mouritz. 

Abraham, 123; Arent, 112; 
Barbara, 82; Catharina, 157; 
Elisabeth, 182; Geertruy, 123; 
Geesje, 81, 123; Helena, 139, 
185* ; Jan, 182, 185 ; John, 185 ; 
Rachel, 112; Wilhelmus, 82. 


Rachel, 34, 117. 


Catrina, 179, 180; Elisabeth, 
167; Hendrick, 123; Isaac, 
179, 180*; Margaret, 123; 
Samuel, 180. 

Gommen, 53 ; Gommert, 38. 


See Poulse. 

Marya, 30* ; Peter, 30*. 

Benjamin, 37*, 39, 41 ; David, 


Hendrick, no. 

See Pawling. 


Neeltje, 118, 182. 


Mr., 37. 


Claes (Swyts), 121. 

Christian, 143; David, 143; 

Esther, 143; Hesia, 143; 
James, 143; Mary, 143; Mar- 
tha, 143; Ruth, 143; Samuel, 
143 ; Sara, 143 ; Susan, 143. 


Catalyntje Jorise, 88; Jeroni- 
mus Jorise, 88. 


Cornelius, 145; Elisabeth, 145. 

Jurry W., i8b*. 


Denie D., 161; Lucas, 172; 
Sally, 171, 172. 

Mary, 149. 


Abraham, 34; Mary, 34. 


John, 170. 


Adam, 65. 


ElHng, 39; thing, 33*, 41, 
103; Jacomyntje, 39; Jaco- 
myntje, 32 ; Jan, 58, 65 ; Sarah, 
65; Willemtje, 39; see Eltinge. 

Peter, 163. 



George, 172; Polly, 172. 


Abraham, 130, 132, 136; Al- 
bert Heymans, 8, 58*, 75 ; Al- 
dert, 75, no, 130, 131*, 132; 
AUdert, 74, 75*, 131*; Anghe, 
58; Anna Margriet, 42, 75; 
Antjen, 130, 131, 132; Arie, 
75, 131*, 132, 182; Ariaantje, 
130; Barbara, 66; Benjamin, 
184; Cathrina, 66, 130, 131, 

Index of Names. 


132*, 149; Claes, 75; Cornelia, 
135; Dirck, 136; Eiche, 32; 
Elisabeth, 132; Evert, 130; 
Evert, 66, 131*, 132; Eyke Al- 
bertsen, 38; Geertje, 71, 73; 
Ge6sjen, 132, 165; Gritie 
Janse, 73; Guert, 75; Gysbert, 
74, 75*- Hilligond, 66, 75; 
Hymcm, 74; Hyman, 42*, 51, 
52, 58, 75; Hyman Aldersen, 
28, 75; Ikee, 58; like, 75; Ja- 
cob, 130, 131, 132, 149; Jan- 
netje, 37, 74, 75*, 148, 184; 
Johanna, 182; John, 108, 147, 
176; Lea, 74, 75*, 130, 131, 
132; Maria, 75, 130, 131*, 132, 
176 ; Neeltje, 58, 75*. 124, 182 ; 
Nicholas, 74, 75*; Petronella, 
75; Rachel, 42, 74, 75*, 127, 
130, 131, 132, 148; Rebecca, 
i.?o; Sarah, 75, 13O, T31, 132; 
Tietje, 66, 130, 132; William, 
176 ; Wyntje, 40, 74, 75*, 182. 


Guysbertje, 44 ; Hendrick, 44. 

Antje, 66*; Appolonia, 130; 
Ariantje, 130*; Harmon, 130; 
Helena, 130; Hendrick, 66; 
Herman, 130*; Jacobus, 152; 
Sara, 62. 


Ann Margriet, 42, 75. 


Abraham, 8g ; Abraham B., 50. 

Jacop, 43. 


Elisabeth, 132; Jacob, 37; Ja- 
cob, Sr., 106; Sara, 75. 


Alida, 128, 129; Allada, 106; 
Catherine, 106*, 127; Hendri- 
cus, 106; Jacob, 40, S2,"53, 54, 
56, 57, 58, 60, 82, 96, 100, 106*, 

120, 128, 129; Jacob, Jr., 129; 
Johanna, 106; Johannes, 125; 
John, 106; John, 93, 97, 110, 

Hendrick, 35. 


Maria (Metselaer), 157. 


Jacob, 64. 


Ariaentie, 34, 36. 


Ariaentie, 36. 


Jacob Abrahamsen, 192. 


Johan, 24. 


Dom., 74. 


Willem, 36. 


Abraham, 43*; Aeltie, 43*; 
Anna, 43*, 107, 108, 109, 117; 
Ariante, 43, 107, 108, 109, no; 
Catharina, 32, 178; Dirck, 106; 
Dirck, 30, 33, 38, 43*> 46, 52, 
59, 62*, 75, 82, 87, 91, 109; 
Dirck Jansen, 42; Dirck Jan- 
sen, 32, 43*, 73, 191; Dirck 
Willemse, 43, 109; Geertruy, 
43; Jan, 43; Jan Janszen, 42, 
43*; Joaptie, 43; Jobje, 43; 
Johannes, 43, 73, 96, 109; Lea, 
43, 103, 109; Maregrietie, 43, 
106; Maria, 42; Maria, 103; 
Maria Willems, 43, 73 ; Neelt- 
je, 43. 73 ; Rachel, 43, 92, 109; 
Sarah, 42, 43, 109; Tryntje, 
43 ; Wesel, 43 ; Widow, 147 ; 
William, 43, 82, 107, 108, 109, 


Index of Names. 


Pieter, i88. 


See Smith. 


Catharine, 49; Claes, 49; Cor- 
nelia Claessen, 49; Cornelis, 
49, 92; Deborah, 49; Fran- 
cyntje, 49; Henricus, 49; Hen- 
drick Claessen, 49; Hendrick 
Claessen, 92; Ifje, 49; Mar- 
griet, 49, 141; Nicholas, 49; 
see Schoonmaker and Van 


Annatje, 34, 133; Aryantje, 
82; Barbara, 81, 82; Benjamin, 
127, 182; Catrina, 81, 82, 127, 
182; Daniel, 117; Edward, 
Jr., 185; Egbert, 81, 87; Eg- 
bert Hendricksen, 133; Elisa- 
beth, 163, 182; Elsie, 32, 81, 
82*, 127, 133 ; Gertruy, 58, 81, 
82; Hendrick, 81; Hendrick, 

81, 82, 112; Hendrick Hen- 
dricksen, 58, 82, 122; Hendrick 
Jochemse, 8, 32*, 58, 82; Hes- 
kia, 81, 82; Jacobus, 81, 82; 
Jannetie, 81, 82* ; Jochem, 32*, 

82, 129, 133; Jochem Hen- 
drikse, 32, 127, 182* ; Johannes 

81, 82*, 106, 145, 157; John, 
121, 130; Magdalena, 117; 
Margaret, 182; Maria, 81, 127; 
Peter, 180; Petronella, 32, 127; 
Philip, 166, 167*; Sara, 81, 
82*, 182; Theodosia, 82; 
Thomas, 163, 182; Thomas, 
Jr., 182; Tjerck (Tyrk), 81, 

82, 185; Tyrick, 82, 138; 
Tryntje, 82, 96, 127. 


Jannetie, 70; Johanna, 70; Jo- 
hannis, 70; Mettje, 70. 


Jacob, 151. 


Abraham, 102* ; Ephraim, 102 ; 
Geerthen, 102; Gritie, 102*; 
Heyltje, 102; Jan, 102; Jan 
Willem, 102; Jannetje, 102; 
Magdaleen, 95, 102* ; Marytje, 
93, 102* ; Menasses, 102 ; Myn- 
dert, 102*; Neyltie, 102*; Sal- 
omon, 102*; Sara, 102; Wil- 
lem Jansen, 102. 


Alida, 128; Geo. W., 35; Phil- 
ip, 49; Philip & Co., 125; Phil- 
ip Pieterse, 92. 


Esther, 162, 163; Jacob, 162, 


Wm. Jansen, 21, 22. 

Jan, 39. 


Esther, 162; Hester, 163; Ja- 
cob, 162, 163. 

David, 172. 

Abby, 171, 172. 

See Symons. 

See Tysen. 

William, 140*. 

Johannis, 133, 134. 

Martinus, 134. 

Martinus, 134. 

Index of Names. 



John, 172*. 

Nathaniel, 49; Patience, 49. 

Lancaster, 125. 


Anna, 32, 33*, 133; Awnitie 
Cornelissen, 33; Anthony, 33, 
93; Cheiltje Cornelis, 59; 
eornelis, 26, 27, 33*, 191 ; Cor- 
nelis B., 3'2, 191 ; CorneUs Ba- 
rentsen, 21, 22, 33, 36, 39, 60, 
73, 189*,' 19P, 191*; Elisabeth, 
3^; Elsie, 32, 191*; Hendrick 
Cornelisen, 190 ; Hendricus, 
32, 33, 190, 191 ; Jacomyntie, 
39; Jacomyntie, 32*, 33, 39, 
6o*,J9i; Jan, 33; John, i47> 
Madleen, 64; Mattys, 32, 52, 
64, 71, 72*, 73, 76, 191*; Mat- 
tys Cornejisen, 32, 33, 35; 
Maria Magdalena, 32, 33*, 71, 
72, 73; Neeltje, 33, 93; Petro- 
nella, 32, 127, 191 ; Petrus, 33 ; 
Sara, 33 ; Tryntje, 33, 34, 191 ; 
Tryntje Tysen Bosch, 32, 73. 


Geertruy, 189; Jacob Jansen, 
189; Jan Jacobsen, 189; Jan 
Jansen, 189; Willem Jansen, 
189; see Slykkoten. 


Mathise, 112. 

Teunis, 92. 

Aeltye, 44 ; G. V., 4A', see Van 


Daniel, 158. 

Geertruyd, 28; Jan Jacobs, 28; 

see Slicoten. 


Benjamin, 35, 102, 117; Ca- 
trina, 124, 148; Elisabeth, 33; 
Helena, 148; Magdalena, 35; 
Peter, 124, 148; Rachel, 117. 


Abraham, 141* ; Daniel, 141 ; 
Elisabeth, 152; Fallen, 141; 
Henry, 141, 152*; Hezekiah, 
170; Jan, 141; Jan Cornelisen, 
27 ; Johannis, 141 ; Margaret, 
141, Marrslye, 141 ; Nelly, 141 ; 
Petrus, 141 ; Thomas Gibson, 
168; William, 152. 



Abraham, 149*, 186; Antjen, 
148, 149*, 186*; Annah Dea- 
■ — mute, 149; Benjamin, 149*, 
157*; Catherine, 132, 149*, 
186; Ceeletjen, 186; Christian, 

148, 149; Christina, 185, 186*; 
Cornelia, 186; Elisabeth, 149, 
186*; George, 186; Grietje, 

149, 185, 186*; Helena, 149; 
Henry, 149* ; Isaak, 148, 149* ; 
Jacob, 151, 173; Jeremiah, 148, 
149, 180; Johanna, 186*; Jo- 
hannes, 185; Johannes, 148; 
149*, 151, 186*; Johannes, Jr., 
186; Jury, 186; Lea, 186; Mar- 
garet, 149*; Martinus, 148; 
Martin, 148, 149*; Maria, 
149*, 185, 186*; Petrus, 186; 
Rachel, 186*; Seletje, 186; 
Susan Margaret, 149 ; Trineke, 
149; Willem, 134, 148, 149; 
Zacharias, 148*, 149*. 


William, 170, 176. 


Harmen, 36. 


Abraham, 54. 


Index of Names. 



Maria, iS7; Thomas, 157, 188; 
Thomas J., I57; see Van 


Geertruy, 83 ; Joseph, 83. 


Goert, 39. 


Jan, 191, 192. 


James J., 177; William J., 177. 


Catharina, 183. 

James, I44- 

Jan, 39. 

Director, 58 ; Governor, 92. 



Huybert, 72, 73*; Johannes, 
184; Rachel, 182; Sara, 72, 


Jacob, 62*. 



Adam, 71, 74; Baartjen, 182; 
Catharine, 1^7, 137; Cornelius, 
74, 85, 150; Cornelisse Theu- 
nis, 73; Elisabeth, 73, 74; 
Esais, 74; Femmetje (van 
Middle), 88; Jan Teunissen, 
88; Frederic, 74; Gertruyd, 
103; Jacomyntje, 71, 74; 
Janneke, 164; Jesias, 74; Jo- 
hanna, 186; Marytje, 74, 82; 
Metje, 71; Rachel, 186; Ten- 

nis, 74; William, 106; see Cor- 
nelisse, Theunissen. 

Anthony, 91, 92*; Ariantje, 
92; Bemardus, 43, 92*, iio, 
119; Cornelia, 49. 9^> 9^*' 
Elisabeth, 92 ; Eva, 49, 91, 92* ; 
Francyntje, 92 ; Hendrikje, 61, 
91, 92; Jacobus, 92; Jacomy- 
na, 92; Jannetje, 92; Rachel, 
43, 91, 92*; Roeloff, 91; Roe- 
loflf, 22*, 26, 27*, 28*, 29, 31, 
37, 40*, 49, 55. 60, 92*, 189*; 
Rudolphus, 92; Thomas, 91*, 

Abraham, 121; Aeltie, 121; 
Apolonia, 121*, 127; Arientje, 
121 ; Claes Comelissen, 121 ; 
Cornelia, 121; Cornells, 120; 
Cornells, 57, 58, 118*, 121*, 
127; Cornells Claessen, 121; 
Isaac, 121; Jacob, 121*; Jan- 
netje, 127; Jannetje, 57, 58, 
120, 121 ; Pieter, 121 ; Susan- 
na, 121. 

Eva, 182. 

Wyntje, 65. 


Ariantje, 92; Jannetie, 103. 


See Sims. 


Aart Pietersen, 22*. 


Jan, 25. 

Barber, 127*; Barbara, 34; 
Catharina, 43; Charles, Jr., 
171, 172, 178; Christ, 149; 

Index of Names. 


Christopher, 120, 141 ; Corn., 
165; Elsie, 39; Geo., 166, 177; 
H. & Co., 177; Jheunes, no; 
Maragritie, 43; Pieter, 34, no, 
171 ; Teunis, 66. 


See Tappan. 


Helena, 58. 


Abraham, 174; Benjamin, 
181*; Blandina, 174; Cather- 
ine, 106, 127, 14s, 148; Con- 
rad, 42*, 67, 68; Cornelia, 32; 
Cornelius, 173, 174*; Dirck 
Wesselse, 32, 65, 106, 128 ; Eli- 
sabeth, 42; Elsie, 42, 66, 67, 
68; Geertruy, 42, 66, 67*, 68*; 
Henry, 173, 174; Jacob, 42, 67, 
68; Jacomyntje, 42; Johannis, 
67. 75, 105, 127, 148; John, 
42*, 173, 174*; Laurentia, 42, 
66, 67, 151 ; Maria, 41 ; Maria, 
42*, 44, 66, 67, 68 ; Rachel, 42, 
75, ^27, 148; Sarah, 42, 44, 
66, 67*, 68*, 150; W., 105; 
Wessel, 32*, 33, 34, 42*, 44*, 
SO, 59, 61, 66, 67*, 68*, 173, 
174*, 191, 192; Wessel, 41, 66, 
173; Wessel, Jr., 42; Wessel, 
Sr., 42, 46. 


Abraham, 148; Conrad, 42; 
Grietje, 148, 182; Hendrick, 
62; Janneke, 75, 148*; Maria, 
41 ; Maria, 34, 42, 44; Matthys, 
42, 75, 148, 169, 182; Petro- 
nella, i62. 


Catherine, 148; Cornelis, 103; 
Gertrude, 95, 96, 127 ; Leveryn, 
41 ; Neeltje, 103 ; Severyn, 95 ; 
Severyn, 40, 41, 96, 127, 148; 
see Bruyn, Fynhout, Vynhout. 


Catrina, 88; Marytje, 102. 


Breechje, 158, 183. 


Maria, 129, 130; Mattheus, 
129, 130; Salomon, 132. 



Adam (Swart), 74; Antjen, 
186; Arent, 27*, 47, 58*, 192; 
Christina, 186; Claesje, 22; 
Claesje (Swart), 74; Cornelis 
(Cool), 120; Derick, 88; Esai- 
as (Swart), 74; Femmetje 
(Van Middle Swart), 88; 
Frederic (Swart), 74; Geer- 
truy, 61; Grietjen, 186; Jaco- 
myntje (Swart), 74; Jan 
(Swart), 88; Jan, 116; Jan- 
netie (Cool), 120; Maria, 58, 
74 ; Sweer, 22, 74, 105 ; Teunis 
( Swart) , 74 ; see Bosch, Cool, 
Derriksen, Klaarwater, Swart, 
Van Middle Swart, Van Vech- 


Jan, 64. 


Beekman, 177; Elisabeth, 177; 
William A., 168. 

Annatje, 186. 


See Theunissen. 


Hannah, 179*; Paul, 179. 


Abram, 68; Aeche, Willem, 
79; Elisabeth, 50. 


Index of Names. 


Aaggien, 46; Aarent, 46; Ael- 
tie, 36, 46*; Alida, 46; Anna, 
36; Anthony, 36; Catryn, 36, 
46; Eelet, 36*, 46; Elsebus, 
36; Eva, 46; Eycke, 46; Gees- 
je, 46; Gepje, 46; Helen, 46*, 
182; Hendrick, 35, 36, 46*; 
Jannetie, 36, 46*; Johannes, 
36, 46*; Jonathan, 46; Joosje, 
36, 46; Josie, 46; Justje, 46; 
Lucas, 46; Rebecca, 36, 46*; 
RoelofF, 46; Sara, 46; Tryntje, 
46; Willem, 35, 46; William, 
35, 36*, 46*, 63, 7^*, 182 ; Wil- 
liam Jansen, 46. 


Andrew, 142 ; Elisabeth, 142. 

Ariantje, 121. 

See Traphagen. 


See Trimpor. 

See Theunissen. 

Nicholas, 24. 


Catrina, 95, 137, 180; Jacob, 
95 ; Jannetje, 94, 95 ; Johannes, 
94, 95- 


Jonathan, 49. 


See Tenhout. 

Jan, S3. 


JoM, 33; Jan, 105; Jannetje, 
102; Matelen, 33; Magdalen, 
34; Marreganta, 34; Tryntie 

(Bosch), 32; Tryntie (Bosch), 
73, 191* ; see Mattysen. 

John & Co., 34. 


See Een. 

Elisabeth, 74; Wouter, 74. 


Steven, 49*, 51. 

Isaac, 146; Martinus, 146. 

Abraham, 118; Catrina, 182; 

Cornelius, 182; Isaak, 118; 

Jannetje, 118; John E., 180; 

Maria, 177; Martinus, 182; 

Pieternel, 182; Rachel, 118; 

Samuel, 177; see A ken. 

Adrian Petersen, 32; Elsie, 32. 

Jan Jansen, 26*, 27, 28. 

See Bomschoten. 

Barent, 81, 103*, 134, 182 ; Ca- 

tryntje, 95; Janneke, 81, 103*, 

182 ; Margriet, 81, 182. 

Deborah, 137. 

See Van Bone. 

See Bomschoten. 

Deborah, 182 ; Pieter, 95, 182. 

Aefje, 43; Annatje, 43*; Bch 

rendt, 43; Barendt, 190; Cor- 

Index of Names. 


nelis, 65; Egbert, 43*; Gritie, 
35, 43; Hermanus, 43; Hen- 
drick, 43 ; Jannetie, 43 ; Mach- 
tel, 43 ; Margaret, 35 ; Neeltie, 
43 ; Sarah, 65 ; Tyman, 35, 43. 


Catherine, 65 ; Johannes, 65 ; 
John, 65. 


See Van Brough. 

See Bomschoten. 

Anneke, 133; Ariantje, 38; 
Cornelius, 133, 178, 179, 180; 
Cornelius Martinsen, 38; Elis- 
abeth, 179, 180; Gerrit, 133; 
Henry, 180; John, 180; Sara, 
133 > Tobias, 106. 

See Bomschoten. 


Johannes, 113; Tryntie, 113. 


Adriaentie, 41 ; Jacob Joosten, 

Jonkheer, 121. 


Kip & Co., 125; Rip, 163. 

Annatje, 44; Cornelis Barent- 

sen, 44; Lysbet, 44. 

Ariantje Gerritse, 38, 71 ; 

Divert] e, 82*, 95 ; Deborah, 

82*; Elisabeth, 95; Guysbert, 

82*, 95, 136; Marytje, 58. 

Catrina, 59; see Bogaard. 


Abraham, 32; Femmetje, 32; 
Tryntje, 32. 


Elisabeth, 73, 74. 
Gees j en, 130. 


Claas Lourense, 74; Claes 
(Laurense van Purmerend), 
74; Marytje, 74. 


Cornelis Barentse, 40. 


Hillitie, 44; Storm, 44. 


Jan, 136; Job., 184. 


Hendrick, 42. 

Jacobus, no. 

Anna, 38*, 55; Ariantje, 38; 
Blandina, 38; Conrad, 38, 55*, 
56; Geertje, 38*, 55, 56; Ger- 
ti^, 55 ; Jacobus^ 55; Jacobus, 
38*, S3. 55, 56; Jenneke, 55, 
56; Margaret, 38, 53; Tekla, 
55*; see Elmendorph. 



Catharine, 182; Jacobus, 75, 
182; Jacobus G., 177; Lea, 
182 ; Petronella, 75 ; Tietje, 66, 
130, 132. 


See Van Vliet. 


Abraham, 157, 163, 190; Dom., 
42 ; Jacobus, 173* ; Jacomyntje, 
42, 190; John, 174; Laurentia, 
42*, 190; Laurentius, 42, igo; 
Maria, 190; Peter, 174; Thom- 
as, 173, 174- 


Index of Names. 


Aeltie, 43* ; Johanes, 43*. 


Claes Jansen, 95; Hilligond 
Jansen, 95; Janneke Jansen, 
95 ; Marytje, 103. 


Bennony (Arents), 74; Jaco- 

myntje, 74. 

Sara, 133 ; see Hooghteyling. 


Gysbert, 23; Gysbert, 22*, 25, 
26 ; Lysbeth, 22. 


See Van Keuren. 

Barbara, 34; Benjamin, 34; 
Claes, 34; Cornelius, 34, 36; 
Gerardus, 34; Hasuel, 34; 
Hendrick, 34; Kesia, 34, 36; 
Lea, 34; Maria, 34*; Mattys, 
34; Matys Jansen, 33; Mattys 
Matthysen, 58; Nicholas, 34; 
Sara, 34; Tjatje (Mattysen), 
58 ; Thomas, 34* ; Tjerck, 34* ; 
Tjerck Mattysen, 34; Trezia, 
36; Tryntje, 34; see Matthy- 


Andries, 139; Angenietjen, 
152; Annatie, 158*; Barbara, 
66; Catrina, 152; Daniel, 151, 
152*; Dina, 152; Elisabeth, 
152*; Hanna, 152; Johannes, 
66; John, 151; John, 152; 
Margaret, 152; Mary, 152; 
Meribah, 151, 152*; Peter, 
139*, 151, 152*; Rachel, 152. 


Emanuel, 24; Jan Joosten, 41 ; 
Joost Jansen, 39, 41 ; Maycken, 
41 ; Rebecca, 39; Sara, 39, 41. 


Femmetje, 88. 

Joshem Enthelbert, 43. 

Lambert, 58. 

See Van Etten. 

See Nemkerk. 

Aef je, 43 ; Louis, 43. 

Anna Janzen, 30, 130; Jan 

Janse, 26, 29, 30, 31, 130; see 


Anna, 178; Dinah, 179; Elias, 

178; Elisabeth, 179; Frederick, 

178; Hannah, 179; John, 178; 

Lewis, 178, 179; see Ostran- 



Claes Laurense, 74. 

Alida, 128; Elisabeth, 145; 

Rev. Nicholas, 128. 

Catalyn, 121; Qaes Cornelis- 

en, 121; Margrietje C, 31; 

see Switz and Schoonhoven. 

Aeltye, 43; Brandt Arentse, 

44; Gerrit, 43; Gerrit, 33, 44; 

Gouda, 44; Hilligond, 44; Ra- 

gel, 44- 

Alida, 137, 180; Angenietjen, 

152; Metje, 71. 


Abraham, 156*, 157*, 158*; 

Index of Names. 


Alida, 157; Annatje, 136, 157, 
158*; Aries, 182*; Baartjen, 
182; Benjamin, 182*; Cathar- 
ine, 157*; Christina, 156*, 
158; Cornelis, 156, 158; Elisa- 
beth, 157, 158; Geertruyd, 
157; Helena, 156*, 157, 158, 
181, 182; Henderikus, 156, 
157; Jane, 157; Jannetje, 158; 
Johanna, 182; Johannes, 157*, 
181, 182; Johttj 157; John, 
156, 158, 165, 168, 169; John 
T., 158; Margaret, 156, 157*, 
168*; Maria, 157; Matthew, 
156, 158; Paul, 156, 157; Pe- 
trus, 158; Rachel, 182; Sara, 
136*, 182; Tobias, 156; Tobi- 
as, 156, 157*, 158*"; Tobias 
Jansen„ 157; see Steenhergen. 


Albert Jansen, 25, 29 ; Jan Al- 
bertsen, 22. 

Jacob Jansen, 189. 

Governor, 65. 


Jannetje, 88; Johannis, 65*; 

Maria, 65 ; Michael Dirk, 88* ; 

Neeltje Cornelis, 88; see Theu- 

nissen, Vechten. 

P. Paulus, 24. 


Adriaentie Cornelis, 41. 

Isaac, 192. 


Anna Andriesen, 71, 82; An- 
natje, 71 ; Arry (Arie, Aerry), 
82; Catharina, 151; Dirck, 71, 
82, 120; Dirck Aryensse, 41; 
Geertjen (Gritie), 41, 43, 82; 

Gerrit, 62; Jan, 76, 191, 192; 
Machteld, 43; Machteld, 41. 

Jacob Joosten, 41. 

See Van Ostrand. 

Cornelia, 54. 


Aart, 35, 39, 71, 82*, 95, 103*, 
114; Abraham, 95; Aeltje, 
103; Aeltje Gerritse, 39; Aert 
Jacobsen, 8, 38, 82, 95, 103; 
Anna, 70, 82, 103; Annatje 
Aertse, 71, 95, 103, 106*, 148; 
Barent, 103*, no; Benjamin, 
95; Catherine, 95, 165; Clara, 
103, 106; Elisabeth, 82, 95; 
Evert, 70, 95, 103*; Ger- 
rit, 40, 95*, 103; Gerrit H., 
14; Gerrit Aartsen, 106*; 
Gertrud, 95, 103; Gritje Aart- 
sen, 32, 38, 148; Goosen, 
103* ; Hannah, 127 ; Hillegard, 
95"; Hillegond, 95; Isaac, 95; 
Jacob, 103*, 182 ; Jacob Aart- ^ L. "t"^ 
sen, 71, 79, 95*, 106; Jannetje, « ^- 
81, 95*, 103*, 182; Lea, 103; 
Maria, 35, 95, 103*; Neeltje, 
103*, 106; Rachel, 167; Rebec- 
ca,' 79. 95. 103. 160; Sara, 95*, 
127; Sara Aartsen, 79, 95, 106; 
Simon, 95, 103*, 127, 147 ; Sol- 
omon, 127, 167; see Aartse, 
Aartsen, Jacobsen. 


Annatie, 79. 


Arriantie, 41. 



Index of Names. 


Bernard, 24, 28. 

Dom. Petrus, 93, 117. 

Sir John, 5. 


Hendrick Claessen, 88; Jan- 
net je Claessen, 88; see Van 


Mary, 79 ; Louis, 79. 


Max ( imilian ) , 177; Philip, 


Jan, 54. 


Old Michael, 27*. 


Jan, 46 ; Joosje, 46. 


Elisabeth, 30; Femmetje, 29, 
30; Joost A., 29; Joost A., 41 ; 
Marietje, 29, 30. 


Anna, 58; Annetie, 44; Con- 
rad, 154; Cornelia, 34, 44; 
Cornelis, 44; Cornells, 42, 44, 
58, 81 ; Cornelius, Jr., 81 ; Elis- 
abeth, 34, 44, 164; Geertruy, 
44; Grietje, 44, 58; Hendrick, 
163; Jacob, 44; Jenneke, 44; 
Johannes, 44; Margriet, 154; 
Maria, 44, 162, 163; Petrus, 
162, 163 ; Rachel, 44, 99 ; Sara, 
42, 44, 164; Sella, 44; Seletje, 


Wm. Gordon, 14. 


Arriaentjen, 41. 


Diederick, 28. 


Antje, 35; Arnold, 135; Jaco- 

myntje, 74; John, 128; Philip, 

35 ; Philip, Jr., 122 ; Petrus, 74, 

134 ; Pieternella, 82. 

Mellysen, 55. 

Arie, 82; Geertie, 82; Volck- 

ert, 64; see Van Vliet. 

Jan, 134. 

Antje, 66. 

Elisabeth, 74; Jacob Meese, 


Cornelis, 74; Jacomyntje, 74; 

see Fynhout and Tenhout. 


Isaac, 163; Niesje, 93; Ruth, 

92*, 93; Samuel, 93; Sarah, 



See Van Bone. 

Jan, 49. 5i ; John, 39, 55, 104. 

James, 171, 172; Patience, 171, 


Catrina Hansen, 58. 

A. J., 92 ; Mary, 82. 

„PW)ipPs. 3i> 34, 59, 92. 

Jan Barentsen, 22. 

Index of Names. 



Dirck, 65; see Ten Broeck. 

John, 135, 139; Petrus, 146; 

William, 94. 

Johannis, 72, 106. 

Blandina, 118; Jurian, 27, 31, 

118; Neeltje, 118, 182*; Sy- 

mon, 118, 182. 

Antje, 158. 

Joseph, 106. 


Benjamin, 177* ; Catherine, 
177*; Edward, 50; Edward, 
SO*, 80, 81, 82, 182; Edward 
James, 122; Elisabeth, 50; 
George, 177; Hannah, 50; 
Helena, 182; Hillitje, 50, 82, 
182 ; James, 50*, 80, 81, 181 ; 
John, 122, 123; Lawrence, 
177*; Peter S., 177; Philip, 
177; Sawney, 177*; Theo- 
dosia, 82; Tjerck, 177; Zach- 
arias, 177. 


Janneke, 79. 


See Whitaker. 

Henry, 124. 

Aeche (Titsourt), 79; Bar- 
bary, 36; Catherine, 142; Dir- 
rick, 21; Elisabeth, 30; Hilli- 
gondt, 75 ; Jan, 36; Jan, 8, 
26*, 27*. 28, 30, 36, 189; Jan- 
netie (Qaes proenvis), 36, 
46; J9hn, 48, 142; Joosje 

(Noortryck), 46; Justje (Claes 

Groenvis), 36, 46; Maria, 43, 


See Schutt. 

Maria, 43. 

John, 144*, William, 144. 

Johannes, Sr., 112; see Wyn- 



Aagje, 46; Anna, 137; Livi- 
nus, S3 ; Peter, 54, 188 ; Tanna, 
137 ; Teuntie, S3- 


See Whitaker. 


Maria, 185. 


Edward, 138; Frederick, 163; 
Jan, 52; Jonathan, 172; Mad- 
deleen, 100; Margriet, 152; 
Thomas, 163. 


Anna Margaretta, 149; Johan- 
nes, 149; Sara, 185. 


Aeltje, 22, 29. 


Annetie, 32, 97 ; Benjamin, 32, 
38; Catherine, 32, 38; Corne- 
lia, 32; Cornelius, 32; Corne- 
lius, 32, 36, "38*, 39, 42, 124, 
161, 182 ; Cornelius D., 161 ; 
D., Jr., 181 ; Dirck, 120*, .136, 
141, 146, 148, 149, 151, IS2, 
iSS, 160, 162; Elisabeth, 42; 
Evert, 32, 38, 64, 81 ; Fem- 
metje, 32; Geertjen, 38, 56, 


Index of Names. 

I20*; Gertrude, 32; Hillitje, 
32*, 40, 97; Janneke, 127, 128; 
Johanes, 32, 38, 42*, 47, 52, 
62, 64, 112; John D., 145; 
Judith, 32, 42, 124; Lea, 160*, 
161, 162; Maria^ 38; Maria, 
32, 38*, 39, 182; Maria Janse 
Langedyk, 32*, 38, 39; Mat- 
tyse, 56 ; Nicholas, 32 ; Tobias, 


Peter W., 161, 162. 


August, 49. 


Elias, 173*. 

Gertrude, 96, 127; Jan Wil- 

lemse, 96, 127; Willemtje, 96, 

127; see Esselstem. 

Maria (Mestelaer), 157. 

Eva, 46. 

See Suylant. 

Comelis Claesse, 121 ; see